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2019/03/25 How to check your computer for hacked Asus software update Kaspersky test for Shadow Hammer APT
2019/03/25 Medtronic cardiac implants can be hacked, FDA issues alert
2019/03/25 Thousands of API and cryptographic keys leaking on GitHub every day
2019/03/25 On the Trail of the Robocall King
2019/03/25 'State of Emergency': Pine Ridge Reservation flooding exposes racial divide in climate crisis
2019/03/25 New wind and solar power is cheaper than existing coal in much of the U.S.
2019/03/25 Relentless focus on the Russia probe allowed many other scandals to escape legislative oversight
2019/03/24 There's a lot more to investigate than just Russia
2019/03/24 No collusion, plenty of corruption: the president is not in the clear
2019/03/24 The president aided and abetted Russia's attack. That was treachery
2019/03/24 Yes, the president obstructed justice. And William Barr is helping him cover it up
2019/03/24 Barr's summary of Mueller's report raises these questions
2019/03/23 IRS loosens tax penalty for millions
2019/03/22 Conservatives' disingenuous attacks on democratic reforms
2019/03/22 American health care is flooded with duplicate medical records
2019/03/22 What you don't know about your health data will make you sick
2019/03/22 The secret Jehovah's Witness database of child molesters
2019/03/22 Midwestern floods are expected to get much, much worse
2019/03/22 FEMA leaked data from 2.3M disaster survivors
2019/03/22 The Mueller Report is done. Now comes the hard part
2019/03/22 The internet's phone book is broken and hackers are having a field day
2019/03/21 FBI crackdown on DDoS-for-hire sites led to 85% slash in attack sizes
2019/03/21 Facebook stored millions of passwords in plain text. Change yours now
2019/03/21 Social Security may use your Facebook and Instagram photos to nix disability claims
2019/03/20 Quantum Scarring Appears to Defy Universe's Push for Disorder
2019/03/20 Jury finds Monsanto's Roundup was 'substantial factor' in causing 2nd man's cancer. Thousands more cases await
2019/03/20 Elsevier exposed users' emails and passwords online
2019/03/20 Psychiatry's incurable hubris
2019/03/20 'Triumph for our climate': judge blocks fracking on 300,000 acres of public land
2019/03/19 The White House is totally obstructing congressional oversight
2019/03/19 Here's why you can't trust official claims about automated license plate readers
2019/03/19 FCC admits in court that it can't track who submits fake comments
2019/03/19 Online surveys are a terrible polling method
2019/03/19 New research links soda to heart disease and cancer
2019/03/19 Lab-grown brain uses tendrils to grab, control spinal cords
2019/03/18 Google Play is flooded with hundreds of unsafe anti-virus products ... ratings: AV-Comparatives tested 250 Android AV apps. 23 were great
2019/03/18 WordPress 5.1.1 patches dangerous XSS vulnerability
2019/03/18 Federal authorities raided the office of republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy in money laundering probe
2019/03/18 Mining companies polluted western waters. Now taxpayers must pay for cleanup
2019/03/18 Study suggests humans can sense Earth's magnetic field
2019/03/17 Israel's top court disqualifies far-rightist, approves Arab party for ballot
2019/03/16 Court upholds ruling, blocking construction of Keystone XL Pipeline
2019/03/16 Debunking billionaires' claims of heroic capitalism
2019/03/15 Conflicted EPA 'science' advisers push doubt about already proven air pollution health risks
2019/03/15 White nationalism is an international threat
2019/03/15 Pompeo imposes Visa ban on ICC staff probing U.S. war crimes
2019/03/15 Southwest Key, known for migrant shelters, cashes in on charter schools
2019/03/15 Americans are going bankrupt from getting sick
2019/03/15 Researchers measure near-perfect performance in low-cost quantum dots
2019/03/15 Key innovation in DARPA AI project: ethics from the start
2019/03/15 Nitrogen pollution's path to streams weaves through more forests (and faster) than suspected
2019/03/15 Midwest flooding turns deadly, forces people from their homes
2019/03/14 IMAP-based attacks compromising accounts at 'unprecedented scale'
2019/03/14 Major rebuke of authoritarianism: Senate votes to terminate national emergency
2019/03/14 Both parties are addicted to dark money. Only one is trying to quit
