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2020 COVID Resources: State, National
2020 3rd Tuesday Debate Results - Vox
2020/03/15 Physicists chip away at a mystery: Why does glass exist?
2020/03/13 President's coronavirus national emergency declaration, briefly explained
2020/03/10 Super Tuesday 2: live results - Vox
2020/03/10 If humanity went 100% geothermal power today, it would still outlast the Sun
2020/03/07 President's coronavirus press event was even worse than it looked
2020/03/06 Scientists just revealed that benzene's electronic structure exists in 126 dimensions
2020/03/05 Russia is learning how to bypass Facebook's disinfo defenses
2020/03/05 Hungry animals can change how severely a landscape burns
2020/03/05 Hackers can clone millions of Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia keys
2020/03/05 America punished Elizabeth Warren for her competence
2020/03/05 A federal judge just called out William Barr for distorting the Mueller Report's findings
2020/03/04 Bernie Sanders's revolution sputtered on Super Tuesday. His supporters think they know why
2020/03/04 Bernie Sanders wins California, largest delegate haul
2020/03/03 How the coronavirus can and cannot spread
2020/03/03 Tracking the president's visits to his properties
2020/03/03 Polluted air shortens people's lives by an average of 3 years, new study finds
2020/03/02 'Zombie votes: What happens to early ballots cast for dropout candidates?
2020/03/02 Plane contrails have a surprising effect on global warming
2020/03/02 New study challenges reliability of court psych exams
2020/03/02 Biden: 'You know, the thing.' Sure, let's go with this guy
2020/02/29 A strange and dangerous delusion of 'absolute rights'
2020/02/29 A tiny, lab-size wormhole could shatter our sense of reality
2020/02/28 Judge voids nearly 1M acres of oil and gas leases, saying president's policy undercut public input
2020/02/28 How North Korean hackers rob banks around the world
2020/02/27 Pence at CPAC: All right now
2020/02/27 In Columbia, Indigenous peoples are threatened in their own homelands
2020/02/27 Recycled nuclear waste will power a new reactor
2020/02/27 Elizabeth Warren: the one candidate who understands America's crisis of trust
2020/02/27 A flaw in billions of Wi-Fi chips let attackers decrypt data
2020/02/26 Five ways William Barr is helping to turn the U.S. into a dictatorship
2020/02/26 Delhi protests: death toll climbs amid worst religious violence for decades
2020/02/26 Climate change is pushing giant ocean currents poleward
2020/02/26 China's rover finds layers of surprise under Moon's far side
2020/02/26 Billions of devices open to Wi-Fi eavesdropping attacks
2020/02/26 ABC News suspends journalist over 'socialist' remarks in right-wing Project Veritas sting
2020/02/26 What would it take to get more farmers fighting climate change?
2020/02/26 'therE iS nO reasoN tO paniC becausE wE havE donE verY verY gooD oN thiS coronaviruS thinG'
2020/02/25 White House confirms it's purging federal employees for insufficient fealty to the president
2020/02/25 What Bloomberg did to peaceful protesters
2020/02/25 Transmit Security, an authentication company used by banks, hacked
2020/02/25 The U.S. would be better off with fewer billionaires
2020/02/25 The U.S. intelligence community is caught in a collector's trap
2020/02/25 The selling of the Democratic Primary
2020/02/25 The planet is screwed, says the bank that screwed the planet
2020/02/25 The important word when Bernie says 'Democratic Socialism' is 'Democratic'
2020/02/25 The Green New Deal versus the humongous costs of inaction
2020/02/25 The end of farming?
