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2020 Democratic Debates: The New York Times
2019 Vox Guide to the Impeachment Saga
2019/12/31 World's leading cause of death: pollution - ahead of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, even war
2019/12/31 U.N. researcher hails ICC's pursuit of war crimes probe in Palestine as 'momentous step' for accountability
2019/12/31 The death of the good internet was an inside job
2019/12/31 President's own appointed scientists refute E.P.A. rollbacks
2019/12/31 Photos of Australia's Raging Bushfires - locals and tourists seek shelter on nearby beaches
2019/12/31 Pharmaceutical companies are pushing drugs to jailers and judges
2019/12/31 Native American 'land taxes': a step on the roadmap for reparations
2019/12/31 Kim says N.K. is no longer bound by nuclear test moratorium
2019/12/31 Illinois governor pardons 11,000 for low-level marijuana convictions
2019/12/31 How the U.S. made the so-called 'safe third countries' unsafe
2019/12/31 Hospitals and schools are being bombed in Syria. A U.N. inquiry is limited. We took a deeper look
2019/12/31 Conspiracist Alex Jones ordered to pay $100K in Sandy Hook case
2019/12/30 Why the impact of the president's tax law remains partly hidden
2019/12/30 What's behind Big Oil's promises of emissions cuts? Lots of wiggle room
2019/12/30 WH lawyers reportedly argued the president could override Congress to freeze Ukraine aid
2019/12/30 Veterans are being targeted online. Meet Kristofer Goldsmith, the millennial vet protecting them
2019/12/30 The slow death of Colombia's peace movement
2019/12/30 Russia and Iran condemn U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria as acts of terrorism
2019/12/30 Mexico has neither the means nor the laws to preserve its environment
2019/12/30 Keto diet may offer clues on how nutrition can treat disease
2019/12/30 Iraqi PM condemns 'dangerous escalation' as U.S. kills 25 with airstrikes and threatens Iran
2019/12/30 IoT company Wyze leaks emails, device data of 2.4M
2019/12/30 Injecting the flu vaccine into a tumor alerts the immune system to attack it
2019/12/30 How a preventable disaster killed six Marines
2019/12/30 Gubernatorial hopeful Stephen Smith proposes first state-level wealth tax
2019/12/30 Despite the stock market, struggling workers reveal a weak economy
2019/12/30 CRISPR babies scientist sentenced to 3 years in prison
2019/12/30 California's groundbreaking privacy law takes effect in January. What does it do?
2019/12/30 An afterlife so perilous, you needed a guidebook
2019/12/30 A decade of legal warfare has warped America's future
2019/12/30 91 groups call for removal of BLM acting director Perry Pendley
2019/12/29 Study of 'meta-analysis' indicates we publish more positive results
2019/12/29 President created an environmental crisis at the border
2019/12/29 New government study shows president's tariffs have totally backfired
2019/12/29 Inside the biggest 2020 advertising war against the president
2019/12/29 Europe's failure to protect liberty in Hungary
2019/12/29 Behind the Ukraine aid freeze: 84 days of conflict and confusion
2019/12/29 Opinion: AG Bill Barr is on a mission to replace the Constitution with a religious monarchy
2019/12/28 President is trying to out the alleged Ukraine whistle-blower on Twitter
2019/12/28 In China's crackdown on Muslims, children have not been spared
2019/12/28 Colleges should all stand up to China to defend unfettered debate
2019/12/28 A gangster in the White House
2019/12/28 A short glossary of 7 types of computer virus
2019/12/27 World's 500 richest people gained $1.2T in 2019
2019/12/27 What Rudy Giuliani's version of reality looks like from Ukraine
2019/12/27 The high price of abortion restrictions
2019/12/27 Landlords got richer this decade. You did not
2019/12/27 Keep an eye on these 2020 Conservation issues
2019/12/27 Archaeologists discover remains of vast Mayan palace in Mexico
2019/12/27 About 4,000 Liberians can now apply for green cards in the U.S.
2019/12/27 'Call me Elizabeth': inside the hours Elizabeth Warren spends on the phone
2019/12/27 Philippine peasants were promised land, but staking a claim can be deadly
2019/12/27 How oil companies avoided environmental accountability after 10.8M gallons spilled
2019/12/27 Betsy DeVos- the billionaire Republican destroying public education
2019/12/27 Anguish and anger from the Navy SEALs who turned in Edward Gallagher
2019/12/27 All those hacks got Amazon's Ring sued
2019/12/26 Survey: Germans say POTUS is more dangerous than Putin, Kim, or Xi
2019/12/26 Turkey's ban on Wikipedia is unconstitutional, court says
2019/12/26 Top Syrian official says U.S. has 'absolutely no right' to occupy or plunder nation's oil fields
2019/12/26 The Midwest floods revealed another benefit of sustainable agriculture
2019/12/26 Swirling magnetic fields hint at origins of spiral galaxy shapes
2019/12/26 Hot blob: vast patch of warm water off New Zealand coast puzzles scientists
2019/12/26 A barrier to the border wall: Texas landowners
2019/12/26 Cruise ships bring 1,200 tons of toxic fumes to Brooklyn yearly
2019/12/25 We need a massive climate war effort - Now
2019/12/24 States vowed to uphold America's climate pledge. Are they succeeding?
2019/12/24 Effort to freeze Ukraine aid began about 90 minutes after call between POTUS and Zelensky
2019/12/24 Australia has always had bushfires, but 2019 is like nothing we've seen before
2019/12/23 We must stop the executive branch from suppressing science
2019/12/23 U.S. Military Precariously Unprepared for Climate Threats, War College & Retired Brass Warn
2019/12/23 The unforeseen dangers of a device that curbs drunken driving
2019/12/23 Supertrees: the Amazon's Brazil nut tree creates its own rainfall - and it's in danger
2019/12/23 Senate Republicans were laser-focused on confirming judges in 2019, even the unqualified ones, while blocking hundreds of bills
2019/12/23 Putin's Russia, punching above its weight, keeps adversaries off balance
2019/12/23 President's EPA goes to bat for Bayer as company fights $25M verdict in Roundup cancer case
2019/12/23 Pouring coal on the fires, Aussie PM rejects climate solutions as country burns
2019/12/23 Postal workers deliver 20M packages per day. What can we give them in return?
2019/12/23 Newfound 'ablating' exoplanets could reveal alien geology
2019/12/23 Man jailed for $122M scam that fooled Google and Facebook
2019/12/23 Life's master molecule has been transformed into therapies that tackle the roots of human illness
2019/12/23 Japan wants to dump nuclear plant's tainted water. Fishermen fear the worst
2019/12/23 House Democrats demand answers as migrant deaths continue to rise
2019/12/23 GOP lawmaker had visions of a 51st state and a militant Christian government
2019/12/23 Giuliani associates leveraged POTUS connections for Texas gas deal
2019/12/23 Fresh evidence in hand, Schumer demands more emails and documents
2019/12/23 Facebook will stop mining contacts with your 2FA number
2019/12/23 'Explosive' White House email shows why key witnesses must testify in Senate trial
2019/12/23 Emergency cleanup underway after fuel spill in unique and fragile Galapagos Islands ecosystem
2019/12/23 Congress passes anti-robocall bill
2019/12/23 Congress launches investigation into medical care of immigrant detainees
2019/12/23 Calling the 'Space Force' a violation of global consensus, China condemns U.S. weaponization of outer space
2019/12/23 Flood of public outrage greets president's proposal to slash benefits
2019/12/22 ToTok, an Emirati messaging app downloaded to millions of phones, is a spy tool
2019/12/22 Opinion: How a Putin ally is aiding Giuliani in Ukraine
2019/12/22 Little Shell Tribe becomes 574th federally recognized tribe
2019/12/22 Green liquid oozes onto a Michigan highway, prompting questions and a cleanup
2019/12/22 Canada's reindeer 'at risk of extinction'
2019/12/22 A poisoning in Bulgaria exposed Russian assassins in Europe
2019/12/21 95 environmental rules being rolled back under this president
2019/12/21 The confessions just keep coming from the president and his henchmen
2019/12/21 President's Mar-A-Lago winter vacation pushes taxpayer golf tab above $118M
2019/12/21 GOP election advisor: 'It's always been Republicans suppressing votes'
2019/12/21 Australia is on fire
2019/12/21 25 Jewish members of Congress call on president to fire Stephen Miller over virulent white nationalist emails
2019/12/20 Wawa data breach: malware stole customer payment card info
2019/12/20 Twitter trolls attack epileptics with seizure-inducing images
2019/12/20 Twitter bots spread white supremacist's bogus story about Virginia's proposed assault weapons ban
2019/12/20 The House impeached, but we still don't know what happened
2019/12/20 Muslims love Jesus, too: 6 things you didn't know about Jesus in Islam
2019/12/20 Jeff Flake: The president is on trial. So are my Senate Republican colleagues
2019/12/20 'It's killing us': Midwestern workers savaged by president's trade wars
2019/12/20 ICC to probe alleged war crimes in Israeli-occupied Palestine
2019/12/20 Factory farms abuse workers, animals, and the environment. Cory Booker has a plan to stop them
2019/12/20 Facebook's location tracking policy still worries U.S. Senators
2019/12/20 Facebook purges hundreds of deep-fake accounts, groups, and pages with ties to the Epoch Media Group
2019/12/20 Energy regulator's order aims to boost coal over renewables, raising costs for consumers
2019/12/20 Doctors prescribe more of a drug if they receive money from a pharma company tied to it
2019/12/20 Clean energy loses out in Congress's last-minute budget deal
2019/12/20 Christianity Today made a moral case to remove the president. He responded by proving its point
2019/12/20 Brazil's police killed 17 people per day in 2018. Rogue officers kill even more off duty
2019/12/20 As coal declined, this valley turned to sustainable farming. Now fracking threatens its future
2019/12/19 Cancer Alley: Louisiana's Department of Environmental Quality has been accused of protecting the chemical industry it regulates
2019/12/19 Tom Perez's preposterous debate rules
2019/12/19 The president's ecocidal record on climate change
2019/12/19 Russia plans to cut off some internet access next week
2019/12/19 Former White House officials feared Putin influenced president's views on Ukraine and 2016 campaign
2019/12/19 Christianity Today calls for president's removal
2019/12/19 A secret CBP team is targeting and detaining innocent travelers. We're suing
2019/12/18 Hundreds of 'pink slime' local news outlets are spamming algorithmic stories and conservative talking points
2019/12/18 Twin Metals submits formal plan for hard-rock mine near pristine wilderness area
2019/12/18 They made a killing on the mortgage crisis. Now they run America
2019/12/18 The WIRED Guide to 5G
2019/12/18 The U.S. is ignoring the climate benefits of heat pumps
2019/12/18 The stain of impeachment will last forever
2019/12/18 The president has officially been impeached
2019/12/18 Russia is waging asymmetric warfare against the U.S. - and we're letting them win
2019/12/18 Rudy Giuliani: The New Republic's Scoundrel of the Year 2019
2019/12/18 Pelosi says she won't send impeachment articles to the Senate just yet
2019/12/18 Pelosi forges a legacy she never sought
2019/12/18 On Wednesday, December 18, 2019, the president is impeached
2019/12/18 Meet the mad scientist who wrote the book on how to hunt hackers
2019/12/18 'Huge step toward a more inclusive, representative democracy': NJ restores voting rights of people on parole and probation
2019/12/18 Google billionaire Larry Page's $400M 'philanthropic sleight of hand' raises questions about charity loophole
2019/12/18 Fossil fuel giants claim to support climate science, yet still fund denial
2019/12/18 Facebook is a right-wing company, part one million
2019/12/18 EPA sued for allowing slaughterhouses to pollute waterways
2019/12/18 Doxed credit card data has two hours max before it's nabbed
2019/12/18 Cynical accusations of anti-semitism against Bernie Sanders draw fire from progressives
2019/12/18 Brazil: homes of Bolsonaro associates raided in sweeping anti-corruption operation
2019/12/18 A Chicago psychiatric hospital is under fire after child abuse allegations - again
2019/12/17 Reckless president has authority to start a nuclear war without consulting anyone else
2019/12/17 Under POTUS, the U.S. has become a leading source of global instability
2019/12/17 The president won't just violate again - he's already doing it
2019/12/17 The Nunes crew is neck-deep in the Ukraine scandal
2019/12/17 The largest scientific structure ever powers up in Africa
2019/12/17 Superglue plant and 'miracle berry' among 2019's new finds
2019/12/17 Rubio lifts hold on vote for Interior oil and gas official as president opens protected lands to destruction
2019/12/17 Opinion: We are Republicans, and we want the president defeated
2019/12/17 New report details how the president's tax scam delivered big benefits only to the rich
2019/12/17 Mormon Church has misled members on $100B tax-exempt investment fund - whistle-blower
2019/12/17 More than 700 historians call for impeachment as key vote looms
2019/12/17 Millions of birds are migrating earlier because of warming
2019/12/17 Israeli blockade of Gaza causing contaminated water, 25% of illnesses and 12% of infant deaths
2019/12/17 How the GOP bamboozled The New York Times' Politics Desk
2019/12/17 Federal Toxmap shutters, raising the ire of pollution researchers
2019/12/17 Farm state voters see agriculture at risk from climate change, new poll shows
2019/12/17 China responds slowly, and a pig disease becomes a lethal epidemic
2019/12/17 America's health care costs problem, explained in 4 charts
2019/12/17 A coal baron funded climate denial as his company spiraled into bankruptcy
2019/12/17 29K Facebook employees' payroll data nabbed in car smash-and-grab
2019/12/16 TikTok's China ties are causing a national security controversy
2019/12/16 The remedy for the Senate's oath breakers: McConnell and Graham
2019/12/16 The FBI needs to be reformed
2019/12/16 Southern cities' renewable energy push could be stifled as utility locks them into longer contracts
2019/12/16 Regenerative farming: 'We need total system change'
2019/12/16 Ransomware gangs now outing victim businesses that don't pay up
2019/12/16 Purdue pharma payments to Sackler family soared amid opioid crisis
2019/12/16 PolitiFact Lie of the Year: president's claim that whistleblower got Ukraine call 'almost completely wrong'
2019/12/16 Police get 'unprecedented' data haul from Google with geofence warrants
2019/12/16 Opinion: I headed the FBI and CIA. There's a dire threat to the country I love
2019/12/16 New U.K. conservative government plans to pass anti-BDS law
2019/12/16 Meet the White House's next top Ukrainian grifter
2019/12/16 Judiciary Committee report argues the president 'betrayed the nation'
2019/12/16 Industry seeks to flatline universal health care
2019/12/16 India's students protest citizenship law that excludes Muslims
2019/12/16 Giuliani drops stunning confession, undermining president's defense against impeachment - again
2019/12/16 Feral pigs roam the South. Now even Northern states aren't safe
2019/12/16 False solutions to climate change flop at U.N.'s COP25 after indigenous uprising
2019/12/16 Experts conclude president's conduct involves multiple federal crimes
2019/12/16 Don't let Mitch McConnell conduct a Potemkin impeachment trial
2019/12/16 America is making the world more unstable
2019/12/16 A methane leak seen from space proves to be far larger than thought
2019/12/16 Amused by GOP meltdown, Russia's state TV calls POTUS their 'agent', and joke about offering him asylum
2019/12/15 What Democrats want in Senate impeachment trial
2019/12/15 U.S. secretly expelled Chinese officials suspected of spying after breach of military base
2019/12/15 Growing list of damning newspaper editorials demand president's impeachment
2019/12/14 The U.N. climate negotiations are officially a disaster and the U.S. helped screw it up
2019/12/14 The trade war with China was futile
2019/12/14 Interior Department stacks environmental panel with anti-environmentalists
2019/12/14 Postal pay cuts provoked a general strike in Finland. U.S. postal workers deserve the same solidarity
2019/12/14 Medicare for All or profits for a few
2019/12/14 Judge stymies border wall by invoking GOP law targeting Obama
2019/12/14 Impeach the president - The New York Times Editorial Board
2019/12/14 Ilhan Omar: '500,000 Americans should not be forced into medical bankruptcy every single year'
2019/12/14 How coal country becomes solar country
2019/12/14 Devin Nunes lives on a congressman's salary. How is he funding so many lawsuits?
2019/12/13 With this impeachment, the president is getting off easy - there's so much more than Ukraine
2019/12/13 What could the U.S. afford if it raised billionaires' taxes? We do the math
2019/12/13 Utility executives kept Flint's tainted water a secret for months
2019/12/13 The great big gift not on the president's financial disclosure form: Giuliani's free legal work
2019/12/13 Rudy Giuliani just exposed efforts to steal 2020
2019/12/13 Pardon for killer by former Kentucky Gov. Bevin sparks calls for investigation
2019/12/13 Microplastics may be a million times more abundant in oceans than previously thought
2019/12/13 Instead of 'impartial justice' in Senate impeachment trial, McConnell plans to let the defendant decide
2019/12/13 Freight railroads funded climate denial for decades
2019/12/13 For America's black politicians, winning an election can lead to jail
2019/12/13 AT&T doesn't want you to see its slow internet speed-test results
2019/12/13 AI is making it easier to kill (you). Here's how (video)
2019/12/13 AI is making it easier to kill (you). Here's how (video)
2019/12/12 These 3 supertrees can protect us from climate collapse. We must protect them
2019/12/12 Greta Thunberg blasts 'creative PR' in her climate speech
2019/12/12 Why Ring doorbells perfectly exemplify the IoT security crisis
2019/12/12 What's lost when a language disappears?
2019/12/12 Watch a Texas Democrat take down Republican's claims that the president is innocent
2019/12/12 War on polio: there are now more cases of paralysis caused by vaccines than by the original wild virus
2019/12/12 Unstoppable emissions from melting permafrost may have already started
2019/12/12 To adapt to climate change, vulnerable areas need better forecasts
2019/12/12 The tragedy of the Yale Commons: how private equity baron Stephen Schwarzman has steamrolled our civic culture
2019/12/12 Report: POTUS Ukraine extortion scheme financed by Russians
2019/12/12 Pentagon test-fires 2nd INF-banned missile
2019/12/12 New SNAP cuts threaten to cut food stamps from millions of Americans
2019/12/12 Mitch McConnell's plan for a sham impeachment trial reveals deep corruption and weak defense
2019/12/12 Methane is a vast, invisible climate menace. We made it visible
2019/12/12 McConnell will move to acquit the president if he's impeached, not merely dismiss charges
2019/12/12 Kentucky's new Democratic governor allows 140,000 ex-felons to vote
2019/12/12 India just redefined its citizenship criteria to exclude Muslims
2019/12/12 HUD Inspect: Is publicly subsidized housing decent, safe and sanitary?
2019/12/12 Harvard constitutional law professor dismantles key GOP argument against impeachment
2019/12/12 GOP Senators flood the exits in NY, and party woes deepen
2019/12/12 For the third time this year, GOP rejects election-security bill
2019/12/12 Federal judge grants citizenship to American Samoans
2019/12/12 Elkhart community members viewed police officers as 'cowboys' who participated in 'rough treatment of civilians' - study
2019/12/12 Detectors, jammers and cyber-attackers: the rise of anti-drone tech
2019/12/12 Conservatives and the false romance of Russia
2019/12/12 China's companies binged on debt. Now they can't pay the bill
2019/12/11 William Barr's deceptions are more dangerous than you think. Here's the latest
2019/12/11 We just got a rare look at National Security surveillance. It was ugly
2019/12/11 The U.S. government helped trap rural Guatemalans in poverty. Now it's blocking their only way out
2019/12/11 'Tax the rich' is no longer just a political slogan
2019/12/11 Special Operations Command made a mind-reading kit for elite troops
2019/12/11 Senate committee passes bipartisan bill to stop president withdrawing from NATO
2019/12/11 Scenes from the ragged edge of American health care
2019/12/11 Research: 20 companies responsible for over 20% of ocean acidification
2019/12/11 Queensland school runs out of water as commercial bottlers harvest local supplies
2019/12/11 President's kids ordered to 'undergo mandatory training' as part of family scam foundation settlement
2019/12/11 Oklahoma governor threatens tribes with non-Indian gaming
2019/12/11 Judge rejects government's motion to ignore Federal Records Act violation
2019/12/11 Impeach the President: USA TODAY Editorial Board
2019/12/11 How Oglala Lakota people are standing up to extreme weather
2019/12/11 Higher levels of cancer-causing ethylene oxide found in people living near Medline in Waukegan, CDC study shows
2019/12/11 GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert publicly identifies person purported to be whistleblower
2019/12/11 Fox News is now a threat to national security
2019/12/11 Fox host lambasts president over 'most sustained assault on press freedom in U.S. history'
2019/12/11 Eric Holder: William Barr is unfit to be attorney general
2019/12/11 E.U. unveils 'Green Deal' plan to get Europe carbon neutral by 2050
2019/12/11 DoJ watchdog says he's still investigating how FBI agents helped the president in 2016
2019/12/10 President targets anti-Semitism, Jewish identity and nationality, Israel boycotts, and free speech on college campuses
2019/12/10 POTUS targets Israel boycotts on college campuses by redefining Judaism as a nationality
2019/12/10 Judge issues nationwide injunction blocking border wall funding
2019/12/10 If Americans believe Russia is an ally, China is a good business partner, and terrorism isn't worth fighting, how can the U.S. be counted on for global security?
2019/12/10 FBI was justified in probing POTUS-Russia, fed watchdog says
2019/12/10 After IG report, AG Barr's war on reality, truth, and the law
2019/12/09 Nunes's explanations for his Parnas calls are increasingly outlandish
2019/12/09 White House says it will not take part in Monday's impeachment hearing
2019/12/09 This decade has made it clear: humans are killing Earth's great biodiversity
2019/12/09 The man behind the right wing's favorite conspiracy theories from Russia
2019/12/09 Steele had 'personal' relationship with Ivanka years before Russia scandal, DoJ report reveals
2019/12/09 Rudy Giuliani is a dangerous chameleon
2019/12/09 Paper genocide: the erasure of Native People in Census counts
2019/12/09 Ohio lawmaker shown to be linked to group pushing rightwing Christian bills
2019/12/09 Newly identified jet-stream pattern could imperil global food supplies
2019/12/09 Massachusetts is trying a radical, simple new response to the opioid crisis
2019/12/09 Inspector General's report shows the president's 'spygate' conspiracy theory was the real hoax
2019/12/09 Indicted Israeli PM Netanyahu moves to annex 25% of Palestinian West Bank, destroying any chance of a Palestinian state
2019/12/09 If witnesses could exonerate the president, why aren't they testifying?
2019/12/09 Horowitz report on the Russia investigation debunks anti-POTUS plot
2019/12/09 Confidential documents reveal U.S. officials systematically misled the public about the war in Afghanistan
2019/12/09 A DNA firm that caters to police just bought a genealogy site
2019/12/09 24 states are still aiming to meet Paris climate goal
2019/12/08 The indispensable man: how Giuliani led the president to the brink of impeachment
2019/12/08 POTUS cripples World Trade Organization, paving the way for outbreak of tariff wars
2019/12/08 Pentagon concerned Russia is cultivating sympathy among U.S. troops
2019/12/08 Kochland review: how the Kochs bought America - and trashed it
2019/12/08 Is Russia manipulating the U.K. elections?
2019/12/08 Iran unveils 'budget to resist U.S. sanctions' with help from $5B Russian loan
2019/12/08 Elizabeth Warren: The president 'has destroyed American leadership. I'll restore it'
2019/12/08 As water runs low, can life in the Outback go on?
2019/12/08 An end to magical thinking in the Middle East
2019/12/08 5-year-old carries baby in subzero cold after they are abandoned, police say
2019/12/07 Woman in Netherlands says she leaked secret Chinese documents on Uighur 're-education' camps
2019/12/07 Why care about impeachment? Your right to vote in free elections is at stake
2019/12/07 Why are cops around the world using this outlandish mind-reading tool?
2019/12/07 Video games and online chats are 'hunting grounds' for sexual predators
2019/12/07 To drain the swamp, start with Rudy Giuliani
2019/12/07 The Space Force appears cleared for launch
2019/12/07 The Mueller report illustrated: inside the special counsel's obstruction investigation
2019/12/07 The centuries-long history of extractive greed
2019/12/07 New report on ocean oxygen loss gives 'ultimate wake-up call' to act on climate
2019/12/07 GOP Sen. Joni Ernst busted in illegal dark money scheme
2019/12/07 Duncan Hunter is quitting Congress. Let's remember some corruption
2019/12/07 After Stephen Miller's white nationalist agenda was exposed, Latinos ask, 'Where's the GOP outrage?'
2019/12/07 A powerful statement of resistance from a college student on trial in Moscow
2019/12/06 We asked public universities for their professors' conflicts of interest - and got the runaround
2019/12/06 The most dangerous form of bribery
2019/12/06 The irony of immense presidential power
2019/12/06 Stealthy MacOS malware tied to Lazarus APT
2019/12/06 Schiff: Pence aide provided new impeachment evidence, but VP's office classified it
2019/12/06 Rudy Giuliani just blew up the president's 'no quid pro quo' talking point in impeachment debate
2019/12/06 Phone logs in impeachment report renew concern about security of president's communications
2019/12/06 Pamela Karlan is just the latest woman to speak truth to the administration's nonsense
2019/12/06 My week of 'noble silence'
2019/12/06 More than 500 law professors say president committed 'impeachable conduct'
2019/12/06 Linux bug opens most VPNs to hijacking
2019/12/06 Key climate issue at COP25: emissions trading leaves the poor bearing the brunt of pollution
2019/12/06 Islamophobic conspiracy theorist helped produce infamous report linking immigration to terror
2019/12/06 House passes voting rights bill despite near unanimous Republican opposition
2019/12/06 Congressman objects to casino-goers being subject to local law if they assault women
2019/12/06 Bernie Sanders says internet service should be a human right
2019/12/06 Australia burns again, and now its biggest city is choking
2019/12/05 Who's really behind a $1M donation to the president's inauguration?
