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2017/12/29 What the chemical industry didn't want you to know -
2017/12/29 Incoherent, authoritarian, uninformed. A scary New York Times interview
2017/12/29 Cryptojacking is out of control
2017/12/28 Fight climate change, and build a world to withstand it
2017/12/28 Nearly half of U.S. medical procedures are unsupported by evidence
2017/12/27 The secret KGB manual for recruiting spies, part 1
2017/12/27 The Body Trade: Cashing in on the donated dead
2017/12/26 Get ready for gene editing 2.0
2017/12/26 $180B investment in plastic factories feeds global packaging binge, risking permanent pollution of Earth
2017/12/25 Middle East needs a two-state solution, Pope says in Christmas message
2017/12/24 A resolution for 2018: Reform our criminal injustice system
2017/12/22 Brain drain at the EPA
2017/12/22 How Big Oil lost control of its climate misinformation machine
2017/12/21 Five tough AI projects for 2018
2017/12/21 Ubuntu v17.10 corrupts BIOS in Lenovo Yoga and IdeaPad laptops
2017/12/20 Researchers made Google's image recognition AI mistake a rifle for a helicopter
2017/12/19 Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is critical to wildlife, not oil
2017/12/19 The National Security Strategy papers over a crisis
2017/12/19 U.S. lifts funding ban on weaponizing germs
2017/12/19 Three ways to read the new National Security Strategy
2017/12/19 Antarctic microbes survive on air alone
2017/12/19 Hold North Korea accountable for using WannaCry, and the NSA for building it
2017/12/18 Internal FCC report shows Republican net neutrality narrative is false
2017/12/18 Uncertain inheritance: epigenetics and the poisoning of Michigan
2017/12/18 The most intriguing details about the Pentagon's UFO project
2017/12/16 The Pentagon's curious UFO program
2017/12/16 Koch brothers are cities' new obstacle to building broadband
2017/12/15 U.S. District Court nominee ignorant of basic legal matters
2017/12/14 Triton malware targets industrial safety systems in the Middle East
2017/12/14 The Taking: a massive border wall land grab
2017/12/14 The FCC just killed net neutrality. Now what?
2017/12/13 The most overlooked environmental crisis of 2017
2017/12/12 Tracing ISIS' weapons supply chain - back to the U.S.
2017/12/11 You give up a lot of privacy just opening emails. Here's how to stop it
2017/12/10 The dirty secret of the global plan to avert climate disaster
2017/12/10 The WIRED Guide to Digital Security
2017/12/10 The Great Patagonia Protest of 2017
2017/12/08 Warmest climate models may also be most accurate
2017/12/08 Six areas where artificial neural networks outperform humans
2017/12/07 Quantum computing is the next big security risk
2017/12/07 Microsoft's Project Sopris could secure the next generation of IoT
2017/12/07 'APT 34' hackers have been infiltrating critical infrastructure
2017/12/06 Cement that absorbs greenhouse gases instead of emitting them
2017/12/06 Bitcoin's massive carbon footprint: the energy used by one transaction could power 9 U.S. homes for a day
2017/12/05 The case for shrinking U.S. national monuments is made of lies
2017/12/05 'Mailsploit' lets hackers forge perfect email spoofs
2017/12/04 What the shrinking of national monuments actually means
2017/12/04 National monuments opened to industry. Tribes prepare to sue
2017/11/30 Two melting Antarctic glaciers could decide the fate of our coastlines
2017/11/30 What to read about the sweeping tax reform Republicans are about to pass
2017/11/30 Don't stop the presses! When local news struggles, democracy withers
2017/11/29 Ajit Pai's net neutrality shell game
2017/11/29 2.7M UK accounts affected by 2016 Uber data breach
2017/11/28 Apple MacOS High Sierra security flaw lets anyone get root access, no password required
2017/11/28 The U.S. health system wastes $765B annually, 25% of total, and $210B for nothing
2017/11/28 Lockheed Martin is making laser cannons for fighter jets
2017/11/28 The facilities where scientists breed plants to survive the future
2017/11/27 Image host Imgur just learned that 1.7M of its users' logins were stolen in 2014
2017/11/22 Here's how the end of net neutrality will change the Internet