2020/02/25 The emperor's new goon squad
2020/02/25 She has endorsements. She has plans. But Warren is in 4th place among Black voters in South Carolina
2020/02/25 Seth Meyers on Sanders' lead: 'Most actual voters don't think like pundits'
2020/02/25 Separation of immigrant families constitutes torture, doctors find
2020/02/25 Scientists discover the first animal that doesn't breathe oxygen to live
2020/02/25 Rush Limbaugh regurgitates coronavirus conspiracy
2020/02/25 Ride-sharing is worse for the environment than driving your own
2020/02/25 Real IDs, explained
2020/02/25 President demands 2 SCOTUS justices recuse themselves from matters of personal interest to him
2020/02/25 President accuses Schiff of leaking intelligence on Russia's 2020 election interference
2020/02/25 NSA phone program cost $100M, but produced only two unique leads
2020/02/25 North Korea is recycling Mac malware. That's not the worst part
2020/02/25 New Netflix series Night on Earth shows wildlife in a startling new light
2020/02/25 Mystery zero-day in Chrome - update now
2020/02/25 Maloney, Velázquez, and AOC seek documents on disaster aid in warehoused in Puerto Rico for over 2 years
2020/02/25 Internal docs show why the U.S. military publishes North Korean and Russian malware
2020/02/25 How does Bernie pay for his major plans? Sanders campaign releases detailed answer
2020/02/25 Hernandez v. Mesa: Supreme Court says border guard who shot a child faces no consequences
2020/02/25 Heartland Institute's 'anti-Greta' will preach climate anti-science at biggest U.S. conservatives conference
2020/02/25 Educational institutions should engage more, not less, with China
2020/02/25 Earth's deepest river conceals an evolutionary mystery
2020/02/25 Covid-19 will mark the end of affluence politics
2020/02/25 Costa Rican indigenous land activist killed by armed mob
2020/02/25 Cloud Snooper malware sneaks into Linux servers
2020/02/25 Climate change and FEMA flood insurance reforms could trigger another mortgage crisis
2020/02/25 Bloomberg effort to mock Sanders with tweets praising dictators backfires
2020/02/25 Bernie Sanders can't be bought. His campaign is making me strangely hopeful
2020/02/25 Australia's fires tore through an ancient forest from Gondwana
2020/02/25 Archaeologists have discovered a lost ancient kingdom in Turkey
2020/02/25 America's endless wars persist because they don't exist (for Americans)
2020/02/25 AAPS: the doctors' group that hates government
2020/02/25 6 takeaways from the Democratic debate in South Carolina
2020/02/25 5 key moments from South Carolina's otherwise very messy Democratic debate
2020/02/24 The Sanders campaign goes beyond intersectionality
2020/02/24 Solar power just miles from the Arctic Circle? In icy Nordic climes, it's become the norm
2020/02/24 Sen. Bob Casey tells prosecutors to ignore Rudy Giuliani's 'Russian propaganda'
2020/02/24 Doug George-Kanentiio: The myth of band councils as First Nations
2020/02/24 Astrology, tarot cards and psychotherapy
2020/02/24 Annual subsidies of $400B to the fossil-fuel industry must end
2020/02/24 White-supremacist violence is terrorism
2020/02/24 USPS forced out 44K workers who got injured on the job
2020/02/24 'They won't survive': Proposed gas wells would block pronghorn migration route
2020/02/24 The Sun is mysteriously causing whales to strand and die, research suggests
2020/02/24 President's xenophobia could create a public health crisis
2020/02/24 The dead sea: Tasmania's underwater forests disappearing in our lifetime
2020/02/24 The continuing disaster aid crisis in Puerto Rico, explained
2020/02/24 Removing a GPS tracking device from your car isn't theft, court rules
2020/02/24 Police want your phone data. Here's what they can and can't get
2020/02/24 Police raid Mohawk railway camp constructed in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en
2020/02/24 Oil and gas industry rewards U.S. lawmakers who oppose environmental protections - study
2020/02/24 Data breach occurs at agency in charge of secure White House communications
2020/02/24 Canada oil-sands plan collapses over politics and economics
2020/02/24 A world to win: Millennial socialists make the case for kinder politics
2020/02/24 22 separate studies found Medicare For All would cost less than the for-profit status quo
2020/02/24 5 charts that will make Stephen Miller very happy
2020/02/24 Washington Post amplifies climate change denialism from the Heartland Institute
2020/02/24 What a coronavirus pandemic in America might look like
2020/02/24 Lead-trapping coating could make cheaper, more efficient perovskite solar cell viable
2020/02/23 This technique uses AI to fool other AIs
2020/02/23 This is how kleptocracies work
2020/02/23 The lie of healthcare 'choice'
2020/02/23 National security adviser O'Brien denies Russian meddling on president's behalf
2020/02/23 Gravitational waves have revealed a stellar mystery
2020/02/23 Exclusive: the president's hit list of 'disloyal' subjects
2020/02/23 Bernie Sanders's plans may be expensive but inaction would cost much more
2020/02/23 Anand Giridharadas on Sanders victory in Nevada: 'A wake up moment for the American power establishment
2020/02/22 Should the U.S. have a secretary for influence operations?
