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2016/12/31 Mass extinction: two-thirds of vertebrate species may be lost in 3 years
2016/12/30 White House fails to make case that Russian hackers tampered with election
2016/12/29 1 in 6 Americans are now on psychiatric medication
2016/12/26 Israel plans to build more settlements in defiance of UN resolution
2016/12/24 Scientists say your 'mind' isn't confined to your brain, or even your body
2016/12/23 Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse settle U.S. subprime probes
2016/12/22 The case against sugar
2016/12/21 Fact-checker accused of fraud
2016/12/20 The primordial fertility of rock
2016/12/19 Study tied to food industry tries to discredit sugar guidelines
2016/12/17 Reference guide to the president-elect's national security conflicts of interest
2016/12/16 Prenda copyright trolls indicted on federal charges
2016/12/15 One billion more Yahoo accounts exposed in newly discovered security breach
2016/12/15 20 states accuse generic drug companies of price fixing
2016/12/15 Aging is reversible - at least in human cells and live mice
2016/12/15 North Dakota oil spill leaks more than 176,000 gallons
2016/12/14 New oil spill contaminates indigenous community
2016/12/09 Thousands of invisible oil spills are destroying the Gulf of Mexico
2016/12/09 Fake News: How a partying Macedonian teen earns thousands publishing lies
2016/12/07 Science is vindicating the Gaia Hypothesis, which posits that a planet that hosts life is a living organism
2016/12/07 Light therapy could break down Alzheimer's brain deposits
2016/12/07 A virus from a lake may have saved a man's life and advanced science
2016/12/04 Army Corps of Engineers will not grant easement to DAPL without full review
2016/12/01 High school students just made Martin Shkreli's $750 drug for $2
2016/12/01 A single dose of psilocybin can reduce anxiety and depression for 8 months
2016/11/30 How to hide $400M
2016/11/29 The case against dark matter
2016/11/25 Scientists invent fake colleagues to game data
2016/11/23 Trump to scrap NASA climate research in crackdown on 'politicized science'
2016/11/22 New battery tech lasts for days, charges in seconds
2016/11/22 Elegant '0-day unicorn' underscores serious concerns about Linux security
2016/11/21 The Electoral College was meant to prevent demagogues from taking power
2016/11/21 Office Depot and others sold fake tech support based on 'PC Health Check' scareware
2016/11/21 These digital sleuths are sticking it to ISIS and the Kremlin
2016/11/18 Troubling study says AI can predict who will be criminals based on facial features
2016/11/17 Advanced alien life could be indistinguishable from physics
2016/11/17 The UK is on the short path to lawful mass surveillance
2016/11/16 USGS announces largest oil and gas deposit ever assessed in U.S.
2016/11/15 How self-appointed guardians of 'sound science' tip the scales toward industry
2016/11/09 Donald Trump has broken the Constitution
2016/11/08 The man who fixed his own heart
2016/11/08 New theory of gravity might explain dark matter
2016/11/05 After 20 minutes of listening, new Adobe tool can make you say anything
2016/11/01 Pipeline explosion, state of emergency in Alabama
2016/10/31 Smart devices can be hacked via ultrasound
2016/10/31 Privilege escalation bug in Windows kernel is being actively exploited
2016/10/31 Anti-pipeline protesters face tear gas, rubber bullets, and sound cannons
2016/10/29 We built a fake web toaster, and it was hacked in an hour
2016/10/28 The self destruction of Deutsche Bank
2016/10/28 How one company contaminated Pittsburgh's drinking water
2016/10/27 FCC: Consumers' data belongs to them, not to the corporations that collect it
2016/10/26 Dr. Orange: the secret nemesis of sick vets
2016/10/24 Security warning: Update your iPhone's iOS. Do it NOW