2019/03/14 Suppressed documents raise new questions about Arctic Refuge development
2019/03/14 Catastrophic temperature rise in the Arctic is 'locked in,' U.N. report says
2019/03/14 Study shows saffron can help ADHD
2019/03/13 Intel has patched 19 severe vulnerabilities in its graphics drivers for Windows 10. Update now
2019/03/13 HP recalls 78,500 more laptop batteries because of fire concerns
2019/03/13 Misconfigured Box accounts leak terabytes of companies' sensitive data
2019/03/13 Facebook under criminal investigation for data sharing with tech firms
2019/03/13 Greedy 2019 budget goes nuclear on Medicare and Medicaid
2019/03/13 Deficit hypocrites
2019/03/13 U.S. administration to world: your human rights record doesn't matter
2019/03/13 The reality behind the president's coalition of despots to starve Venezuela into submission
2019/03/13 President's 'tough on crime' stance doesn't extend to lawbreaking corporations
2019/03/13 Senate passes resolution to end U.S. support for Saudi war in Yemen
2019/03/13 Timbs v Indiana: Supreme Court on policing for profit
2019/03/13 Manafort is sentenced to a total of 7.5 years for conspiracy and fraud
2019/03/13 'Cost Plus 50': Welcome to the U.S. Mercenary Force
2019/03/13 New Mexico is the third state to legally require 100% carbon-free electricity
2019/03/13 Native leaders tell Congress the president trampled sacred land and the law to carve up national monuments
2019/03/13 The climate solution right under our feet
2019/03/13 7 biohacks that actually work
2019/03/13 Images of the 'historic' bomb cyclone hitting the middle of the U.S.
2019/03/12 Latest budget cuts even more money from clean energy
2019/03/12 How Facebook and Amazon help hate groups raise money
2019/03/12 Police are increasingly taking advantage of home DNA tests. There are no regulations to stop it
2019/03/12 Email list-cleaning site may have leaked up to 2B records
2019/03/12 Thousands exposed to dangerous drinking water across South Carolina
2019/03/12 Vulnerable U.S. citizens are still trapped in the ruins left by hurricane Maria
2019/03/12 College admissions scandal: FBI targets wealthy parents
2019/03/12 To help Venezuela, the U.S. must use diplomacy, not a military coup
2019/03/11 Phishing scam calls to taxpayers are up nearly 20X
2019/03/11 With trillions in safety net cuts, Bernie Sanders calls the president's 2020 budget 'breathtaking in its degree of cruelty'
2019/03/11 Right-wing state legislators are working to cripple climate and science education
2019/03/11 FEC hits Jeb Bush's super-PAC with a super fine for taking money from foreign nationals
2019/03/11 The Fox guarding the White House
2019/03/11 Israel's stranglehold on American politics
2019/03/11 In U.S. schools, kids are exposed to water tainted by toxic lead
2019/03/11 Iconic forests reaching climate tipping points in American west
2019/03/11 Secret conversations inside cells are transforming biology
2019/03/11 Sonic waves may carry mass
2019/03/11 The many health effects of noise
2019/03/10 The 'massage' parlor owner peddling access to the president and his clan has ties to Chinese government-linked groups
2019/03/10 The president continues inciting violent hatred of the media
2019/03/10 How concrete damages our planet
2019/03/09 The president's 2020 budget gives $100M to a program that Ivanka launched
2019/03/09 The impact of seismic air-gun testing on marine life
2019/03/08 Turn on auto-updates everywhere you can
2019/03/08 The fish on your plate may not be what you ordered
2019/03/08 Death by civilization: the traumatic legacy of Indian boarding schools
2019/03/07 An email marketing company exposed 809M records
2019/03/07 The private prison industry just suffered a major blow. And it could be just the beginning
2019/03/07 Oceans are 'spiking a fever' with record heat waves
2019/03/07 Leaked documents confirm the U.S. government is secretly tracking journalists and immigration activists
2019/03/07 New acoustic metamaterial cancels sound
2019/03/07 South Dakota pushes bills to prosecute 'riot-boosting' ahead of pipeline construction
2019/03/07 Zuckerberg's privacy manifesto is actually about competing with other messaging platforms
2019/03/07 We are destroying chimpanzee cultures
2019/03/07 The West isn't ready for the coming wave of Chinese misinformation
2019/03/07 Merging magnetic blobs fuel the sun's huge plasma eruptions
2019/03/06 Ilhan Omar's victory for political sanity