2017/11/21 Intel firmware vulnerability open to remote hijack
2017/11/21 A year ago, Uber paid hackers to delete stolen data on 57m people, and keep quiet
2017/11/20 Keystone XL pipeline is moving forward - 5 things you should know
2017/11/20 The 'new' FCC plans total repeal of net neutrality rules
2017/11/20 Stopping robo-calls will soon be easier than ever
2017/11/18 The Pentagon flunks cloud security 101
2017/11/16 The Uncounted: civilian victims of 'the most precise air war in history'
2017/11/16 Internal Kaspersky investigation finds NSA worker's computer was infested with malware
2017/11/16 The ban on importing elephant trophies and ivory into the U.S. is reversed
2017/11/16 This gene-editing tech may be too dangerous to unleash
2017/11/15 The NBA's vegan revolution
2017/11/14 Economics is still a dismal science
2017/11/13 Google cracks down on power-user apps that use Android's accessibility API
2017/11/12 Free money: the surprising effects of a basic income supplied by government
2017/11/12 A zombie gene protects elephants from cancer
2017/11/10 DoD's 'Hack the Pentagon' bug bounty program helps fix thousands of bugs
2017/11/10 Yuri Milner and the fellowship of silicon valley science influencers
2017/11/10 Mueller probing alleged Flynn plan to deliver cleric to Turkey
2017/11/09 Physics has demoted mass. It's not an intrinsic property
2017/11/09 How to break out of our long national tax nightmare
2017/11/09 Twenty years after his death, Carl Sagan is still right
2017/11/09 Eyebrow-raising admissions about the Republican tax plan
2017/11/09 Al Franken just gave the speech big tech has been dreading
2017/11/07 Government by ignorance: We can't afford to wage war on science
2017/11/06 The House Republican tax bill favors the rich
2017/11/06 A lust for power, checked by incompetance, should not make us the least bit comfortable
2017/11/04 The world is ruled by net states. Ignore them at your peril
2017/11/03 Trees speak a language we can learn
2017/11/03 How Russia 'pushed our buttons' with fake online ads
2017/11/02 One psychologist is tackling human biases in science
2017/11/01 The college kids hunting Twitter propaganda bots
2017/11/01 Between hyperbole and disregard, what we know about EMPs
2017/11/01 American v American: Revelations from day 2 hearings with Facebook, Twitter, and Google
2017/10/31 What Congress should ask tech executives about election meddling
2017/10/31 Social media execs face hard truths about political meddling
2017/10/31 China tests the limits of its U.S. hacking truce
2017/10/30 Insect 'Armageddon': should you worry?
2017/10/27 What Trump has undone
2017/10/27 Urban food waste, by the numbers
2017/10/26 Equifax was warned of trivial hacking methods six months berfore its epic breach
2017/10/25 This Land Is No Longer Your Land
2017/10/25 These explosions show why the FAA doesn't want laptops in luggage
2017/10/25 The U.S. Kaspersky security software ban needs to be backed up with evidence
2017/10/24 Senator Jeff Flake: 'I will not be complicit'
2017/10/24 The new 'EPA' dismisses top climate scientists from key climate change conference
2017/10/24 Chasing the illegal loggers looting the Amazon forest
2017/10/24 Interior Secretary funneled millions to suspicious PACs as a congressman
2017/10/24 Congress opens probe into FBI's handling of Clinton e-mail investigation
2017/10/24 Windows 10 Fall Creators Update's rapid, rocky rollout
2017/10/24 Atlas of the Underworld: mapping ancient subducted tectonic plates
2017/10/23 Kaspersky Lab to open software to independent review
2017/10/23 Harvey Weinstein and the economics of consent
2017/10/23 GPS data in your nature photos is being mined by animal poachers
2017/10/20 The 'Reaper' IoT botnet has already infected a million networks
2017/10/20 Opinion: Equifax deserves the corporate death penalty
2017/10/20 Your browser could be mining cryptocurrency for a stranger
2017/10/19 Insects are in serious trouble. This is, to put it mildly, a huge problem
2017/10/18 Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge under threat
2017/10/18 AI experts want to end 'black box' algorithms in government