2016/10/22 Mirai-fueled IoT botnet behind DDoS attacks on DNS providers
2016/10/22 Someone weaponized the Internet of Things
2016/10/21 This is why your drug prescriptions cost too much
2016/10/21 Blame bad incentives for bad science
2016/10/20 If Planet Nine is out there, it's tilting our solar system
2016/10/18 Half of U.S. adults are profiled in police facial recognition databases
2016/10/18 Opinion: Big-data algorithms are manipulating us all
2016/10/18 Inside Intellectual Ventures' portfolio: nearly 500 university patents
2016/10/17 Scientists accidentally discover efficient process to turn CO2 into ethanol
2016/10/13 Snap Judgment: 1996 welfare reform cuts food aid to poorest Americans
2016/10/13 New ransomware delivery tactic
2016/10/13 Akamai finds longtime security flaw on 2M IoT devices
2016/10/12 Generation Adderall
2016/10/12 A radical revision of human genetics
2016/10/11 NSA could put undetectable "trapdoors" in millions of crypto keys
2016/10/11 How sites like Google and Facebook put you in political echo chambers
2016/10/10 I'm a doctor. If I drop food on the kitchen floor, I still eat it
2016/10/08 Europe to push new security rules amid IoT mess
2016/10/07 Backpage CEO arrested for escort ads said to lead to human trafficking
2016/10/06 Feds charge two In DDoS-for-hire investigation
2016/10/05 Russians attacking U.S. elections? It's nowhere near that simple
2016/10/05 Police in India detain 750 over US call center scam
2016/10/05 Counting fish is daunting but essential
2016/10/04 Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for US intelligence
2016/10/03 Internet of Things comes back to bite us as hackers spread botnet code
2016/10/03 The Internet finally belongs to everyone
2016/10/02 For the first time, bees have been placed on the endangered species list
2016/10/01 Robots are growing tons of our food. Here's the creepy part
2016/09/30 More than 400 malicious apps infiltrate Google Play
2016/09/28 The AI revolution: why 'deep learning' is suddenly changing your life
2016/09/28 Take a deep breath, voters: there is a third way
2016/09/27 World's largest 1 Tbps DDoS attack launched from 152,000 hacked smart devices - possibly yours
2016/09/27 Royal tour highlights First Nations' fury
2016/09/26 Time may be an artifact of the mind
2016/09/26 Scammers spoof TaiG, offer fake iOS jailbreak
2016/09/26 Hate fake reviews, followers? This algorithm spots cheaters
2016/09/25 The Democratization of Censorship, and how your unsecured smart devices are used for massive DDoS attacks
2016/09/23 Yahoo confirms 500M accounts stolen
2016/09/23 Thoughts on the DDoS attack that took down Krebs's site
2016/09/22 Yahoo reportedly to confirm massive data breach
2016/09/21 Land theft, forced evictions - Uganda's forests swallowed by industry
2016/09/20 Much of America's e-waste recycling is a sham
2016/09/19 Inside Google's AI-powered war on trolls
2016/09/15 The peculiar story of the Schizophrenic and the Shaman
2016/09/15 Study finds a key to nerve regeneration
2016/09/14 Our water is full of drugs and we don't know their effects
2016/09/14 The Feds will soon be able to legally hack almost anyone
2016/09/14 FBI director: Cover up your webcam
2016/09/13 Someone is learning how to take down the Internet
2016/09/13 Every phone has the potential to explode
2016/09/12 Impact that created the moon pulverized Earth
2016/09/11 Israeli teens arrested in connection with 'majority' of recent DDoS attacks
2016/09/10 How Elizabeth Holmes's house of cards came tumbling down
2016/09/09 Inside the fight to reveal the CIA's torture secrets
2016/09/09 Google to slap warnings on non-HTTPS sites
2016/09/08 Chinese medicine kills cancer cells. Western medicine tries to explain how
2016/09/08 Paradise lost: we've destroyed most of the world's wilderness
2016/09/08 Wells Fargo fires 5,300 for 2M fake accounts and $185M in fines