2020/02/22 What would happen if the president refused to leave office?
2020/02/22 What billionaires really love about hard work
2020/02/22 There are worse things to fear than an Electoral College tie
2020/02/22 Why Russia would support Sanders and the incumbent
2020/02/22 President quietly issues memo that could abolish union rights for 750K federal workers
2020/02/22 Opinion: America's Parasite
2020/02/22 Latinos were Bernie Sanders's key to victory in Nevada
2020/02/22 Justice Sotomayor warns that SCOTUS is doing special favors for U.S. administration
2020/02/22 Hackers could shut down satellites - or turn them into weapons
2020/02/22 Bernie Sanders condemns Russian interference into his campaign
2020/02/22 A Mexican oil chief's hide-out: sea views and 2 golf courses
2020/02/22 A cobalt crisis could put the brakes on electric car sales
2020/02/21 Senior intelligence official told lawmakers that Russia wants to see POTUS re-elected
2020/02/21 Why the president fired intel chief Joseph Maguire over reports of Russia meddling in 2020 election
2020/02/21 White House report is 'pure propaganda' for AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast
2020/02/21 USC offers free tuition to students whose families make $80K or less
2020/02/21 The troubling obsession with political 'tribalism'
2020/02/21 President's new spy chief worked for foreign politician the U.S. accused of corruption
2020/02/21 The House wants to know what Ring is doing with footage from your house
2020/02/21 Senior intelligence official told lawmakers Russia wants president reelected
2020/02/21 Revealed: bots produce a quarter of all tweets about climate crisis
2020/02/21 President's unhinged rally in Colorado highlights stakes of 2020 election, observers say
2020/02/21 The president's ego is causing a national security nightmare
2020/02/21 Our Founders didn't intend for pardons to work like this
2020/02/21 Ocasio-Cortez builds progressive campaign arm to challenge Democrats
2020/02/21 In case on wealth test for green cards, a scathing Sotomayor dissent
2020/02/21 How the president hollowed out U.S. national security
2020/02/21 For decades, Roger Stone embraced the dark arts of political sabotage and trickery. Has history finally caught up with him?
2020/02/21 As donations flood RNC, operatives and its chief of staff have created shell companies that obscure how much they get paid
2020/02/21 Amazon confronts criticism over 'Hunters' and sale of nazi propaganda
2020/02/21 Russia doesn't want Bernie Sanders. It wants chaos
2020/02/21 President's Colorado rally featured an extended meltdown
2020/02/21 President is making a mockery of AG Bill Barr
2020/02/21 Let the Boy Scouts die out already
2020/02/20 Hackers are using the coronavirus panic to spread malware
2020/02/20 Bloomberg's nondisclosure agreements and allegations of sexism, explained
2020/02/20 A good fight to have about Medicare For All
2020/02/20 The State of Defense 2020
2020/02/20 The Russian trolls' next favorite candidate
2020/02/20 The radicalism of Warren's unapologetic aggression
2020/02/20 The coronavirus's lesson for climate change
2020/02/20 Tesla approaches 400 mile range
2020/02/20 Over 570 groups endorse Sander's and AOC's fracking ban act as 'essential and urgent climate action'
2020/02/20 Oklahoma's tribes unite against a common foe: their Cherokee Governor
2020/02/20 New study projects severe water shortages in the Colorado River basin
2020/02/20 It's Jeff Bezos's planet now
2020/02/20 ISS World 'malware attack' leaves employees offline
2020/02/20 How common mental shortcuts can cause major physician errors
2020/02/20 A huge discovery in the world of viruses
2020/02/20 A good fight to have about Medicare For All
2020/02/20 Lawmakers are warned that Russia is meddling to re-elect the president
2020/02/19 How big of a scam are 'coronavirus protection kits'?