2019/03/06 House Dems' top bill requires disclosing tax returns of the president and his 500 business entities
2019/03/06 Mni ki wakan: Water is sacred
2019/03/05 A French officer speaks the truth about the war in Syria
2019/03/05 Scientists just discovered how to weld metal to glass
2019/03/05 Purdue profited from manufactured addiction
2019/03/05 Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman rejects South Dakota govenor's call to stop protests
2019/03/05 House Democrats' 'rebuke' of Ilhan Omar is a fraud
2019/03/05 70+ public advocacy groups demand passage of HR-1
2019/03/04 Google reveals 'BuggyCow', a rare MacOS zero-day vulnerability
2019/03/04 House probes Cambridge Analytica on Russia and WikiLeaks
2019/03/04 University of California drops overpriced Elsevier contract
2019/03/04 House democrats launch sweeping investigation into potential crimes by the president
2019/03/04 House democrats want the president's communications with Putin
2019/03/04 Investigating the president: it's not just about Russia anymore
2019/03/04 Pledge of allegiance to whom?
2019/03/04 Netanyahu faces indictments and a rising opposition
2019/03/04 Most U.S. coal plants are contaminating groundwater with toxins
2019/03/04 Facebook won't let you opt out of its phone number 'look up' setting
2019/03/02 Tax hit: 11M taxpayers losing $323B in deductions
2019/03/02 Here are the data brokers quietly buying and selling your personal information
2019/03/01 Climate change is cutting into the global fish catch, and it's on pace to get worse
2019/03/01 Unable to post bail? You will pay for that for many years
2019/03/01 House panel demands White House turn over Jared Kushner security clearance records
2019/03/01 The week that democracy struck back
2019/03/01 Monsanto's Dicamba has damaged millions of dollars worth of crops, trees, gardens, bees, local businesses; the list goes on
2019/03/01 U.S. military changing killer-robo-tank program after controversy
2019/02/28 Congress has some big questions for the president's tax lawyer
2019/02/28 How violent American vigilantes led to the border wall
2019/02/28 Israel rejects U.N. report on Gaza deaths as 'theater of the absurd'
2019/02/28 TikTok has been illegally collecting children's data
2019/02/28 Post-apocalyptic insurers try out a new 'make it rain' strategy
2019/02/27 Michael Cohen's testimony was a reminder that this presidency isn't normal
2019/02/27 5 key takeaways from Michael Cohen's prepared testimony to Congress
2019/02/27 Millions of utilities customers' passwords stored in plain text
2019/02/27 How plastic from our clothing gets into our seafood
2019/02/26 Australian government's anti-encryption laws could turn its own employees into insider threats
2019/02/26 Fake Amazon reviews draw fraud charges in groundbreaking FTC case
2019/02/26 Facebook apps secretly send sensitive data back to the mothership
2019/02/26 Glyphosate found in 19 of 20 beers and wines tested
2019/02/26 Hackers can slip invisible malware into 'bare metal' cloud computers
2019/02/25 Skeptics are being recruited for an adversarial 'review' of climate science
2019/02/25 North Korea and the team of One
2019/02/25 A teenage war resister in Israel
2019/02/25 Android is helping to kill passwords on a billion devices
2019/02/24 Psychoterratica is the trauma caused by distance from nature
2019/02/23 Mueller: Paul Manafort is a hardened criminal who repeatedly broke the law
2019/02/22 Italian investigators just uncovered a major Russian election meddling plot
2019/02/21 Millions of websites threatened by highly critical code-execution bug in Drupal
2019/02/21 Human smugglers thrive under the president's 'zero tolerance' policy
2019/02/21 Active duty U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant accused of being a domestic terrorist
2019/02/21 An investigation of fake FCC Comments snared a prominent D.C. media firm
2019/02/21 Moment of reckoning: U.S. cities burn recyclables after China bans imports
2019/02/21 The Russian sleuth who outs Moscow's elite hackers and assassins
2019/02/20 A fervent climate change denier may lead a White House panel assessing climate change risk
2019/02/20 When conservation provides a cover for anti-Indigenous sentiments
2019/02/20 We're just 140 years away from the climate that caused a planet-wide extinction
2019/02/20 ATM hacking has gotten so easy, the malware's a game