2016/09/07 Google's clever plan to stop aspiring ISIS recruits
2016/09/07 Congressional report slams OPM on data breach
2016/09/06 A Native American fight to stop an oil pipeline is a 'morally embarrassing reminder' of America's founding
2016/09/02 The FDA's new ban on antibacterial soaps means they're not just ineffective, they're potentially dangerous
2016/09/01 5 steps to make U.S. elections less hackable
2016/08/31 Forget software - now hackers are exploiting physics
2016/08/31 Google's plan for quantum computer supremacy
2016/08/30 California and EPA poised to expand pollution of potential drinking water reserves
2016/08/30 Wormholes may unify physics theories
2016/08/30 Russian MP's son found guilty of stealing over 2M U.S. credit cards
2016/08/29 Privacy Fail: Facebook recommends that this psychiatrist's patients 'friend' each other
2016/08/28 The private super-court that rules the world
2016/08/28 Scientists solve puzzle of converting gaseous carbon dioxide to fuel
2016/08/27 The billion-dollar troubled-teen industry has been a disaster for decades. And it's still not fixed
2016/08/26 'I've done really bad things': The undercover cop who abandoned the war on drugs
2016/08/25 Meet NSO Group, the new big player in the government spyware business
2016/08/25 Government hackers caught using unprecedented iPhone spy tool
2016/08/24 Delaware & the secret corporation boondoggle
2016/08/24 All the ways your wi-fi router can spy on you
2016/08/24 Of course everyone's already using the leaked NSA exploits
2016/08/23 The fake $400M Iran 'ransom' story
2016/08/23 Private lives senselessly exposed by WikiLeaks
2016/08/22 Welfare reform is 20 years old and it's worse than you can imagine
2016/08/18 Twitter suspends 235,000 more accounts over extremism
2016/08/17 The Internet's Safe Harbor just got a little less safe
2016/08/17 Manafort tied to undisclosed foreign lobbying
2016/08/16 History of legalization confirms it: prostitution is abuse
2016/08/16 There may be a fifth fundamental force of nature
2016/08/12 DOJ's withering Baltimore report says 'what Black folks have been saying for decades'
2016/08/12 Our tilting solar system could hint at properties of proposed Planet Nine
2016/08/12 Judge rules text messages aren't private
2016/08/11 Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart
An unprecedented magazine-length story by The New York Times
2016/08/11 ATM and PIN-pad hacks prove chip cards aren't impervious to fraud
2016/08/11 Military routinely downplayed power and threat of ISIS
2016/08/10 New wireless hack can unlock 100M Volkswagens
2016/08/10 Blue Whirl: a new type of fire tornado
2016/08/08 Major Qualcomm chip security flaws expose 900M Android users to a range of attacks
2016/08/08 Anti-Trump Republican launching Independent presidential bid
2016/08/07 How America's obesity epidemic became the new face of disability
2016/08/07 Martians might be real. That makes Mars exploration way more complicated
2016/08/07 Hacker unlocks 'high security' electronic safes without a trace
2016/08/07 Secrets of the Wood-Wide Web
2016/08/04 Vegan diet may not be as environmentally friendly or sustainable as you think
2016/08/03 Hackers steal bitcoins worth $65M from Bitfinex
2016/08/02 Motherboard's Guide to Not Getting Hacked
2016/08/02 McConnell blames Democrats for rejecting Zika bill with dirty Republican riders
2016/08/02 Hackers accessed Telegram messaging accounts in Iran
2016/08/02 America's electronic voting machines are scarily easy targets
2016/08/01 200M supposed Yahoo accounts offered on dark web
2016/08/01 The jeep hackers return to prove car hacking can get much worse
2016/08/01 Make algorithms accountable
2016/07/29 6 more state employees criminally charged in Flint water crisis
2016/07/29 Federal appeals court rules new NC voting laws intended to discriminate