2020/02/19 Beginning a courageous journey: connecting science & justice
2020/02/19 Workers are struggling because labor law is broken
2020/02/19 President just granted clemency to several more high-profile white-collar convicts
2020/02/19 The pipeline crisis was centuries in the making
2020/02/19 Government won't say how much taxpayer money it has spent at president's properties
2020/02/19 The first days of the president's Regime
2020/02/19 The 11 criminals granted clemency by the president had one thing in common: connections
2020/02/19 Progressives praise Sanders for answer on Israel-Palestine conflict at CNN Town Hall
2020/02/19 President takes up call for Barr to 'clean house' at DoJ
2020/02/19 POTUS offered Assange a pardon if he denied Russia gave him emails, lawyer says
2020/02/19 Physicists come closer to answering question of antimatter's scarcity
2020/02/19 Methane from oil and gas production may be a far bigger climate threat than we knew
2020/02/19 McConnell, McCarthy, and Graham condemned for 'pathetic' defense of AG Barr as 'man of highest character'
2020/02/19 Massachusetts Representative David Nangle was arrested Tuesday on more than two dozen fraud and tax evasion charges
2020/02/19 How powerful is this right-wing shadow network?
2020/02/19 Explosions and sinkholes: the sordid history of Sunoco's pipelines in Pennsylvania
2020/02/19 Everywhere basic income has been tried, in one map
2020/02/19 Editorial: A moron unleashed
2020/02/19 Deutsche Bank's perilous pursuit of profit
2020/02/19 Big Telecom says it has First Amendment right to sell your private data
2020/02/19 Bernie Sanders's aggressive climate change strategy: 5 things to know
2020/02/19 A list of the president's pardons and commutations
2020/02/19 Physicists take their closest look yet at antimatter atoms
2020/02/19 Cheap nanoparticles pave the way for carbon-neutral fuel
2020/02/18 Women from every corner occupy Brasilia: the Marcha das Margaridas
2020/02/18 Veterans coalition condemns president's continued attacks on Army officer who testified against him
2020/02/18 U.S. natural gas operator shuts down for 2 days after ransomware infection
2020/02/18 TurboTax is still tricking customers with tax prep ads that misuse the word 'free'
2020/02/18 This device generates electricity from the air using a strange microbe
2020/02/18 The Incumbent is going to lie and cheat to stay in power
2020/02/18 The Arctic is getting greener. That's bad news for all of us
2020/02/18 The administration finally broke the anti-trafficking movement
2020/02/18 Stephen Miller's New York Times wedding announcement sparks backlash for omissions
2020/02/18 Scientists are generating virtual universes to study strange gigantic structures
2020/02/18 Researchers debate the best way to monitor Atlantic Ocean's 'conveyor belt'
2020/02/18 President contradicts advisers on China technology fears
2020/02/18 Malware and HTTPS: a growing love affair
2020/02/18 Lenovo, HP, Dell peripherals face unpatched firmware bugs