2019/12/05 The Russification of the Republican party
2019/12/05 No evidence for conspiracy theory that FBI spied on president's campaign
2019/12/05 Meet the activists risking prison to film VR in factory farms
2019/12/05 Lawyers challenge BP over 'greenwashing' ad campaign
2019/12/05 Government studying widely used chemicals linked to health issues
2019/12/05 GOP lawmakers used to oppose POTUS embrace of Russia. No more
2019/12/05 Former InfoWars staffer says Islamaphobic stories were often fabricated: 'We made it up'
2019/12/05 Atmospheric rivers fuel most flood damage in the U.S. West. Climate change will make them worse
2019/12/05 Alleged Russian hacker behind $100M Evil Corp indicted
2019/12/05 Judge says thousands of detainees may sue a prison company for using them as a 'captive labor force'
2019/12/04 With SCOTUS mired in dark money, time for large dose of transparency
2019/12/04 What the CIA's torture program looked like to the tortured
2019/12/04 The Republicans have become the party of Russia. This makes me sick
2019/12/04 Fox's Napolitano corrects Turley: the House doesn't need court approval to enforce subpoenas. When subpoenas get ignored, that is the act of obstruction
2019/12/04 First of 3 new DoA rules cuts 700,000 people from food stamps
2019/12/04 Communities face harm when the EPA dismantles chemical safety protections
2019/12/04 Britain's secret war with Russia
2019/12/04 Attacks on Ilhan Omar reveal a disturbing truth about racism in America
2019/12/04 AG Barr says communities that protest police could lose police protection
2019/12/03 Russian trolls are hammering away at NATO's presence in Lithuania
2019/12/03 Private report alerts Swiss banks and their billionaire customers about a Warren presidency
2019/12/03 Natural gas rush drives a global rise in fossil fuel emissions
2019/12/03 Impeaching the president is about more than punishment
2019/12/03 He defended the Confederate flag and insulted immigrants. Now he's a judge
2019/12/03 Amazon's Ring is creating a surveillance network with video doorbells
2019/12/02 Vulnerability in fully patched Android phones under active attack by bank thieves
2019/12/02 U.S. Congress commits to act on climate crisis, despite POTUS
2019/12/02 How to get solar power on a rainy day? Beam it from space
2019/12/02 Cheap at last, batteries are making a solar dream come true
2019/12/01 GPS is easy to hack, and the U.S. has no backup
2019/11/30 The war-crimes President
2019/11/30 WTO shutdown: this is what democracy looked like
2019/11/30 Twitter bans Ilhan Omar's GOP rival Danielle Stella for tweeting about hanging the congresswoman
2019/11/30 This is an extinction crisis, and some species are loving it
2019/11/30 Six more countries join Iran barter group that sidesteps U.S. sanctions
2019/11/30 John Kerry launches star-studded climate coalition 'World War Zero'
2019/11/30 Gravitational waves are being detected at an increasing pace
2019/11/30 Democrats give president a deadline for deciding if he wants to defend himself during impeachment
2019/11/30 Calls intensify to investigate and possibly impeach AG Barr for lying to Congress about FBI spying
2019/11/29 House Democrats have passed nearly 400 bills. Republicans and the president are ignoring them
2019/11/29 Five common misconceptions about the Electoral College
2019/11/29 Chicago takes a beating as lake levels surge
2019/11/28 Time is running out for North Korean nuclear diplomacy, analysts say
2019/11/28 The president's climate recklessness is grounds for impeachment
2019/11/28 Scientists spot an undersea fault using fiber-optic cables
2019/11/28 Rebels have killed several ebola response workers in Congo
2019/11/28 Prosecutors usually send people to prison. These are getting them out
2019/11/28 POTUS knew of whistle-blower complaint when he released aid to Ukraine
2019/11/28 Nine conservative groups caught bulk-buying Junior's book onto the best seller's list
2019/11/27 Yet another IoT smartwatch exposes kids' personal, GPS data
2019/11/27 Think twice before giving gifts with a microphone or camera
2019/11/27 These judges can have less training than barbers but still decide thousands of cases each year
2019/11/27 The war-crimes presidency
2019/11/27 The great American eye-exam scam
2019/11/27 Thanksgiving belongs to the Wampanoag Tribe
2019/11/27 Study links short-term air pollution exposure to hospitalizations for growing list of health problems
2019/11/27 'Spreading corruption is a Russian government foreign policy'
2019/11/27 Sanders, Khanna, and Schumer demand passage of measure to end U.S. complicity in Yemen slaughter
2019/11/27 Russia inquiry review is expected to undercut president's claim of FBI spying
2019/11/27 Rudy Giuliani has a foreign-lobbying problem, and it just got bigger
2019/11/27 Richard Spencer: I was fired as Navy secretary. Here's what I've learned because of it
2019/11/27 Republicans tried to rig the vote in Michigan, but 'political novices' just defeated them
2019/11/27 President's tax records continue to reveal huge discrepancies
2019/11/27 New report warns U.S. fracking boom makes people and planet sick
2019/11/27 New IG report shows Administration planned to separate tens of thousands more kids before public outrage and a federal court forced it to stop
2019/11/27 New details about POTUS blocking Ukraine aid
2019/11/27 Neuroscience is revealing a fascinating link between gratitude and generosity
2019/11/27 Just one week after the president rolled back safety measures, chemical plant explosion rocks Texas Town
2019/11/27 ICE entraps, defrauds, and arrests foreign students at fake university in Detroit
2019/11/27 Giuliani pursued business in Ukraine while pushing for inquiries for POTUS
2019/11/27 Firefox gets tough on sneaky tracking tricks that sap your privacy
2019/11/27 FAIR shows corporate media consistently criticise successful left-wing politics abroad because they fear good examples
2019/11/27 E.U. raises eyebrows at possible U.S. encryption ban or backdoors
2019/11/27 Doctors group owned by private equity firm repeatedly sued the poor until we called them
2019/11/27 Devin Nunes should stop frivolous lawsuits and answer serious questions
2019/11/27 Climate change: 6 uses for CO2 that could cut emissions and make loads of money
2019/11/27 China is still building an insane number of new coal plants
2019/11/27 Bringing back bison could help restore America's lost prairie
2019/11/27 Billionaire-funded protest is rearing its deceptive head in America
2019/11/27 An 18,000-year-old puppy could change everything we know about dogs
2019/11/27 White House says 'addressing homelessness causes homelessness'
2019/11/27 A federal court just blocked the president's attempt to slash legal immigration by up to 65%
2019/11/26 What's a digital bill of rights without enforcement?
2019/11/26 The so-called 'army to fight Medicare for All,' is really just corporate stooges' hired guns
2019/11/26 The rising fight against neo-liberalism in Chile
2019/11/26 The president keeps claiming he's a king. The courts keep telling him he's not
2019/11/26 The latest news about SDNY's investigation into Rudy Giuliani, explained
2019/11/26 Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh's new opinion should terrify Democrats
2019/11/26 Sale of 4M stolen cards tied to breaches at 4 restaurant chains
2019/11/26 Russian military is gathering tactics and methods for using robots in urban and coastal combat
2019/11/26 Researchers find dangerous drug in 'brain-enhancing' supplements by reading labels
2019/11/26 The Ukraine server delusion is spreading
2019/11/26 President tells allies he wants absolved war criminals to campaign for him
2019/11/26 Nadler invites president to either participate in impeachment hearing next week or 'stop complaining'
2019/11/26 Magecart group switches up tactics with MitM, phishing
2019/11/26 Indian states must provide clean air and water or pay damages, Supreme Court rules
2019/11/26 How roadkill became an environmental disaster
2019/11/26 House sues AG Barr and Commerce Secretary Ross for failing to comply with subpoenas on census
2019/11/26 Here's why NOAA under the president is in a 'holding pattern'
2019/11/26 Former police chief troubled by Republican colleagues forsaking law to protect the president
2019/11/26 Expert says Senate Democrats' sweeping online privacy bill answers public demand for 'transformative shift'
2019/11/26 Energy Deptartment has thousands of critical cyber security gaps, auditors say
2019/11/26 End the wars, win the anti-war vote
2019/11/26 Despite clear warnings, Europe is out of IP addresses - again
2019/11/26 China's largest telecom may sue you for criticizing it
2019/11/26 China hopes POTUS will be reelected- 'We can buy him. That's why we prefer him to Democrats'
2019/11/26 An insiders' term for scientific malpractice has become popular. Is that a good thing?
2019/11/25 Why the strongest argument against impeachment fails
2019/11/25 Why Giuliani singled out 2 Ukrainian oligarchs to help look for dirt
2019/11/25 Why affordable housing is built in areas with high crime, few jobs and struggling schools
2019/11/25 U.K. calls for U.N. access to Chinese detention camps in Xinjiang
2019/11/25 TrickBot evolves to go after SSH keys
2019/11/25 The president crossed a line with military pardons
2019/11/25 The $11M Medicare tool that gives seniors the wrong insurance information
2019/11/25 Tainted data can teach AI the wrong lessons
2019/11/25 Supreme Court lets president keep his tax returns secret - for now
2019/11/25 Sanders' Green New Deal: a practical response to the emergency that will define our lifetimes
2019/11/25 Ruthless quotas at Amazon are maiming employees
2019/11/25 Republicans prepare to give Hunter Biden the Benghazi treatment
2019/11/25 Pro-democracy candidates dominate Hong Kong's local elections in a rebuke to China
2019/11/25 President signs federal animal cruelty bill into law
2019/11/25 NYC wants a chief algorithm officer to counter bias, build transparency
2019/11/25 NYC students strike to demand racial equity in nation's largest and most segregated school district
2019/11/25 Nunes threatens to sue CNN and The Daily Beast
2019/11/25 Noting that 'presidents are not kings,' federal judge rules former White House counsel Don McGahn must submit to Congressional subpoena
2019/11/25 Noise pollution is everywhere. And the health effects are real
2019/11/25 No biblical or theological case supports evangelical claims that president's critics are under the spell of Satan
2019/11/25 Netanyahu's real crimes
2019/11/25 Mystery sounds from storms could help predict tornadoes
2019/11/25 Mitch McConnell's opposition to federal election security is hitting home
2019/11/25 Michael Bloomberg's big hedge
2019/11/25 Meat: a threat to our planet? - review
2019/11/25 Mar-a-Lago intruder gets 8 month sentence
2019/11/25 Law enforcement crushing pipeline dissent at MN Enbridge terminal
2019/11/25 Keystone XL: police discussed stopping anti-pipeline activists 'by any means'
2019/11/25 Indian child welfare legal challenge is about ending tribal sovereignty
2019/11/25 Impeachment reveals Republicans embrace nihilism
2019/11/25 Impeachment inquiry: Adam Schiff explains next steps
2019/11/25 How SEALs and veterans view the tussle over Edward Gallagher
2019/11/25 Hong Kong doesn't have a pro-China 'silent majority'
2019/11/25 Glenn Greenwald: I was assaulted live on air. This is Bolsonaro's Brazil
2019/11/25 Corruption inquiry spreads to UAW lakeside resort
2019/11/25 At DHS, an exodus of tech and cyber leaders
2019/11/25 America lost the Iraq War. These cables show how
2019/11/25 Ad-blocking companies block 'unblockable' tracker
2019/11/25 Newly found journal shows the coal industry knew the threat of climate change since 1966
2019/11/24 Climate change threatens a giant of West Virginia's landscape, and it's rippling through ecosystems and lives
2019/11/23 110 nursing homes cut off from health records in ransomware attack
2019/11/23 Devin Nunes directly pushed for Biden Ukraine investigations, says Lev Parnas
2019/11/22 The George Soros conspiracy theory at the heart of the Ukraine scandal
2019/11/22 Lawsuit seeks to protect California's auto emission rules
2019/11/22 Google bans microtargeting and 'false claims' in political ads
2019/11/22 America hasn't always supported Ukraine like this
2019/11/22 War on words in the White House: how to fudge, obfuscate, and lie our way into a new universe
2019/11/22 Raccoon Stealer malware scurries past Microsoft messaging gateways
2019/11/22 Opinion: the GOP is mired in conspiracies - and it's about to get worse
2019/11/22 More proof of corporate media's anti-Bernie bias
2019/11/22 Impeachment: is Gordon Sondland still covering for the president?
2019/11/22 CDC issues E. coli warning on romaine lettuce ahead of Thanksgiving
2019/11/22 1.2B enriched profiles found exposed online in a single server
2019/11/21 Where to see the real living dead
2019/11/21 Sicangu man wants to revive Tokala society
2019/11/21 Monsanto fined $10M for using banned pesticide on Maui
2019/11/21 'Broken promises' report details government's history of failing tribes
2019/11/21 Impeachment witness shows how Republicans are helping Putin
2019/11/21 Sacha Baron Cohen's keynote address at ADL's 2019 Never Is Now summit on anti-semitism and hate
2019/11/21 Russia's 'Sandworm' hackers also targeted Android phones
2019/11/21 Louisiana was hit by Ryuk, triggering another cyber-emergency
2019/11/21 'Best-seller': RNC spent nearly $100K on copies of Junior's book
2019/11/21 Appalachia's strip-mined mountains face a growing climate risk: flooding
2019/11/20 Pompeo can't escape - today's testimony put him at center stage
2019/11/20 Climate change threatens 60% of toxic superfund sites, GAO finds
2019/11/20 1,600 cell towers down and at least $50M lost: California's blackouts by the numbers
2019/11/20 World's current fossil fuel plans will shatter Paris climate limits, U.N. warns
2019/11/20 Vindman's lawyer asks Fox News to retract espionage allegation
2019/11/20 Top Pentagon official severely undercuts an impeachment defense
2019/11/20 Opinion: Devin Nunes is living in a fantasyland
2019/11/20 NASA's Curiosity rover finds unexplained oxygen on Mars
2019/11/20 Latest Keystone Pipeline spill impacted nearly 10 times more land than initially thought
2019/11/20 Iran's APT33 hackers are targeting industrial control systems
2019/11/19 The president's white-nationalist vanguard
2019/11/19 Targeting gut microbes may help stroke recovery
2019/11/19 Record inequality and corporate profits are what media call a 'strong economy'
2019/11/19 POTUS and Pompeo deny that Israeli squatting on Palestinian land is illegal
2019/11/19 Opinion: the president has dragged America's global reputation to an all-time low
2019/11/19 DuckDuckGo will automatically encrypt more sites you visit
2019/11/19 Bernie Sanders' stance on Bolivia matters
2019/11/19 114,000 students in NYC are homeless. These two let us into their lives
2019/11/18 'Accelerationism': the obscure idea inspiring white supremacist killers around the world
2019/11/18 Burglars really do use Bluetooth scanners to find laptops and phones
2019/11/18 WhatsApp remote code execution triggered by videos
2019/11/18 This pipeline cuts across a reservation. Wisconsin might make tribal members felons for protesting it
2019/11/18 The Real ID is nearly here, and you can't fly home without it
2019/11/18 Stop! Don't charge your phone from a public USB port
2019/11/18 Shoshone-Bannock Tribes win regulatory case on hazardous waste storage
2019/11/18 Scandinavia's indigenous Sami people fight for the reindeer
2019/11/18 Opinion: Stephen Miller is a white nationalist. How much hate should we tolerate?
2019/11/18 Navajo Generating Station, the largest coal powered plant in the West, has shut down
2019/11/18 Leaked Iran cables: key findings from secret documents
2019/11/18 Canada's farmers pushed to the brink by politics, weather, and banks
2019/11/18 American monarchy: the presidency of absolute power
2019/11/18 Amazon Guardians respond to killing of Paulo Paulino
2019/11/17 The president's bureaucratic arson
2019/11/17 The party of lying liars
2019/11/17 The Killing Times: a map of Aboriginal massacres during Australia's frontier wars
2019/11/17 The Electoral College's racist origins
2019/11/17 The Amazon: on the frontline of a global battle against the climate crisis
2019/11/17 Let's be very clear: Medicare for All is not socialism
2019/11/17 How Iran's government shut off the internet
2019/11/17 How FedEx cut its tax bill to zero
2019/11/17 Denver radio host fired in mid-show after criticizing the president
2019/11/17 Courts suspend more oil and gas leases because BLM ignores climate impact
2019/11/17 American monarchy: William Barr's chilling defense of virtually unlimited presidential power
2019/11/16 Why America's super-wealthy are afraid for 2020
2019/11/16 While warning of nazi-like fascism and corporate crimes, Pope Francis proposes adding 'ecological sin' to Church teachings
2019/11/16 'What could I have done?' The scientist who predicted the Australian bushfire emergency four decades ago
2019/11/16 POTUS personally kept pressure on Ukraine, says impeachment inquiry witness
2019/11/16 The president's attorney created numerous ethical conflicts and legal problems for himself and his client
2019/11/16 The most impeachable tyrant in U.S. history vs. the most hesitant Congress
2019/11/16 The Ukraine conspiracy
2019/11/16 Surgery for blocked arteries is often unwarranted, researchers find
2019/11/16 Stephen Miller is no outlier. White supremacy rules the Republican party
2019/11/16 President sides with war criminals
2019/11/16 Opportunity zones - for Billionaires
2019/11/16 Far right network orchestrated synagogue attacks, FBI says
2019/11/16 Court of appeals orders FMC to pay tribes for storing hazardous waste on Fort Hall Reservation
2019/11/16 Climate change's great lithium problem
2019/11/16 Battle for the Constitution: how to rein in an all-too-powerful Supreme Court
2019/11/16 AG Bill Barr is getting roasted for his outrageous speech blasting progressives
2019/11/16 After a giant ship goes belly up, many fear a shoreline is next
2019/11/16 A State Department aide overheard POTUS pushing for Ukrainian investigations into Biden
2019/11/16 5 takeaways from the leaked files on China's mass detention of Muslims
2019/11/15 Yovanovitch just painted a damning picture of the State Department under the president and Pompeo
2019/11/15 'Witness intimidation in real-time': president tweets attack on Yovanovitch during public impeachment testimony
2019/11/15 What America's allies really think about the president's Syria decision
2019/11/15 We still don't know what happened between POTUS and Russia
2019/11/15 Venice council flooded moments after rejecting climate crisis plan
2019/11/15 Ultrafine particles are an emerging environmental health risk
2019/11/15 U.S. accuses Russia of exploiting conflict in Libya
2019/11/15 'This is what a dictatorship looks like': Bolivian forces open fire on indigenous protesters
2019/11/15 The media are hopelessly addicted to spectacle
2019/11/15 Stealthy malware flies under AV radar with advanced obfuscation
2019/11/15 Roger Stone was just found guilty on all 7 counts
2019/11/15 Roger Stone and everyone charged in the 2016 election investigations
2019/11/15 Republicans' new defense: it's all Rudy's fault
2019/11/15 Republicans redrew a gerrymandered map. Try again, say Democrats
2019/11/15 Physicists capture first footage of quantum knots unraveling in superfluid
2019/11/15 New York Times condemned for comparing Sanders' Green New Deal to the border wall
2019/11/15 New Ukraine call transcript raises more questions
2019/11/15 Mysterious howls in Canadian wilderness
2019/11/15 Motorola Solutions has made $25M this year working with ICE and CBP
2019/11/15 Pompeo took over a crumbling State Department. Yovanovitch's testimony shows how he made it worse
2019/11/15 Methane emissions from coal mines could stoke climate crisis - study
2019/11/15 Marie Yovanovitch's testimony showcases the president's obsession with revenge
2019/11/15 How to give Mars an atmosphere, maybe
2019/11/15 House of cards
2019/11/15 Google search results have more human help than you think, report finds
2019/11/15 Giuliani offers bizarre explanation for 'misleading' claims about Clinton
2019/11/15 Executive privilege should have no power against impeachment
2019/11/15 Elizabeth Warren retreats from Medicare for All
2019/11/15 Do apes have a theory of mind?
2019/11/15 Cities and states take up the battle for an open internet and municipal broadband
2019/11/15 Cap and trade is touted to solve climate change, but oil and gas company emissions are up
2019/11/15 But actually, how scary is critical infrastructure hacking?
2019/11/15 Big plastic polluters accused of cynically backing U.S. Recycling Day
2019/11/15 Bernie Sanders and AOC want to commit $180B to turn public housing green
2019/11/15 Americans overwhelmingly agree: big tech's data collection just isn't worth the risk
2019/11/15 Activists push Congress members to ban facial recognition surveillance
2019/11/15 A paranoid guide to fighting the 'bugging epidemic'
2019/11/15 146 new vulnerabilities come preinstalled on Android phones
2019/11/15 23 states widen challenge to EPA car rules
2019/11/14 World's largest public bank ditches oil and coal
2019/11/14 We haven't done enough to ensure that America never tortures again
2019/11/14 'We don't want any dictators': Bolivians flood streets to protest right-wing, anti-indigenous coup
2019/11/14 Warrantless searches of devices at U.S. borders ruled unconstitutional
2019/11/14 Uber fined $649M for saying drivers aren't employees
2019/11/14 U.S. electric bus demand outpaces production as cities add to their fleets
2019/11/14 The searing colors of Santiago's revolution
2019/11/14 The right's 'Judeo-Christian' fixation
2019/11/14 The president's ambassadors are uniquely unqualified. The Ukraine scandal proves it
2019/11/14 The Constitution matters, so does the English language: impeachment is not a 'coup'
2019/11/14 Tax break to help the poor went to a rich GOP donor's superyacht marina
2019/11/14 Stealthy malware dropper delivers dual RATs
2019/11/14 Senate Democrats join GOP to back 'automatic austerity' bill that would gut social programs, hamstring bold policies
2019/11/14 Republicans mistreat Native Americans
2019/11/14 President's choice: national security or political obsession
2019/11/14 President asks Supreme Court to shield his tax returns, setting up historic separation-of-powers showdown
2019/11/14 Pelosi: impeachment testimony was evidence of president's 'bribery and abuse of power'
2019/11/14 Paul Manafort's lurid shadow hangs over impeachment
2019/11/14 How far will Republicans go for the president?
2019/11/14 It's Congress's job to set boundaries around presidential power
2019/11/14 Israel is killing children asleep in their homes. Humans, Not numbers. Again
2019/11/14 Infants and toddlers eat too much sugar, researchers say - it's everywhere
2019/11/14 Giuliani faces U.S. probe on campaign finance, lobbying breaches
2019/11/14 Facebook is making millions from impeachment ads from the president, his allies, and his adversaries
2019/11/14 Dubious advice: Bears Ears, national park campgrounds, and the rise of captured committees
2019/11/14 Confirmation of far-right extremist Steven Menashi to Federal Appeals Court 'should send shockwaves across America'
2019/11/14 Charter school gets canceled for wanting to teach indigenous history
2019/11/14 Bolivia president's indigenous-free cabinet heightens polarization
2019/11/14 Besieged on all sides, Gordon Sondland clings to power
2019/11/14 Algeria's forgotten protesters take to streets for 39th week
2019/11/14 Airbnb scam ran unchecked in at least 9 states. How it works and how to protect yourself
2019/11/14 Agriculture secretary to struggling farmers: get a job!
2019/11/14 The future of banking: our present financial ruin is being turned into a business model
2019/11/13 U.S. vets targeted by foreign actors aiming to sway elections
2019/11/13 Police don't do a good job tracking hate crimes. A new report calls on Congress to take action
2019/11/13 Oakland's war over a coal export terminal plays out in court
2019/11/13 From warrior to soldier: A 200 year journey
2019/11/13 Former Australian fire chiefs say coalition ignored their advice because of climate change politics
2019/11/13 How the climate crisis is killing us, in 9 alarming charts
2019/11/12 What's driving Antarctica's meltdown?
2019/11/12 The SoftBank effect: how $100B left workers in a hole
2019/11/12 The quickest way to reduce airplane emissions
2019/11/12 How America's election machines are vulnerable to foreign manipulation
2019/11/12 Five things to yell about in the EPA's new opaque 'Transparency' Supplemental Rule
2019/11/12 Energy tycoon Dmitry Firtash is a key player in the Ukraine scandal
2019/11/12 Stephen Miller promoted white supremacist, anti-immigrant articles in private emails to Breitbart
2019/11/12 Petition: Demand Stephen Miller's Resignation
2019/11/12 Stephen Miller's affinity for white nationalism revealed in leaked emails
2019/11/12 SPLC: Stephen Miller pushed racist immigration coverage in emails
2019/11/12 The science is extremely clear: you need to prioritize sleep
2019/11/12 As 5G rolls out, troubling new security flaws emerge, with time running out to fix them
2019/11/11 Voters want presidential action on climate, with or without Congressional support
2019/11/11 Unfamiliar ground: bracing for climate impacts in the American Midwest
2019/11/11 The first magistrate in foreign pay
2019/11/11 The draconian border lockdown has a new target
2019/11/11 Native tribes are teaching California landowners and government agencies how to fight fire with fire
2019/11/11 High crimes: the in-depth case for impeachment
2019/11/11 Ghosts of war in a Wisconsin forest
2019/11/11 There's growing evidence that the Universe is connected by giant structures
2019/11/11 On Veteran's Day in NYC, the president praised those he has repeatedly cast down. It did not go well
2019/11/11 Bolivian coup comes less than a week after Morales stopped multinational cabal's lithium deal
2019/11/10 Defrauded students and the contempt of Betsy DeVos
2019/11/09 Online voting is a really, really bad idea
2019/11/09 Methane detectives: tech may help cut 13M metric tons of leaking natural gas costing $30B per year
2019/11/09 Whistle-blower's lawyer says attacking him is illegal, as president's attacks continue
2019/11/09 In seeking to join suit over subpoena power, Mulvaney goes up against the president
2019/11/08 NSA cybersecurity boss Anne Neuberger on what keeps her up at night
2019/11/08 Inside the white supremacist group hiding in plain sight
2019/11/08 Top NSC official says Mick Mulvaney was key player in Ukraine quid pro quo
2019/11/08 Secret chats involving Republican lawmaker reveal fresh evidence of plots and paranoia
2019/11/08 Now here's Alexander Vindman's interview in the House impeachment probe
2019/11/07 Roger Stone's trial is going very badly for Roger Stone
2019/11/07 POTUS: We should keep Syria's oil. Pentagon: Nope
2019/11/07 Judge orders president to pay $2M for charity fraud
2019/11/06 Why is Australia trying to shut down climate activism?
2019/11/06 Think billionaires are just super-rich people? Big mistake
2019/11/06 The vigilante president
2019/11/06 Self-partnered: the rise of the single positivity movement
2019/11/06 'If there's a spill, it's a disaster': living next to a giant lake of radioactive waste
2019/11/06 How Mike Pence's office meddled in foreign aid to reroute money to favored Christian groups
2019/11/06 Gordon Sondland was a perfect fall guy, until he decided to tell the truth
2019/11/06 Appeals court nominee Steven Menashi shaped DeVos's illegal loan forgiveness effort
2019/11/06 Trolling is now mainstream political discourse
2019/11/06 There might be a hidden 'crisis' in what we know about the Universe
2019/11/06 Native American leaders: Keystone spill highlights the need to oppose Dakota Access expansion, KXL
2019/11/06 Mike Pence's office meddled in foreign aid to reroute money to favored Christian groups
2019/11/05 Warning of 'untold human suffering,' over 11,000 scientists from around the world declare climate emergency
2019/11/05 The Republican doctrine of the Infallible President
2019/11/05 New York City adopts ranked-choice voting, a major milestone for reform
2019/11/05 'Bait-and-switch scam'- AT&T fined $60m over data throttling allegations
2019/11/05 Think your DNA profile is private? A Florida judge just said otherwise
2019/11/05 China is exporting killer robots to the Mideast
2019/11/05 Unraveling race
2019/11/05 U.S. advisory team seeks to 'modernize' national parks with airports, freeways, retail stores, wifi, Amazon deliveries, and more
2019/11/05 Tipped off by an NSA breach, researchers discover new APT hacking group
2019/11/05 The utter emptiness of the president's populism
2019/11/05 The trial of Roger Stone, explained - president's adviser faces Mueller charges this week
2019/11/05 The RNC paid for over 10K phone calls to House Democrats to tie up phone lines with anti-impeachment messages
2019/11/05 The president isn't a climate denier. He's worse
2019/11/05 The political corruption legalized by the Supreme Court
2019/11/05 The NHS is a precious thing. Try being ill in the U.S. if you don't believe this
2019/11/05 The majority of large-size plastic pollution in oceans is fishing gear - report
2019/11/05 The keto diet's most controversial champion
2019/11/05 Targeted ads are one of the world's most destructive trends. Here's why
2019/11/05 States are more worried about pipeline protesters than spills
2019/11/05 Sioux tribes amplify calls against pipelines after Keystone spills 383,040 gallons
2019/11/05 Russian snipers, missiles and warplanes try to tilt Libyan war
2019/11/05 Read the transcripts of Gordon Sondland and Kurt Volker's testimonies
2019/11/05 President's tax return case confronts Supreme Court with momentous choice
2019/11/05 President's polling place information site is a data harvesting honeypot
2019/11/05 Opinion: The online cacophony of hate against Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib
2019/11/05 New report details how 'inflation inequality' punishes the poor, and helps undercount them by millions
2019/11/05 New Alzheimer's therapy approved in China, delivering a surprise but raising questions
2019/11/05 Media freedom under threat in Pakistan
2019/11/05 McConnell brags that he and the president are 'changing the federal courts forever' with extreme right-wing judges
2019/11/05 Israeli high court upholds expulsion of Human Rights Watch director Omar Shakir
2019/11/05 'Inflation inequality' makes life harder for workers
2019/11/05 How Russian hackers conquered the world
2019/11/05 Gordon Sondland dramatically changes his testimony in impeachment inquiry
2019/11/05 Diplomat fingers Rudy Giuliani as president's Ukraine shakedown man
2019/11/05 Calling war 'irrational,' president of Mexico rejects POTUS offer to send U.S. Army to wipe drug gangs 'off face of the Earth'
2019/11/05 California mayors back plan to make PG&E a cooperative
2019/11/05 Administration insider's exposé faces legal threats from Washington
2019/11/05 A month of anti-government protests in Iraq
2019/11/05 Perverse EPA targets more coal ash and water pollution rules for rollback
2019/11/04 World Bank rankings promote deregulation at the expense of working people
2019/11/04 Voyager 2 makes an unexpectedly clean break from the Solar System
2019/11/04 Undercover in a Polish troll farm fomenting opposing political views
2019/11/04 U.S. ambassador Marie Yovanovitch's testimony describes a harrowing series of events
2019/11/04 Top 6 problems with U.S. taking Syrian oil
2019/11/04 To avoid World War III, Gorbachev says all 'nuclear weapons must be destroyed'
2019/11/04 'They should all be held in contempt': Mulvaney allies team up to stonewall impeachment probe
2019/11/04 The yes-men have taken over the U.S. administration
2019/11/04 Saudi Arabia: arrests of dissidents and torture allegations continue
2019/11/04 Sanders advances best plan to finance Medicare for All
2019/11/04 Russia's sovereign internet law comes into force
2019/11/04 Report shows world's top capitalists driving humanity 'head-on into' global climate emergency
2019/11/04 President rejects whistle-blower's offer to answer Republican questions
2019/11/04 President must turn over eight years of tax returns, appeals court rules
2019/11/04 Pompeo faces political peril and diplomats' revolt in impeachment inquiry
2019/11/04 Opinion: The enemy within is deep indeed
2019/11/04 Nearly 500 Oklahoma prisoners freed in a single day
2019/11/04 Multiple 'Magecart' groups simultaneously attack sites in card-theft frenzy
2019/11/04 Mozilla asks Congress to investigate ISPs' user data collection practices
2019/11/04 Microsoft Japan tested a four-day work week. Productivity jumped by 40%
2019/11/04 Keep American skies open to Russia
2019/11/04 John Oliver on exploitable voting machines: 'We must fix this'
2019/11/04 ISPs lied to Congress to spread confusion about encrypted DNS, Mozilla says
2019/11/04 Iran's production of enriched uranium rises tenfold in two months
2019/11/04 Inside Ukraine's push to cultivate POTUS from the start
2019/11/04 I worked on political ads at Facebook. They profit by manipulating us
2019/11/04 I got access to my secret consumer score. Now you can get yours, too
2019/11/04 House releases transcripts from key witnesses in impeachment inquiry
2019/11/04 Hackers can use lasers to 'speak' to your Amazon Echo or Google Home
2019/11/04 Government officials live in fear of president's tweets
2019/11/04 Global warming is already destroying New England's fisheries
2019/11/04 Federal appeals court demolishes president's claim that he is immune from criminal investigation
2019/11/04 Farms can harvest energy along with food
2019/11/04 Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower on how American voters are 'primed to be exploited' for the 2020 election
2019/11/04 As Warren gains in race, Wall Street sounds the alarm
2019/11/04 Any amount of running reduces risk of early death, study finds
2019/11/04 A political scientist explains the biggest threats to America's political stability
2019/11/03 Xcel's energy plan follows monopoly logic
2019/11/03 To cut through the tax-payer funded $10B 'impenetrable' border wall, all you need is a $100 saw
2019/11/03 The money farmers: how oligarchs and populists milk the E.U. for millions
2019/11/03 Texas signed off on restoring an old coal mine. Now a leaky landfill contaminates groundwater
2019/11/03 POTUS and his allies have spent years falsely claiming Ukraine, not Russia, hacked the DNC
2019/11/03 Mueller documents show Manafort pushed Ukraine conspiracy theory
2019/11/03 Inside the U.S. Marshals' secretive, deadly detention empire
2019/11/03 How to live safely with grizzly bears
2019/11/03 How does the human soul survive atrocity?