2017/10/17 Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Lots of small changes, and maybe the revolution
2017/10/17 The flawed system behind the Krack Wi-Fi meltdown
2017/10/16 Serious flaw in WPA2 protocol allows wireless attacks
2017/10/16 Judge: Drug company can't rent tribe's sovereign immunity to evade legal responsibility
2017/10/15 The best law money can buy: How Congress and the drug industry hobbled the DEA during the opioid epidemic
2017/10/13 With great power came great irresponsibility
2017/10/13 How power grid hacks work, and when you should panic
2017/10/13 Google's learning software learns to write learning software
2017/10/13 Replacing Social Security numbers won't be easy, but it's worth it
2017/10/12 In Kiribati, 'The angry sea will kill us all'
2017/10/11 'Crypto anchors' might stop the next Equifax-style megabreach
2017/10/11 Second congressman introduces articles of impeachment
2017/10/10 McAfee infographic (PDF) - Beyond the General Data Protection Regulation
2017/10/10 Publishers threaten to remove millions of papers from ResearchGate
2017/10/10 Hacking North Korea won't stop its nuclear program
2017/10/10 How the U.S. plans to trap its biggest stash of nuclear-weapons waste in glass
2017/10/10 The best law money can buy: Manhattan's affordable district attorney is having a bad week
2017/10/10 Nano-flares may power the Sun's super-hot corona
2017/10/10 The lush billion-tree spectacle of China's Great Green Wall
2017/10/10 China is opening a new quantum research supercenter
2017/10/09 Russians spent big on Google ads to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election
2017/10/09 The new 'EPA' will terminate Obama's Clean Power Plan
2017/10/09 Half of the universe's 'missing matter' has just been found
2017/10/08 We created AI. Now we're trying to understand it
2017/10/08 The playbook of nuclear madmen
2017/10/08 How mindfulness meditation can save America
2017/10/06 Elastic surgical glue seals wounds in 60 seconds
2017/10/06 Heating dirt could cause a runaway rise in carbon emissions
2017/10/06 How a few people hijack the minds of a billion
2017/10/05 Update your macOS High Sierra NOW
2017/10/05 The universe may have begun with a Big Melt, not a Big Bang
2017/10/05 The NSA officially has a rogue contractor problem
2017/10/05 Next on the chopping block: freedom of the press
2017/10/03 Yahoo: Those 1B accounts hacked in 2013? Actually, it was all 3 billion
2017/10/03 The absurdity of the Nobel prizes in science
2017/10/03 Discovery: lymphatic pipeline between brain and immune system
2017/10/03 6 fresh horrors from Equifax CEO Richard Smith's Congressional hearing
2017/10/01 Facebook to give Russia-linked ads to U.S. Congress on Monday
2017/09/30 How good are Equifax's identity protection offerings?
2017/09/29 Critical firmware in millions of computers isn't getting updates
2017/09/27 Twitter to face Congress over election influence by Russian accounts
2017/09/26 The coming software apocalypse
2017/09/26 Zealandia: secrets of a sunken lost continent
2017/09/26 Life after the mercury poisoning Of Minamata Bay
2017/09/25 After 15 years in a vegetative state, nerve stimulation restores consciousness
2017/09/24 Obama warned Zuckerberg about fake news on Facebook
2017/09/24 All the ways Equifax epically bungled its breach response
2017/09/22 How malware keeps sneaking past Google Play's defenses
2017/09/21 Republicans' latest attempt to repeal Obamacare courts disaster
2017/09/20 The CCleaner malware fiasco targeted at least 18 specific tech firms
2017/09/20 and the search for facts in a post-fact world
2017/09/20 New group of Iranian hackers linked to destructive malware
2017/09/18 Software has a serious supply-chain security problem
2017/09/15 Alienation is killing Americans and Japanese
2017/09/15 Google, Facebook, and Twitter allowed targeting ads to white nationalists
2017/09/15 How one of Apple's key privacy safeguards falls short
2017/09/14 Equifax officially has no excuse: the breach was entirely preventable
2017/09/14 Apple's FaceID could be a powerful tool for mass spying
2017/09/14 Meet CamperForce, Amazon's nomadic retiree army
2017/09/14 Is tribalism a natural malfunction?