2016/07/29 How to fool AI into seeing something that isn't there
2016/07/29 Human nose bacteria produce novel antibiotic effective against multiresistant pathogens
2016/07/28 Germs are magic, and other things we learned from Ed Yong's new book
2016/07/27 Hackers can record everything you type on certain wireless keyboards
2016/07/27 Unprecedented Alzheimer's drug slows disease by 80%
2016/07/26 New attack could cripple HTTPS crypto on Macs, Windows, and Linux
2016/07/26 The case of the vanishing bird flu pandemic
2016/07/25 Windows 10 Anniversary Update is ready to go and free for just a few more days
2016/07/24 11 police robots on patrol worldwide
2016/07/23 To protect yourself from malaria, sleep with a chicken next to your bed
2016/07/22 Don't fall for the Vehicle Warranty scam
2016/07/22 The 'Kickass Torrents' case could be huge
2016/07/20 Confessions of a former apocalypse survival guide writer
2016/07/20 Walmart encourages suppliers to remove 8 controversial chemicals from products
2016/07/19 Last chance to decide on free Windows 10
2016/07/19 A debate over the physics of time
2016/07/19 The sea will be a lot quieter without the Navy's whale-killing sonar
2016/07/19 'Big mama' bonobos help younger females stand up for themselves
2016/07/18 Trump's ghostwriter tells all
2016/07/18 Flaw in vBulletin add-on leads to Ubuntu Forums database breach
2016/07/17 Electricity generated with water, salt, and a membrane 3 atoms thick
2016/07/13 Obamacare's sinking safety net
2016/07/12 Chilcot on Civilian Casualties - Parts 1-5
2016/07/12 How technology disrupted the truth
2016/07/12 Middle-age memory decline may be just a change of focus
2016/07/07 Police, prosecutors, and judges rely on a flawed $2 drug test that puts innocent people behind bars
2016/07/06 New theory on the origin of Mars' moons
2016/07/06 Appeals court rules password sharing is a federal crime
2016/07/01 Rapidly spreading 'Hummer' Trojan infects 1M phones daily and is nearly impossible to remove
2016/07/01 Three reasons the Senate GMO labeling bill is a sham
2016/07/01 Vermont's GMO labeling law takes effect, but future is still in limbo
2016/07/01 Taking the off-ramp: a path to preventing terrorism
2016/06/30 Symantec's woes expose the antivirus industry's security gaps
2016/06/30 How American politics became so ineffective
2016/06/29 Study finds cannabis compounds reverse Alzheimer's
2016/06/29 Upgrade your Norton or Symantec security software NOW
2016/06/29 Researchers sue government over computer hacking law
2016/06/28 Israeli security figures take aim at hard-line Netanyahu
2016/06/27 Unscrupulous middlemen at the heart of many defense scandals
2016/06/27 A cheaper way to split hydrogen from water
2016/06/26 SMS hacks subvert two-factor authentication
2016/06/25 Why we sent a reporter to work as a private prison guard
2016/06/23 They're going to CRISPR people. What could go wrong?
2016/06/21 Life-forms that live on electricity
2016/06/21 Hundreds of suppressed genes wake up after death
2016/06/21 Consumer groups show labeling hasn't hurt GE sales
2016/06/20 Supreme Court further weakens Fourth Amendment
2016/06/18 2,300 years later, neuroscience arrives at Plato's theory of consciousness
2016/06/16 The Parasite Underground
2016/06/16 Fundamental concerns about American Red Cross finances
2016/06/15 Gravitational waves detected for the second time
2016/06/15 New turbines make hydroelectric dam in the Swiss Alps into better nuke-sized 'battery'
2016/06/14 Bees are full of pesticides and so are we
2016/06/14 Super-sensitivity is genuine, and it isn't 'normal'
2016/06/14 Watch out for 'skimmer' devices at ATMs and gas pumps
2016/06/14 Court rules Internet as utility, not luxury
2016/06/13 Novel use of graphene converts electricity into light
2016/06/13 Is particle physics about to crack wide open?