2019/11/03 Free tools boost 2020 election security, but not enough
2019/11/03 Flights diverted in Delhi as toxic smog hits worst levels of 2019
2019/11/03 Five ways to avoid a vitamin D deficiency in the dark of winter
2019/11/03 Drones used in crime fly under the law's radar
2019/11/03 Alcohol breath tests are often unreliable, a Times investigation found
2019/11/03 A plan to crowdsource voting machines' security problems
2019/11/03 A flood of oil is coming, complicating efforts to fight global warming
2019/11/03 President responds to California wildfires by threatening to cut federal aid
2019/11/02 We don't know enough about how women's perspectives help achieve military missions
2019/11/02 There's nothing natural about male supremacy
2019/11/02 The Twitter presidency, in over 11K tweets - analysis
2019/11/02 The president's reverse cover-up
2019/11/02 The much-maligned northern snakehead fish might be less menacing than it was made out to be
2019/11/02 The Hubble constant: a mystery that keeps getting bigger
2019/11/02 The happy, healthy capitalists of Switzerland
2019/11/02 Spare us from the Vichy Republicans
2019/11/02 Robert Mueller's secret memos, FBI 302 interview reports, revealed after BuzzFeed News FOIA lawsuit
2019/11/02 Rep. Zoe Lofgren has been part of every modern impeachment. Here's what she's learned
2019/11/02 In the president's Twitter feed, conspiracy-mongers, imposters, racists, spies inspire his tweets
2019/11/02 In the Amazon, fires steal breath, but smoke smells of money
2019/11/02 Articles of impeachment should include all of the president's willful abuses
2019/11/02 As California burns, the president fans the flames
2019/11/01 Why tribes protest: Hours after environmental assessment hearing, Keystone Pipeline spills 383,000 gallons of oil into North Dakota wetlands
2019/11/01 White House: the opioid epidemic cost $2.5T over 4 years
2019/11/01 White House freezes military aid to Lebanon, against wishes of Congress, State Dept. and Pentagon
2019/11/01 Wealth naturally trickles up in free-market economies, model suggests
2019/11/01 U.S. effort to curb fentanyl behind brief arrest of El Chapo's son, says minister
2019/11/01 U.K. intel officials mystified by POTUS request for a 'hatchet job' on his own intel agencies
2019/11/01 The whistle-blower is no longer relevant: every claim has been corroborated
2019/11/01 The president's defenders think we're idiots
2019/11/01 The impeachment inquiry is fully legitimate
2019/11/01 The fight to save Chaco Canyon
2019/11/01 Phage therapy could beat drug-resistant illnesses
2019/11/01 On Tuesday, the right to vote is on the ballot
2019/11/01 Office for Mac users warned of malicious SYLK files
2019/11/01 NordVPN users' passwords exposed in mass credential-stuffing attacks
2019/11/01 Mississippi governor's race could be decided by Jim Crow-Era provision
2019/11/01 Inside the world of misinformation
2019/11/01 Impeachment: America's largest police union is really mad about it
2019/11/01 Global crime ring bilks U.S. Military Members, Vets Out of Millions
2019/11/01 Fracking halted in England in major government U-turn
2019/11/01 For 9th straight year, U.S. grants waivers to countries violating anti-child-soldier law
2019/11/01 Chipotle: fast, casual, and out of control
2019/11/01 Even Louisiana's wealthier neighborhoods can't escape toxic air in 'Cancer Alley'
2019/11/01 Elizabeth Warren's plan to pay for Medicare for All, explained
2019/11/01 Did body cameras backfire?
2019/11/01 Civilian casualties skyrocketing in Afghanistan. CIA is partly to blame
2019/11/01 Border agents can now get classified intelligence information. Experts call that dangerous
2019/11/01 Biden's super PAC buddy has a Paul Manafort problem
2019/11/01 America's military is misdirected, not underfunded
2019/11/01 Alaska's big whale mystery: where are the bowheads?
2019/10/31 President accused of bribery after urging donors to support senators defending him against impeachment
2019/10/31 Troops' 2020 pay raise is safe, despite GOP lies
2019/10/31 The U.S. administration cracked down on Medicaid. Kids lost insurance
2019/10/31 The Pentagon's AI ethics draft is actually pretty good
2019/10/31 The GOP tax cuts didn't work
2019/10/31 Opinion: I'm a climate scientist who believes in God. Hear me out
2019/10/31 Mike Pompeo floats Ukraine conspiracy theories as he loses a grip on state
2019/10/31 Lots of job hunting but no job, despite 'low unemployment'
2019/10/31 House OKs permanent ban on mining 1M acres around Grand Canyon
2019/10/31 America's goodly veneer was a lie
2019/10/31 A divided House endorses impeachment inquiry
2019/10/31 Scientists now know how sleep cleans toxins from the brain
2019/10/31 Here's how humans might save antibiotics
2019/10/30 Twitter blocking all political ads globally starting in November
2019/10/30 Rex Tillerson testifies, denying Exxon misled investors about climate risk
2019/10/30 Officials confirm Indian nuclear power plant network was hacked
2019/10/30 Missouri has been tracking the menstrual cycles of Planned Parenthood patients
2019/10/30 Mega-donor ambassadors are corrupting American diplomacy
2019/10/30 Indigenous people of Louisiana and the oil industry: an Ishak reflection
2019/10/30 In a notoriously polluted area of the country, massive new chemical plants are still moving in
2019/10/30 Fear and sport imperil Lebanon's striped hyenas
2019/10/29 The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America's water to sell in plastic bottles
2019/10/29 Plastic pollution off China's coast soars after drive to stop dumping it in rivers
2019/10/29 'We are closely related to fire. Fire takes care of us and we take care of fire.'
2019/10/29 The league of anti-environmental extremists
2019/10/29 IRS tried to hide emails showing tax industry influence over free file program
2019/10/29 The false comfort of higher seawalls
2019/10/29 Rising seas will erase more cities by 2050, new research shows
2019/10/29 Coal giant Murray Energy files for bankruptcy despite president's support
2019/10/28 The toxic nationalism of the pharmaceutical industry
2019/10/28 The ransomware superhero of Normal, Illinois
2019/10/28 The cruel lottery to save America's public lands
2019/10/28 State under siege: the American right's unyielding ardor for federal power
2019/10/28 Scientists fired by the president warn particle pollution standards don't protect people
2019/10/28 Kentucky's leaders are siding with the coal industry, and its poorest residents are paying a price
2019/10/28 'Blood for oil' is official U.S. policy now
2019/10/28 Judges throw out North Carolina congressional maps ahead of 2020 elections
2019/10/28 A secret space plane just landed after a record stay in orbit
2019/10/27 The answer to climate-killing cow farts may come from the sea
2019/10/27 Physicists get close to knowing the mass of the neutrino
2019/10/26 Symbol of '80s greed stands to profit from president's tax break for poor areas
2019/10/25 A veteran reporter worked with Giuliani's associates to concoct the Ukraine conspiracy
2019/10/25 Impeachment is not a coup
2019/10/25 Whistle-blowers now have even less protection than usual
2019/10/25 U.S. to send 'mechanized forces' to Syrian oilfields
2019/10/25 The president has a big problem in the Senate
2019/10/25 The FTC fosters fake reviews, its own commissioners say
2019/10/25 Scientists were hunting for the next ebola. Now the U.S. has cut off their funding
2019/10/25 Rudy Giuliani butt-dials NBC reporter, heard discussing need for cash and trashing Bidens
2019/10/25 New war for oil? POTUS to occupy oil-rich Syrian province with tank corps
2019/10/25 Massachusetts sues Exxon over climate change, accusing the oil giant of fraud
2019/10/25 Judge orders DoJ to turn over unredacted Mueller grand jury evidence
2019/10/25 In a quiet corner, an old Afghan poet polishes "the heart's mirror"
2019/10/25 Federal budget deficit swelled 26% to nearly $1T in 2019
2019/10/24 The first cut (of EPA advisory committees) is the deepest
2019/10/24 Zuckerberg faces heat in Congress: "It's almost like you think this is a joke"
2019/10/24 U.S. Army will study 'metamaterials' collected by UFO study group
2019/10/24 This presidency is an ethics nightmare
2019/10/24 Rome summit takes bold step toward agro-ecology
2019/10/24 Republicans say impeachment probe is happening in 'secret,' but 47 of them already have access
2019/10/24 Witness tampering: read the administration's warning letter to Laura Cooper
2019/10/24 President's appointees used "whistle-blower protection" law to target whistle-blowers, review finds
2019/10/24 Man sues AT&T after fraudulent SIM swap led to $1.8M cryptocurrency theft
2019/10/24 DoJ is said to open criminal inquiry into its own Russia investigation
2019/10/24 How another presidential lawyer became involved in U.S. foreign policy
2019/10/24 Former Exxon scientists tell Congress of oil giant's climate research before Exxon turned to denial
2019/10/24 Betsy DeVos is held in contempt of judge's order on loan collection
2019/10/24 ACLU celebrates settlement ending unconstitutional efforts to silence pipeline protesters in South Dakota
2019/10/24 A tax break to help the poor went to billionaire Dan Gilbert
2019/10/24 6 years after Exxon's oil pipeline burst in an Arkansas town, a final accounting
2019/10/23 How not to analyze the cost of renewables
2019/10/23 Why Republicans storming a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility puts national security at risk
2019/10/23 White House kicks infosec team to curb in IT office shakeup
2019/10/23 U.S. air quality dropped during this presidency after years of improvement, leading to thousands of premature deaths
2019/10/23 Maybe it's not YouTube's algorithm that radicalizes people
2019/10/23 Facebook learned about Cambridge Analytica as early as September 2015
2019/10/23 Exxon sowed doubt after accurately predicting today's climate crisis in the 1970s
2019/10/22 Ambassador William Taylor's testimony confirms Ukraine quid pro quo
2019/10/21 The dinosaur-killing asteroid acidified the ocean in a flash
2019/10/21 New study pinpoints the places most at risk on a warming planet
2019/10/21 ExxonMobil is still bankrolling climate science deniers
2019/10/20 Coalition of Native groups call on Alaska Native leadership to address climate change
2019/10/20 'A threat to democracy': William Barr's speech on religious freedom alarms liberal Catholics
2019/10/19 When card shops play dirty, consumers win
2019/10/19 What the U.S. can learn from Iranian warfare
2019/10/19 Venezuela's water system is collapsing
2019/10/19 Top SDF commander: Turkey blocking Kurds' retreat; urges POTUS to 'Stop this war'
2019/10/19 The U.S. goes AWOL on Brexit
2019/10/19 The Rohingya know international law's failures better than anyone else
2019/10/19 Rivals in the scramble to be the world's 21st-century superpower
2019/10/19 Review of Russia Inquiry grows as FBI witnesses are questioned
2019/10/19 Our tax system rewards polluters
2019/10/19 Media alarmed by imaginary U.S. pullout from Syria
2019/10/19 Justice Department lawyers don't know who their real client is
2019/10/19 In a 'strong' economy, why are so many workers on strike?
2019/10/19 Capitalism is turning us into addicts
2019/10/19 Bolsonaro is helping to fuel an explosion of violence against indigenous peoples in Brazil
2019/10/18 Zuckerberg defends false advertising as free expression
2019/10/18 Withdrawal from endless war was another con
2019/10/18 Why is a secretive billionaire buying up the Cayman Islands?
2019/10/18 What if tropical forests stop absorbing carbon?
2019/10/18 Unnatural Selection: Netflix series explores the brave new world of CRISPR
2019/10/18 U.N. says violence across Afghanistan is causing unprecedented civilian casualties
2019/10/18 To combat dishonest marketing, new 'Farm vs. Factory' website contrasts industrial and sustainable agriculture
2019/10/18 This governor still guides his billion-dollar empire, even though he said he wouldn't
2019/10/18 The World Bank must put people before profit
2019/10/18 The week diplomats broke their silence, even as the White House tried to block them
2019/10/18 The Syrian ceasefire the U.S. brokered is already falling apart
2019/10/18 The Senate must rein in the president
2019/10/18 The president is scrambling to keep his 'Mandate of Heaven'
2019/10/18 The Navy wants to push out problem SEALs. But the president may get in the way
2019/10/18 Impeachment inquiry: what happened today
2019/10/18 The freshman Democrat who's making conservatives squirm
2019/10/18 Pro-POTUS super PAC at center of Ukraine scandal has faced multiple campaign finance complaints
2019/10/18 State Dept. inquiry into Clinton emails finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information
2019/10/18 Some Android adware apps hide icons to make it hard to remove them
2019/10/18 J&J recalls baby powder over asbestos worry
2019/10/18 House Dems demand probe into suspicious high-profit stock trades surrounding economy-shifting statements by the president
2019/10/18 Here's how Mitch McConnell could sabotage an impeachment trial
2019/10/18 Giuliani mixes his business with role as president's lawyer
2019/10/18 Frontier gets away with 'paltry' settlement after breaking 35 laws and rules
2019/10/18 Could common infections cause eating disorders?
2019/10/18 Daniel Ellsberg backs anti-nuke activists now facing 25 years in prison for acting to 'avert a much greater evil'
2019/10/18 California: July earthquake caused fault to move for first time on record
2019/10/18 Boeing pilot complained of 'egregious' issue with 737 Max in 2016
2019/10/18 AT&T hits online TV customers with second big price increase this year
2019/10/17 Wildfires are raging across Lebanon. Experts say they saw this coming
2019/10/17 Unpatched Linux bug may open devices to serious attacks over Wi-Fi
2019/10/17 Thousands of doctors were paid millions to legitimize drugs and medical devices
2019/10/17 There is no Plan B for ISIS prisoners
2019/10/17 U.S. administration's push to deny H-1B visas has hit a snag
2019/10/17 The Russians who hacked the DNC are now targeting European governments
2019/10/17 The president's endless wars
2019/10/17 More corruption: Mulvaney confirms plan to host G7 Summit at president's golf resort
2019/10/17 DoJ hires son of vocal defender of the president
2019/10/17 The importance of Elijah Cummings's fight for voting rights
2019/10/17 This implant can control your brain
2019/10/17 Diplomacy experts strike back
2019/10/17 Striking sanitation workers decry low pay as company makes millions for stockholders
2019/10/17 Scientific Integrity Act passes out of committee with unprecedented bipartisan support
2019/10/17 Read Gordon Sondland's House testimony on Ukraine
2019/10/17 POTUS compares Turks slaughtering Kurds to children fighting on a playground
2019/10/17 Phorpiex botnet shifts gears from ransomware to sextortion
2019/10/17 Opinion: Our republic is under attack from the president
2019/10/17 Northeast 'bomb cyclone': 90mph gusts knock out power to 500,000
2019/10/17 Mick Mulvaney issues furious denial of Mick Mulvaney's 'quid pro quo' allegations
2019/10/17 Is a Ukrainian oligarch helping to smear Biden to evade U.S. corruption charges?
2019/10/17 Inside the struggle to save Europe's unwelcome immigrants
2019/10/17 Exxon and Oil Sands go on trial in New York climate fraud case
2019/10/17 Elijah Cummings dies at 68
2019/10/17 E.U. envoy Gordon Sondland testifies POTUS delegated Ukraine policy to Giuliani
2019/10/17 Don't forget: nuclear weapons are an existential threat
2019/10/17 Corporations profit by limiting public access to presidential primary debates
2019/10/17 Chinese snooping tech spreads to nations vulnerable to abuse
2019/10/17 Census: president is still trying to collect citizenship data for gerrymandering
2019/10/17 American farming runs on exploitation
2019/10/17 25,000 Chicago public school teachers go on strike
2019/10/17 'Democracy in Bolivia has two faces': ambivalence as Evo Morales seeks fourth term
2019/10/16 With endorsement, Ilhan Omar says Bernie Sanders building movement that envisions country 'I dreamed about'
2019/10/16 When medical debt collectors decide who gets arrested
2019/10/16 Uber drivers are organizing protests at billionaire investors' homes
2019/10/16 U.S. green economy grew 3x faster than fossil fuel industry
2019/10/16 Toxic PCBs linger in schools. EPA, lawmakers fail to act
2019/10/16 The Ukrainian prosecutor behind the dossier targeting Hunter Biden
2019/10/16 The quiet, intentional fires of Northern California
2019/10/16 The exquisite precision of time crystals
2019/10/16 The curious case of Rudy Giuliani, Iran, and Armenia
2019/10/16 China connection: how one DEA agent cracked a global fentanyl ring
2019/10/16 Syria betrayal draws bipartisan rebuke
2019/10/16 Settlement talks for bank followed pressure on POTUS by Turkey's leader
2019/10/16 President's never-before-seen tax documents show major inconsistencies
2019/10/16 Impeachment blockade crumbles as witnesses agree to talk
2019/10/16 President told 6 lies about Syria in only 4 minutes
2019/10/16 POTUS is complicit in Erdoğan's violence
2019/10/16 Media outlets use study of healthcare plan that is not Sanders' to fearmonger cost of Medicare for All
2019/10/16 Japan spent mightily to soften Nature's wrath, but can it ever be enough?
2019/10/16 Impeachment inquiry: what happened today
2019/10/16 How unpredictable work hours turn families upside down
2019/10/16 Grids and greed: an expert breaks down where PG&E went wrong and what it, and California, needs to do now
2019/10/16 Global economy faces $19T corporate debt timebomb, warns IMF
2019/10/16 Fourth man held in campaign fraud case involving Rudy Giuliani associates
2019/10/16 Feds bust one of the dark web's biggest child abuse sites
2019/10/16 Facing unbearable heat, Qatar has begun to air-condition the outdoors
2019/10/16 Evidence of quid pro quo is becoming overwhelming
2019/10/16 Elizabeth Warren was attacked from all sides in debate - and she barely batted an eye
2019/10/16 Democrats must address voter suppression
2019/10/16 Corporate America's second war with the rule of law
2019/10/16 Constitutional ignoramus- the president understands nothing of the charter he has sworn to 'preserve, protect, and defend'
2019/10/16 Chinese values are changing America
2019/10/16 China is leasing an entire Pacific island. Its residents are shocked
2019/10/16 Can anyone stop Facebook from poisoning democracy?
2019/10/16 Border wall could cause flooding in Texas
2019/10/16 Answers to 9 questions about Turkey, Syria, and the Kurds
2019/10/16 'Digital welfare state': big tech allowed to target and surveil the poor, U.N. is warned
2019/10/16 .WAV audio files hide malware in innovative campaign
2019/10/16 LA courts force thousands to do unpaid labor
2019/10/15 Giuliani 'was paid $500K' for work for indicted associate Lev Parnas' company
2019/10/15 ProPublica project tracks White House staff, cabinet members, and political appointees across the government
2019/10/15 Why more places are abandoning Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day
2019/10/15 Why are U.S. nuclear bombs still in Turkey?
2019/10/15 Weapons makers unveil a herd of robotanks, as the Army worries about battlefield bandwidth
2019/10/15 Wanted by U.S. authorities, Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash helped Giuliani attack Biden
2019/10/15 Violence uproots nearly 500,000 in Burkina Faso
2019/10/15 Utilities tout ambitious climate goals, but plan to rely heavily on fossil fuels for decades
2019/10/15 Using old cellphones to listen for illegal loggers
2019/10/15 Update: We found a 'staggering' 281 lobbyists who've worked in this U.S. administration
2019/10/15 The school secession movement is growing. That's bad news for integration
2019/10/15 The law that could take down Rudy Giuliani
2019/10/15 The connection between pipelines and sexual violence
2019/10/15 The climate change solution scientists have been overlooking
2019/10/15 Testimony of president's ex-aide exposes Mulvaney role in coordinating Giuliani's 'rogue operation' in Ukraine
2019/10/15 Sondland spelled out quid pro quo in meeting with Ukrainians, Senator says
2019/10/15 Russian troops fill void left by U.S. troops in northern Syria
2019/10/15 Russian troll freed in Belarus after arrest for U.S. election tampering
2019/10/15 President tapped a Stephen Miller acolyte to be a federal judge. Immigrant rights groups aren't having it
2019/10/15 President again vetoes measure to end fake national emergency
2019/10/15 Just 100 companies will sign humanity's death warrant
2019/10/15 Joe Biden has a long, complicated, some would say checkered, history with Iraq
2019/10/15 Indigenous knowledge and governance is essential
2019/10/15 How the USDA is failing farmers
2019/10/15 House committee to vote on Scientific Integrity Act
2019/10/15 Democrats: Rudy's stonewalling is more evidence of misconduct
2019/10/15 Activists explain how Palantir's tech is used in ICE raids
2019/10/15 A liberal legal movement is stirring at last
2019/10/15 'Silent warriors' speak out against the Syria betrayal
2019/10/14 We asked 2020 Democratic candidates the 6 most important questions on climate change
2019/10/14 The madman has no clothes
2019/10/14 New tech aims to help societies learn to spot fake news
2019/10/14 Massive, AI-powered robots are 3D-printing entire rockets
2019/10/14 How to blow up the Middle East in one week
2019/10/14 Devin Nunes and the power of keyword signaling
2019/10/14 Congress prepares to unload on the disastrous Syria policy
2019/10/14 Gruesome video depicting the president murdering journalists and political opponents was shown at his resort
2019/10/13 Is the equal sign overrated? Mathematicians hash it out
2019/10/13 Google has made some generous contributions to climate change deniers
2019/10/12 Want to know what climate change feels like? Ask an Alaskan
2019/10/11 Youth climate activists ramp up the pressure
2019/10/11 Endless aerial surveillance of the border
2019/10/11 'Repugnant to the American dream': Judge blocks president's plan to punish poor and working-class immigrants
2019/10/11 Ousted Ukraine ambassador was 'incredulous' at being removed based on 'unfounded and false claims'
2019/10/11 One of the president's judicial picks wrote a "whackadoodle" opinion to protect him
2019/10/11 New lawsuit describes a violent gang in LA County. Its members are deputy sheriffs
2019/10/11 Kevin McAleenan resigns as acting Homeland Security secretary
2019/10/11 Judge obstructed justice in $10M corruption case, U.S. says
2019/10/11 Iran state media say oil tanker is hit but offer conflicting accounts
2019/10/11 Giuliani is said to be under investigation for Ukraine work
2019/10/11 Facebook is losing its cover for Libra as more members flee
2019/10/11 An all-American campaign finance scandal
2019/10/11 'Absolutely draconian'- British brands brace for POTUS tariffs
2019/10/10 William Barr visited Italy over rumors of Joseph Mifsud's anti-POTUS activities
2019/10/10 We found the corruption: Giuliani pals making shady donations to pro-POTUS GOPers for Ukrainians
2019/10/10 U.S., Russia veto U.N. Security Council statement on Turkey's op in Syria
2019/10/10 U.S. warns Turkey of red lines as Syria offensive death toll mounts
2019/10/10 U.S. mayors seek to bypass POTUS with direct role at U.N. climate talks
2019/10/10 Global map shows you how Nature benefits you directly
2019/10/10 This climate problem is bigger than cars and much harder to solve
2019/10/10 Rights of Nature
2019/10/10 The president's trillion-dollar hit to homeowners
2019/10/10 Grim lottery of surprise medical bills
2019/10/10 The actual reason meat is not healthy
2019/10/10 Taiwan's Tsai says China constantly threatens regional peace, stability
2019/10/10 Sleep deprivation shuts down production of essential brain proteins
2019/10/10 Rent-a-troll: researchers pit disinformation farmers against each other
2019/10/10 Prosecutors allege vast criminal conspiracy by Giuliani associates to funnel foreign cash to POTUS and GOP
2019/10/10 President's resistance to impeachment inquiry is a genuine constitutional crisis
2019/10/10 President 'shoots man on Fifth Avenue'
2019/10/10 Planting tiny spy chips in hardware can cost as little as $200
2019/10/10 Pete Sessions is "Congressman 1" in Giuliani associates' indictment, reports say
2019/10/10 Oil firms aim to pour extra 7M barrels per day into markets, data shows
2019/10/10 New Reductor nation-state malware compromises TLS
2019/10/10 Mitch McConnell and the great Republican blockade ensure that what The People want won't get done
2019/10/10 Lindsey Graham dishes on POTUS in hoax calls with Russians
2019/10/10 Jeff Bezos's master plan
2019/10/10 In Syria, reckless foreign policy endangers U.S. ally
2019/10/10 Impeachment liveblog: key figures in Ukraine scandal indicted
2019/10/10 Could we spy a traversable wormhole in the Milky Way's heart?
2019/10/10 Gordon Sondland, the ambassador at the center of the impeachment inquiry, explained
2019/10/10 Fossil Fuel firms spend millions to fight climate regulations while pretending to be 'green heroes'
2019/10/10 Elizabeth Warren's pregnancy discrimination 'scandal' is no such thing
2019/10/10 Contradiction at the heart of public education
2019/10/10 Dig beneath the world's far-right governments - you'll find fossil fuels
2019/10/10 Designed for serenity, with Nature in mind
2019/10/10 Dark money is pouring in to protect the 'worst energy policy in the country'
2019/10/10 AT&T and other carriers want to hide detailed 5G maps from FCC and public
2019/10/10 Arrest of Giuliani's Ukraine associates shows how much POTUS has corrupted U.S. elections
2019/10/10 Amazon fires keep raging 10 years after a deal to end them. Blame 'cattle laundering'
2019/10/10 A president who betrays an ally, and ensures the rebirth of ISIS, should not be re-elected
2019/10/10 'Forever chemicals' are in your popcorn - and your blood
2019/10/09 Why is Turkey fighting the Kurds in Syria?