2017/09/13 Yes, American soil can be brought back to life
2017/09/13 Turn off Bluetooth when you're not using it
2017/09/13 Mysterious lights in the sky after Mexico's huge earthquake
2017/09/12 How Congress ignored science and fueled antibiotic resistance
2017/09/12 The crypto-keepers
2017/09/11 Your schedule could be killing you
2017/09/11 Equifax's Maddening Unaccountability
2017/09/11 The astonishing engineering behind America's latest, greatest supercomputer
2017/09/08 Fighting Climate Change in a Red State
2017/09/08 New global arms race: China, Russia, U.S. are rushing to weaponize AI
2017/09/08 What the rich won't tell you
2017/09/08 Tropical depressions: On climate change and human futilitarianism
2017/09/07 Massive Equifax breach may impact 143M consumers. Here's how to protect yourself
2017/09/06 Hackers gain direct access to U.S. power grid controls
2017/09/06 Strongest solar flare of the past decade
2017/09/06 Antibiotics made cheap chicken possible. They also made superbugs
2017/09/06 Meet the 'wall' of technology currently monitoring the U.S.-Mexico border
2017/09/05 Raising workers' wages may help robots replace them
2017/09/05 One state's bail reform exposes the promise and pitfalls of tech-driven justice
2017/09/04 Why the U.S. Government shouldn't ban Kaspersky security software
2017/09/03 The secret history of FEMA
2017/09/02 Physicists want to rebuild Quantum Theory from scratch
2017/09/01 Has voodoo been misjudged?
2017/08/31 With Harvey, Addicks and Barker dams face a perfect storm
2017/08/31 Meet the people who've learned to see with sound
2017/08/30 Pumas react to humans like prey
2017/08/29 How Hurricane Harvey became such a disaster
2017/08/29 Facial recognition: how many rogue drivers has it stopped in New York?
2017/08/27 Trump damaged democracy, Silicon Valley will finish it off
2017/08/25 What’s warping the faces of monkeys in Uganda?
2017/08/25 CIA spies on DHS, FBI, NSA, and other intel partners
2017/08/24 Hurricane Harvey threatens historic flooding in Texas
2017/08/24 All the ways U.S. government cybersecurity falls flat
2017/08/24 India's Supreme Court rules privacy a fundamental right of citizens
2017/08/23 To protect genetic privacy, encrypt your DNA
2017/08/22 Harvard study finds Exxon misled the public about climate change
2017/08/22 DoI halts study of mining method's community health hazards
2017/08/22 Sorry, banning killer robots just isn't practical
2017/08/21 'We do not have long to act': Elon Musk and others warn the UN about autonomous weapons
2017/08/21 Trump disbands Climate-Science Advisory Committee ... and may suppress the latest climate report
2017/08/19 The world could run out of food two decades earlier than thought
2017/08/18 When should companies dump white supremacist customers?
2017/08/17 When government rules by software, citizens are left in the dark
2017/08/17 Doxing is a perilous form of justice
2017/08/16 Verizon takes Fourth Amendment stand in Carpenter V. United States
2017/08/15 The social and environmental toll of your iPhone's components
2017/08/15 SonicSpy Android spyware found in Google Play
2017/08/15 Ancient Greeks built an eclipse-predicting computer 2,000 years ago
2017/08/14 Tech companies in the crosshairs on white supremacy and free speech
2017/08/14 Elon Musk: AI is vastly more risky than North Korea
2017/08/14 Behind the hype of 'lab-grown' meat
2017/08/13 A guide to Russia's high tech tool box for subverting US democracy
2017/08/10 Trump's North Korea nuclear bombast creates a real danger
2017/08/10 Kaspersky drops Microsoft antitrust complaint thanks to new Windows 10 changes
2017/08/08 We trained a computer to search for hidden spy planes. This is what it found
2017/08/08 9 takeaways from the national climate report
2017/08/08 How fossil fuel money made climate change denial the word of God
2017/08/07 Obama's science experts operate unofficial shadow network
2017/08/07 When will humanity finally die out?