2016/06/12 The hypocrisy of the foodie
2016/06/12 Muslim farmers build church for Christian neighbors
2016/06/11 Your back office hackers
2016/06/10 Sen. Warren slams for-profit college accreditor for 'appalling record of failure'
2016/06/10 Some fish prefer microplastics over food
2016/06/09 Self-driving cars will teach themselves to save lives — but also take them
2016/06/09 New startup sends dossiers on your private social media profiles to potential landlords
2016/06/09 Bet you didn't hear Shell spilled a bunch of oil in the Gulf
2016/06/07 Five ways lightning shapes life on Earth
2016/06/05 Panama Papers show how rich U.S. clients hid millions abroad
2016/06/02 At least 33 US cities used water testing 'cheats' for lead
2016/06/02 Feds seek strict new rules to combat payday lenders' debt traps
2016/06/01 'Demonically clever' backdoor hides in a tiny slice of a computer chip
2016/06/01 The crisis in Flint isn't over. It's everywhere
2016/05/31 The toxic toll of Indonesia's battery recyclers
2016/05/30 A first look at America's supergun
2016/05/28 Since 2008, states have cut spending on public higher education by 17% per student, while tuition has risen 33%
2016/05/27 Major cell phone radiation study reignites cancer questions How cell phone signals might cause cancer What the new radiation study means for you
2016/05/25 176,500-year-old Neanderthal technology
2016/05/25 Feds spend billions to run ancient technology
2016/05/24 What the Amish can teach us about modern medicine
2016/05/24 The radical future of interrogation
2016/05/24 The FDA's new rules for food labeling are finally here
2016/05/23 Software is used across the country to predict future criminals. And it's biased against Blacks
2016/05/21 What the 'mark of the beast' taught me about the future of money
2016/05/21 New evidence could overthrow the standard view of quantum mechanics
2016/05/20 The false promise of DNA testing
2016/05/20 The human brain is not what you think
2016/05/20 Malware turns ATMs into skimming machines
2016/05/19 Hackers selling 117 million LinkedIn passwords
2016/05/18 Israeli woman becomes longest jailed military objector
2016/05/17 Real-time language translator in your ear?
2016/05/17 Complex life a billion years earlier than thought?
2016/05/16 The failure of Determinism
2016/05/15 How the FBI hacks people
2016/05/13 4 ways to protect against the very real threat of ransomware
2016/05/13 The case of the $629 Band-Aid
2016/05/12 JavaScript conquered the web. now it's taking over the desktop
2016/05/11 Google to ban payday loan advertisements
2016/05/10 Peeling back the curtain On Monsanto
2016/05/09 True AI is both logically possible and utterly implausible
2016/05/09 15 facts about our national mammal: the American bison - USDoI
2016/05/09 Twitter may have cut spy agencies off from its flood of data
2016/05/05 Soldier takes Obama to court over war on ISIS
2016/05/05 Why America can't quit the Drug War
2016/05/04 Everything you need to know about the Theranos saga so far
2016/05/03 Johns Hopkins study reveals medical errors are the third leading cause of U.S. deaths
2016/05/01 This Drug Ad Is Not Right for You
2016/05/01 America has never been so ripe for tyranny
2016/04/29 The Supreme Court just expanded the FBI's hacking powers
2016/04/28 Who will debunk the debunkers?
2016/04/27 Inside OpenAI, Elon Musk’s wild plan to set artificial intelligence free
2016/04/26 First multi-year study of honey bee parasites and disease reveals troubling trends
2016/04/26 Half of middle-class Americans live paycheck to paycheck
2016/04/25 What would happen if we just gave people money?