2019/10/09 White House says impeachment inquiry is 'constitutionally invalid.' They're wrong
2019/10/09 Wealthy counties benefited most from a flood relief program
2019/10/09 Twitter puts profit ahead of user privacy
2019/10/09 The White House knows it's losing on impeachment
2019/10/09 The president's sweeping case against impeachment is a political strategy
2019/10/09 The president is at war with the rule of law. This won't end well
2019/10/09 The Fourteenth Amendment should protect citizenship from politics
2019/10/09 Scientists studying underwater permafrost thaw find area of the Arctic Ocean boiling with methane bubbles
2019/10/09 Tech giants shift profits between countries to avoid taxes. There's a plan to stop them
2019/10/09 Senate Intel Committee: Russia is already trying to influence the 2020 election
2019/10/09 20 fossil fuel companies drive a third of all carbon emissions despite knowing the dangers
2019/10/09 Revealed: New Mexico schools secretly restraining and secluding students
2019/10/09 Read the whistle-blower's memo about the president's Ukraine call
2019/10/09 President aims to gut rules that prevent corporate offshore tax dodging
2019/10/09 Pentagon analyst is charged in leaks of classified reports
2019/10/09 Only Bernie's Green New Deal answers Greta's call for action
2019/10/09 Inequality is literally killing us
2019/10/09 In warning to Pompeo, Pocan calls for suspending salaries of U.S. officials holding witnesses 'hostage'
2019/10/09 In new memoirs, two whistle-blowers offer details from inside Cambridge Analytica
2019/10/09 The president's tariffs are creating jobs - for Canadians
2019/10/09 Half a century of dither and denial - a climate crisis timeline
2019/10/09 FBI misused surveillance data, spied on its own, FISA ruling finds
2019/10/09 California fire danger prompts PG&E to cut electric power
2019/10/09 As U.N. faces 'worst cash crisis' in a decade, U.S. owes over $1B and POTUS demands other countries pay up
2019/10/09 As administration downplays warming, U.S. agencies chronicle climate impacts
2019/10/09 Arizona official placed 29 babies in adoption fraud scheme, prosecutors say
2019/10/09 Already under siege, labor unions face a new threat from Alaska's governor
2019/10/09 'We are inside the fire': an oral history of the war in Afghanistan
2019/10/08 Yankton Sioux Tribe flood devastation with no help from state
2019/10/08 Why everything is getting louder
2019/10/08 Unseen victim of college admissions scandal: high school tennis champ aced out by rich family
2019/10/08 Top secret Russian unit seeks to destabilize Europe, security officials say
2019/10/08 Top military officers unload on the president
2019/10/08 The White House abused the classification system
2019/10/08 The upside to stonewalling the impeachment inquiry: it looks like obstruction
2019/10/08 The plot against Medicare for All
2019/10/08 Sexually transmitted disease cases rise to record high, CDC says
2019/10/08 Senate Republicans say Russia helped POTUS, and is still meddling in U.S. elections
2019/10/08 Russia's disinformation war is just getting started
2019/10/08 Republicans assail decision to pull troops from northern Syria as Turkey readies offensive
2019/10/08 U.S. trade war could put Swiss-size dent in global economy, IMF warns
2019/10/08 President takes aim at critical 'Open Skies' Cold War treaty with Russia
2019/10/08 Potentially dangerous chemical found in popular heartburn pill Zantac
2019/10/08 Particulate air pollution: here's why the facts matter
2019/10/08 Online map leads archaeologist to unique Maya discovery
2019/10/08 On North Korea, the chickens are coming home to roost
2019/10/08 Mysterious oil spill becomes new environmental crisis for Brazil
2019/10/08 Lion patrol: Learning to share the savannah with big animals
2019/10/08 Joe Biden won't be the last target
2019/10/08 Japanese owners of plant at heart of U.S. cancer town refuse to meet activists
2019/10/08 Intimate details on healthcare workers exposed as cloud security lags
2019/10/08 High uranium levels seen in Navajo women decades after Cold War era mining on their reservation
2019/10/08 GOP-led Senate Intelligence report states the obvious: Russia favored POTUS in 2016
2019/10/08 Elizabeth Warren is now leading the 2020 polls
2019/10/08 Dick's Sporting Goods destroyed $5M worth of military-style guns
2019/10/08 Council on Foreign Relations is under fire for accepting Soviet-born billionaire's gifts
2019/10/08 'Collapse OS' is an open source operating system for the post-apocalypse
2019/10/08 Another impeachable offense: the president's war on the Constitution
2019/10/07 While the president cracked down on immigration, a Republican megadonor sued for a special visa
2019/10/07 What cable news anchors get right - and wrong - about real-time fact-checking
2019/10/07 U.S. is using trade deals to shield tech giants from foreign regulators
2019/10/07 U.S. blacklists 28 Chinese entities over abuses in Xinjiang
2019/10/07 Transportation secretary Chao met 4 times as often with Kentucky officials as with any other state
2019/10/07 The U.S. health system wastes at least $760B per year
2019/10/07 The U.S. aid to Ukraine that POTUS froze, in one chart
2019/10/07 The ties that bind Facebook's Libra
2019/10/07 The Great and Powerful Oz
2019/10/07 The next Standing Rock is everywhere
2019/10/07 The administration has figured out how to get rid of federal workers without firing them
2019/10/07 Senate Committee on Indian Affairs examines nuclear legacy in Indian Country
2019/10/07 Reminder: POTUS has a massive conflict of interest in Turkey
2019/10/07 Pentagon and OMB subpoenaed in House impeachment inquiry
2019/10/07 Navajo, Hopi will have objects, human remains repatriated by Finland
2019/10/07 'Money is not speech and corporations are not people': Sanders unveils plan to get corporate money out of politics
2019/10/07 Julián Castro saw the border crisis firsthand: "The president's agenda is killing people, and it's on purpose"
2019/10/07 Japan PM Abe vows to take steps against poachers
2019/10/07 In the mountains, climate change is disrupting everything, with cascading effects downstream
2019/10/07 How the U.S. could afford Medicare for All
2019/10/07 How ISIS Returns
2019/10/07 Growth of far right networks 'fuelled by toxic political rhetoric'
2019/10/07 GE freezes pensions for 20K employees. New CEO gets $300M
2019/10/07 Five radical climate policies that most Americans actually like
2019/10/07 Federal judge says the president is not above the law
2019/10/07 FBI warns of major ransomware attacks as criminals go 'big-game hunting'
2019/10/07 Category 5 super typhoon Hagibis intensified at one of the fastest-ever rates
2019/10/07 Brazilian experts warn Bolsonaro a 'genocide is underway' against uncontacted tribes
2019/10/07 America is betraying the Kurds yet again
2019/10/07 2 Republican senators refute the president's Ukraine-Biden conspiracy theory
2019/10/06 The movement Bernie started is bigger than any one person. Have faith in that movement, not just the man
2019/10/06 The biggest beneficiary of the Ukraine scandal is, sure enough, the Kremlin
2019/10/06 The rich really do pay lower taxes than you
2019/10/06 McConnell fundraising ad vows to kill impeachment in Senate
2019/10/06 Barr and top prosecutor cast wide net in reviewing Russia inquiry
2019/10/06 As Amazon fires burn, Pope convenes meeting on rainforests and moral obligation to protect them
2019/10/06 A second whistle-blower on POTUS and Ukraine comes forward
2019/10/05 Rudy Giuliani has a record of being very opposed to anti-corruption efforts
2019/10/04 The coveted, overpriced missile at the heart of the Ukraine scandal
2019/10/04 PayPal unfriends Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency
2019/10/04 Mosby lists 25 Baltimore police officers as discredited; prosecutors begin wiping out 790 convictions
2019/10/04 Iranian hackers targeted a U.S. presidential candidate
2019/10/03 USDA allows factories with poor safety records slaughter chickens even faster
2019/10/03 Dmytro Firtash used Giuliani's Biden attacks to fight extradition to the U.S.
2019/10/03 Politically powerful family muscled nonprofit out of some of a city's most valuable land
2019/10/03 Cable companies use hidden fees to raise prices 24% a month
2019/10/03 The Ukraine whistle-blower did everything right
2019/10/02 I worked at Capital One for five years. This is how we justified piling debt on poor customers
2019/10/02 USDA relocation has delayed key studies and millions in funding, employees say
2019/10/02 Two key figures in Ukraine scandal just hired POTUS former attorney
2019/10/02 The Pentagon now runs the security clearance process
2019/10/02 IRS: Sorry, but it's just easier and cheaper to audit the poor
2019/10/02 Courts question pipeline builders' use of Eminent Domain to take land
2019/10/02 Court: EPA can't erase interstate smog rules
2019/10/02 Bailout Tracker - ProPublica
2019/10/01 White House eliminates advisory boards for marine life, invasive species
2019/10/01 Health and Human Services blurs separation of church and state
2019/10/01 With Pompeo's refusal to obey subpoena, president's cronies are actively obstructing impeachment inquiry
2019/10/01 Opinion: If the president goes down, he's taking everyone with him
2019/10/01 Calls to impeach Barr intensify after reports AG pressured foreign officials to help discredit Mueller probe
2019/10/01 Border wars: 'Shoot them in the legs'
2019/10/01 Bill Barr's 4-country quest to discredit the FBI's Russia probe, explained
2019/09/30 The tyranny of economists: how can they be so wrong, so often, and yet still exert so much influence on government policy?
2019/09/30 These sheriffs release sick inmates to avoid paying their hospital bills
2019/09/30 Who's afraid of Rudy Giuliani?
2019/09/30 Rudy Giuliani, 'wildest of wild cards,' subpoenaed for impeachment inquiry
2019/09/29 Some indigenous communities have a 'new' way to fight climate change
2019/09/29 Scores arrested in attempt to shut down New England coal plant
2019/09/28 Ex-official: president's past phone-call memos also concealed
2019/09/28 Rudy Giuliani has a long, shady history with Ukraine
2019/09/28 The whistle-blower passes the 'fanful test'
2019/09/28 President's Ukraine call sparks new questions over intelligence chief's firing
2019/09/28 President releases 100% fact-free 2020 campaign ad
2019/09/28 New iOS exploit 'checkm8' allows permanent compromise of iPhones
2019/09/27 Bureau of Land Management headquarters to move in with Chevron. Will they share a bed?
2019/09/27 Bulletproof NATO bunker full of criminal darknet raided
2019/09/27 White House also concealed other records of POTUS calls to Putin and Saudi royals
2019/09/27 The real costs of the war in Afghanistan
2019/09/27 Revenge of the intelligence nerds
2019/09/27 POTUS told Russian officials in 2017 he wasn't concerned about Moscow's interference in U.S. election
2019/09/27 Orangutan with human rights to begin new life in Florida
2019/09/27 Judge blocks U.S. administration plan to detain migrants indefinitely
2019/09/27 Google made thousands of deepfakes to aid detection efforts
2019/09/27 Here is FEC guidance on foreign intervention in U.S. elections - because GOP wants this hidden from the public
2019/09/27 Congress forces a presidential veto with rebuke on border wall funding
2019/09/27 Asylum-seekers in Texas detention center report being denied urgent medical care
2019/09/27 As climate crisis threatens to destroy more homes, big banks dump risky mortgages onto taxpayers - study
2019/09/27 Apple users, patch now! The 'bug that got away' has been fixed
2019/09/27 After whistle-blower, House Democrats chart a course for impeachment
2019/09/27 Acting DNI shows why generals and admirals should not become top civilians
2019/09/26 The mess POTUS has made in Ukraine
2019/09/26 What you should know this Mesothelioma Awareness Day
2019/09/26 Why Republicans aren't turning on the president
2019/09/26 White House moves to strip free school lunches from 500K kids
2019/09/26 We aid Ukraine to help it fight Russia. By holding back support, POTUS helped Putin
2019/09/26 Vimeo collected detailed facial scans without consent, lawsuit alleges
2019/09/26 Update ColdFusion now! Emergency patch for critical flaws
2019/09/26 U.S. concludes Syria used chemical weapons in May attack
2019/09/26 The risks of impeachment are overblown
2019/09/26 U.S. intelligence chief offers a timely reminder: the president is a liar
2019/09/26 The president slashes refugee cap to 18K, curtailing U.S. role as haven
2019/09/26 The president and his right-wing allies are losing their minds over the whistle-blower complaint
2019/09/26 The president alludes to violent retaliation against whistle-blower's sources
2019/09/26 The 'immigration crisis' script is being adapted to target homeless Americans
2019/09/26 The Green New Deal meets green republicanism
2019/09/26 Southern state energy officials celebrate fossil fuels as world raises climate alarm
2019/09/26 Some voting machines still have decade-old vulnerabilities
2019/09/26 Rudy Giuliani's year of living dangerously
2019/09/26 Rights groups condemn 'morally reprehensible' plan that means death for asylum-seekers
2019/09/26 Read the unredacted whistle-blower complaint
2019/09/26 Not just Ukraine: whistle-blower says the White House is hiding other damaging documents
2019/09/26 DoorDash data breach impacts personal data of almost 5M users
2019/09/26 Congress is still breaking treaties and cheating Indian Country. The cost is counted in human lives
2019/09/26 Congress grills Joseph Maguire over the whistle-blower scandal
2019/09/26 Bernie Sanders, medical debt, and the proposal for a public credit agency
2019/09/26 Australia's most populous state decriminalizes abortion
2019/09/26 A timeline of efforts to extort Ukraine to fabricate history
2019/09/26 8 takeaways from the whistle-blower complaint
2019/09/25 Unwed fathers lose children under antiquated New York law
2019/09/25 We're killing the oceans, and we'll pay dearly for it
2019/09/25 Ukraine has always been at the center of POTUS scandals
2019/09/25 The White House has shared part of the whistle-blower's complaint with members of Congress
2019/09/25 The president has approved arms to lots of problematic regimes besides Ukraine. Here's the list
2019/09/25 The president acts like he's above the law because Mitch McConnell lets him
2019/09/25 The FDA tells Congress e-cigarettes are unsafe - and illegal
2019/09/25 Some news channels begin to resist 'fire-hosing' their viewers with a 'torrent of lies'
2019/09/25 Shoshone-Bannock Tribes demand consultation to protect ancestral lands
2019/09/25 Republican group supports impeachment inquiry
2019/09/25 Reconstructed Ukraine call transcript shows president's intent to use U.S. power for personal gain
2019/09/25 Microsoft rushes out patch for actively exploited Internet Explorer zero-day
2019/09/25 Magecart group targets routers behind public Wi-Fi networks
2019/09/25 How the president's Ukraine mess entangled CrowdStrike
2019/09/25 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's next big effort: tackling poverty
2019/09/25 $250M to keep votes safe? Experts say billions are needed
2019/09/24 The quest to unlock the secrets of the baby Universe
2019/09/24 ExxonMobil, BP, Shell oppose methane regulation rollback. Here's what else they should do
2019/09/24 Why white supremacists are hooked on green living
2019/09/24 Whistle-blower wants to testify before House Intelligence Committee
2019/09/24 Administration threatens to cut U.S. highway funds from California
2019/09/24 U.N. Climate Summit: small countries step up while major emitters are silent, and a teen takes world leaders to task
2019/09/24 POTUS says he will release transcript of call with Ukraine's president
2019/09/24 POTUS goes to the U.N. to argue against everything it stands for - again
2019/09/24 Nancy Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry of the president
2019/09/24 McConnell's record on coal has become a hot topic in his Senate campaign
2019/09/24 Massachusetts orders 4-month ban on sale of all vaping products
2019/09/24 Lunacy: EPA threatens to punish California for dirty air if it doesn't roll back its clean air rules
2019/09/24 How the U.S. created the world's largest immigrant detention system
2019/09/24 How an impeachment process inquiry works
2019/09/24 How amateur video is helping us understand deadly tsunamis
2019/09/24 Google's 'quantum supremacy' isn't the end of encryption
2019/09/24 Facebook claims it has booted tens of thousands of data-grabbing apps
2019/09/24 Europe's top court limits 'Right to Be Forgotten' privacy rule
2019/09/24 Employers used Facebook to keep women and older workers from seeing job ads
2019/09/24 Brexit turmoil intensifies as court rebukes Boris Johnson
2019/09/24 Bolsonaro won't save the Amazon - but corporations could
2019/09/24 Bernie Sanders proposes a wealth tax
2019/09/24 After 2020 bid, Inslee faces indigenous campaigners' demand to end all fossil fuel projects in Washington
2019/09/23 Two charged with tech-support scamming the elderly for $10M
2019/09/23 To stop worst effects of climate crisis, report says level of ambition must triple, at minimum
2019/09/23 The Purdue settlement is a great deal - for the Sacklers
2019/09/23 The most dangerous moment of this U.S. presidency
2019/09/23 The facts behind the president's bogus accusations about Biden and Ukraine
2019/09/23 Snapchat reportedly has "Project Voldemort" dossier on Facebook's bad behavior
2019/09/23 Russian national confesses to biggest bank hack in U.S. history
2019/09/23 Reports of wedding party bombing indicate U.S. forces have massacred at least 70 Afghan civilians in one week
2019/09/23 Quantum computer bests all conventional computers in first claim of 'supremacy'
2019/09/23 President is accused of inventing tax return 'privilege' to block subpoena
2019/09/23 POTUS said to have frozen aid to Ukraine before call with its leader
2019/09/23 POTUS openly admits to pressuring Ukraine over Biden
2019/09/23 Photos: the 'forest guardians' of Brazil's Amazon
2019/09/23 Painting over the dirty truth
2019/09/23 Oil giants, under fire from climate activists and investors, mount a defense
2019/09/23 Ocasio-Cortez blasts $28B farm rescue, asks why socialism is OK for billionaires
2019/09/23 Native women are paid only 57% of what White men make
2019/09/23 Medical price roulette
2019/09/23 Massive 'I Love America' Facebook page, pushing caustic pro-POTUS propaganda, is run by Ukrainians
2019/09/23 It looks like NASA is getting serious about finding hazardous asteroids
2019/09/23 Instead of 'No collusion!' the president now seems to be saying, 'So what if I did?'
2019/09/23 'Indigenous nations will sacrifice all we have to give to defend Unci Maka'
2019/09/23 'Howdy, Modi!' was a display of Indian Americans' political power
2019/09/23 Google pulls more fake adblockers from Chrome web store
2019/09/23 Federal appeals court quashes FCC attempt to weaken media ownership rules
2019/09/23 Even huge molecules follow the quantum world's bizarre rules
2019/09/23 DHS is finally going after white supremacists. That won't be simple
2019/09/23 Deportations reduce crime? That's not what the evidence shows
2019/09/23 Corey Lewandowski wants to run for Senate. He's spent the last 3 years in the president's swamp
2019/09/23 Companies are using a Depression-era law to escape the president's tariffs - and it's costing them
2019/09/23 Busy North Korean hackers have new malware to target ATMs
2019/09/23 Agriculture department flooded with appeals to stop food stamp purge
2019/09/23 A new way to turn lost heat into useful energy
2019/09/23 A new joystick for the brain-controlled vehicles of the future
2019/09/23 200K sign petition against Equifax data breach settlement
2019/09/22 What do evangelical Christians really think about climate change?
2019/09/22 The iOS 13 privacy and security features you should know
2019/09/22 Rep. Adam Schiff: We 'may have crossed the Rubicon' on impeachment
2019/09/22 Opinion: The president vs. the United States of America
2019/09/22 In the decade since Madoff, Ponzi schemers try new tactics
2019/09/22 Chuck Todd grills Steve Mnuchin about extra $140M aid package that Ukraine reportedly called a pleasant surprise
2019/09/21 Pelosi remains against impeachment despite reports president sought election interference
2019/09/21 Mysterious bubbles discovered at Milky Way's center
2019/09/20 Enter the Capitalocene: how climate change will ruin capitalism
2019/09/20 You've got to see these inspiring photos to understand the scale of today's global climate strikes
2019/09/20 'The men who plundered Europe': bankers on trial for siphoning €60B
2019/09/20 The case against the popular vote
2019/09/20 The bizarre GOP-fueled backlash to healthy school lunches
2019/09/20 The argument against D.C. statehood is rooted in racism
2019/09/20 Some versions of the drug Zantac contain low levels of a carcinogen
2019/09/20 President revokes California's right to set tougher auto standards
2019/09/20 POTUS focuses on defending Saudis, not striking Iran, for now
2019/09/20 Nuclear power regulators ease security, and experts sound the alarm
2019/09/20 Inside the U.S. administration's chaotic dismantling of the federal land agency
2019/09/20 Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps in ongoing privacy investigation
2019/09/20 Democrats' drug price bill may be dead on arrival
2019/09/20 Climate change: 12 excuses for inaction, and how to refute them
2019/09/20 California and 23 other states sue president to stop ban on auto emissions standards
2019/09/19 Whistle-blower complaint is said to involve multiple acts by the president
2019/09/19 U.S. taxpayers are paying outrageous' amounts to keep empty migrant detention center running
2019/09/19 To solve climate change, remember the ocean
2019/09/19 The quiet disappearance of birds in North America
2019/09/19 The president's war on blue America
2019/09/19 The president wants to log an enormous Alaska forest. These native women traveled 3,000 miles to stop it
2019/09/19 The latest: California defends tax return law after setback
2019/09/19 The end of Netanyahu's unchecked reign
2019/09/19 South Sudan oil consortium funded militias accused of atrocities, report says
2019/09/19 Siberian shaman on trek to 'cast out' Putin from the Kremlin is arrested
2019/09/19 President's lawyers argue he cannot be criminally investigated
2019/09/19 'Perfectly legal' levels of contaminants in U.S. tap water could result in 100K cancer cases
2019/09/19 Lessons From Danville
2019/09/19 Imagine if Obama had done this
2019/09/19 Greta Thunberg: 'We are ignoring natural climate solutions'
2019/09/19 Feds rebuke university Middle East studies programs for not promoting Judaism and Christianity
2019/09/19 Federal court blocks South Dakota's 'unconstitutional' law that would imprison pipeline protesters for 25 years
2019/09/19 Farmers say the $28B bailout is not a solution
2019/09/19 Condemning Pompeo warmongering, Sanders says attack on Saudi oil is not an attack on America
2019/09/19 Colt to suspend production of AR-15 rifles for consumers
2019/09/19 Bernie Sanders's housing-for-all plan, explained
2019/09/19 Be prepared: find the ER you want to go to before an emergency happens
2019/09/19 Air travel emissions vastly outpace dire predictions
2019/09/19 After mayor of small village bans glyphosate, dozens of others join rebellion against French law
2019/09/19 A guide to how 2020 Democrats plan to fight climate change
2019/09/19 25 ways the Canadian health care system is better than Obamacare for the 2020 elections
2019/09/18 Timeline of recent attacks on EPA's science-based ambient air pollution standards
2019/09/18 With Greenland's extreme melting, a new risk grows: ice slabs that worsen runoff
2019/09/18 Who needs qubits? Factoring algorithm run on a probabilistic computer
2019/09/18 What self-defense can do for mental health
2019/09/18 What listening means in a time of climate crisis
2019/09/18 University of California is ending its investment in fossil fuels
2019/09/18 The secret GOP plan to keep power
2019/09/18 The president just asked the Supreme Court to let him fire the CFPB's head. The implications are enormous
2019/09/18 The climate disaster inside America's prisons
2019/09/18 Russian trolls love targeting U.S. veterans
2019/09/18 Conflict with Iran portends World War III
2019/09/18 Pterosaurs were even more extraordinary than we imagined
2019/09/18 Political fundraiser pleads guilty to fraud
2019/09/18 Pentagon has warned of dire outcomes if military projects canceled for wall don't happen
2019/09/18 Outrage as General Motors cuts off healthcare for 50,000 striking workers
2019/09/18 On Roku and Amazon Fire TV, channels are watching you
2019/09/18 NY Times reporters say Kavanaugh asked them to lie in exchange for an interview
2019/09/18 Lewandowski's hearing was chaos, then Democrats' counsel Barry Berke showed up
2019/09/18 Japan says no evidence Iran was behind Saudi attack
2019/09/18 Interior board overturns BLM decision to replace native forests with livestock forage in Grand Staircase-Escalante
2019/09/18 How to cool a planet with extraterrestrial dust
2019/09/18 Fake IRS emails promise a refund but deliver botnet recruitment
2019/09/18 Fake court dates are being issued in immigration court. Here's why
2019/09/18 Eyes in the sky help farmers on the ground
2019/09/18 Don't storm Area 51, begs the webmaster of the UFO kingdom
2019/09/18 C-section babies are missing key microbes
2019/09/18 Common storage and router devices are still hopelessly broken
2019/09/18 Clever new DDoS attack gets a lot of bang for a hacker's buck
2019/09/18 California passes AB5 bill to regulate Uber, Lyft and the gig economy
2019/09/18 Bishop's secret list of accused priests leaves him besieged
2019/09/18 Anti-semites are using a popular chat app to compile a list of Jewish people
2019/09/18 Acting DNI Maguire says he was ordered to withhold whistle-blower complaint
2019/09/18 A Russian lab containing smallpox and ebola exploded
2019/09/18 A Revolution in Brittany- Mayors Defy French State to Ban Pesticides
2019/09/18 A marine heat wave intensifies, with risks for wildlife, hurricanes and California wildfires
2019/09/18 10,000 farmers and ranchers endorse Green New Deal in letter to Congress
2019/09/17 This company built a private surveillance network. We tracked someone with it
2019/09/17 We need a more targeted approach to combatting global inequality
2019/09/17 VVA documents massive Russian disinfo effort targeting U.S. vets
2019/09/17 U.S. Air Force to shift billions of dollars to network its weapons
2019/09/17 The power of fear in the thawing Arctic
2019/09/17 The incredible belief that corporate ownership does not influence media content
2019/09/17 The astounding advantage the Electoral College gives to Republicans, in one chart
2019/09/17 Personality tests are the astrology of the office
2019/09/17 Park Service says archaeological sites are imperiled by border wall
2019/09/17 Only the coalition of the foolish wants a war with Iran
2019/09/17 Nobel Peace laureate could face prosecution over Myanmar military's actions
2019/09/17 Money is the oxygen on which the fire of global warming burns
2019/09/17 Millions of Americans' medical data are available on the internet for anyone to see
2019/09/17 Maximum pressure on Iran hurts everyone
2019/09/17 Key moments from Corey Lewandowski's testimony before Congress
2019/09/17 Greta Thunberg to Congress- 'You're not trying hard enough. Sorry'
2019/09/17 Deregulated natural gas flaring is causing health and environmental impacts in Texas
2019/09/17 Cutting health benefits of 1,900 Whole Foods workers saved Jeff Bezos what he makes in less than six hours
2019/09/17 Ayanna Pressley just filed an impeachment resolution against Brett Kavanaugh in the House
2019/09/17 Air pollution particles found on foetal side of placentas - study
2019/09/17 A password-exposing bug was purged from LastPass
2019/09/16 What George Carlin taught us about media propaganda by omission: on Bernie Sanders, Medicare for All, and the Green New Deal
2019/09/16 Warren rolls out sweeping anti-corruption reforms
2019/09/16 Trying to cut protections for millions of temps and fast-food workers, the president's NLRB trips Up again
2019/09/16 'Trollbots' swarm Twitter with attacks on climate science ahead of U.N. summit
2019/09/16 The president keeps contradicting himself on Iran
2019/09/16 The Michael Bennet problem
2019/09/16 Simjacker silent phone hack could affect a billion users
2019/09/16 'Saudi Arabia First': POTUS accused of letting Saudis dictate U.S. foreign policy after oil facility attack
2019/09/16 Pacific Ocean heat 'blob' harming marine life made worse by climate change
2019/09/16 Oily government plan admits drilling could cause extinctions in Alaskan Refuge
2019/09/16 Missiles and drones that hit Saudi oil fields: made in Iran, but fired by whom?
2019/09/16 Mind the gap between science and religion
2019/09/16 Marketing analytics company leaks deep profiles of Ecuador's entire population
2019/09/16 Manhattan D.A. subpoenas 8 years of president's tax returns
2019/09/16 House Democrats open ethics probe into transportation secretary Elaine Chao
2019/09/16 Even the newest voting machines are vulnerable to reprogramming, experts warn
2019/09/16 During Kavanaugh hearings, senator alerted FBI to new allegation
2019/09/16 Asus, Lenovo and other routers riddled with remotely exploitable bugs
2019/09/16 AI confronts a 'reproducibility' crisis
2019/09/16 A shadowy industry group shapes food policy around the world
2019/09/16 A Marine looks back at his battles in Afghanistan
2019/09/16 86 tigers from notorious Thai temple died in government custody
2019/09/16 3 from JPMorgan accused in scheme to game precious metals market
2019/09/15 United Auto Workers calls for strike at General Motors
2019/09/15 U.S. claims Saudi Oil attack photos implicate Iran
2019/09/15 Schiff says a 'higher authority' is blocking release of an urgent intelligence whistle-blower complaint
2019/09/15 Report claims suspicious activity occurred in four swing states the president won in 2016
2019/09/15 How rich donors like Epstein (and others) undermine science
2019/09/15 How do you leave a warning that lasts as long as nuclear waste?