2019/02/20 Behind the scenes, health insurers use cash and gifts to sway which benefits employers choose
2019/02/19 Top advisers are still plotting an extra-legal nuclear deal with the Saudis for personal gain
2019/02/19 Grave concerns over White House efforts to transfer U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia
2019/02/19 Congress may make it impossible to end a war
2019/02/19 Congress may make it impossible to end a war
2019/02/19 Mapping the American war on terror
2019/02/19 Arctic bogs hold another global warming risk that could spiral out of control
2019/02/18 EPA OKs 'emergency' to dump bee-killing pesticide on 16M acres
2019/02/18 16 states sue to stop use of emergency powers to build border wall
2019/02/18 Ex-FBI chief says the president believed Russia over U.S. intelligence
2019/02/18 Chinese and Iranian hackers renew their attacks on U.S. companies
2019/02/18 The devastating allure of medical miracles
2019/02/17 Kleptocracy is on the rise in America
2019/02/15 President declares national emergency, calling gov't border drug stats 'lies'
2019/02/15 ICE is sending hundreds of asylum-seekers to a private prison in Mississippi
2019/02/15 ThisPersonDoesNotExist is a terrifying glimpse of neural network capabilities
2019/02/15 Instagram influencers are promoting medical products. Facts and warnings are optional
2019/02/15 Chinese facial recognition database exposes 2.5M people
2019/02/15 Pro-Israel lobby is highly active and spends heavily to influence U.S. policy
2019/02/15 The 'national emergency' that isn't
2019/02/15 America's hidden empire
2019/02/15 Personal data collection: the complete Wired guide
2019/02/14 A border wall won't solve a national emergency. It is one
2019/02/14 Extreme heat and temperature swings are no match for this lightweight insulator
2019/02/14 What some of the world’s last hunter-gatherers have to say
2019/02/14 What happens when techno-utopians actually run a country
2019/02/13 Political leaders fail to challenge president's persistent racism against Native Americans
2019/02/13 Ilhan Omar calls out the president for his history of anti-semitism, xenophobia
2019/02/12 A new 2-D material uses light to quickly and safely purify water
2019/02/12 China, Russia building attack satellites and space lasers
2019/02/12 Earth's magnetic shield booms like a drum when hit by impulses
2019/02/12 Interactive map shows how climate change will affect your town in 60 years
2019/02/12 Great Firewall fears as Russia plans to cut itself off from the global internet
2019/02/12 AR will spark the next big tech platform: call it MirrorWorld
2019/02/11 The president came to El Paso to lie about it
2019/02/11 Get-rich-quick social media scams are turning teens into money mules
2019/02/11 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes aim at Equifax and credit scoring
2019/02/11 Scientists are totally rethinking animal cognition
2019/02/10 Shutdown looms as border talks break down over immigration enforcement
2019/02/10 Plummeting insect numbers threaten collapse of nature
2019/02/10 Cybersecurity workers scramble to fix a post-shutdown mess
2019/02/09 President again mocks Native victims of genocide
2019/02/09 Average tax refunds down 8.4 percent. Taxpayers vent
2019/02/09 New evidence of possible wrongdoing by inaugural committee
2019/02/08 'My whole town practically lived there': From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for the president goes back years
2019/02/08 Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out dark money (vid)
2019/02/08 The Green New Deal shows how grand climate politics can be
2019/02/08 New evidence for the strange geometry of thought
2019/02/08 Twitter still can't keep up with its flood of junk accounts
2019/02/07 German regulators just outlawed Facebook's whole ad business
2019/02/07 Google's making it easier to encrypt even cheap Android phones
2019/02/07 The push to legalize magic mushrooms for depression and PTSD
2019/02/06 The president warned Democrats not to investigate him. Instead, they're playing hardball
2019/02/06 Hundreds of bounty hunters had access to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint customer location data for years
2019/02/06 Cuba's Taino people: a flourishing culture, believed extinct
2019/02/06 There's no good reason to trust blockchain technology
2019/02/05 Paper trail of joint campaigns: Build a luxury tower in Moscow. Heap praise on Putin. Ascend to POTUS.