2017/08/06 Simple philosophical puzzle shows our definition of knowledge is flawed
2017/08/05 Protect white hat hackers who are just doing their jobs
2017/08/04 Messing with road signs fools autonomous vehicles
2017/08/02 The race to reveal antimatter's secrets
2017/08/01 Myers-Briggs types are meaningless and arbitrary (video)
2017/07/31 Why Americans get conned again and again
2017/07/31 The space junk problem is about to get a lot gnarlier
2017/07/30 Controversial new theory suggests life wasn't a fluke of biology, it was physics
2017/07/30 DARPA wants to build a BS detector for science
2017/07/27 A bug in an obscure chip exposed a billion smartphones to hackers
2017/07/27 Scientists CRISPR the first human embryos in the US (maybe)
2017/07/25 Like Exxon, utilities knew about climate change risks decades ago
2017/07/25 Climate change is killing us right now
2017/07/20 Alphabay and Hansa takedowns ensnare thousands of dark web users
2017/07/20 Landmark bust shuts down dark-web markets AlphaBay and Hansa
2017/07/20 The similarity of neural and glactic networks
2017/07/19 Topological effects are reshaping physics
2017/07/19 The staggering amount of plastic we've produced - and what we've done with it
2017/07/17 Lawbreaking particles may point to a previously unknown force in the universe
2017/07/17 Myspace security flaw let anyone take over any account just by knowing their birthday
2017/07/14 White House exposes sensitive personal info of privacy-concerned voters
2017/07/14 Dark matter might clump to form planets
2017/07/13 Australia to compel technology firms to provide access to encrypted missives
2017/07/12 The Fallout: In St. Louis, America's nuclear history creeps into the present, leaching into streams and bodies
2017/07/12 Giant iceberg splits from Antarctic
2017/07/12 How the military is altering the limits of human performance
2017/07/10 Two-factor authentication is a mess
2017/07/09 The uninhabitable Earth
2017/07/09 Banks deploy AI to cut off terrorists' funding
2017/07/07 Two giants of AI team up to head off the robot apocalypse
2017/07/07 Guerrilla journalists defy ISIS one video at a time
2017/07/05 Science on trial: How bad science and weak experts find their way into the courtroom
2017/07/02 Kaspersky offers source code to U.S. Government
2017/07/01 Metformin promises to extend your 'health-span' for a nickel a pill
2017/06/30 Trump wants to make your voting history public for 'election integrity'. What could go wrong?
2017/06/30 NASA has found 16,000 asteroids near Earth. Don't panic
2017/06/30 Despite hacking charges, U.S. tech industry fought to keep ties to Russia
2017/06/29 As climate changes, southern states and midwest will suffer most
2017/06/29 A near-disaster at Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab
2017/06/28 Entire wind farms can be hacked
2017/06/27 Petya ransomware outbreak sweeps Europe
2017/06/27 New threat to the ozone layer
2017/06/27 EU slaps Google with record $2.7 billion antitrust fine
2017/06/27 A murder shatters the dreams of immigrant tech workers
2017/06/26 Steganography: pictures worth a thousand words
2017/06/23 Obama's secret struggle to retaliate against Putin's election interference
2017/06/22 Why net neutrality matters
2017/06/22 Chaos makes the multiverse unnecessary