2019/09/15 Calls for Kavanaugh's impeachment come amid new misconduct allegations
2019/09/15 Abused by soldiers and militants, Kashmiris face dangers daily
2019/09/15 A detox drug promises miracles - if it doesn't kill you first
2019/09/14 Trampoline mirror may push laser pulse through fabric of the Universe
2019/09/14 The indigenous man who declared his own country
2019/09/14 Sackler family, makers of OxyContin, may have tried to hide $1B in assets
2019/09/14 Major Saudi Arabia oil facilities hit by Houthi drone strikes
2019/09/14 DOJ obstructs House impeachment inquiry
2019/09/14 Brett Kavanaugh fit in with the privileged kids. She did not
2019/09/14 Big new study finds bee-killing pesticides aren't even worth it for soybean farmers
2019/09/13 'We will not give up,' say indigenous groups, as U.S. admin gets closer to fossil fuel pillage of Arctic Refuge
2019/09/13 U.S. appeals court reinstates emoluments case against the president
2019/09/13 Threats against NOAA for contradicting the president's Dorian tweet with science
2019/09/13 The water wars of dystopian tales are here
2019/09/13 House votes to block Arctic Wildlife Refuge drilling as clock ticks toward first oil, gas lease sale
2019/09/13 Fin7 sysadmin pleads guilty to running IT for billion-dollar crime syndicate
2019/09/13 DOJ argues House lawmakers should not gain access to Mueller grand jury materials
2019/09/13 Deforestation is getting worse, 5 years after countries and companies vowed to stop it
2019/09/13 Astaroth spy trojan uses Facebook, YouTube profiles to cover its tracks
2019/09/12 The gravitational-wave revolution is underway
2019/09/12 Powerful new electric eel found
2019/09/12 POTUS will release suspended military aid to Ukraine, lawmaker says
2019/09/12 Justice Sotomayor warns the Supreme Court is doing 'extraordinary' favors for the president
2019/09/12 Israel accused of planting stingray surveillance devices near the White House
2019/09/12 Forwarding email is a crime, Jerry Falwell Jr. says after leaks to media
2019/09/12 Americans are eating, inhaling, and drinking at least 74K pieces of microplastic a year
2019/09/12 Air Force says it sent crews to president's Scottish resort up to 40 times
2019/09/12 2 weeks after Hurricane Dorian, a new disaster threatens the Bahamas
2019/09/12 The riddle and controversy of all that missing plastic
2019/09/12 New clues reveal Russia's grid hackers aimed for physical destruction
2019/09/11 Why officials patronizing the president's businesses is corrupt, explained for Kevin McCarthy
2019/09/11 What is nitrous oxide and why is it a climate threat?
2019/09/11 Undocumented workers in India fear they may soon be prisoners in detention camps they are building
2019/09/11 The Great Flood of 2019: A complete picture of a slow-motion disaster
2019/09/11 The catastrophic tenure of John Bolton
2019/09/11 Purdue pharma tentatively settles thousands of opioid cases
2019/09/11 Medicaid's dark secret: it can take everything you own
2019/09/11 Leak suggests U.N. agency self-censors on climate crisis due to U.S. pressure
2019/09/11 It's time for Congress to rein in U.S. arms exports
2019/09/11 Insurance industry spends over $65M on ads to kill Medicare for All
2019/09/11 How Florida said no to $70M for HIV crisis
2019/09/11 Climate denialist to depart White House National Security Council
2019/09/11 Chinese businesswoman found guilty of trespassing at Mar-a-Lago
2019/09/11 Can a president do anything to fix the housing crisis?
2019/09/11 California AB 5 law to regulate the gig economy is a win for workers
2019/09/11 Arab leaders denounce Netanyahu's plan to annex Palestinian territories
2019/09/11 A terrific deal - for the Taliban
2019/09/11 A first: water found on a potentially habitable exoplanet
2019/09/10 Mike Pence's Doonbeg detour to cost $600K in limousine service alone
2019/09/10 We asked prosecutors if health insurance companies care about fraud. They laughed at us
2019/09/10 Union of Concerned Scientists calls for Secretary Ross to resign, full investigation of manipulation of science at NOAA
2019/09/10 U.S. administration won't grant temporary protected status to Bahamians hit by hurricane
2019/09/10 Newly uncovered emails show J&J knew its opioids were being abused 18 years ago
2019/09/10 New photos emerge of Falwell at Miami nightclub
2019/09/10 Modern life has made it easier for serial killers to thrive
2019/09/10 Malaria can be totally eradicated by 2050
2019/09/10 Juul gave presentations in schools to kids - and the FDA is fuming
2019/09/10 Here's what Congress should ask when industry tries to spread PFAS disinformation today
2019/09/10 Climate change: Southern California's worst-case wildfire scenario
2019/09/10 Benefits of investing in climate adaptation far outweigh costs, commission says
2019/09/10 What John Bolton's ouster says about the president
2019/09/10 Republican gerrymander whiz had wider influence than was known
2019/09/10 Physicist Sean Carroll thinks we all exist in multiple worlds
2019/09/10 Over 1,600 polling places have closed since SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act. Most are in minority communities
2019/09/10 How John Bolton broke the National Security Council
2019/09/10 Canadians raised $2.3M to save 2,000 pristine acres
2019/09/10 Hostile takeover: the U.S. government is the president's biggest business acquisition yet
2019/09/10 Fighting Instagram's $1.3B problem - fake followers
2019/09/10 A judge threatened a 2-year-old with an attack dog
2019/09/10 281 alleged email scammers arrested in massive global sweep
2019/09/10 80,000-year-old footprints reveal Neanderthal social life
2019/09/09 Aluminum hydride promises to make nonpolluting fuel cells far safer and more powerful
2019/09/09 Police captain discusses children lost to the state
2019/09/09 Don't get screwed out of your Equifax settlement money
2019/09/09 Red flag laws are red herrings of gun control
2019/09/09 The president is unwell
2019/09/09 The 2020 congressional retirement tracker
2019/09/09 Jerry Falwell's aides break their silence
2019/09/09 James Mattis's bizarre cult of 'lethality'
2019/09/08 The world wastes tons of food. A grocery 'happy hour' is one answer
2019/09/08 Shocking paper predicts the end of democracy
2019/09/08 Why school cafeterias should be on the front lines of policy change
2019/09/08 The Electoral College was terrible from the start
2019/09/08 Republicans and Democrats denounce the president's shock Taliban talks revelation
2019/09/08 Jennifer Gunter: 'Women are being told lies about their bodies'
2019/09/08 Are we all wrong about black holes?
2019/09/07 America's electronic voting system is corrupted to the core
2019/09/07 The U.S. military may have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to help prop up the president's Scottish resort
2019/09/07 President's tariffs are set to cost U.S. households $2,000 in 2020, research group finds
2019/09/07 Opinion: End legacy college admissions
2019/09/07 Lima's 'wall of shame' and the art of building barriers
2019/09/07 In St. Petersburg election, Russia's political rot is on full display
2019/09/07 Cheating, Inc.: Writing papers for American college students has become a lucrative profession overseas
2019/09/07 A Virginia university offers free semester to students in Bahamas displaced by hurricane
2019/09/07 'A dynasty that lasts for decades'
2019/09/06 The secret push to strike Iran
2019/09/06 U.S. administration attacks states for protecting the environment
2019/09/06 We reported on troubled prisons. Now, officials and a gang have a shared goal: reform
2019/09/06 Vaping's plausible deniability is going up in smoke
2019/09/06 U.S. plan would steer foreign aid to 'friends and allies', not humanitarian need
2019/09/06 We're trapped in the dystopian aftermath of 9-11
2019/09/06 Twitter bots are becoming more human-like, which could impact public opinion
2019/09/06 U.S. beekeepers sue EPA for 'illegal' approval of insecticide linked to mass die-off
2019/09/06 The secret power of menopause
2019/09/06 The president is winning his war on the FBI
2019/09/06 The capricious use of solitary confinement against detained immigrants
2019/09/06 Republicans to scrap primaries and caucuses. President's challengers cry foul
2019/09/06 President deepens legal war against California, automakers
2019/09/06 'Precious hours were wasted': president's doctored map swamped hurricane forecasters in public inquiries
2019/09/06 Oversight and Judiciary Committees investigate potential emoluments violations involving president's resorts
2019/09/06 Opinion: the Supreme Court has become just another arm of the GOP
2019/09/06 Navy withholding data on UFO sightings, congressman says
2019/09/06 Major drug maker is close to settling case to avert first federal trial in opioid crisis
2019/09/06 Johnson & Johnson was on trial for the opioid crisis. 33 lawmakers took its money anyway
2019/09/06 Investing billions in new projects, fossil fuel companies undermine world's climate targets
2019/09/06 In the Amazon, Indigenous people debate how to save their lands
2019/09/06 Hurricane Dorian could slam 67 toxic sites. But hundreds more are at risk
2019/09/06 How an elite university research center concealed its relationship with Jeffrey Epstein
2019/09/06 From mind control to murder: How a deadly fall revealed the CIA's darkest secrets
2019/09/06 Fox News legal analyst has a stark warning for Republicans who support the president
2019/09/06 Exxon Mobil is funding centrist think tank, disclosures reveal
2019/09/06 Doctors aghast at Groupon deals for medical care
2019/09/06 Dems demand info on president allegedly steering government spending to his resorts
2019/09/06 Dead Sea scrolls study raises new questions over texts' origins
2019/09/06 China's APT3 pilfers cyberweapons from the NSA
2019/09/06 Boycotts, Benjamins, and America's university leaders
2019/09/06 Back-to-school scams target students with library-themed emails
2019/09/06 'We're at war': a covert social media campaign boosts military rulers
2019/09/05 EPA Ignores tribal consultation on uranium mine project
2019/09/05 Zero-day privilege escalation disclosed for Android
2019/09/05 Why we need Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal
2019/09/05 White House prepares to revoke California's right to set tougher pollution rules
2019/09/05 Vision for justice: 117 rights groups offer roadmap to transform U.S. criminal-legal system
2019/09/05 Treasury unveils plan to privatize Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
2019/09/05 T-Mobile metro stores sell used phones as new, charge 'fake taxes,' NYC says
2019/09/05 Three ex-Blackwater guards are resentenced for Iraq war massacre
2019/09/05 Thousands protest in South Africa over rising violence against women
2019/09/05 The grassroots battle to save democracy
2019/09/05 Smear artist Jacob Wohl is charged with a felony in California
2019/09/05 'Send her back' isn't just racist. It ignores the U.S.'s shadow war on Somalia
2019/09/05 Scammers deepfake CEO's voice to talk underling into $243K transfer
2019/09/05 Populism isn't so popular after all
2019/09/05 Over 120 groups call on Congress to back Constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United
2019/09/05 Opioid crisis goes global as deaths surge in Australia
2019/09/05 It's time for black athletes to play for black colleges
2019/09/05 Is the president's mysterious $50M loan to himself evidence of tax fraud?
2019/09/05 Iran will no longer honor nuclear deal's limits on research
2019/09/05 ICE office must stop keeping all asylum seekers locked up, federal judge orders
2019/09/05 How automakers can meet strong 2025 efficiency standards
2019/09/05 Hackers hit Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a 'SIM swap' attack. You're at risk, too
2019/09/05 H&M stops buying Brazilian leather over Amazon fires
2019/09/05 GAO: U.S. administration violated federal law to keep parks open during shutdown
2019/09/05 FunkyBot malware intercepts Android texts, 2FA codes
2019/09/05 CNN climate town hall: here's what you need to know
2019/09/05 CNN climate forum: Warren blasts fossil fuel industry distraction tactics
2019/09/05 As disasters multiply, billions in recovery funds go unspent
2019/09/05 Amazon hooked America on fast delivery while avoiding responsibility for crashes
2019/09/05 A burst of genetic clues to South Asians' ancestry
2019/09/05 5 takeaways from the Democrats' climate town hall
2019/09/04 Senator- Mark Zuckerberg should be held personally accountable
2019/09/04 Information gerrymandering in social networks skews collective decision-making - study
2019/09/04 Deluge of new findings challenge scientific narratives of how humans came to North and South America
2019/09/04 Yes, gun ownership is a God-given right
2019/09/04 White House to weaken energy efficiency rules for light bulbs
2019/09/04 Vaping may hamper the lungs' ability to fend off infections
2019/09/04 U.S. admin reportedly offered captain multi-million dollar bribe in effort to seize Iranian tanker
2019/09/04 The fog of intervention: Samantha Power did not set out to justify war
2019/09/04 The boundless grift of right-wing media watchdogs
2019/09/04 The battle over the files of a gerrymandering mastermind
2019/09/04 Scandals, rivals and U.S. tarnish Netanyahu's aura of invincibility
2019/09/04 President defends cash grab for border projects as lawmakers lash out
2019/09/04 Pentagon lists projects that will be delayed to fund border wall
2019/09/04 Ocasio-Cortez slams Republican lawmaker for wanting to lend guns to friends
2019/09/04 Mississippi mental health system violates federal law, judge says
2019/09/04 Judiciary panel issues subpoena on president's alleged offer to pardon DHS officials
2019/09/04 Judge rules terrorism watchlist violates Constitutional rights
2019/09/04 Johns Hopkins opens new center for psychedelic research
2019/09/04 Jeffrey Epstein: over 1,000 people connected to him in address book
2019/09/04 Inside the shadowy think tank pushing to kick 3.1M people off food stamps
2019/09/04 Federal watchdog reports emotional horror faced by detained migrant children
2019/09/04 Facebook confirms 419M phone numbers exposed in latest privacy lapse
2019/09/04 Critical bugs open food-safety systems to remote attacks
2019/09/04 Cornered Boris Johnson suffers triple Commons defeat
2019/09/04 'Always about the con': Ocasio-Cortez says 'virtually every' POTUS policy is designed to loot public coffers and enrich his cronies
2019/09/04 A cynical way to make poor people disappear: redefine poverty
2019/09/04 'Satori' IoT botnet operator pleads guilty
2019/09/03 Alabama accidentally passed a bill upending parental rights
2019/09/03 Scientists watch atoms fall to see Earth's changing structure
2019/09/03 President overrides Congress to raid 127 military construction projects to fund border wall
2019/09/03 President invites Pence to stay at his place - then hands taxpayers his bill
2019/09/03 POTUS says China will suffer as data shows trade war hurting U.S.
2019/09/03 Opinion: Dogs are not here for our convenience
2019/09/03 Newly discovered text by John Locke reveals roots of 'foundational democratic ideas'
2019/09/03 'Naked attack on the free press': president's allies reportedly raising $2M for campaign to discredit journalists
2019/09/03 Meet the coalition pushing for 'cyber peace' rules
2019/09/03 McConnell pledges to obstruct legislation that the president doesn't like
2019/09/03 The Universal Expert
2019/09/03 Leave Elizabeth Warren alone
2019/09/03 Elizabeth Warren's stance on climate change
2019/09/03 Coming soon to a battlefield: autonomous killer robots
2019/09/03 Ask PolitiFact: Are there communities in the U.S. under Sharia law? No.
2019/09/03 An epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous people in Montana
2019/09/03 Amazonian communities need solidarity, not saviours
2019/09/03 A North Carolina court just threw out Republicans' gerrymandered state legislature map
2019/09/02 WordPress sites are being backdoored with rogue admin users
2019/09/02 What sophisticated Russian chatbots think about us
2019/09/02 U.S.-backed Saudi coalition kills over 100 in bombing of Yemeni prison in unconstitutional war
2019/09/02 The other brother duo that brought us the modern GOP
2019/09/02 Requiem for the Supreme Court
2019/09/02 'Particle' robots work together to perform tasks
2019/09/02 Why has the president's exceptional corruption gone unchecked?
2019/09/02 Malicious, scientifically illiterate bullies fear Greta Thunberg and the global climate movement
2019/09/02 North Korea missile tests suggest advancing arsenal that threatens U.S. bases. POTUS approves
2019/09/02 Internet shutdowns have become one of the defining tools of government repression
2019/09/02 Georgia Republicans use power of state to suppress minority vote
2019/09/02 France dangles $15B bailout for Iran in effort to save nuclear deal
2019/09/02 Faced with criticism, U.S. administration reverses abrupt end to humanitarian relief
2019/09/02 AFL-CIO chief rips president's anti-worker agenda
2019/09/02 Abolish ICE's union
2019/09/02 A future without long-haul vacations
2019/09/01 Misinformation has created a new world disorder
2019/09/01 Where we stand in the president's trade wars
2019/09/01 Call to action: Tacoma liquified gas facility is under construction on Puyallup tribal nation ancestral homeland
2019/08/31 The mysterious vaping illness that's 'becoming an epidemic'
2019/08/31 The Federalist Society says it's not an advocacy organization. These documents show otherwise
2019/08/31 A tax break to 'help poor communities' became a windfall for the rich, including the president's family and former aides
2019/08/31 China's prisons swell after deluge of arrests engulfs Muslims
2019/08/31 Australia strips legal status of Indigenous lands to build coal mine
2019/08/31 A mass citizenship check in India leaves 2M people in limbo
2019/08/30 How the DOJ screwed James Comey
2019/08/30 Women help prevent terrorism. Congress should encourage the Pentagon to pay attention
2019/08/30 Unlicensed signal boosters get a boost from Amazon
2019/08/30 Universities face federal crackdown over foreign financial influence
2019/08/30 The president's all-out war on American workers
2019/08/30 The great lie of the right-wing populists
2019/08/30 One very bad habit is fueling the global recycling meltdown
2019/08/30 North Carolina governor aims for zero emissions by 2050
2019/08/30 New Yorkers should thank police for the summer 'slowdown'
2019/08/30 Imran Khan: Ignoring Kashmir puts the whole world in danger
2019/08/30 He spent years infiltrating white supremacist groups. Here's what he says is going on now
2019/08/30 Google warns of system-controlling Chrome bug
2019/08/30 Google says hackers have put 'monitoring implants' in iPhones for years
2019/08/30 DeVos tightens rules for forgiving student loans by predatory colleges
2019/08/30 Comcast, beware: new city-run broadband offers 1Gbps for $60 a month
2019/08/30 Australia cuts outlook for Great Barrier Reef to 'very poor' for first time, citing climate change
2019/08/29 Why is China hiding its oil tankers from U.S. trackers?
2019/08/29 Uncontacted tribes now threatened by Amazon fires
2019/08/29 U.S. will cut regulations on methane, a potent greenhouse gas
2019/08/29 U.S. administration's court-packing scheme fills immigration appeals board with hardliners
2019/08/29 The inspector general report on James Comey's memos, explained
2019/08/29 Sick migrants undergoing lifesaving care can now be deported
2019/08/29 Saudi Arabia and Israel are growing closer. Why?
2019/08/29 President goes nuclear on the media with ugly personal attacks and crazy conspiracy theories
2019/08/29 Organoids are not brains. How are they making brain waves?
2019/08/29 Oglala Sioux Tribe battles uranium mining in sacred Black Hills
2019/08/29 Major climate change rules the U.S. administration is reversing
2019/08/29 Choosing your electricity: personal and national options that matter
2019/08/28 Why the Amazon is burning
2019/08/28 The U.S. must prepare for a cyber 'day after'
2019/08/28 The Israel-Iran shadow war escalates and breaks into the open
2019/08/28 The frightening spread of toxic algae
2019/08/28 The Amazon, Siberia, Indonesia: a world of fire
2019/08/28 Scientists fertilize eggs from the last two northern white rhinos left in the world
2019/08/28 President tells aides 'take (Mexican) land' as his impatience grows on border wall
2019/08/28 President offers pardons for lawbreaking to build his wall
2019/08/28 POTUS obstructs Ukraine military aid meant to confront Russia
2019/08/28 Now therapists have to figure out astrology, tarot, and psychedelics
2019/08/28 'No time left for business as usual': Climate activists plan day of mass civil disobedience to #ShutDownDC
2019/08/28 New Elevation Measure Shows Climate Change Could Quickly Swamp the Mekong Delta
2019/08/28 For a longer life, get moving. even a little
2019/08/28 Federal appeals court green lights discrimination against non-theists
2019/08/28 Deporting Harvard students was always the goal
2019/08/28 BP is selling off its Alaska oil assets. Buyer Hilcorp has a history of safety violations
2019/08/28 Big Ag is sabotaging progress on climate change
2019/08/27 Zoo trade in baby elephants banned internationally
2019/08/27 U.S. ends protection for migrants receiving medical care
2019/08/27 The thousands of lawsuits against opioid companies, explained
2019/08/27 The rise of the Native American electorate
2019/08/27 The real stakes of the trade war with China
2019/08/27 The president's unprecedented fight to withhold information
2019/08/27 The land battle behind the fires in the Amazon
2019/08/27 The Amazon is on fire. So is central Africa
2019/08/27 States spend far more on prison inmates than on students
2019/08/27 Senate tangles with Russia after POTUS overtures to Putin
2019/08/27 President pushes to allow new logging in Alaska's Tongass National Forest
2019/08/27 North Carolina's polluting pig farms
2019/08/27 Missouri's eight-week abortion ban is blocked by federal judge
2019/08/27 Immigration panic: how the West fell for manufactured rage
2019/08/27 Hostinger upgrades password security after 14M accounts breached
2019/08/27 Feral hogs are a serious threat to North American biodiversity
2019/08/27 Extortion economy: how insurance companies are fueling a rise in ransomware attacks
2019/08/27 Deutsche Bank tells court it has some tax returns related to president
2019/08/27 Barr books president's hotel for $30K holiday party
2019/08/27 As Amazon burns, fires in next-door Bolivia also wreak havoc
2019/08/27 American farmers have become collateral damage in the China trade war
2019/08/27 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez understands democracy better than Republicans do
2019/08/27 A raft of floating rock stuns sailors. But can it save the reef?
2019/08/27 19 states and DC sue over repugnant plan to detain migrant children indefinitely
2019/08/26 Zelle criminal took $23K from elderly victim; BofA (initially) wouldn't give it back
2019/08/26 The Stable Genius suggests nuking hurricanes to stop them hitting America - report
2019/08/26 The president's latest get-rich-quick scheme
2019/08/26 The Federal Election Commission Is About to Partially Shut Down
2019/08/26 Report: POTUS went to the mat for Putin at the G-7 Summit
2019/08/26 POTUS has done incalculable damage to humanity by backing out of U.N. programs
2019/08/26 POTUS confounds the world at wild G-7
2019/08/26 OpenAI said its code was risky. Two grads re-created it anyway
2019/08/26 Oklahoma judge finds J&J fueled opioid crisis
2019/08/26 Obama introduces new initiative in fight against gerrymandering
2019/08/26 Israeli bombings considered a 'declaration of war,' says Iraqi political bloc
2019/08/26 Ex-White House aide Rob Porter is subpoenaed in House impeachment inquiry
2019/08/26 Do plants have something to say? One scientist is definitely listening
2019/08/26 China's spies are on the offensive. Can the U.S. fend them off?
2019/08/26 California leads multistate lawsuit over migrant children detention rules
2019/08/26 Advertisers drop Fox News, Tucker Carlson after he said white supremacy is a 'hoax'
2019/08/25 The Mad Hatter waxes eloquent
2019/08/25 Cherokee Nation wants a representative in Congress
2019/08/25 President's allies target journalists over coverage deemed hostile to White House
2019/08/25 Oilman David Koch set the world on fire, then died and left us to face the rising flames
2019/08/25 Historic step for bison conservation
2019/08/25 Coalition outraged over Nebraska Supreme Court decision & committed to fight Keystone XL
2019/08/25 Americans' love of hiking has driven elk to the brink
2019/08/24 The Amazon fires are more dangerous than WMDs
2019/08/24 Summer on the swollen Great Lakes
2019/08/24 President asserts he can force U.S. companies to leave China
2019/08/24 New assault on Fair Housing Act
2019/08/24 Just who got the president's farm bailouts?
2019/08/24 After international criticism, Bolsonaro deploys military to fight Amazon fires
2019/08/23 Why governments are bad at facing catastrophic risks - and how they could get better
2019/08/23 Western coal takes another hit as appeals court rules against export terminal
2019/08/23 State tax breaks rewarded companies connected to one powerful man. The governor just killed them, for now
2019/08/23 Severe threat found in Lenovo Solution Center software for older PCs
2019/08/23 Ongoing saga of benzene fumes in South Portland, Maine
2019/08/23 Industry guidance touts risky untested tech as climate fix
2019/08/23 GOP lobbyists help Brazil recruit U.S. companies to exploit the Amazon
2019/08/23 David Koch is gone, but his pipelines are here to stay
2019/08/23 The horrifying science of deforestation fueling Amazon fires
2019/08/23 The Consumer Bureau's reckless plan for debt collection
2019/08/23 The Complete WIRED Guide to Cyberwar
2019/08/22 Sanders unveils $16T Green New Deal plan, and ideas to pay for it
2019/08/22 Environmental groups sue to block president's Endangered Species Act changes
2019/08/22 Congress told ICE to detain fewer people. Instead it keeps adding private prisons
2019/08/22 China paid Facebook and Twitter to help spread anti-Muslim propaganda
2019/08/22 The Android 10 privacy and security upgrades you should know about
2019/08/22 Swatting is a deadly problem. Here's the solution
2019/08/22 ICE confines some detainees with mental illness in solitary for months
2019/08/22 Filling out the 2020 Census on public library computers is risky
2019/08/22 Electoral College members can defy voters' wishes, court rules
2019/08/21 The new American homeless
2019/08/21 The big business of scavenging in postindustrial America
2019/08/21 Sobering new data shows how much violence migrants through Mexico endure
2019/08/21 Lawmakers call for ethics reform to deal with billionaire resort-owning governor
2019/08/21 Home care work: one of the fastest-growing jobs is one of the toughest
2019/08/21 A Republican firm is targeting EPA staff who donated to Democrats
2019/08/21 Why a promising, potent cancer therapy isn't used in the U.S.
