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We don't stop playing because we grew old.  We grow old because we stopped playing.

Nature and other art forms for your enjoyment.

Quotes Video of light at 10T FPS Lightning in slow-motion Ocean floor imaged by vertical gravity gradients Interactive maps of ancient Earth Life cycle of a solar flare Hand-stitched Mars flyover video The winds of Mars Professional portraits of animals Seedlings dance with gravity The day that Death fell in love with Life Escherian Stairwell Rocket goes supersonic while traveling through cirrus crystals Lions greet 'godmother' You could live here alone forever Braided rivers Stellar tour of the Milky Way Stefan Pabst's 3D drawings NASA model of the Sun's magnetic fields A sequoia named President 2015/11/13 The Rain Forest Was Here Cave sculpture: one man's 25-year passion 2015/09/27 eclipse of super-moon over Dallas at 10min intervals - Mike Mezeul II Leaving the Sun at light-speed Ants react to a cell phone The Dawn of Tech Support A wooden flute is born The Fermi Paradox, explained in six minutes A Pilot's View: Queenstown, New Zealand The Black Hole Astrum - solar system documentary videos Traditional Japanese wood joinery Topography of Tears Sagan: The Pale Blue Dot Jerry Seinfeld on his Clio Award and the true spirit of advertising Close-up drone video of erupting volcano in Iceland Lioness greets the man who raised her Writing robot made in 1770 Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy Detailed geologic map of Mars Smoke Cat How wolves change rivers 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia Crossing Lake Baikal on horseback Calvin Nicholls' Paper Sculptures Gift: son confronts father's failure Empathy Abbott & Costello's "Who's On First?" - classic miscommunication Do we live in the Matrix? Novel visualizations of biological data Paul Smith's typewriter art How cats may see the world Brilliant maps reveal age of the world's buildings Geologist maps 600M years of continental drift The Majestic Nature - Yiming Hu Photography Pangea redrawn with today's political boundaries Priorities - the Empty Jar Exquisitely weird spiders e-device force fields Atlas of True Names James Turrell's Light Spaces The Rose: Saturn's north polar storm Chriss Angel's coffee cup tricks Roentgens' Berlin secretary cabinet Cornell Birds-of-Paradise Project Sistine Chapel virtual tour Amazing psychic reveals his 'gift' Christmas flash-mob Som Sabadell flash-mob Ray Villafane's pumpkins The lion man Romancing the wind Flexagon Portal Penguin Nation The Owl and the Pussycat Gorilla family visits camp Kinetic art: Theo Jansen's Strandbeests There's no place like home International Space Station assembly - interactive timeline Fibonacci numbers - signature of life 3D light show on building in Portugal The Town of Allopath Utah interactive spherical panoramas Dolphin bubble play Orbs & wisps Cat House on the Kings - no cage, no kill sanctuary for cats & dogs Java doctor demonstrates qi gong The Scale of the Universe Company buzz Paper wasp archi-texture Amazing pumpkin sculpting Buzzword Compliant Dictionary What is That? World Clock (statistics) Before the big race Watermelon bliss Kseniya Simonova's sand drawing 3-D art with sidewalk chalk Toto's Africa, performed by Perpetuum Jazzile Get by with a little help Sun meditation The original web designer Patience Oh no! Something crashed on my computer! Jupiter's gratitude Hourglass Nebula Red Square Nebula Sombrero Galaxy V838 Mon explosion Merging black holes, 3D simulation Sunset - Mars Solar Storm Kirlian photograph of human face Breaking the sound barrier Hurricane Isabel 2003/09/18 Close Relatives Sunset - Florida Mesa Inside Time Sunset - Clear Lake Magnum Children of the Sun Fajada Peak Devil's Tower Black Canyon
Customer:  "I want to download the Internet.  Where do I start?"
Download the Internet here!  (joke)

Today, I failed to accomplish even one of my goals.  Instead, I did something wonderful. 
Note to self ...
Do something wonderful every day.

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