2017/06/20 How an entire nation became Russia's test lab for cyberwar
2017/06/19 The scarily common error that exposed 198 million voter records
2017/06/19 NASA releases Kepler Survey Catalog with hundreds of new planet candidates
2017/06/18 Google tightens measures to remove extremist content on YouTube
2017/06/15 Metaphysical pursuit of consciousness
2017/06/15 An artificial intelligence developed its own non-human language
2017/06/14 Solar paint offers endless energy from water vapor
2017/06/14 Standing Rock Sioux victory: federal judge rules Dakota Access Pipeline environmental vetting inadequate
2017/06/14 Science calls out Jeff Sessions on medical marijuana and the 'historic drug epidemic'
2017/06/14 Flint water crisis: Michigan health chief and 4 others charged with involuntary manslaughter
2017/06/13 Microsoft is patching old versions of Windows because things are that bad
2017/06/12 'Crash Override' malware took down Ukraine's power grid last December
2017/06/10 Monsanto admits injecting glyphosate is a hazard
2017/06/10 The new war on (overpriced) drugs
2017/06/09 How Russia hacks elections around the world
2017/06/08 The impossible mathematics of the real world
2017/06/08 Study suggests mid-mantle holds as much water as Earth's oceans
2017/06/07 Scientists have found the oldest known human fossils
2017/06/02 Trump is trying to hide the landmark 2014 CIA torture report - Here's what was in it
2017/06/02 The placebo effect is weirder and potentially more useful than we imagined
2017/06/02 Dangerous 'Fireball' adware infects a quarter billion PCs
2017/05/31 Inside Google's global campaign to shut down phishing
2017/05/31 Biodiversity moves beyond counting species
2017/05/30 How Congress dismantled federal Internet privacy rules
2017/05/29 The world is running out of sand
2017/05/29 Analysis: The fake news is coming from inside the White House
2017/05/28 Most Chipotle restaurants hacked with credit card stealing malware
2017/05/25 Scientists are about to perform an experiment to see if the human mind is bound by physics
2017/05/25 The beautiful languages of the people who talk like birds
2017/05/25 Much of what we thought about Jupiter is wrong
2017/05/21 Facebook's ability to target insecure teens could prompt backlash
2017/05/19 Svalbard doomsday Global Seed Vault floods as permafrost melts
2017/05/19 DDoS attacks try to revive sinkholed WannaCry ransomware
2017/05/18 Trees in eastern U.S. head west as climate changes
2017/05/18 Humans accidentally created a protective bubble around Earth
2017/05/17 The secret life of urban crows
2017/05/17 The Trump presidency falls apart
2017/05/16 What would happen if Donald Trump were impeached?
2017/05/16 Monsanto under siege in courts for Roundup Cancer case
2017/05/15 Giant 'lava lamp' inside Earth may cause magnetic poles to flip
2017/05/15 This large-scale system may exhibit quantum behavior
2017/05/14 If you still use Windows XP, prepare for the worst
2017/05/13 Hospitals across England hit by large-scale cyber-attack
2017/05/12 The ransomware meltdown experts warned about is here
2017/05/12 The body is not a computer - stop thinking of it as one
2017/05/11 CRISPR makes it clear the U.S. needs a biology strategy, and fast
2017/05/11 Want to save the trees? Unleash the fungus!
