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2019/01/11 Worldwide hacking spree uses DNS trickery to nab data
2019/01/11 The exaggerated promise of so-called unbiased data mining
2019/01/11 Laying groundwork to declare a national non-emergency
2019/01/10 Howard Buffett's border war, and a history of immigration fear-mongering
2019/01/10 'We the people' - the battle to define populism
2019/01/10 A new approach to understanding how machines think
2019/01/10 Earth's magnetic North Pole has begun moving erratically at speeds so fast it requires emergency updates to navigation maps
2019/01/10 The acoustic lives of plants
2019/01/10 We could easily stop location data scandals, but we cower to lobbyists instead
2019/01/09 Refunds from IRS may go out, but hurdles to complete returns remain
2019/01/09 Beauty is making scientists rethink evolution
2019/01/09 Carriers swore they'd stop selling location data. Will they ever?
2019/01/08 T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T are selling customers' real-time location data, and it's falling into the wrong hands
2019/01/08 Robert Mueller's 2019 to-do list
2019/01/08 Manafort's lawyers file response to Mueller; fail to properly redact the secret stuff
2019/01/08 The president and others address the Nation [transcript]
2019/01/07 White House orders IRS to pay income tax refunds despite government shutdown
2019/01/07 Adam Schiff plans to lead investigations of the president's finances
2019/01/07 The Weather Channel app is accused of tracking users and selling their data
2019/01/07 Democrat Chris Van Hollen has an idea to restart government
2019/01/07 Bitcoin exposed Silicon Valley's ultimate aim: making money
2019/01/06 As shutdown drags on, a new offer and novel ideas to cope with its impacts
2019/01/06 Space and time could be a quantum error-correcting code
2019/01/04 The quest to topple science-stymying academic paywalls
2019/01/03 The U.S. and China are in a quantum arms race that will transform warfare
2019/01/03 Majority of Americans don't want the border wall
2019/01/03 Elite Intel team still fights Meltdown and Spectre
2019/01/02 Fire ants love our climate-wrecking ways
2019/01/01 One company is making millions from the president's war on the poor
2019/01/01 Tor is easier than ever. Time to give it a try

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