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X-ray Flux
Solar X-ray Flux    
Geomagnetic Field  (N3KL's server is slow.)
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center   (opens in new window)
IAU Minor Planet Center  
Note: "LD" = "Lunar Distance",
about 238,900 miles (384,400 km).
  (opens in new window)
Google Crisis Map, USA   (opens in new window)
NOAA - National Weather Service   (opens in new window)
NOAA National Hurricane Center
World Wide Lightning Location Network
UofM - US Tornadoes 24Hr   (opens in new window)
US Air Quality Index Map
US Drought Monitor   (opens in new window)
USDA FS RSAC Active Fire Mapping Program   (opens in new window)
IRIS Seismic Monitor   Mouse over quake markers for details.
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program   (opens in new window)
USGS Yellowstone Volcano Observatory   (opens in new window)
USGS Cascade Range Volcano Observatory   (opens in new window)
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