2019/02/05 Just 4 trips to Mar-a-Lago cost taxpayers $13M, ignoring extra incidental expenses
2019/02/05 Netflix paid $0 in income taxes all last year
2019/02/05 Half of IoT devices let down by vulnerable apps
2019/02/05 Phishing has become the root of most cyber-evil
2019/02/05 A new Google Chrome extension will detect your unsafe passwords
2019/02/04 U.S. Senator Tom Udall Statement on Nomination of anti-steward David Bernhardt for Interior Secretary
2019/02/04 The only way to fix cryptocurrency: fire, and lots of it
2019/02/04 How 'SHAKEN' and 'STIRRED' could put an end to robocall scams
2019/02/04 The world might actually run out of people
2019/02/01 U.S. withdraws from INF nuclear weapons treaty with Russia
2019/02/01 A hearing Friday may decide the future of net neutrality
2019/02/01 Death-cap mushrooms are spreading across North America
2019/02/01 Automated background checks are deciding who's fit for a home
2019/01/31 Shadow group keeps right-wing stranglehold on states
2019/01/30 U.S. intelligence officials warn climate change is a worldwide threat
2019/01/30 Hackers are passing around a megaleak of 2.2B records
2019/01/30 Historian berates billionaires at Davos over tax avoidance
2019/01/30 Robocallers blasted Americans with 26.3B spam calls last year
2019/01/30 For some whales, mid-range active sonar can be deadly
2019/01/29 The president's tales of horror at the Mexican border are plot points in the fiction movie 'Sicario'
2019/01/29 Witness: Insys executive gave doctor a lap dance to prescribe deadly drugs
2019/01/29 Dirty air could be affecting our gut health
2019/01/29 Google takes its first steps toward killing the URL
2019/01/28 The president is destroying his own case for a national emergency
2019/01/28 Mitch McConnell's ties to Russian oil money
2019/01/28 Serious FaceTime bug allows remote listening, even video, before anyone answers
2019/01/28 The threat that the U.S. can't ignore: itself
2019/01/28 Security isn't enough. Silicon Valley needs 'abusability' testing
2019/01/28 Facebook moves to block ad transparency tools
2019/01/28 Germs in your gut are talking to your brain. Scientists want to know what they're saying
2019/01/27 Boy missing in woods for two days says friendly bear kept him safe
2019/01/26 Demand for the border wall: $5.7B. Cost of the shutdown: $6B, so far
2019/01/26 The president fired his golf club's undocumented workers on January 18 after many years' service
2019/01/25 Longest government shutdown halts for 3 weeks
2019/01/25 The Roger Stone indictment: 4 key takeaways
2019/01/25 What Roger Stone's arrest may mean in the big picture
2019/01/25 The business of kidnapping: inside the secret world of hostage negotiation
2019/01/25 Industrial agriculture, an extraction industry like fossil fuels, is a growing driver of climate change
2019/01/24 Pesticides are harming bees in literally every possible way
2019/01/24 Sleep deprivation causes Alzheimer's protein to build up in the brain
2019/01/24 Genetic mutations in our bodies might be less random than we thought
2019/01/24 Google's proposed changes to Chrome could weaken ad blockers
2019/01/23 Michael Cohen delays his testimoney before the House, citing 'threats against his family' by the president and Rudy Giuliani
2019/01/23 Is big tech merging with big brother? Kinda looks like it
2019/01/22 Bomb threat, sextortion spammers abused weakness at
2019/01/22 Greenland's ice melting faster than scientists previously thought
2019/01/22 The State of the Union? Contentious
2019/01/21 One scientist hopes to engineer the climate with antacid
2019/01/21 I failed the Covington Catholic test
2019/01/21 Google must pay €50 million for GDPR violations, France says
2019/01/21 Research suggests we're not as irrational as we think
2019/01/21 Super Blood Wolf Moon in eclipse
2019/01/19 Impeachment belongs to Congress, not the court of public opinion. And it must begin now
2019/01/18 Why Democrats have suddenly started talking about impeachment
2019/01/18 New missile defense plan creates more problems than it solves