2019/08/21 There's a thriving market for human body parts on Instagram
2019/08/20 Yes, tariffs on China primarily hit Americans, not China
2019/08/20 Standing Rock asks court to shut down Dakota Access Pipeline as company plans to double capacity
2019/08/20 ICE accidentally revealed the cost of its new contract with Peter Thiel's Palantir
2019/08/20 Conservatives rail against New York Times 1619 Project on slavery
2019/08/20 A huge ransomware attack messes with Texas
2019/08/19 'We have an obligation to do our jobs': Ilhan Omar calls on lawmakers to visit Israel
2019/08/19 Twitter, Facebook turn off hundreds of accounts linked to Chinese disinformation about Hong Kong protests
2019/08/19 The thick gray line: forest elephants defend against climate change
2019/08/19 Lawsuit claims 'torture' in U.S. migrant jails
2019/08/19 Hundreds of extreme self-citing scientists revealed in new database
2019/08/19 U.S. government delays offshore wind farm while expediting fossil fuel projects
2019/08/19 GOP's quiet attack on redistricting
2019/08/19 Google didn't manipulate election results for 2016
2019/08/19 China Attacks Hong Kong Protesters With Fake Social Posts
2019/08/19 Earth's inner core is doing something weird
2019/08/19 California just passed new limits on police use of force. Not everyone is happy with the compromise
2019/08/18 President's economic record is one big con
2019/08/18 Doctors say new rule will mean sicker immigrants
2019/08/17 Teenage brides trafficked to China reveal ordeal: 'Ma, I've been sold'
2019/08/17 Stephen Miller: the president's immigration whisperer
2019/08/17 Stephen Miller rode an anti-immigration wave to the White House
2019/08/17 Memo to mainstream journalists: Can the phony outrage; Bernie is right about bias
2019/08/17 Media blackout on Brazil's anti-Bolsonaro protests
2019/08/17 Lyme disease is baffling, even to experts
2019/08/17 Ken Cuccinelli has described undocumented immigrants as evil 'invaders' since at least 2007
2019/08/17 Israel's alliance with POTUS creates new tensions among American Jews
2019/08/17 India's Hindu nationalists plan big detention camps for migrants. Muslims are afraid
2019/08/17 'Bolton is desperate to start a war': U.S. issues warrant to seize Iranian oil tanker
2019/08/17 Before far-right rally in Portland, president tweets warning to antifa
2019/08/17 'Our people are dying': Australia's climate confrontation in the Pacific
2019/08/16 Wyden slams Republican FEC Commissioners for blocking probe of NRA, possible campaign finance violations
2019/08/16 The NYPD's DNA database has some people worried
2019/08/16 White supremacists want a dirty bomb. The U.S. adminstration is letting them get dangerously close to acquiring one
2019/08/16 Wells Fargo closed their accounts, but the fees continued to mount
2019/08/16 U.S. administration has launched over 100 attacks on science
2019/08/16 Top CDC health and climate scientist files whistle-blower complaint
2019/08/16 The president's 'invasion' was a corporate recruitment drive for exploitable workers
2019/08/16 Smart prison initiative pairs inmates with rescue dogs
2019/08/16 Sanders suggests if Israel wants to ban members of Congress, it should not receive billions in U.S. military aid
2019/08/16 Republicans block FEC probe of Russia money donated to NRA for president's campaign
2019/08/16 Pittsburgh plant workers just revealed they had to go to president's rally or go without pay
2019/08/16 NRA spent tens of thousands on hair and makeup for CEO's wife
2019/08/16 Ilhan Omar is already changing Washington
2019/08/16 Hundreds of new child sex abuse cases are flooding New York's courts
2019/08/16 How a video gambling company helped bankroll local politicians
2019/08/16 George W. Bush's infuriating Innocence Project
2019/08/16 Fracking may be a bigger climate problem than we thought
2019/08/16 Elizabeth Warren offers a policy agenda for Native Americans
2019/08/16 Claims: migrant children molested in U.S.-funded foster care
2019/08/16 California sues president over 'public charge' rule denying green cards to immigrants
2019/08/16 Behavior of Australia's Prime Minister at Pacific Islands forum makes clear climate crisis not a priority
2019/08/16 Autocratic leaders are filling the vacuum left by the U.S. president
2019/08/16 After public outcry, EPA reverses approval of 'cyanide bombs' to kill wildlife
2019/08/16 A Texas-size political scandal threatens Republican House Speaker
2019/08/16 A border agent's hateful career and the crime that finally ended it
2019/08/15 National Enquirer investigated by FBI over possible Saudi influence peddling
2019/08/15 President praises NH lawmaker who called for shooting Hillary Clinton
2019/08/15 President nominates advocate of 'ethno-nationalism' for judgeship
2019/08/15 Political campaigns are pitching donor-match programs that might not exist
2019/08/15 Mississippi plants knowingly hired undocumented workers, ICE says
2019/08/15 Migrant children are entitled to toothbrushes and soap, federal court rules
2019/08/15 Israeli decision on Omar and Tlaib Inflames Politics in Two Countries
2019/08/15 Iraq's burning problem: the strange fires destroying crops and livelihoods
2019/08/15 ICE raid separates 4-month-old baby from breastfeeding mom
2019/08/15 How one billionaire could keep three countries hooked on coal for decades
2019/08/15 Government by the rich, for the rich
2019/08/15 Elizabeth Warren is about as authentic a politician as you are likely to see
2019/08/15 Economic trouble signs hang over president's trade war
2019/08/15 Citing failing economy, president says 'You have no choice but to vote for me'
2019/08/15 China threatens retaliation if U.S. tariff hikes go ahead
2019/08/15 AMA drops out of industry coalition opposed to Medicare expansion
2019/08/15 AI algorithms need FDA-style drug trials
2019/08/14 Global warming is worsening China's already dire pollution problems, studies show
2019/08/14 Why police violence needs to be treated as a public health issue
2019/08/14 What the reactionary politics of 2019 owe to the politics of slavery
2019/08/14 Weaponizing biotech: China's military is preparing for a 'new domain of warfare'
2019/08/14 Vehicle residency: without parking, those who live in vehicles have nowhere to go
2019/08/14 This land is a sanctuary for aboriginal women. Bulldozers may soon come
2019/08/14 The Great Land Robbery: how 1M Black families have been ripped from their farms
2019/08/14 The barbaric history of sugar in America
2019/08/14 The Antarctic ice sheet is melting and, yeah, it's probably our fault
2019/08/14 The 1619 Project: History of Black Americans - The New York Times
2019/08/14 Nuclear-powered cruise missiles are a terrible idea. Russia's test explosion shows why
2019/08/14 'No Blame?' ABC News finds 36 cases invoking the president in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults
2019/08/14 Millions of biometrics exposed in open database
2019/08/14 In Ken Cuccinelli, immigration hard-liner Stephen Miller has found the consummate ideological ally
2019/08/14 Found: world-readable database used to secure buildings around the globe
2019/08/14 America wasn't a democracy until Black Americans made it one
2019/08/14 Administration aims to shift money to immigration enforcement
2019/08/14 A tax credit fueled the solar energy boom. Now it's in limbo
2019/08/13 Judge bars president from taking fake energy panel's advice
2019/08/13 The President's Guide to Racism
2019/08/13 The case that made an ex-ICE attorney realize the government was relying on false 'evidence' against migrants
2019/08/13 Scientists call on cereal giants to use sustainable grains
2019/08/13 It's not just Fox pumping out the racist 'replacement' conspiracy. Here are 15 Republicans fanning the flames
2019/08/13 Hacker site's incriminating database published online by rival group
2019/08/13 A Russian firm gave an economic lifeline to Appalachia
2019/08/12 Warmonger Bolton in UK to meet Johnson and Brexit hardliners
2019/08/12 U.S. significantly weakens Endangered Species Act
2019/08/12 Tree-damaging pests pose 'devastating' threat to 40% of U.S. forests
2019/08/12 The U.S. budget deficit is up 27% and getting closer to $1T
2019/08/12 The impact of racism on children's health
2019/08/12 Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile blows up, creating "mini-Chernobyl"
2019/08/12 President's new policy favors wealthy immigrants for green cards
2019/08/12 President's new coal rules will bury rural America
2019/08/12 In Russia, days of fake news and real radiation after deadly explosion
2019/08/12 Ebola Is Now Curable. Here's How the New Treatments Work
2019/08/12 Drug maker 'will make $21B from treating cystic fibrosis'
2019/08/12 A new clue to the origins of life
2019/08/12 A giant factory rises to make megatons of a product that already floods the world: plastic
2019/08/11 The name of the only Republican possibly worse than the president is Mitch McConnell
2019/08/11 The last magnetic pole flip saw 22,000 years of weirdness
2019/08/11 Leaked draft of EO to 'Censor the Internet' denounced as dangerous, unconstitutional edict
2019/08/11 Inside the Government, Addressing Domestic Terrorism Has Been Fraught
2019/08/11 A User's Guide to Democracy: Congress works for you. Here's how to be a better boss
2019/08/11 Border chief explains why there have been no ICE raids at president's properties
2019/08/10 U.K. seeks answers after biggest power failure in a decade
2019/08/10 These legit-looking iPhone Lightning cables will hijack your computer
2019/08/10 The world's wealthiest family makes $4M every hour
2019/08/10 The global machine behind the rise of far-right nationalism
2019/08/10 Sanders demands drug and insurance industries explain the hundreds of millions they spend to defeat Medicare for All
2019/08/10 Russia confirms radioactive materials were involved in deadly blast
2019/08/10 Political leaders demand answers in Epstein death
2019/08/10 Kim Jong-un gave a 'small apology' for missile launches
2019/08/10 In Iowa, Democrats offer plans to combat gun violence
2019/08/10 Huge pro-opposition crowd turns out in Moscow march
2019/08/10 DEF CON 2019: New class of SQLite exploits open door to iPhone hack
2019/08/10 DEF CON 2019: MacOS gets a malware beatdown in attack demo
2019/08/10 Chagos children 'stuck for years in unsafe lodgings'
2019/08/10 Administration moves to decertify outspoken immigration judges' union
2019/08/10 A common trait among mass killers: hatred toward women
2019/08/10 'Hungry kids collapse as looters take millions': life in today's Zimbabwe
2019/08/09 The ICE raids aren't just wrong, they're expensive
2019/08/09 Teen hacker found bugs in school software that exposed millions of records
2019/08/09 Sorry, but we can't just hack our way out of climate doom
2019/08/09 Roundup: U.S. 'EPA' refuses to approve glyphosate cancer-warning labels
2019/08/09 Rep. Nadler confirms that the impeachment inquiry is underway
2019/08/09 Privacy advocates celebrate court ruling on facial recognition tech
2019/08/09 President's Intel Vacancies Put Americans in Danger
2019/08/09 Open borders made America great
2019/08/09 Malaysia charges Goldman Sachs executives in 1MDB scandal
2019/08/09 Leading civil rights lawyer shows 20 ways the president copies Hitler's early rhetoric and policies
2019/08/09 Large tranche of Jeffrey Epstein files released in Ghislaine Maxwell lawsuit
2019/08/09 Inside the hidden world of hacking elevator phones
2019/08/09 Honeyland is a stinging allegory for man-made disaster
2019/08/09 How Pete Buttigieg would overhaul rural health
2019/08/09 House Finance Chair Maxine Waters wins praise for prioritizing public policy over raising Wall Street cash
2019/08/09 Guam's ex-archbishop shielded culture of clergy sex abuse
2019/08/09 Grinning president gives thumbs-up with baby whose parents were shot dead in El Paso terror attack
2019/08/09 Genome study reveals clues to Komodo Dragon's unique abilities
2019/08/09 Fury grows over delayed probe of POTUS aides' alleged political retaliation
2019/08/09 Exxon accused of pressuring witnesses in climate fraud case
2019/08/09 'Egregious handout' to corporate polluters as EPA moves to accelerate pipeline approvals with attack on Clean Water Act
2019/08/09 DOJ blocked report showing white supremacists responsible for all race-based domestic terrorism incidents in 2018
2019/08/09 Dismantling Tucker Carlson's white-supremacy argument
2019/08/09 Brazil Supreme Court bars Bolsonaro from investigating Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept
2019/08/09 Administration reauthorizes 'cyanide bombs' to kill U.S. wildlife
2019/08/09 A Mexican Hospital, an American Surgeon, and a $5,000 Check
2019/08/08 We're eating this planet to death
2019/08/08 The world's largest forest has been on fire for months
2019/08/08 The window for averting a climate-driven food crisis is closing rapidly, U.N. Warns
2019/08/08 The president is a white supremacist, say Warren and O'Rourke
2019/08/08 Sanders leads 140 lawmakers in condemning president's plan to rip food stamps from 3M Americans
2019/08/08 Rising profits, rising injuries: the safety crisis at Koch Industries' Georgia-Pacific
2019/08/08 Revealed: Monsanto's 'intelligence center' targeted journalists and activists
2019/08/08 Planting trees is good. Eliminating deforestation is better
2019/08/08 New IPCC report shows how our abuse of land drives climate change
2019/08/08 Nadler: 'This is formal impeachment proceedings'
2019/08/08 Mississippi ICE raids reveal key flaw in US immigration laws
2019/08/08 Major banks give Congress a wealth of information on Russians linked to president's family, businesses
2019/08/08 I was born rich. It's time to change the system
2019/08/08 Hidden algorithm flaws expose websites to DoS attacks
2019/08/08 Here's the data on white supremacist terrorism the administration has been 'unable or unwilling' to give to Congress
2019/08/08 Graham promises ObamaCare repeal if GOP wins in 2020
2019/08/08 Document shows NRA money helped its chief search for a personal mansion
2019/08/08 Cupeño Indians being 'terminated' a century after being evicted from homelands
2019/08/08 Critical U.S. election systems have been left exposed online despite official denials
2019/08/08 Companies use borrowed billions to buy back stock, not to invest
2019/08/08 Billionaire GOP donor says he's in it for the tax cuts, not the racism
2019/08/08 Big Pharma is using faux generics to keep drug prices high, critics say
2019/08/08 AI needs your data - and you should get paid for it
2019/08/07 Google search and claims of conservative bias, explained
2019/08/07 Who owns your wireless service? Crooks do
2019/08/07 What indigenous rights have to do with fighting climate change
2019/08/07 U.S. State Department official exposed as a white nationalist organizer
2019/08/07 U.S. orders freeze of foreign aid, bypassing Congress
2019/08/07 The strategy of violent white supremacy is evolving
2019/08/07 The president quietly used regulations to expand gun access
2019/08/07 The Green New Deal must be global
2019/08/07 Severe local zero-day escalation exploit found in Steam client Services
2019/08/07 President's anti-Obamacare insurance plans are ripping people off
2019/08/07 President Bulldozer
2019/08/07 Pondering impeachment, House sues ex-White House counsel Don McGahn for Testimony
2019/08/07 Novartis CEO defends company's decision to withhold false data from the FDA
2019/08/07 New side-channel attack bypasses Spectre and Meltdown defenses
2019/08/07 More government power is the wrong way to fight white supremacy
2019/08/07 Message to Congress: big pharma's trail of greed, power, and cruelty must be stopped
2019/08/07 Leslie Wexner accuses Jeffrey Epstein of misappropriating 'vast sums of money'
2019/08/07 Kim Jong Un: Missile launches were warning to U.S., South Korea
2019/08/07 Impeachment is designed for presidents like this one
2019/08/07 How Elizabeth Warren plans to reboot the farm economy
2019/08/07 Here's why the value of China's yuan really matters
2019/08/07 Global counteroffensive against conspiracy theories has begun
2019/08/07 Elizabeth Warren unveils plan to expand broadband access
2019/08/07 Bolstering call to expand Social Security, new reporting reveals how corporations are offloading pensions
2019/08/07 Black Hat 2019- Microsoft RDP flaw leaves Azure users open to attack
2019/08/07 A reformed white nationalist says the worst is yet to come
2019/08/07 Health and labor groups sue EPA for refusal to ban pesticide linked to brain damage in children
2019/08/07 A new study reveals just how toxic a bee's world has become
2019/08/07 8 ways overseas drug manufacturers dupe the FDA
2019/08/07 EPA appoints former oil exec to head South-Central Region
2019/08/06 How a data detective exposed suspicious medical trials
2019/08/06 When the president is a bigot, the poison spreads
2019/08/06 We didn't reduce traffic deaths by banning all cars. What's the gun policy equivalent of a seat-belt?
2019/08/06 The president's words are poison
2019/08/06 Some banal thoughts about the mutuality of evil in our midst
2019/08/06 'Qutrit' experiments are a first in quantum teleportation
2019/08/06 President files lawsuit against California election law that requires his tax returns
2019/08/06 New York expands NRA inquiry to group's board members
2019/08/06 How the president's political appointees helped big banks avoid tougher punishments
2019/08/06 House Democrats praised for requesting Kavanaugh's concealed Bush admin records
2019/08/06 DOJ sides with the president to block House from investigating his finances
2019/08/06 Costa Rica powered by nearly 100% renewable energy
2019/08/06 China's credibility problem
2019/08/06 America's most powerful gun supporter
2019/08/06 A quarter of humanity faces looming water crises
2019/08/05 U.S. Treasury designates China as a currency manipulator
2019/08/05 The NRA has thrown $1.6M at Mitch McConnell to block expanded background checks
2019/08/05 Myanmar military's vast business revenue enables abuses, U.N. says
2019/08/05 Microsoft catches Russian state hackers using IoT devices to breach networks
2019/08/05 The president's campaign used Facebook ads to amplify his 'invasion' claims - and still does
2019/08/05 Environmental activists have higher death rates than some soldiers
2019/08/05 Colombia offers citizenship to 24,000 children of Venezuelan refugees
2019/08/05 Cesar Sayoc, who mailed pipe bombs to critics of the president, is sentenced to 20 years
2019/08/05 Alaska's sea ice has completely melted away
2019/08/05 5 big takeaways from Politico's national survey of election office security
2019/08/04 Why the president cares about the Pentagon's Mega-Cloud, and why that terrifies those who want it
2019/08/04 We must change food production to save the world, says leaked report
2019/08/04 The wrong way to talk about the El Paso shooter's manifesto
2019/08/04 The Second-Amendment case for gun control
2019/08/04 Sudan factions sign agreement paving way for civilian rule
2019/08/04 James Comey: the president has exploited the power of racism
2019/08/04 El Paso shooting suspect's manifesto echoes the president
2019/08/04 El Paso and the death rattle of white supremacy
2019/08/04 Clouds of microplastics are blowing into the pristine Arctic
2019/08/04 Cloudflare has had enough, cutting off 'lawless' 8chan
2019/08/04 Before election, the president sold condos to regime-connected Venezuelans
2019/08/04 Barr says the U.S. needs encryption back-doors to prevent 'going dark'
2019/08/04 Back-to-back outbreaks of racist violence in El Paso and Dayton stun country
2019/08/03 PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter: tracking the president's campaign promises
2019/08/03 North Korean prisoners publicly executed for trying to escape or steal, U.N. says
2019/08/03 New Dragonblood vulnerabilities found in Wi-Fi WPA3 standard
2019/08/03 How to get the longest life from your battery
2019/08/03 First human-monkey chimera raises concern among scientists
2019/08/03 Defying U.S. sanctions, China and others take oil from 12 Iranian tankers
2019/08/03 Anti-Islamic tweets further imperil mainstream New Jersey Republicans
2019/08/03 All migrant kids moved out of last large temporary shelter, administration says
2019/08/02 This voracious, unstoppable bug is killing off vineyards
2019/08/02 Saudi Arabia extends new rights to women in blow to oppressive system
2019/08/02 Russian-backed Kentucky mill makes PR push amid Democratic concerns
2019/08/02 President's supporters: 'we're all tired of being called racists'
2019/08/02 Is the U.S. chicken industry cheating its farmers?
2019/08/02 Emails show Stephen Miller pressed hard to limit green cards
2019/08/02 A teen scientist figured out how to suck microplastics from the ocean
2019/08/01 Ocasio-Cortez on Israel: Criticizing the occupation doesn't make you anti-semitic or anti-Israel
2019/08/01 Voter purge rates remain high, analysis finds
2019/08/01 U.S. ends Cold War missile treaty, with aim of countering China
2019/08/01 Thursday's budget deal proves once again Republicans never cared about the deficit
2019/08/01 The Senate's transportation plan reckons with climate change
2019/08/01 Right-wing talking points against Medicare for All fail against clear progressive counter-arguments
2019/08/01 Rep. Cheney accuses tribes of 'destroying our western way of life' over sacred grizzly protections
2019/08/01 POTUS says he'll hit China with new tariffs
2019/08/01 Pai's FCC orders cities and towns to stop regulating cable broadband
2019/08/01 Nuclear fallout and the downwinders' dilemma
2019/08/01 New EO sanctions Russia over chemical weapons use
2019/08/01 Most detailed ever 3D map of Milky Way shows 'warped' shape
2019/08/01 Manhattan DA subpoenas president's business over Stormy Daniels hush money
2019/08/01 Lindsey Graham breaks Senate rules to advance sweeping anti-asylum bill
2019/08/01 Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash 'could pay for green transition'
2019/08/01 Japan imposes broad new trade restrictions on South Korea
2019/08/01 White nationalists have co-opted fan fiction
2019/08/01 Detroit's indigent defense system fails poor defendants
2019/08/01 Greenland is melting - extremely
2019/08/01 FBI says extremists motivated by Pizzagate, QAnon are threats
2019/08/01 Ex-McConnell staffers lobbied for Russian-backed Kentucky project
2019/08/01 DOJ declined to prosecute Comey over memos about the president
2019/08/01 Cops are giving Amazon's Ring your real-time 911 caller data
2019/08/01 Climate change is finally getting the attention it deserved 20 years ago
2019/08/01 Climate change could trigger the next global financial crisis
2019/08/01 An absence of energy leadership in a climate crisis
2019/08/01 Administration sidesteps Congress, again, to cut SNAP, again
2019/07/31 Environmentalism's next frontier: giving Nature legal rights
2019/07/31 Top House lawyer takes center stage in legal battles against the president
2019/07/31 Three ways cities and states can ward off ransomware attacks
2019/07/31 The simple, odious reason Mitch McConnell opposes election integrity
2019/07/31 The anti-POTUS resistance has spawned a new crop of hucksters
2019/07/31 Russia will up its game for U.S. 2020 elections
2019/07/31 Over $5.3M in energy and mineral development grants awarded to 24 tribes in 11 states
2019/07/31 One chip to rule them all: it natively runs all types of AI software
2019/07/31 Jeffrey Epstein hoped to seed superior human race with his DNA
2019/07/31 Help the planet: reduce unwanted mail
2019/07/30 WHO says no more gene-edited babies
2019/07/30 When a mega-tsunami drowned Mars, this spot may have been ground zero
2019/07/30 Tribal leaders grill 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on Indian issues
2019/07/30 The government can make you legally 'dead,' even when you're very much alive
2019/07/30 The false promise of nuclear power
2019/07/30 Rural hospitals are shutting down in states that didn't expand Medicaid
2019/07/30 Republican lawmaker presses Navy on UFO sightings
2019/07/30 President's racism is a national emergency
2019/07/30 President makes clear what Black voters had to lose
2019/07/30 'No more family separations,' except these 900
2019/07/30 McConnell rushes to confirm 19 right-wing judges before recess
2019/07/30 John Ratcliffe is a dangerous pick for director of national intelligence
2019/07/30 Hate crime rising in 30 U.S. cities as overall crime rates decline
2019/07/30 Ethiopia says it planted over 350M trees in a day, a record
2019/07/30 EPA proposal scraps limits on cancer-linked arsenic-laden coal waste that can pollute water supply
2019/07/30 Chinese nationalists bring threat of violence to Australia universities
2019/07/30 California's new election law requires president's tax returns
2019/07/30 Advocacy group: bulk of president's U.S. farm aid goes to biggest and wealthiest farmers
2019/07/30 Afghan and U.S. forces blamed for killing more civilians this year than Taliban have
2019/07/30 GOP demands 'emergency' tax cut for the rich by executive order, bypassing Congress
2019/07/30 'Moscow Mitch' tag enrages McConnell and squeezes GOP on election security
2019/07/29 The bizarre, peaty science of Arctic wildfires
2019/07/29 The bill for 'America first' is coming due
2019/07/29 Parents are giving up custody of their kids to get 'need'-based college financial aid
2019/07/29 Lost cities and climate change: saying 'it has changed before' is not reassuring
2019/07/29 India's wild tiger population rises, despite conflict with humans
2019/07/29 How the U.S. could lose a war with China
2019/07/29 Global warming is pushing Pacific salmon to the brink
2019/07/29 Families in Navajo Mountain receive running water
2019/07/29 A VxWorks operating system bug exposes 200M critical devices
2019/07/28 Under Brazil's far-right leader, Amazon protections slashed and forests fall
2019/07/28 Seeing through Silicon Valley's shameless 'disruption'
2019/07/28 Russian police crack down on protesters during the largest demonstrations in a decade
2019/07/28 Many animals can't adapt fast enough to climate change
2019/07/28 Dan Coats fired for doing his job
2019/07/28 Fed pick's push for archaic gold standard troubles lawmakers
2019/07/27 No, lyme disease is not an escaped military bioweapon
2019/07/27 Miners kill indigenous leader in Brazil during invasion of protected land
2019/07/27 Less trash, more schools - one plastic brick at a time
2019/07/27 Dozens of scientists are pushing the U.N. to make environmental destruction a war crime
2019/07/26 Study highlights the high cost of private equity firms' retail buyouts: 1.3M jobs
2019/07/26 The remarkable opossum
2019/07/26 Scientists want to make it a war crime to damage the environment in a conflict
2019/07/26 People forged judges' signatures to trick Google into changing results
2019/07/26 Brazil is a bigger threat than either Iran or China
2019/07/26 Equifax might owe you $125. Here's how to get it
2019/07/26 Democrats say their impeachment inquiry has already begun
2019/07/25 How scientists built a 'living drug' to beat cancer
2019/07/25 The man who wants to save humanity from nuclear winter
2019/07/25 Study estimates physician burnout costs American health care system $4.6B annually
2019/07/25 President vetoes bills prohibiting arms sales to Saudi Arabia
2019/07/25 Jailed 'killer cop' questioned about Jeffrey Epstein's injuries
2019/07/25 Ilhan Omar: It is not enough to condemn the president's racism
2019/07/25 Europe melts under Sahara heat wave, smashes heat records
2019/07/24 What are the triads, and what is their history of violence?
2019/07/24 'We've seen this before': Jewish activists rise up against locking away migrant kids
2019/07/24 Private equity's role in retail has killed 1.3M jobs, study says
2019/07/24 NSA launches cybersecurity directorate
2019/07/24 Netflix's The Great Hack brings our data nightmare to life
2019/07/24 Judge blocks U.S. administration's bid to limit asylum seekers
2019/07/24 How Elizabeth Warren would cancel student loan debt
2019/07/24 AT&T fails to have $24M SIM-swap attack lawsuit dismissed
2019/07/24 1,000 California water systems may be at risk
2019/07/24 Why Nancy Pelosi won't impeach
2019/07/24 The USDA didn't publish its plan to help farmers adapt to climate change. Here's where they need it the most
2019/07/24 Robert Mueller's work is done. Now it's Congress's turn
2019/07/24 President wants restraining order to keep his New York tax returns away from Democrats
2019/07/24 POTUS vetoes resolutions to block Saudi arms sales
2019/07/24 Rep. Omar rejects notion that as a Muslim, she must publicly condemn Al Qaeda and FGM every 5 minutes
2019/07/24 No climate event in 2,000 years compares to what's happening now
2019/07/24 New study finds 15,000 people died because their state didn't expand Medicaid
2019/07/24 Neo-nazi SWATters target dozens of journalists
2019/07/24 Mueller won't say it, but the president clearly obstructed justice
2019/07/24 Mueller warns of Russian sabotage and rejects 'witch hunt' claims
2019/07/24 If you hate capitalism you will love this map
2019/07/24 Hypocritical Ohio law links nuke support to coal subsidies, cuts off renewables
2019/07/24 How big pharma created America's opioid carnage
2019/07/24 GOP blocks election security bills after Mueller testimony on U.S. election tampering
2019/07/24 Fecal bacteria found at more than half of U.S. beaches last year
2019/07/24 DOJ won't charge William Barr, Wilbur Ross after contempt vote
2019/07/24 Deutsche Bank's latest scandal is Jeffrey Epstein
2019/07/24 Coal miners with Black Lung slam McConnell for brushing them off in healthcare meeting
2019/07/24 Challenging EPA's new FOIA rule, suit seeks to stop 'shameful attempt to keep Americans in the dark'
2019/07/24 California looks to give gig workers their due
2019/07/24 Brain imaging weirdness adds to Cuba 'health attack' mystery
2019/07/24 BIA confronts huge backlog in aging school system
2019/07/24 As the nation's opioid crisis grew, the pills got stronger
2019/07/24 America's new school lunch policy: punishing hungry students for their parents' poverty
2019/07/24 Judge blocks asylum policy at U.S.-Mexico border
2019/07/23 Wray says FBI has recorded about 100 domestic terrorism arrests in fiscal 2019 and many investigations involve white supremacy
2019/07/23 The cruelty of the president's attack on food stamps
2019/07/23 The stock-buyback swindle
2019/07/23 The cruelty of the attack on food stamps
2019/07/23 The arguments for weakening encryption have not improved
2019/07/23 President sues Democrats to shield New York tax returns
2019/07/23 POTUS transition adviser convicted on foreign-agent charges
2019/07/23 North Korea reveals a submarine that someday might launch nuclear weapons
2019/07/23 Jeffrey Epstein moved money overseas in transactions his bank flagged to U.S.
2019/07/23 In Pakistan, a feminist hero is under fire and on the run
2019/07/23 Here's the crazy that Republicans are about to throw at Mueller
2019/07/23 'Anonymous' data won't protect your identity
2019/07/23 Android's accelerometer could be used to eavesdrop on your calls
2019/07/23 AG Barr says tech firms 'can and must' put backdoors in encryption
2019/07/22 Two unofficial U.S. operatives reporting to the president's lawyer privately lobbied a foreign government to help him win in 2020
2019/07/22 Where's the coverage of civilian casualties in the war on ISIS?
2019/07/22 'We're not ready' for foreign election interference in 2020, says Rep. Adam Schiff
2019/07/22 U.S. bars asylum-seekers who followed the rules
2019/07/22 Equifax to pay $575M for data breach, promises to protect data next time
2019/07/22 Winnebago Tribe among the first to enter industrial hemp industry
2019/07/22 Why are Native Hawaiians protesting against a telescope?