2017/05/11 U.S. Glacier National Park losing its glaciers with just 26 of 150 left
2017/05/10 The Census Bureau director just resigned. Here's why that's a big deal
2017/05/09 Trump fired FBI Director Comey, but the Russia investigation will continue
2017/05/09 Vicious Microsoft bug left a billion PCs exposed
2017/05/09 Trees are essential to public health
2017/05/09 The doomsday glacier
2017/05/08 Mac users installing popular DVD ripper get nasty backdoor instead
2017/05/08 Excerpts from Sally Yates' Senate testimony
2017/05/07 The astonishing vision and focus of Namibia's nomads
2017/05/05 Forensic psychiatry is tested in the Supreme Court
2017/05/04 An Obamacare repeal would make your genes a preexisting condition
2017/05/04 Human noise in U.S. parks threatens wildlife
2017/05/04 House passes Obamacare repeal bill — it's a mess
2017/05/04 Major Internet company helps serve up hate on the web
2017/05/03 Watch hackers sabotage an industrial robot arm
2017/05/03 A Google Docs phishing scam is sweeping the Internet
2017/05/03 Inside the Cheyenne Mountain super-bunker
2017/05/02 In melting Greenland, a pulse of water so massive that it warped Earth's crust
2017/05/01 Why I take fake pills
2017/04/29 No bones needed: DNA in soil can reveal ancient human presence
2017/04/28 Obscure app flaw creates backdoors in millions of smartphones
2017/04/28 NSA halts collection of Americans' emails about foreign targets
2017/04/26 Bones suggest humans arrived in America over 100,000 years earlier than thought
2017/04/25 Gut bacteria tell their hosts what to eat
2017/04/24 The March for Science was eerily religious
2017/04/24 Mysterious purple 'aurora' light named Steve
2017/04/20 The grim biology of being poor
2017/04/20 Worrying can actually be good for you
2017/04/18 Steve Ballmer's $10m project will surface data about government spending
2017/04/18 Sneaky exploit allows phishing attacks from sites that look secure
2017/04/18 How drug-company 'benevolence' silences the sick
2017/04/17 Courts are using AI to sentence criminals. That must stop now
2017/04/14 Major leak suggests NSA was deep in Middle East banking system
2017/04/13 When folklore saves lives
2017/04/13 A crucial climate mystery hides just beneath your feet
2017/04/11 Windows Vista support has ended, so upgrade ASAP
2017/04/11 Quantum effects cloak impossible singularities with black holes
2017/04/11 How the FBI took down Russia's spam king and his massive botnet
2017/04/10 Payday loan firm Wonga suffers data breach affecting up to 270,000
2017/04/07 Fish farms can be disease accelerators
2017/04/06 Yet another reason octopi and squid are so weird
2017/04/06 Who are you calling 'anti-science'?
2017/04/06 Up to 100,000 taxpayers compromised in FAFSA tool breach, I.R.S. says
2017/04/04 Attention theft: ads that steal your time for nothing in return
2017/04/04 Unprecedented heist hijacks Brazilian bank's entire online operation
2017/04/03 Russian hackers have used the same backdoor for two decades
2017/04/03 Hackers are emptying ATMs with a single drilled hole and $15 worth of gear
2017/04/03 Maple syrup may fight antibiotic resistance
2017/04/02 Where the water goes
2017/04/01 Elon Musk's billion-dollar crusade to stop the A.I. apocalypse
2017/03/31 Four candidates for Planet 9 located
2017/03/28 Potent LastPass exploit underscores the dark side of password managers
2017/03/28 Republicans just voted to let Internet service providers sell your browsing history
2017/03/23 'DoubleAgent' attack turns PC antivirus into malware
2017/03/23 Silicon Valley would rather cure death than make life worth living
2017/03/22 Congress is about to give away your online privacy
2017/03/22 The fake publishers that are ruining science
2017/03/22 The gig economy celebrates working yourself to death
2017/03/21 Inside the hunt for Russia's most notorious hacker
2017/03/20 Can we turn intuition into a real-life superpower?