2016/04/25 How police took $53,000 from a Christian band, an orphanage, and a church In 2014, law enforcement took more stuff from people than burglars did
2016/04/21 Chemists create battery technology with off-the-charts charging capacity
2016/04/21 The evolutionary argument against reality
2016/04/20 Criminal charges filed in Flint water crisis
2016/04/18 You pay to read research you fund. That's ludicrous
2016/04/17 Dolphins are helping us hunt for aliens
2016/04/14 Researchers crack Microsoft and Google's shortened URLs to spy on people
2016/04/13 Restaurants caught serving 'farm-to-table' fables
2016/04/12 What it feels like to be hunted by drones
2016/04/11 Inside Erik Prince's treacherous drive to build a private mercenary air force
2016/04/10 Internet mapping default turned a Kansas farm into a digital Burmuda Triangle
2016/04/08 The Senate's draft encryption bill is 'ludicrous, dangerous, technically illiterate'
2016/04/08 Adobe issues emergency update to Flash after ransomware attacks
2016/04/07 How astronomers are going to find Planet 9
2016/04/07 The sugar conspiracy: How did the world's top nutrition scientists get it so wrong for so long?
2016/04/06 NoScript and other popular Firefox add-ons open millions to new attack
2016/04/05 Mysterious gravitational tug on orbiter may help find Planet 9
2016/04/05 WhatsApp just switched on encryption for a billion people
2016/04/04 Evidence mounts against the 'deep-roots' theory of war
2016/04/04 Unprecedented leak: The Panama Papers
2016/04/02 Drugs you don't need for disorders you don't have
2016/04/01 Fooling the machine
2016/03/31 Did Solzhenitsyn cure his own cancer with Mandrake root?
2016/03/31 Confessions of an election hacker
2016/03/31 Junk food is also bad for plants
2016/03/31 Trump's Republic of Fear
2016/03/31 Electric cars aren't as green as you might think
2016/03/30 Hospitals are the perfect targets for ransomware
2016/03/30 The Apple-FBI battle is over, but the new crypto wars have just begun
2016/03/29 Inside the garage labs of DIY gene hackers, whose hobby may terrify you
2016/03/28 New map highlights the danger of man-made earthquakes
2016/03/28 Pavlof's unexpected eruption in Alaska spews ash 20,000 feet high
2016/03/28 FBI drops case against Apple after finding another way into that iPhone
2016/03/25 Meet the largest science project in US government history - the James Webb Telescope
2016/03/24 Corrupt policies make bad food cheap
2016/03/22 Physicists use AI to devise unthinkable experiments
2016/03/21 Radio hack affects 24 car models
2016/03/21 Utah's online caucus scares security experts
2016/03/21 The FBI now says it may crack that iPhone without Apple's help
2016/03/18 Physics has many reasons why many universes should exist
2016/03/17 The FBI warns that car hacking is a real risk
2016/03/16 Losing our land like losing our lives, Brazil activist tells World Bank
2016/03/16 Apple's brief a withering fact check of FBI's claims
2016/03/16 Coming soon: Web of Trust for Android
2016/03/15 Surge in ransom-ware via email that evades anti-virus software
2016/03/15 U.S. Military seeks historic overhaul of justice system
2016/03/12 Healing with the power of placebo and sham surgery
2016/03/12 Sucralose in artificial sweetener Splenda linked to leukemia
2016/03/10 'MyShake' app a personal earthquake & tsunami warning system
2016/03/10 Running helps process memories
2016/03/10 When the surveillance state becomes an affordable gadget
2016/03/10 Want safer passwords? Don't change them so often
2016/03/10 ISIS data breach identifies 22,000 members
2016/03/09 Biometrics are coming, along with serious security concerns
2016/03/08 Copy hack fools fingerprint security
2016/03/08 Mac ransomware is real. How to protect yourself
2016/03/07 How the U.S. Government launched the $3 trillion ETF industry
2016/03/06 A cornerstone theory may be bunk. How can so many scientists have been so wrong?