2019/07/22 Warren warns of 'coming economic crash'
2019/07/22 Warmonger Bolton has put the U.K. on a path to war with Iran
2019/07/22 VLC player has a critical flaw - and there's no patch yet
2019/07/22 U.S. administration plans to bypass courts to expand scope of rapid deportations
2019/07/22 The best algorithms still struggle to recognize Black faces
2019/07/22 Robert Mueller's testimony: what Congress needs to know
2019/07/22 Puerto Rico's week of massive protests, explained
2019/07/22 'Our paychecks bounced': U.S. workers in limbo as coalmines suddenly close
2019/07/22 New York passes the country's most ambitious climate target
2019/07/22 Israel denounced for demolishing dozens of Palestinian homes in violation of international law
2019/07/22 Department of Commerce has reached its apex of dysfunction under Secretary Wilbur Ross
2019/07/22 At the end of the fossil fuel era, the plan is to transfer the liability to Native people
2019/07/21 The U.S. is unprepared to mobilize for great power conflict
2019/07/21 Louisiana police officer suggests AOC be shot in Facebook post
2019/07/21 Inside the political crisis caused by the president's racist tweets
2019/07/20 P. T. Barnum taught us to love hyperbole, fake news, and a good hoax. A century and a half later, the show has escaped the tent
2019/07/20 Hackers breach FSB contractor, expose Tor deanonymization project and more
2019/07/19 The history behind the Supreme Court showdown over tribal land is bloody and violent. For Rebecca Nagle, it's also personal
2019/07/19 Health insurers make it easy for scammers to steal millions. Who pays? You
2019/07/19 Hackers breach 62 US colleges by exploiting ERP vulnerability
2019/07/19 Google to clamp down on Incognito Mode detection
2019/07/19 Citing discrimination, HUD denies L.A. $80M
2019/07/18 Your arrest was dismissed. But it's still in a police database
2019/07/18 Warren has a plan for Wall Street - and Wall Street isn't panicking
2019/07/18 USDA buried sweeping climate change response plan
2019/07/18 Tribal leaders: Preserve eagle feathers for federally recognized tribes
2019/07/18 The village where every cop has been convicted of domestic violence
2019/07/18 The president's politics of hate began with a 'cynical and evil' GOP memo
2019/07/18 Slack to reset passwords for tens of thousands of users
2019/07/18 Puerto Rican protestors say they've had enough
2019/07/18 IUCN red list reveals wildlife destruction from treetop to ocean floor
2019/07/18 How abusers use the courts against their victims
2019/07/18 House votes to raise minimum wage - unchanged since 2009
2019/07/18 House Dems warn that Rep. Omar is in 'imminent danger' after NC rally chants incited by POTUS
2019/07/18 EPA won't ban Chlorpyrifos, the pesticide linked by EPA experts to serious health problems in children
2019/07/18 DataSpii: How extensions slurped up browsing histories from 4M users
2019/07/18 Data broker LocationSmart will fight class action lawsuit over selling AT&T data
2019/07/18 Bill to protect Chaco Canyon from future drilling
2019/07/18 Bigoted rally chant in NC showed contempt for naturalized American citizens and the Constitution
2019/07/18 A look inside the secretive world of Guantánamo Bay
2019/07/17 DEA tracked every opioid pill sold in the U.S. The data is horrific
2019/07/17 With no evidence, the president accuses Rep. Omar of supporting al-Qaeda
2019/07/17 Why Democrats' oversight machine is moving so slowly against the president
2019/07/17 Voices of Afghan security forces on the front lines of a 17-year war
2019/07/17 U.S. punishes Turkey by canceling sale of F-35 stealth fighter jets
2019/07/17 Top Myanmar generals are barred from entering U.S. over Rohingya killings
2019/07/17 The new 'improved' deal with Iran looks like the old one
2019/07/17 The economist who would fix the American dream
2019/07/17 Sudanese military and protesters sign power-sharing accord
2019/07/17 Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9-11 victim compensation fund
2019/07/17 Racist to the Bone
2019/07/17 NRC seeks lax safety rules for aging nuclear plants
2019/07/17 National conservatism conference draws big names
2019/07/17 Iraqi Christians facing deportation feel betrayed
2019/07/17 House holds Barr and Ross in contempt over census dispute
2019/07/17 House blocks arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE in rebuke to president
2019/07/17 Hawaiian Elders arrested for protesting telescope construction on sacred mountain
2019/07/17 Flynn juggled president's campaign role with foreign lobbying, jurors told
2019/07/17 WHO declares Ebola outbreak in Congo a global health emergency
2019/07/17 Dozens arrested as 1000+ Jewish activists and allies block ICE HQ entrances demanding closure of detention camps
2019/07/17 Corporate welfare costs far more than safety nets and health care for ordinary Americans
2019/07/17 Bluetooth exploit can identify and track users of any modern device except Android
2019/07/16 Why police don't catch serial rapists
2019/07/16 The U.S. government has done 'almost nothing' to stop cyber attacks
2019/07/16 President's EPA skipped ethics reviews for several new advisers, government watchdog finds
2019/07/16 The epic criminal career of El Chapo nears its final chapter
2019/07/16 The 'religious freedom' agenda
2019/07/16 Sprint says hackers breached customer accounts via Samsung website
2019/07/16 Pompeo layers over top State Deptartment negotiator ahead of talks with Russia
2019/07/16 North Korea hints at more nuclear tests unless U.S. ends troop drills with South
2019/07/16 Microsoft is starting to auto-update Windows 10 Home & Pro users on v1803 or older to v1903
2019/07/16 Indigenous maize: who owns the rights to Mexico's 'wonder' plant?
2019/07/16 House orders Pentagon to review if it exposed Americans to weaponised ticks
2019/07/16 Hackers made an app that kills to prove a point
2019/07/16 Esper assures wary senators he'll keep military out of politics
2019/07/16 California's wildfires are 500% larger due to climate change
2019/07/16 A day after filing, the new anti-asylum policy gets hit in court
2019/07/15 I was a fast-food worker. Let me tell you about burnout
2019/07/15 Their family bought land one generation after slavery. The Reels brothers spent eight years in jail for refusing to leave it
2019/07/15 There aren't enough space explosions to explain strange radio bursts
2019/07/15 The sordid history of 'the least racist person you've ever encountered'
2019/07/15 The king of contempt
2019/07/15 Some providers fear 'brave new world' of freed patient health data
2019/07/15 Racism as campaign strategy
2019/07/15 Inside the Pentagon's game of musical chairs
2019/07/15 How Congress manufactured a postal crisis - and how to fix it
2019/07/15 Elder care is becoming an American crisis
2019/07/15 As POTUS sows discord, Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney reportedly focused on 'building empire for the right wing'
2019/07/14 The coming AI metamorphosis
2019/07/14 Republicans ready to dive off a cliff on Obamacare
2019/07/14 On the road, police power has few limits
2019/07/14 Iran Nuclear Deal was ditched to spite Obama, says former U.K. Ambassador
2019/07/14 Craigslist's Craig Newmark- 'Outrage is profitable. Most online outrage is faked for profit'
2019/07/13 Robert Mueller must finish the job
2019/07/13 Honeybees could go extinct. The EPA acts to accelerate it
2019/07/13 Democratic senators seek input from American Indian, Alaska Native & Native Hawaiian communities about climate change
2019/07/13 American Carnage: a masterful must-read on the Republican takeover
2019/07/12 Watch Al Franken grill president's new labor chief for promoting sweatshops
2019/07/12 U.S. mayors fight back and pledge help for migrants targeted in ICE raids
2019/07/12 U.S. House applauded for approving provisions targeting toxic 'forever chemicals'
2019/07/12 Turkey gets shipment of Russian missile system, defying U.S.
2019/07/12 'Tinderbox of violence': AOC tears into Stephen Miller for engineering family separation policy
2019/07/12 This year's wild, wet spring feeds massive blobs of toxic algae
2019/07/12 The latest barrier to 5G speeds? The summer
2019/07/12 The fear, like the cruelty, is the point
2019/07/12 Sweden and U.K.'s surveillance programs on trial at the European Court of Human Rights
2019/07/12 Russia is perfecting the art of crushing uprisings against authoritarian regimes
2019/07/12 Right-wingers say Twitter's 'bias' against them should be illegal
2019/07/12 Progressives got a big win against president on Iran in House defense budget
2019/07/12 Police user manual reveals Palantir collects intimate details about you and people you know
2019/07/12 Most veterans say America's wars are a waste. No one's listening to them
2019/07/12 Maryland sues notorious for-profit Group Homes, alleging 'Dickensian' conditions
2019/07/12 How to securely erase data off your phone, PC, hard drives, SSDs, and flash drives
2019/07/12 FTC approves Facebook fine of about $5B
2019/07/12 Epstein paid $350K to possible witnesses against him, prosecutors say
2019/07/12 Elizabeth Warren's comprehensive immigration proposal, explained
2019/07/12 China imports from U.S. plunge 31% in June amid tariff war
2019/07/12 Bitpoint cryptocurrency exchange hacked for $32M
2019/07/12 After dozens of Fentanyl killings, hospital CEO and 23 employees are forced out
2019/07/12 'We're almost extinct': China's investigative journalists are silenced under Xi
2019/07/11 U.S. concerned about Chinese investments in Israel
2019/07/11 U.A.E. pulls most forces from Yemen in blow to Saudi war effort
2019/07/11 Thousands targeted as ICE prepares to raid and deport undocumented migrant families
2019/07/11 The profound, unforgiving stupidity of the president's social media summit
2019/07/11 President assembles his gang of social media deplorables
2019/07/11 Pipeline lobbyist drafts resolution condemning pipeline challengers, buys meals for supporters. It passes without public comment
2019/07/11 New ruling in Mar-a-Lago intruder case raises question of Chinese espionage
2019/07/11 New designs could boost solar cells beyond their limits
2019/07/11 NASA just released an incredible map of all known exoplanets
2019/07/11 Magecart hacker group hits 17,000 domains, and counting
2019/07/11 Lawmakers introduce bill to address campus hunger
2019/07/11 Indigenous Australians want a 'voice to Parliament'
2019/07/11 How U.S. tech giants are helping to build China's surveillance state
2019/07/10 Vaping: why e-cigarettes may be more dangerous than we realized
2019/07/10 The lessons of Nissho Inoue and his cell of Zen terrorists
2019/07/10 Russia, China offer challenges in the Arctic
2019/07/10 Russia tried to funnel millions to Matteo Salvini's far-right Lega party
2019/07/10 President's July 4 stunt and weekend protests bankrupted D.C. security fund
2019/07/10 ICE widens surveillance dragnet with states' DMV photos
2019/07/10 How far will Republicans go to destroy democracy? And can they still be stopped?
2019/07/10 As POTUS touts environment record, climate analyst resigns after his testimony was censored
2019/07/10 Apidima 1 is the oldest human fossil outside Africa
2019/07/10 Acosta granted Epstein immunity from child sex trafficking charges in 2008. Now he wants 80% funding cut from agency that combats child sex trafficking
2019/07/09 Zoos called it a 'rescue.' But are the elephants really better off?
2019/07/09 Zoom vulnerability lets hackers hijack your webcam
2019/07/09 Why economists should focus on human dignity
2019/07/09 Vulnerabilities found in Logitech's proprietary Unifying USB technology
2019/07/09 Trees emit a surprising amount of methane
2019/07/09 The riptide of American militarism
2019/07/09 The real challenge for the Green New Deal isn't politics
2019/07/09 The Book of Palestine: national liberation vs endless negotiations
2019/07/09 Study warns melting of 'one of the world's most dangerous glaciers' could cause 20-inch sea level rise
2019/07/09 POTUS and GOP are blatantly encouraging foreign dictators to hack the 2020 election
2019/07/09 Only a mass movement can bring about a Green New Deal
2019/07/09 It's time to decide whether Kavanaugh is fit to be a Supreme Court justice
2019/07/09 ICE just quietly opened three new detention centers, flouting Congress' limits
2019/07/09 Former fighter pilot launches Senate challenge against McConnell
2019/07/09 Environmentalism's next frontier: giving nature legal rights
2019/07/09 DOJ grills Christopher Steele for 16 hours
2019/07/09 Carbon-saturated oceans headed toward tipping point that could unleash mass extinction event
2019/07/09 Americans shouldn't have to drive, but the law insists on it
2019/07/09 AI trained on old scientific papers makes discoveries humans missed
2019/07/08 This global observatory hunts all forms of pollution. The human toll is staggering
2019/07/08 White House blocks ex-McGahn aide from answering more than 200 questions
2019/07/08 USDA indefinitely suspends honey bee tracking survey and approves use of bee-killing pesticide
2019/07/08 The U.S. is already at war with Iran, squeezing its economy down to nothingness
2019/07/08 The president lied to the Supreme Court, then confessed, and four justices don't care
2019/07/08 Perpetual busy-ness harms individual and communal well-being
2019/07/08 New Astaroth malware campaigns use fileless execution and living-off-the-land techniques
2019/07/08 It's the end of the world as they know it: the distinct burden of being a climate scientist
2019/07/08 Immigration agency secretly searches millions of Americans' ID photos
2019/07/08 Federal grand jury probing GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy
2019/07/08 Fact-checking the president's misleading claims about his environmental record
2019/07/08 Court rules Amazon can be held responsible for defective third-party goods
2019/07/07 Why the White House is caught up in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal
2019/07/07 We have the money to fix our food system
2019/07/07 We are flushing away our forests - toilet paper is becoming unsustainable
2019/07/07 There is no 'right' v 'left': it is the president and the oligarchs against the rest
2019/07/07 'Staggering' U.N. warning that climate crisis disasters now occur weekly provokes calls for action
2019/07/07 Mexican opium prices plummet, driving poppy farmers to migrate
2019/07/07 Hong Kong youth vow to fight on as China gets tough on protest
2019/07/07 Climate change will push 120M people into poverty by 2030, and could lead to a 'climate apartheid' scenario
2019/07/07 Blindsided by a 'devastating' veto, Alaska's university system pleads for a lifeline
2019/07/07 Apache County files lawsuit over opioid epidemic
2019/07/06 What will be left when we're gone? Bones, plastic, radioactive waste, and lots of garbage
2019/07/06 Thousands of bees inexplicably vibrate on the ground and die after California earthquake
2019/07/06 State Troopers confiscate activist's phone, accidentally record themselves planning a false police report against him
2019/07/06 Sparking fires and causing injuries, another even bigger earthquake rattles southern California
2019/07/06 Rights groups say Russian-led assault killed at least 544 civilians in Syria
2019/07/06 Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein arrested for sex trafficking dozens of minors
2019/07/05 Restoring forests may be one of our most powerful weapons in fighting climate change
2019/07/05 POTUS falling almost 1M jobs short vs Obama
2019/07/05 How fake news could lead to real war
2019/07/05 As U.S. representative to the U.N., Andrew Bremberg will cause a global health catastrophe
2019/07/05 Anti-encryption laws are causing an exodus of data from Australia
2019/07/05 Alaska is baking
2019/07/04 Venezuela forces murdered thousands, then covered it up, U.N. Says
2019/07/04 Unfair food pricing is killing family farms and regenerative farming
2019/07/04 Tree planting 'has mind-blowing potential' to tackle climate crisis
2019/07/04 Stop building a spaceship to Mars and just plant trees. There's room for an extra 900M hectares of canopy cover
2019/07/04 Report: Pentagon should assume U.S. satellites are already hacked
2019/07/04 Justin Amash leaves the GOP
2019/07/04 Glenn Greenwald targeted with investigation by Brazilian government after reporting on corruption
2019/07/04 Biggest earthquake in 20 years hits southern California
2019/07/04 New estimate: Bitcoin consumes more energy than Switzerland
2019/07/03 President imposes 30% tariffs on solar panels in major blow to renewable energy
2019/07/03 What a pediatrician saw inside a Border Patrol warehouse
2019/07/03 Warren takes on Harris and Biden in battle for Black support
2019/07/03 The kids aren't alright
2019/07/03 The cruel durability of capital punishment
2019/07/03 Schumer calls for firing of Border Patrol leadership over 'toxic' culture
2019/07/03 Nearly every Democratic presidential candidate is now backing a debate on climate change
2019/07/03 China is installing a surveillance app on tourists' phones in Xinjiang
2019/07/03 Buttigieg introduces national service plan
2019/07/03 As drivers live in their cars due to poverty wages, Uber co-founder buys $72.5M mansion
2019/07/03 Acne's wonder drug Accutane is a mental-health puzzle
2019/07/03 How extreme heat overwhelms your body and becomes deadly
2019/07/02 You know your campaign's in trouble when: you have to hire fake supporters
2019/07/02 What You Need to Know About the Citizenship Question and the Census
2019/07/02 War with Iran would be a climate disaster. Why peace and climate justice are the same project
2019/07/02 Voters give Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren top grades in debate
2019/07/02 The myth of the welfare queen
2019/07/02 House files lawsuit seeking disclosure of president's tax returns
2019/07/02 Federal prosecutors to continue 'unconscionable prosecution' of humanitarian for helping migrants
2019/07/02 Congress wants DHS to study disruptive deepfake videos
2019/07/02 A lawsuit could reveal secrets about Silicon Valley's favorite philanthropic loophole
2019/07/02 The simple way Apple and Google let domestic abusers stalk victims
2019/07/02 Spies fear a consulting firm helped hobble U.S. intelligence
2019/07/02 Scientists are giving dead brains new life. What could go wrong?
2019/07/02 Photos show severe overcrowding at Border Patrol facilities in the Rio Grande valley
2019/07/02 Dems step up oversight amid migrant detention center firestorm
2019/07/02 Courts won't end gerrymandering. Eric Holder has a plan to fix it without them
2019/07/02 Citizenship question is off the 2020 census
2019/07/02 Antifa is arming itself against domestic terrorists
2019/07/01 The long, forgotten history of pro-gun left-wing groups
2019/07/01 El Salvador's president takes blame for migrant deaths in Rio Grande
2019/07/01 Dems call for firing Border Patrol agents over 'vile' Facebook posts
2019/07/01 U.S. chokehold on Iran is backfiring in the most dangerous way possible
2019/07/01 President may delay 2020 census to force citizenship question
2019/07/01 'Precipitous' fall in Antarctic sea ice since 2014
2019/07/01 Lawmakers criticize migrant holding sites on border
2019/07/01 Internet shutdowns are now just another weapon in the dictator's arsenal
2019/07/01 House Oversight chairman demands private emails from president's officials
2019/07/01 Amazon and cops contrive elaborate sting as a fear-based PR stunt
2019/06/30 Russia beating U.S. in race for global influence, Pentagon study says
2019/06/30 A 'sonic black hole' could help solve a cosmic paradox
2019/06/28 How the brain and body work together to create thinking
2019/06/28 Will climate change kill everyone, or just nearly everyone?
2019/06/28 U.S. Senate passes 11 bills for Indian country
2019/06/28 U.S. threatens to sanction any nation that imports Iranian oil
2019/06/28 Trolls demonstrate the failures of online polls
2019/06/28 The unknowns of an exotic invasive tick
2019/06/28 The infrastructure mess causing countless internet outages
2019/06/28 Senate rejects Iran war powers amendment
2019/06/28 Saudi Arabia erases science, blocks progress at Bonn climate summit, pushing dirty oil
2019/06/28 Kamala Harris just changed the direction of the presidential race
2019/06/28 How Sen. Elizabeth Warren would bolster U.S. diplomacy
2019/06/28 7 months after Florida approved an expansion of voting rights, the governor just gutted it
2019/06/27 Desalination is booming as cities run out of water
2019/06/27 U.S. officials weigh encryption crackdown
2019/06/27 Twitter clamps down on abusive speech, including by government leaders
2019/06/27 The U.S. hospitals suing the poor over bills they can't afford
2019/06/27 The Pentagon has a laser that can identify people from a distance - by their heartbeats
2019/06/27 Health effects of wildfire smoke may last a lifetime
2019/06/27 The data that trains AI increasingly calls AI into question
2019/06/27 The culture war has finally come for Wikipedia
2019/06/27 Supreme Court deals blow to adding citizenship question to census
2019/06/27 One percent of North Atlantic right whales died this month
2019/06/27 Kamala Harris on seeking to 'prosecute the case' against the president
2019/06/27 How hackers turn Microsoft Excel's own features against it
2019/06/27 Highlights from Jared Kushner's bizarre and fantastical Middle East peace conference
2019/06/27 Conservative SCOTUS allows gerrymandering
2019/06/27 An intimate look at everything Duncan Hunter allegedly bought with campaign money
2019/06/27 Airplane contrails' climate impact to triple by 2050
2019/06/27 7 big takeaways from the first Democratic debate
2019/06/27 'Children are being poisoned': California moms lead the way to chlorpyrifos ban
2019/06/26 In the energy drink market, advertising and science collide
2019/06/26 With new edict, president's EPA tries to neuter workers' rights
2019/06/26 White powder, red faces: cocaine cargo aboard Brazil presidential plane
2019/06/26 Wehrum resigns from EPA, leaving climate rule rollbacks in his wake
2019/06/26 This was the most substantive presidential debate in years
2019/06/26 Macron calls climate change a 'red line' issue at G20, rebuking POTUS
2019/06/26 I scraped millions of Venmo payments. Your data is at risk
2019/06/26 Hackers are poking at a MacOS Gatekeeper flaw Apple left unfixed
2019/06/26 Growing evidence suggests Parkinson's disease starts in gut
2019/06/26 Canada signals a willingness to challenge POTUS on his clean-car rollback
2019/06/26 Bank of America will stop lending to private-prison firms
2019/06/26 'It's gigantic': a new way to gauge the chances for unresponsive patients
2019/06/25 Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse case- Feds uphold Acosta plea deal
2019/06/25 New Silex malware is bricking IoT devices, has scary plans
2019/06/25 New estimate for a Gulf oil leak: a thousand times worse than rig owner says
2019/06/25 As ebola deaths mount in Africa, POTUS is botching the response
2019/06/25 I'm in the 1 percent. Please, raise my taxes
2019/06/24 What really happened during the last military standoff with Iran
2019/06/24 Arsenic in bottled water prompts a product removal. How much is safe?
2019/06/24 U.S. think tank says Russia tried to stir up Irish troubles
2019/06/24 'Shopping while black': customer racial profiling is a fact
2019/06/24 President's trade wars thrust farmers into desperation loans
2019/06/24 How states are trying to stop secretive data brokers trading your secrets
2019/06/24 House votes to clamp down on DOT ethics rules after Elaine Chao reports
2019/06/24 Arab world turns its back on religion - and its ire on the U.S.
2019/06/24 An illustrated history of 8.3B tons of plastic
2019/06/24 A message from the billionaire's club: tax us
2019/06/23 The National Security Adviser has no heart
2019/06/23 'Snow job'- Palestinians reject economic portion of White House peace plan
2019/06/23 President shrugs off brutal Khashoggi killing by 'important trading partner' Saudi Arabia
2019/06/23 Doctor compares conditions at immigrant holding centers to 'torture facilities'
2019/06/23 Agriculture Department buries studies showing dangers of climate change
2019/06/22 Without any warrants, CBP searched my devices at the airport
2019/06/22 Seething senators call president's environmental plans literally toxic and 'dangerously off the rails'
2019/06/22 Opinion: The real reason Iran has been provoking POTUS
2019/06/22 Fire John Bolton
2019/06/22 Colombian official is optimistic about Venezuelan exodus
2019/06/21 Suicide rate for Native American women up 139%, men up 71% since 1999
2019/06/21 Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds GOP lame-duck coup against Democratic governor
2019/06/21 William Happer pushes climate denial inside the White House
2019/06/21 The U.S. military is not a prop
2019/06/21 The Supreme Court's covert plan to gut the EPA's powers
2019/06/21 The polling industry is in crisis
2019/06/21 Scientists want to make fuel and plastic out of bacteria
2019/06/21 Rep. Ilhan Omar makes impassioned case against war
2019/06/21 President brings U.S. and Iran to brink of war with crisis he created
2019/06/21 POTUS accused of sexually assaulting writer E Jean Carroll
2019/06/21 NCAI appoints four tribal leaders as co-chairs of climate action task force
2019/06/21 Mass surveillance may be deployed over U.S. cities
2019/06/21 Indigenous people & allies tell Congress to declare a climate emergency
2019/06/21 In property rights case, justices sharply debate power of precedent
2019/06/21 How plastic seduced America
2019/06/21 Chennai, an Indian city of nearly 5M, is running out of water
2019/06/21 Apple recalls 15in MacBook Pro laptops over battery fire risk
2019/06/21 AOC is the hero we need
2019/06/21 645K Oregonians' data exposed after 9 DHS employees fell for a phishing attack
2019/06/20 Years ago, the Border Patrol's discipline system was denounced as broken. It still is
2019/06/20 What we know about Iran shooting down a U.S. drone
2019/06/20 War begets war... and nothing else
2019/06/20 3/4 of mobile apps have a security vulnerability that could expose your personal data
2019/06/20 The Green New Deal: A Capitalist Plot (part 1)
2019/06/20 The fight to control Africa's digital revolution
2019/06/20 Storms bring tornadoes, floods, and power outages across the U.S.
2019/06/20 Sonny Perdue reverses Jobs Corps closures amid backlash from Congress
2019/06/20 Senate votes to block arms sales to Gulf nations in bipartisan rebuke
2019/06/20 Obsessed Bolton keeps trying to goad Iran into war
2019/06/20 Good news for Yemen as U.K. court finds weapons sales to Saudis unlawful
2019/06/20 Ransomware gang hacks MSPs to deploy ransomware on customer systems
2019/06/20 Oregon climate bill sets off tumult: Republicans flee, police follow
2019/06/20 New York passes ambitious climate bill, aiming to meet Paris targets
2019/06/20 LoudMiner cryptominer uses Linux image and virtual machines
2019/06/20 In case you haven't read the Mueller report [vid]
2019/06/20 Hackers, farmers, and doctors unite! Support Right to Repair laws
2019/06/20 EPA relaxes emissions limits on power plants
2019/06/20 Desjardins, Canada's biggest credit union, announces big security breach
2019/06/20 Chinese companies spend big on Washington lobbyists
2019/06/20 Android apps sneakily hook up to paid subscriptions
2019/06/20 America, we need to talk: Ta-Nehisi Coates on slavery, racism, and reparations
2019/06/20 Algorithms play a quiet and often devastating role in almost every element of the criminal-justice system
2019/06/20 Aggression between the U.S. and Iran is overwhelmingly one-sided
2019/06/20 150K people's 'deeply personal' medical records exposed online - go Facebook
2019/06/20 72 Philadelphia officers benched after offensive social media posts
2019/06/19 How long should we permit dead philanthropists' misguided wills to shape the world?
2019/06/19 Cutting language training is the latest foolish retreat from global engagement
2019/06/19 Windows 10 updates now using AI to push v1803 users to v1903
2019/06/19 'We need to ban fracking': new analysis of 1,500 scientific studies details threat to health and climate
2019/06/19 U.N. health agency to remove Big Pharma-influenced opioid guidelines
2019/06/19 The corporate mandate is not to maximize the health of the many, but to maximize profits of the few
2019/06/19 TCP SACK flaws in Linux and FreeBSD
2019/06/19 Senators get classified briefing on UFO sightings
2019/06/19 Read and watch Ta-Nehisi Coates' rebuke of Mitch McConnell at the House reparations hearing
2019/06/19 President promises mass deportation of 'illegal aliens'
2019/06/19 Nearly 71M people forcibly displaced worldwide as of 2018, U.N. report says
2019/06/19 Medicare for All would save money - and lives
2019/06/19 Medical debt collector AMCA files for bankruptcy protection after data breach
2019/06/19 Indigenous and climate leaders tell Trudeau 'this pipeline will not be built'
2019/06/19 House votes to block president from misusing clean energy funds to back fossil fuels project
2019/06/19 EPA finalizes rollback of key Obama climate rule affecting coal plants
2019/06/19 Deutsche Bank faces criminal investigation for money-laundering lapses
2019/06/19 Cold War spy photos show how fast Himalayan glaciers are melting
2019/06/18 South Dakota's 'riot-boosting' law aims to curb the next Standing Rock before it even starts
2019/06/18 Sinister assault on truth: the president appears committed to destroying the very idea of facts
2019/06/18 Protect your online identity with these 5 security safeguards
2019/06/18 POTUS prepares to bypass Congress to take on Iran
2019/06/18 Military-grade surveillance, coming soon to a police department near you
2019/06/18 Google pledges $1B to ease Bay area housing crisis
2019/06/18 Feds tell 9th Circuit: detained kids 'safe and sanitary' without soap
2019/06/18 FBI warning: foreign spies using social media to target government contractors
2019/06/18 China is cutting tariffs - for everyone else
2019/06/18 Canadian permafrost thaws 70 years earlier than predicted
2019/06/18 AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka laughs at president's suggestion that unions love new trade deal
2019/06/17 In courtrooms, climate change is no longer up for debate
2019/06/17 World's primates at risk of extinction
2019/06/17 Widely used medical infusion pump can be remotely hijacked
2019/06/17 Why the Guardian is taking on America's plastic waste crisis
2019/06/17 Tennessee preacher-cop calls for execution of LGBTQ people
2019/06/17 SCOTUS declines to reinstate racially gerrymandered map of Virginia
2019/06/17 Proposal to 'pave paradise' in Galapagos for U.S. military airstrip met with criticism in Ecuador and beyond
2019/06/17 New normal: tens of thousands flee lethal temperatures topping 120°F in India
2019/06/17 Everybody has the right to live
2019/06/17 Elizabeth Warren is completely serious
2019/06/17 Companies plead against new China tariffs
2019/06/17 Climate refugees in the Indian Sundarbans struggle to survive
2019/06/17 Are rare earths the next pawn in the U.S.-China trade war?