2020/02/18 ISPs sue Maine, claiming web-privacy law violates their free-speech rights
2020/02/18 Greenpeace finds labels on plastic products 'mislead the public and harm America's recycling systems'
2020/02/18 From school lunch to SNAP, new attacks on kids' health and nutrition
2020/02/18 Even the hardy tardigrade will take a hit from global warming
2020/02/18 Encoding stolen credit card data on barcodes
2020/02/18 Critics skeptical of Bezos pledge of $10B to fight climate crisis
2020/02/18 Cool butterfly effect: Insect equipment could inspire heat-radiating tech
2020/02/18 Conservative SCOTUS justices take aim at Scalia's landmark ruling on religious freedom and government overreach
2020/02/18 You can't afford to get sick: Why workers at the country's largest health contractor want a union
2020/02/17 Wet'suwet'en take another anti-pipeline struggle mainstream
2020/02/17 U.N. condemns 'shocking' and 'terrible' U.S.-backed Saudi coalition bombing that killed 31 Yemeni civilians
2020/02/17 They've abandoned us: Srebrenica survivors still living in camps
2020/02/17 Supercool materials that send heat to space
2020/02/17 The student loan appeal process the government doesn't tell you about
2020/02/17 Escalating class war against Bernie Sanders by power elites that thrive on economic injustice
2020/02/17 The benefits of intermittent fasting
2020/02/17 Sharp: Tribal sovereignty still threatened from 'every corner'
2020/02/17 NSA whistleblower who leaked 2016 Russian election-hacking report petitions for clemency
2020/02/17 New extortion scheme: Pay up, or we'll make Google ban your ads
2020/02/17 Meet the sulfur miners risking their lives inside a volcano
2020/02/17 Jury awards grower $265M in damages from drift of Monsanto's Dicamba. 'This verdict is just the tip of the iceberg'
2020/02/17 Jeff Bezos pledges $10B to stop climate change
2020/02/17 Inside Australia's climate emergency: the taps run dry
2020/02/17 German arrests reveal far-right terrorist plot to attack multiple mosques
2020/02/17 From trailer park to White House, president's wealthy spiritual adviser urges followers to pay her instead of their bills
2020/02/17 Finding Neverland
2020/02/17 Federal judges' association calls emergency meeting after DoJ intervenes in Roger Stone case
2020/02/17 Donald Ayer: Bill Barr must resign
2020/02/17 Bottled water companies should not extract an essential public resource and sell it for private profit
2020/02/17 America is alone in its cold war with China
2020/02/17 Wildcat strike grows out of housing crisis
2020/02/17 A car 'splatometer' study finds huge insect die-off
2020/02/17 211M gallons of sewage spilled into Fort Lauderdale waterways, officials say
2020/02/17 Stephen Miller just got married
2020/02/17 'QAnon' deploys 'information warfare' to influence the 2020 election
2020/02/17 John Bolton hints at how much more he still has to tell
2020/02/16 Signal is finally bringing its secure messaging to the masses
2020/02/16 Seriously, what's going on at the Justice Department?