2019/01/18 Capitol Hill aides wait for a disaster to end shutdown
2019/01/18 Coal ash is contaminating groundwater in at least 22 states
2019/01/17 Michael Cohen paid to rig online polls
2019/01/17 Making Globalism Great Again
2019/01/17 Thousands of new species found inhabiting the human microbiome
2019/01/17 The FBI says its photo analysis is scientific evidence. Scientists disagree
2019/01/16 AT&T, T-Mobile, and now sprint to stop selling location data to third parties
2019/01/16 The Mueller investigation is resolving to 2 possible outcomes
2019/01/16 As the government shutdown drags on, cybersecurity risks intensify
2019/01/15 One couple’s tireless crusade to stop a genetic killer
2019/01/15 Our pets may reveal keys to human obesity
2019/01/15 The end of economic growth is inevitable. Let's plan for it
2019/01/14 Pressure grows on Senate Republicans to break shutdown impasse
2019/01/14 Ajit Pai refuses to tell Congress why threat actors can buy your cell phone location data
2019/01/14 Feds forcing mass fingerprint unlocks is an 'abuse of power,' judge rules
2019/01/14 U.S. lawmaker launches investigation into pharma drug pricing
2019/01/14 Microsoft to end support for Windows 7 in one year
2019/01/14 Wilderness deal will decimate the most important wildlife refuge in all of Alaska
2019/01/14 Antarctica is melting at 6 times its rate in the 1970s
2019/01/14 Desalination is booming. But what about all that toxic brine?
2019/01/14 This president was always a counterintelligence nightmare
2019/01/13 Why the FBI's counterintelligence investigation of the president is such a big deal
2019/01/13 Another glitch in The Wall
2019/01/11 What someone needs to explain to the president about 'national emergencies'
2019/01/11 Worldwide hacking spree uses DNS trickery to nab data
2019/01/11 The exaggerated promise of so-called unbiased data mining
2019/01/11 Laying groundwork to declare a national non-emergency
2019/01/10 Howard Buffett's border war, and a history of immigration fear-mongering
2019/01/10 'We the people' - the battle to define populism
2019/01/10 A new approach to understanding how machines think
2019/01/10 Earth's magnetic North Pole has begun moving erratically at speeds so fast it requires emergency updates to navigation maps
2019/01/10 The acoustic lives of plants
2019/01/10 We could easily stop location data scandals, but we cower to lobbyists instead
2019/01/09 Refunds from IRS may go out, but hurdles to complete returns remain
2019/01/09 Beauty is making scientists rethink evolution
2019/01/09 Carriers swore they'd stop selling location data. Will they ever?
2019/01/08 T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T are selling customers' real-time location data, and it's falling into the wrong hands
2019/01/08 Robert Mueller's 2019 to-do list
2019/01/08 Manafort's lawyers file response to Mueller; fail to properly redact the secret stuff
2019/01/08 The president and others address the Nation [transcript]
2019/01/07 White House orders IRS to pay income tax refunds despite government shutdown
2019/01/07 Adam Schiff plans to lead investigations of the president's finances
2019/01/07 The Weather Channel app is accused of tracking users and selling their data
2019/01/07 Democrat Chris Van Hollen has an idea to restart government
2019/01/07 Bitcoin exposed Silicon Valley's ultimate aim: making money
2019/01/06 As shutdown drags on, a new offer and novel ideas to cope with its impacts
2019/01/06 Space and time could be a quantum error-correcting code
2019/01/04 The Cabinet gets a raise while everyone else gets a freeze
2019/01/04 The quest to topple science-stymying academic paywalls
2019/01/03 The U.S. and China are in a quantum arms race that will transform warfare
2019/01/03 Majority of Americans don't want the border wall
2019/01/03 Elite Intel team still fights Meltdown and Spectre
2019/01/02 Fire ants love our climate-wrecking ways
2019/01/01 One company is making millions from the president's war on the poor
2019/01/01 Tor is easier than ever. Time to give it a try

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