2019/06/17 'All-out assault on science': latest EO puts expert advice on the chopping block
2019/06/17 A simple formula could be useful for air purification, space propulsion, and molecular analyses
2019/06/17 A quarter of major CMSs use outdated MD5 as the default password hashing scheme
2019/06/17 2020 Democratic primary: where the candidates stand on policy
2019/06/16 Unedited transcript: ABC News' George Stephanopoulos' exclusive interview with the president
2019/06/16 The U.S. and Russia are on opposite sides of the Syrian conflict. Except when they're not
2019/06/16 Record number of African migrants coming to Mexican border
2019/06/16 Oglala Sioux tribal officials meet with AOC
2019/06/16 Jared Kushner may have an ethics problem - to the tune of $90M
2019/06/16 It's time to switch to a privacy browser
2019/06/16 California goes even bigger on ObamaCare
2019/06/16 Boy Scouts in the Central African Republic are peacekeepers
2019/06/16 Bosses pocket GOP tax windfall as workers see job promises vanish
2019/06/16 Behind the lines: America is more involved in Syria than anyone understands
2019/06/15 U.S. escalates online attacks on Russia's power grid
2019/06/15 There's so much plastic in the environment that bees are making nests out of it
2019/06/15 The nation's largest nurses' union is pushing Medicare for All door-to-door in swing districts
2019/06/15 EPA officials spoke at a conference for climate deniers
2019/06/15 Better public schools won't fix income inequality
2019/06/14 YouTube testimonials lure patients to shady stem-cell clinics
2019/06/14 Twitter wipes out thousands of political influence accounts connected to Iran, Russia
2019/06/14 Top health official warned against controversial ObamaCare changes in private memo
2019/06/14 Pope Francis declares global climate emergency and urges action
2019/06/14 Patient data for sale online: AMCA breach is now over the 20M mark
2019/06/14 Justice Department denies Dem subpoena for president's tax returns
2019/06/14 JavaScript template attacks expose new browser fingerprinting vectors
2019/06/14 In stores, secret bluetooth surveillance tracks your every move
2019/06/14 Elizabeth Warren's rise is a plus for issue politics - and a bad sign for billionaires
2019/06/14 The highly dangerous 'Triton' hackers have probed the U.S. power grid
2019/06/14 'Flying object' struck tanker in Gulf of Oman, operator says, not a mine
2019/06/13 Hemp houses could be greener, fire-resistant and built like Lego
2019/06/13 The truth about 'sustainable' palm oil
2019/06/13 Welfare money is paying for a lot of things besides welfare
2019/06/13 Warren probes U.S.-backed $800M loan to Kushner family firm
2019/06/13 President's efforts at election tampering are growing bolder
2019/06/13 The president's electoral shenanigans are getting worse
2019/06/13 The president betrays his country again by inviting foreign interference
2019/06/13 Republicans lash POTUS for being open to foreign opposition research
2019/06/13 In exclusive interview, president says he would accept foreign interference in U.S. election
2019/06/13 How the president could give himself awesome new powers
2019/06/13 How GM microbes might upend America's toxic dependence on nitrogen fertilizer
2019/06/13 Enemy of the State
2019/06/13 Defining democratic socialism
2019/06/13 Climate change will increase risk of violent conflict
2019/06/13 Big businesses paying even less than expected under GOP tax law
2019/06/13 An expert on concentration camps says that's exactly what the U.S. is running at the border
2019/06/13 America's job listings have gone off the deep end
2019/06/13 'Let me make something 100% clear'- FEC chair lays down the law on foreign election help
2019/06/13 U.S. blames Iran for attack on oil tankers
2019/06/13 Google's push to close a major encrypted web loophole
2019/06/13 Federal agency recommends that Kellyanne Conway be removed from service
2019/06/12 The reign of the man who is upset
2019/06/12 U.S. Intelligence officials and satellite photos detail Russian military buildup on Crimea
2019/06/12 The U.S. military emits more carbon than Sweden
2019/06/12 Long-awaited upgrade to the U.S. weather forecast model is here
2019/06/12 Scientists are putting antibiotics into the ocean - on purpose
2019/06/12 Russian military buildup on Crimea
2019/06/12 National MagLab creates world-record magnetic field with small, compact coil
2019/06/12 Census fight grows as House panel backs contempt and president asserts privilege
2019/06/12 3 Republican former EPA heads rebuke the EPA on climate policy, science, and industry ties
2019/06/12 Jigsaw bought a Russian Twitter troll campaign as an experiment
2019/06/12 GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter's wife changing plea in criminal case
2019/06/12 Do you consume a credit card's worth of plastic every week?
2019/06/12 A new green fuel for satellites is so safe it won't blow up humans
2019/06/11 Who owns the Crusades?
2019/06/11 Want to see my genes? Get a warrant
2019/06/11 Inside Johnson and Johnson's quiet domination of the opioid market
2019/06/11 How Congress can help stop the killing in Sudan
2019/06/11 Climate change is the symptom. Consumer culture is the disease
2019/06/11 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Police escort Keystone XL workers off reservation
2019/06/11 President accidentally reveals his 'secret' agreement with Mexico
2019/06/11 More scientists now think geoengineering may be essential
2019/06/10 The open access wars: how to free science from academic paywalls
2019/06/10 Chao created special path for McConnell's favored projects
2019/06/10 Paralysis on America's rivers: there's too much water
2019/06/10 Facebook turned off search features used to catch war criminals, child predators, and other bad actors
2019/06/09 The elephant in the room instructs Dems on decorum
2019/06/09 Physicists see a quantum leap, halt it, and reverse it
2019/06/09 How to stop robocalls, or at least slow them down
2019/06/08 White House tried to stop official climate science testimony, documents show
2019/06/08 Diebold Nixdorf warns customers of RCE bug in older ATMs
2019/06/08 America's dental health crisis: modern life causes more tooth decay, and care is increasingly unaffordable
2019/06/08 Mixing economic and national security plunges the U.S. into multiple fights
2019/06/07 These senators are going after the biggest climate villains in Washington
2019/06/07 Windows 10 zero-day details published on GitHub
2019/06/07 U.S. tariffs have wiped out tax bill savings for average Americans
2019/06/07 U.S. and Russian warships nearly collide in the Pacific
2019/06/07 U.N. expert: Canada's toxic waste policy shows disdain for Indigenous rights
2019/06/07 The real problem with fake news
2019/06/07 The AMA stops us from getting health care
2019/06/07 Tariffs on Mexican goods may cost over 400K American jobs, 117K in Texas
2019/06/07 Methane emissions 'vastly underestimated': U.S. fracked gas export bonanza imperils planetary stability
2019/06/07 POTUS allows high-tech U.S. bomb parts to be built in Saudi Arabia
2019/06/07 Human rights in the U.S. are worse than you think
2019/06/07 How A.I. could be weaponized to spread disinformation
2019/06/07 How a Google cloud catch-22 broke the internet
2019/06/07 For two hours, a large chunk of European mobile traffic was rerouted through China
2019/06/07 After yet-another EO, EPA moves to limit states' and tribes' ability to block dirty energy projects
2019/06/07 Comcast broke law 445,000 times in scheme to inflate bills, judge finds
2019/06/07 Chicken farmers thought the president was going to help them. Then his administration did the opposite
2019/06/07 Cherokee Nation steps in during historic Arkansas River flood
2019/06/07 Bill Barr's dangerous claims
2019/06/07 Administration defers to Congress on protections for ancestral lands
2019/06/07 'I can no longer continue to live here'
2019/06/07 Why are we not spooked by just 4 chemical companies largely controlling our future food supply?
2019/06/06 Court to fracking company: Trespassing still exists - even for you
2019/06/06 Wealthy Iraqi sheikh who urges hard-line U.S. approach to Iran spent 26 nights at president's D.C. hotel
2019/06/06 Washington AG Ferguson sues U.S. administration over reversal of water quality protections
2019/06/06 Warren and Jayapal probe former top aide John Kelly's unethical profiteering off White House policy of migrant family separation and child detention
2019/06/06 The suspicious Twitter network trolling for regime change in Iran
2019/06/06 Russia and Iran plan to fundamentally isolate the internet
2019/06/06 Progressive Democrats call out Pelosi for crafting pharma-friendly drug pricing bill in secret
2019/06/06 Presumption of guilt: Amazon's home surveillance company is putting suspected thieves in its advertisements
2019/06/06 Phone companies can block robocalls by default starting today, FCC says
2019/06/06 Microplastic is poisoning natural wonder Monterey Bay at every depth scientists sampled
2019/06/06 Michael Bloomberg promises $500M to help end coal
2019/06/06 GoldBrute botnet is brute-forcing over 1.5M remote desktop servers globally
2019/06/06 Clemency for the lowly, free passes for the mighty
2019/06/06 Automakers tell POTUS his gutted pollution rules could mean 'untenable' instability and lower profits
2019/06/06 Australia's media raids and the decline of press freedom worldwide
2019/06/06 Alabama banned abortions. Then its lawmakers remembered rapists can get parental rights
2019/06/05 Windows flaw BlueKeep is so bad, even the NSA is begging you to update
2019/06/05 This Alaskan science class's final exam: wilderness survival
2019/06/05 The WIRED Guide to Aliens
2019/06/05 The return of fake news - and lessons from spam
2019/06/05 Space weather affects your daily life. It's time to start paying attention
2019/06/05 Sanders crashes Walmart meeting, blasts 'starvation wages'
2019/06/05 Metal foam stops .50 caliber rounds as well as steel, at less than half the weight
2019/06/05 Margaret Moss: the ongoing genocide of Indigenous women and girls
2019/06/05 How lobbyists are cashing in on the president's chaotic Libya policy
2019/06/05 GOP paid millions to gerrymandering expert behind census citizenship question
2019/06/05 France to end annual disposal of $900M in unsold goods
2019/06/05 Dems scrutinize State Department program attacking critics of president's Iran policy
2019/06/05 Bipartisan group of senators aims to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia
2019/06/05 Ancestry DNA test results are not only widely misinterpreted, they're potentially damaging
2019/06/05 An American emperor moment
2019/06/05 Amazon is helping police build a surveillance network with Ring doorbells
2019/06/05 Administration plans to cut school, sports and legal aid for migrant children
2019/06/05 A mythical form of space propulsion finally gets a real test
2019/06/04 Hackers steal 19 years' worth of data from a top Australian university
2019/06/04 The census case is about White Man's government
2019/06/04 Square Sends Millions of Digital Receipts, Sometimes to the Wrong Person
2019/06/04 Satellite data shows Amazon deforestation rising under Brazil's Bolsonaro
2019/06/04 Brutal heatwave hits India with temperatures over 120°F
2019/06/04 Administration Proposal Threatens Pipeline Protesters With Up to 20 Years in Prison
2019/06/03 The failure to define fascism today
2019/06/03 Nuclear experts beg Congress to push back on administration's 'dangerous impulses'
2019/06/03 House Dems to hold Barr and Ross in contempt over census question
2019/06/03 'Hallucinating' AI makes it harder than ever to hide from surveillance
2019/06/03 For years, security experts said mandatory password changing is a bad idea. Now Microsoft agrees
2019/06/03 BlackSquid malware slithers into servers and drives with 8 notorious exploits to drop XMRig miner
2019/06/03 Study exposes the health risks of gene-editing human embryos
2019/06/02 How U.A.E.'s Prince Mohammed bin Zayed influences U.S. policy
2019/06/01 The simple explanation for racial disparities in terrorism prosecutions: racism
2019/06/01 'No idea too lunatic': how the president's shock troops attack U.S. democracy
2019/06/01 An illicit chemical is again jeopardizing the ozone layer
2019/05/31 Study in Mice Says Gut Microbes Might be Directly Linked to Autism
2019/05/31 Windows BlueKeep bug isn't getting patched fast enough
2019/05/31 U.S. scientists to investigate spike in deaths of gray whales
2019/05/31 U.S. count of Iraq and Syria casualties hides true, 'devastating scale' of civilian deaths, says Amnesty
2019/05/31 Israel's unprecedented political crisis
2019/05/31 Internal govt report reveals conditions at overcrowded U.S. detention center are 'beyond barbaric'
2019/05/31 From 2009 to 2014, over 200 complaints were filed against federal agents for abusing or mistreating migrant children
2019/05/31 Edward Snowden: With technology, institutions have made the most effective means of social control in history
2019/05/31 California is far more energy-efficient than the rest of the country. Fossil-fuel backers want to stop it
2019/05/30 South Korean report says North Korea executed and purged top nuclear negotiators
2019/05/30 POTUS admits Russia helped him get elected, then denies it
2019/05/30 NICER's night moves trace the X-ray sky
2019/05/30 Native leaders ask AG Barr to help fix Alaska's law enforcement crisis
2019/05/30 Google takes a stance against permission-grabbing Chrome extensions
2019/05/30 Geothermal energy could save the climate - or trigger lots of quakes
2019/05/29 What conservation efforts can learn from indigenous communities
2019/05/29 U.S. Energy Department rebrands molecules of extinction as 'molecules of freedom'
2019/05/29 The glorious, almost-disconnected boredom of my walk in Japan
2019/05/29 Scientists voice concern about nanoparticles in the food chain
2019/05/29 Racial terror and the second repeal of Reconstruction
2019/05/29 Mueller, in first public comments on Russia inquiry, declines to clear the president
2019/05/29 Key findings of the Mueller report
2019/05/29 Hundreds of puffins washed up dead on an Alaskan beach
2019/05/29 Himalayan glacier melting threatens water security for millions
2019/05/29 Cheyenne River Sioux declare state of emergency as spring storms destroy vital reservation infrastructure
2019/05/29 Ancient rocky structure found beneath Antarctica. And it's messing with the ice
2019/05/29 Ancient DNA yields snapshots of vanished ecosystems
2019/05/29 'I was a Macedonian fake news writer'
2019/05/28 Transportation secretary Chao still profiting from asphalt-construction giant
2019/05/28 The military is locked in a power struggle with wind farms
2019/05/28 Russia's would-be Windows replacement gets a security upgrade
2019/05/28 Our war against intestinal worms has damaged our immune systems and mental health
2019/05/28 Food delivery apps are drowning China in plastic
2019/05/28 Arundhati Roy on India's elections- 'a mockery of what democracy is supposed to be'
2019/05/28 Amash accuses Barr of selling the president's 'false narrative'
2019/05/28 A hidden billion-dollar coal bailout: 'self-committing' in power markets
2019/05/28 'Dumb lies': Comey hits at president's FBI claims
2019/05/28 Why does the U.S. allow food additives that Europe says are unsafe?
2019/05/27 Senate GOP vows to quickly quash any impeachment charges
2019/05/27 U.S. administration escalates attack on climate science
2019/05/27 China is not the source of our economic problems - corporate greed is
2019/05/26 World's rivers 'awash with dangerous levels of antibiotics'
2019/05/26 Under the dome: fears that a Pacific nuclear 'coffin' is leaking
2019/05/26 U.S. Army tweet inadvertently triggers a flood of responses revealing terrible human costs of war
2019/05/26 The wrecking-ball-in-chief assaults American government. Luckily, it is strongly built
2019/05/26 The secret money behind the push to ban abortion
2019/05/26 Navy pilots report unexplained flying objects
2019/05/25 Federal judge blocks part of the border wall construction
2019/05/25 Beached whales filled with plastic: the alarming trend, explained
2019/05/24 Yet another fake emergency sidesteps Congress to send $8B in weapons to Middle East
2019/05/24 The absurdly high cost of insulin, explained
2019/05/24 Indictment of Julian Assange poses clear and present danger to journalism, freedom of speech and of the press
2019/05/24 DowDupont lavishes campaign cash on politicians who voted against a ban on its blockbuster pesticide
2019/05/24 Climate change is bringing epic flooding to the Midwest
2019/05/24 American shoppers are drowning in a sea of stuff, with too many options to process
2019/05/24 A study in Stockton, California, might prove guaranteed income can work
2019/05/23 Stronger than aluminum, a modified wood cools passively
2019/05/23 POTUS dumped thousands of immigrants in San Antonio. The city's response was a lesson in kindness
2019/05/23 42 countries agree to international principles for AI
2019/05/23 Unregulated, undisclosed, and often toxic 'fragrance' chemicals may shape serious disease trends
2019/05/23 TurboTax offers 'military discount' to trick troops into paying to file taxes
2019/05/23 Snapchat employees abused data access to spy on users
2019/05/23 Desparate president tells Barr to declassify documents
2019/05/23 California agencies fought fires on federal land. As new fire season approaches, POTUS won't reimburse
2019/05/22 Carbon credits for forest preservation may be worse than nothing
2019/05/22 U.S. cosmetics are full of chemicals banned by Europe. Why?
2019/05/22 Scientists go back in time to find more troubling news about Earth's oceans
2019/05/22 Rex Tillerson says POTUS actively avoided confronting Russia over election interference
2019/05/22 Pardoning war criminals will hurt the military, and threaten its moral authority
2019/05/22 NY Legislature passes bill to share political officials' state tax returns with Congress
2019/05/22 AOC: Facial recognition is growing amid 'a global rise in authoritarianism and fascism'
2019/05/21 Deutsche Bank has rolled on the president
2019/05/21 Ransomware attacks knock Baltimore's city services offline
2019/05/21 Huawei and global tech economy sacrificed in U.S.-China trade war
2019/05/21 Confidential draft IRS memo says tax returns must be given to Congress
2019/05/21 Cohen: president's attorney urged false testimony
2019/05/20 U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of American Indian hunting rights
2019/05/20 Judge upholds Dem subpoena for 8 years of financial records from Mazars USA
2019/05/20 How to fully protect your Mac against Zombieload bug, and how badly this affects performance
2019/05/20 Add a recovery phone number to block automated hijack attempts on your Google account
2019/05/20 3 years after the DNC hack, political parties around the world still have security flaws
2019/05/20 Tornadoes and flash floods threaten millions from Texas to Missouri
2019/05/20 Suffering unseen: The dark truth behind wildlife tourism
2019/05/19 President's team is convinced a court overhaul will drive his 2020 win
2019/05/19 No holds Barred: the push for imperial presidency
2019/05/19 Mitch McConnell embraces his dark side
2019/05/19 Corporate media setting up Iran as new 'threat' that must be confronted. It isn't
2019/05/19 Bluetooth's complexity has become a security risk
2019/05/18 Who pardons war criminals? Dictators
2019/05/18 Breaking with party, GOP lawmaker says president's conduct reaches 'threshold of impeachment'
2019/05/18 At least 186 E.U. ISPs use deep-packet inspection to shape traffic and break net neutrality
2019/05/17 Utility, regulatory failures led to biggest U.S. gas leak
2019/05/17 Threat of war with Iran is solely and unequivocally the U.S. administration's fault
2019/05/17 The GOP is on the road to mass lockups of women who have miscarriages
2019/05/17 Sanders urges lawmakers to block military action against Iran without Congressional approval
2019/05/17 Revealed: air pollution may be damaging every organ in the body
2019/05/17 New lawsuit challenges energy-intensive 'disaster for climate, wildlife, and Colorado River basin'
2019/05/17 Keystone XL Pipeline wants 167M gallons of water from Lakota territory
2019/05/17 John Bolton: the man driving the U.S. towards war ... any war
2019/05/17 Hacktivist attacks dropped by 95% since 2015
2019/05/17 Florida counties hacked by Russians could disclose their identities - if they wanted to
2019/05/17 Framing climate change and its victims as a threat to the U.S. military is dangerous
2019/05/17 Farmers are losing patience with U.S.-China trade war
2019/05/17 Facebook bans Israel's Archimedes Group over fake political activity, election disruption
2019/05/17 Blistering report details serious safety lapses at St. Luke's in Houston
2019/05/17 Bernie's mystery Soviet tapes revealed
2019/05/17 4 things to know about Australia's contentious election
2019/05/17 The volcano that built Bermuda is unlike any other on Earth
2019/05/17 Texas state bill would make protesting pipelines a felony on par with attempted murder
2019/05/17 Steven Mnuchin refuses to comply with subpoena for president's tax returns
2019/05/17 Some U.S. cities are moving into real-time facial surveillance
2019/05/17 Ocean plastics could be killing oxygen-making bacteria
2019/05/17 5G networks could throw weather forecasting into chaos
2019/05/16 Venezuelan government denounces U.S. seizure of embassy, arrest of peace activists as violation of Vienna Convention
2019/05/16 Senate Republicans are refusing to vote on any election security bills
2019/05/16 President's latest financial disclosure shows he recently took out a big loan
2019/05/16 New pick for ICE director claims magic powers: 'I can tell which migrant children will become gang members by looking into their eyes'
2019/05/16 Midwest flooding exposes another oil pipeline risk - on Keystone XL's route
2019/05/16 Letters from Washington: Your employees could be undocumented
2019/05/16 Democrats seek review of Russian investment in Kentucky
2019/05/16 Among the beneficiaries of the tariff bailout for U.S. farmers? A Brazilian-owned meat company
2019/05/16 9th Circuit upholds foreign-donation ban
2019/05/16 It's not just salt, sugar, fat: study finds ultra-processed foods drive weight gain
2019/05/16 Goznym takedown shows the anatomy of a modern cybercriminal supply chain
2019/05/16 Chagas disease infects 300,000 people in the U.S.
2019/05/16 414M pieces of plastic found on remote island group in Indian Ocean
2019/05/15 Russian government sites leak passport and personal data for 2.25M users
2019/05/15 Dawdling or ignoring the president's obsessions has become common practice in government
2019/05/15 What's going on with the U.S. and Iran, and why it matters
2019/05/15 The radio navigation planes use to land safely can be easily hacked
2019/05/15 Millions of India's indigenous Adivasi people face eviction from their forest homes
2019/05/15 'It's my homeland': Native lawmaker fights fossil fuels
2019/05/15 HHS has been secretly scrubbing crucial ACA information from government sites over the past 2 years
2019/05/15 Coalition investigates children missing from U.S. Indian boarding school
2019/05/14 Corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor and Giuliani falsely accuse Biden in secret memo to POTUS
2019/05/14 Yellowstone's grizzlies wandering farther from home and dying in higher numbers
2019/05/14 The AI supply chain runs on ignorance
2019/05/14 Our criminal justice system is built to inflict pain. Here's how we can heal it
2019/05/14 Wyden demands more information about Treasury withholding president's returns
2019/05/14 Report shows AT&T reaped $21B tax cut windfall and slashed 23,000 jobs
2019/05/14 Americans have waited 2 years for Congress to do its job. Arrests end impeachment sit-in within 2 minutes
2019/05/14 The 500 year rebellion: Indigenous movements and the decolonization of history in Bolivia
2019/05/14 San Francisco bans agency use of facial recognition tech
2019/05/14 Russia has Americans' weaknesses all figured out
2019/05/14 North Korea demands return of cargo ship seized by U.S.
2019/05/14 New Warren, Jayapal report details corporate crime free-for-all under current administration
2019/05/14 Meltdown redux: Intel flaw lets hackers siphon secrets from millions of PCs
2019/05/14 House Intel probing POTUS attorneys for possible obstruction
2019/05/14 Exxon predicted 2019's ominous CO2 milestone in 1982, while sowing public doubt
2019/05/14 Elizabeth Warren turns down Fox News town hall invite
2019/05/14 Dems tee up new document fight with DOJ over Obamacare
2019/05/14 Connecting the dots between our gigantic military and the climate crisis
2019/05/13 Chernobyl's radioactive, human-free landscape may now be a haven for plants and animals
2019/05/13 What do Native Americans want from a president?
2019/05/13 Brazen ICE arrests impede justice
2019/05/13 'Maximum pressure' won't make Iran yield
2019/05/13 WhatsApp vulnerability exploited to infect phones with Israeli spyware
2019/05/13 The fusion reactor next door
2019/05/13 Severe weather brings a tornado, flooding, and hail to the South
2019/05/13 No evidence of a connection between undocumented immigrants and crime
2019/05/13 Monsanto must pay couple $2B in largest verdict yet over cancer claims
2019/05/13 Methane detectives on the trail of a global warming mystery
2019/05/13 Indigenous Australians file landmark human rights claim with U.N. over government's inaction on climate crisis
2019/05/13 How does a spider survive 79 Gs?
2019/05/13 GOP senators have no plans to even try to stop a trade war they oppose
2019/05/13 FCC commissioners say the agency won't tell them about phone location data investigation
2019/05/13 China to retaliate on $60B in U.S. goods
2019/05/13 A Cisco router bug has massive global implications
2019/05/12 Sen. Udall introduces legislation to fund child abuse and neglect prevention in Indian country
2019/05/12 Octopus farming is 'unethical and a threat to the food chain'
2019/05/12 Nadler squeezed with calls for 'inherent contempt'
2019/05/12 China doesn't pay tariffs on imports to America - Americans do
2019/05/11 White House insists that McGahn lie about obstruction
2019/05/11 'Stop Arming Israel, Stop Bombing Gaza': thousands march in London demanding justice for Palestinians
2019/05/11 Top Democrats' staffers reportedly attended 'luxury' retreat hosted by lobbyists fighting Medicare for All
2019/05/11 Giuliani cancels Ukraine trip amid political meddling charges
2019/05/10 Secretive industry group tied to EPA air chief dissolves
2019/05/10 New HUD rule could leave 55,000 kids homeless
2019/05/10 Nearly all countries except U.S. agree to stem flow of plastic waste into poor nations
2019/05/10 Michigan limits civil asset forfeiture unless there's a criminal conviction
2019/05/10 House Democrat subpoenas six years of president's tax returns
2019/05/09 State-sponsored breaches of U.S. government networks rose 168% last year
2019/05/09 Major brands' ad money is gamed to fund fake news
2019/05/09 Child sex-trafficking victims face decades behind bars for killing their abusers. That could end soon
2019/05/09 Big pharma has a big role on the federal committee tasked with curbing opioid abuse
2019/05/09 If the U.S. is going to war with Iran, Congress needs the evidence to support it
2019/05/09 The hidden subsidy of fossil fuels
2019/05/08 The GOP is dead to planet Earth
2019/05/08 The FBI has 850 open domestic terrorism investigations
2019/05/08 New York State Senate passes bill to make president's tax returns available to Congress
2019/05/08 Michael Cohen fixed Jerry Falwell Jr.'s problem. Then the evangelical leader went to bat for the president
2019/05/08 Let's re-fund America
2019/05/08 Iran urges diplomacy as White House ramps up 'wildly reckless' threats of war
2019/05/08 House Democrats hold AG Barr in contempt of Congress
2019/05/08 California defies POTUS to ban pesticide linked to childhood brain damage
2019/05/08 'Bombshell' report: internal memos show EPA ignored agency scientists' calls to ban asbestos
2019/05/08 House committee votes to hold William Barr in contempt after POTUS invokes executive privilege
2019/05/08 POTUS asserts executive privilege to block release of full Mueller Report
2019/05/08 A secret was hiding in the president's taxes
2019/05/08 'Fake news victims' meet with Twitter and Facebook
2019/05/08 Nearly two dozen Democrats want to be president. Only two have a climate change plan
2019/05/08 How scientists are preparing for the day a large asteroid heads toward Earth
2019/05/08 Black, hot 'superionic' ice may be nature's most common form of water