2017/03/20 Gritty film is boosting sex trafficking awareness
2017/03/19 Five creepy things your ISP could do if Congress repeals the FCC's privacy protections
2017/03/16 Trump is trying to chainsaw nearly every environmental program
2017/03/16 Trump budget slashes billions from dozens of agencies to boost defense spending, border wall
2017/03/15 WhatsApp, Telegram hacks prove even encryption apps are vulnerable in a browser
2017/03/15 Two Russian spies indicted for massive Yahoo hack
2017/03/15 Over 33 million U.S. employee records leaked
2017/03/14 Biodiversity is critical to the future of food
2017/03/13 Listen to 'tech support' scam calls that bilk victims out of millions
2017/03/13 How self-driving cars will solve the 'ethical trolley' problem
2017/03/12 Three challenges for the web, according to its inventor
2017/03/11 A radical vision of the universe returns to electrify physics
2017/03/10 Time for journalists to encrypt everything
2017/03/09 WikiLeaks offers CIA hacking tools to tech companies
2017/03/09 The creeping, quiet gaslighting of the EPA
2017/03/08 It's time to take the Gaia hypothesis seriously
2017/03/08 How the CIA's hacking hoard makes everyone less secure
2017/03/07 WikiLeaks just dumped a trove of CIA hacking secrets
2017/03/04 Stratfor looks at the power of social media to tilt politics
2017/03/03 U.S. drinking water at risk from Trump's cuts to pollution rules
2017/03/03 Future despots may exploit the hollowness of US politics
2017/03/01 Strangers in a Cruel Land - the wretched state of immigration policy
2017/03/01 Twitter takes aim at anonymous 'egg' accounts
2017/02/24 Cloudflare bug may have leaked data from millions of sites
2017/02/23 Why nothing works anymore: technology has its own purposes
2017/02/23 I was a Muslim in the Trump White House. I lasted eight days
2017/02/23 Pope cites popular quip: 'better an atheist than a hypocrite'
2017/02/23 Now anyone can deploy Google's troll-fighting AI
2017/02/23 Common crypto tool SHA-1 is even less secure than we thought
2017/02/22 An epidemic of unnecessary and unhelpful treatments
2017/02/22 $170 smartphone spyware that anyone can buy
2017/02/21 How to bury a major breach notification
2017/02/20 Alien particles from outer space are wreaking low-grade havoc on personal electronic devices
2017/02/18 The bad habit of normalizing aberration
2017/02/17 Marketing is ravaging cybersecurity
2017/02/16 The future of solar power technology is bright
2017/02/16 Car apps are vulnerable to hacks
2017/02/16 Now coal companies can resume trashing waterways
2017/02/16 The president's very odd press conference
2017/02/16 News-writing bots speed delivery of what might be facts
2017/02/15 Another dark side of the H-1B program
2017/02/15 11 acts of love counter Islamophobia
2017/02/15 Inside the Macedonian fake news complex
2017/02/13 Diehard coders just rescued NASA's Earth science data
2017/02/11 Want to make a lie seem true? Say it again and again and again
2017/02/09 Fast food chain Arby's acknowledges breach
2017/02/08 Why are U.S. forces in Yemen at all?
2017/02/08 Most mobile VPNs have major security faults
2017/02/08 This congressman wants to kill the EPA to 'Make It Great Again'
2017/02/07 Someone paid random Internet users to lobby for Betsy DeVos's confirmation
2017/02/03 Republicans are trying to run a long con on public lands
2017/02/01 Ransomware turns to big targets - with even bigger fallout
2017/02/01 The high-tech war on science fraud
2017/01/31 The FBI is studying domestic extremists in U.S. police departments
2017/01/30 Study reveals substantial evidence of holographic universe
2017/01/30 Doomsday prep for the super-rich
2017/01/28 The data that turned the world upside down
2017/01/26 The Doomsday Clock is reset: Closest to midnight since the 1950s
2017/01/24 A shadow cabinet, gag orders on the EPA and USDA, paranoia, and much more
2017/01/20 An iceberg the size of Delaware is about to break off Antarctica
2017/01/18 Who decides who counts as Native American?
2017/01/16 The most popular obesity theory derails treatment of the real cause
2017/01/15 Stark inequality: Oxfam says 8 men are as rich as half the world
2017/01/13 WhatsApp vulnerability allows snooping of encrypted messages
2017/01/12 Pacemakers patched against life-threatening hacks and extortion
2017/01/11 Universities must help educate woefully uninformed lawmakers
2017/01/11 More dumb 'smart' gear that will be hacked in 2017
2017/01/05 Is sugar the world's most popular drug?
2017/01/05 'Inventor of email' slaps tech site with $15M libel suit for mocking his claim
2017/01/04 What's killing the world's shorebirds?
2017/01/04 Government says top credit scorers TransUnion and Equifax misled customers
2017/01/03 Fact-checker outed as unfit to arbiter 'truth'
2017/01/03 Scientists discover a new organ in the human body
2017/01/03 Here's what happens to tech in 2017
2017/01/02 The Sugar Wars
2017/01/02 What not to eat: 'The Case Against Sugar'
2017/01/01 Hidden Side Effects: Nearly half of medical studies omit adverse outcomes from publication

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