2016/03/03 Tech giants agree: the FBI's case against Apple is a joke
2016/03/03 Inside the cunning, unprecedented hack of Ukraine's power grid
2016/03/01 More than 11 million HTTPS websites imperiled by new decryption attack
2016/03/01 The Feds have let the cyber world burn. Let's put the fire out
2016/02/29 John Oliver just shredded Donald Trump
2016/02/26 Last year's IRS hack was much worse than we realized
2016/02/25 FBI's Tor hack shows the risk of subpoenas to security researchers
2016/02/25 Machines could become self-aware without our knowing it
2016/02/24 How America makes Donald Trump unstoppable
2016/02/24 Google wants to save news sites from cyberattacks - for free
2016/02/24 The Apple-FBI fight isn't about 'privacy vs security'. Don't be misled
2016/02/23 Continuing oil spills foul rivers in the Peruvian Amazon
2016/02/22 Automation and the future of impersonal finance
2016/02/22 What you need to know about predictive policing
2016/02/18 Why fear is so contagious
2016/02/18 The new mind control
2016/02/18 Apple's FBI battle is complicated. Here's what's really going on
2016/02/18 Everything you need to know about the Apple versus FBI case
2016/02/18 Brazil's most corrupt politician targets uncontacted tribe
2016/02/17 The President's NSA Advisory Board finally gets a tech expert
2016/02/17 Why one woman stole 47 million academic papers and made them all free to read
2016/02/16 America's unlearned lesson: the forgotten truth about why we invaded Iraq
2016/02/16 Will anyone be prosecuted in the Flint water crisis?
2016/02/16 The animals that sniff out disease
2016/02/15 3D printer makes bone, cartilage, and muscle
2016/02/14 Essential reading on Antonin Scalia
2016/02/13 American politics and the long con
2016/02/12 A boy who learned to see by sound
2016/02/11 The tiny changes air pollution makes inside you
2016/02/11 Schism over how Bitcoin is supposed to work
2016/02/10 New bill aims to stop state-level decryption before it starts
2016/02/10 E-cigarettes and vape pens are exploding, literally
2016/02/10 Survival International accuses WWF of involvement in violence and abuse
2016/02/09 New Student Aid Enforcement Unit created to address alleged fraud at for-profit colleges
2016/02/09 'Internet of Things' an absolute goldmine for Big Brother, admits top U.S. spy
2016/02/09 Obama's long overdue cyber-security plan sticks to the most basic basics
2016/02/09 McCain slams 2016 Republicans for embracing torture
2016/02/09 Can the 'placebo effect' be used as medicine?
2016/02/05 Simple solar innovation provides clean water
2016/02/04 Snowden's chronicler reveals her own life under surveillance
2016/02/03 The hidden harm of antidepressants
2016/02/02 New research suggests collision fused two planets together to make Earth
2016/02/01 The superfluid Universe
2016/01/28 Canadian clay kills drug-resistant bacteria
2016/01/28 Welcome to America — Now spy on your friends
2016/01/28 Built-in LG smartphone app is a data hack risk
2016/01/28 Oracle's finally killing its terrible Java browser plugin
2016/01/27 The death of General Relativity lurks in a black hole's shadow
2016/01/26 Wounded Warrior Project accused of wasting donation money
2016/01/20 Evidence grows for giant planet on fringes of Solar System
2016/01/19 Cognitive Electromagnetic Warfare is the most important technology on the F-35
2016/01/18 Former dentist uncovering sugar's rotten secrets
2016/01/18 Most threats to humans come from science and technology, warns Hawking
2016/01/14 Theory suggests objects create space, rather than simply existing in it
2016/01/13 Hackers can easily disable Wi-Fi security cameras
2016/01/12 Hackers can easily destroy industrial motors
2016/01/11 Raising cheetahs in the American South
2016/01/11 Bragi Dash puts a new kind of computer in your ears
2016/01/07 The $2.4B plan to water California by draining the Mojave
2016/01/06 Microsoft officially dumps Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10
2016/01/06 The father of online anonymity has a plan to end the crypto war
2016/01/05 Xfinity's security system flaws open homes to thieves
2016/01/04 The incredible thing we do during conversation
2016/01/01 The Great Republican Revolt

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