2020/02/16 More than 1,100 former DoJ officials say Attorney General Bill Barr must resign
2020/02/16 Costa Rica's largest drug bust nets 5 tons of cocaine bound for Netherlands
2020/02/16 Buttigieg won't take lectures on family values from Limbaugh or president's supporters
2020/02/16 Britain battered as storm Dennis brings landslides and travel chaos
2020/02/16 Mississippi flood crests, full damage is yet to be seen
2020/02/16 As homelessness plagues Los Angeles, success comes for veterans
2020/02/16 AI systems claiming to 'read' emotions pose discrimination risks
2020/02/15 The tiny indigenous village that ground Canada to a halt
2020/02/15 The Sunrise Movement is taking the climate fight to Big Oil's home turf
2020/02/15 The end of Australia as we know it
2020/02/15 The corrosion of world order in the age of POTUS 45
2020/02/15 State Department keeps quiet as Pompeo meets Lavrov in Munich
2020/02/15 Report: Barr protected Turkish bank from prosecution to appease Erdogan
2020/02/15 Florida doctor bilked $26M from health insurers, officials say
2020/02/15 A presidency increasingly guided by suspicion, distrust, and paranoia
2020/02/15 Feeding China is wrecking the Amazon
2020/02/15 Report raises more questions about Bloomberg's alleged sexual harassment
2020/02/15 Ruth Bader Ginsburg versus the Equal Rights Amendment
2020/02/15 Ukrainian president asks POTUS to "Please, please stop saying that Ukraine is a corrupt country"
2020/02/14 Climate gentrification - caught between steel and sea level rise
2020/02/14 Utah representative proposes bill to stop Payday lenders from taking bail money from borrowers
2020/02/14 U.S. government goes all in to expose new malware used by North Korean hackers
2020/02/14 This is why the GOP can't have nice climate plans
2020/02/14 The president's war on the poor
2020/02/14 SMS phishing campaign targets mobile bank app users in North America
2020/02/14 Newly leaked documents show Pentagon was studying UFO-related phenomena
2020/02/14 Huawei controversy highlights 5G security implications
2020/02/14 New spin on 3D printing can produce an object in seconds
2020/02/14 U.S. GAO to investigate president's $28B farm bailout program for alleged mismanagement and unfair allocation
2020/02/14 The U.S. administration vs. children
2020/02/14 The inconvenient truth about ISIS
2020/02/14 Russians pressure U.S. forces in northeast Syria
2020/02/14 Researchers: Hackers can seize control of ballots cast using the Voatz voting app
2020/02/14 President's plan to unveil next round of tax scam just before 2020 election slammed as another political ploy
2020/02/14 Contradicting past denials, president admits sending Giuliani to Ukraine
2020/02/14 President conscripts DoJ into his reelection campaign
2020/02/14 Opinion - Who's profiting from your outrageous medical bills? The same people who should be fixing them
2020/02/14 Open access journals get a boost from librarians - much to Elsevier's dismay
2020/02/14 Kyiv-on-the-Potomac: now we know what kind of authoritarian the president aspires to be
2020/02/14 In three months, 800,000 Syrians, mostly women and children, have fled relentless airstrikes
2020/02/14 How the president's relationship with AG Barr got so complicated
2020/02/14 'Code for massive cuts': audio shows GOP Sen. Joni Ernst telling donors she wants 'changes' to Medicare, Medicaid
2020/02/14 Appeals court rejects president's Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas
2020/02/14 A former border agent at risk of deportation
2020/02/14 President is sending armed tactical forces to arrest immigrants in sanctuary cities
2020/02/14 Coronavirus crisis shows China's governance failure
2020/02/13 U.S. should accept Russia's proposed moratorium on post-INF missiles
2020/02/13 Security researchers find flaws in online voting system tested in five states
2020/02/13 President may approve strip mining on Tennessee's protected Cumberland Plateau
2020/02/13 Court rebukes EPA's ban on independent science advisors
2020/02/13 You may not even know you're spreading lies
2020/02/13 Why did AG Barr pick Pittsburgh to be Rudy Giuliani's Ukraine conduit?
2020/02/13 War Addicts, Inc.
2020/02/13 U.S. charges Huawei with racketeering, adding pressure on China
2020/02/13 Twin dangers of scorching days and sweltering nights are on the rise
2020/02/13 President aims to divert nearly $4B from DoD to fund his vanity wall
2020/02/13 The U.S. hits Huawei with new charges of trade secrets theft
2020/02/13 The Roger Stone case and the fiasco at Bill Barr's Justice Department, explained
2020/02/13 The presidency enters its most dangerous phase
2020/02/13 Impeachment and acquittal of president revealed deep flaws in Constitutional system
2020/02/13 The challenge of sustainable chocolate
2020/02/13 'Sloppy' mobile voting app used in four states has 'elementary' security flaws
2020/02/13 Senate passes war powers resolution to stop president from launching illegal attack on Iran
2020/02/13 Sanders says GOP budget chair won't hold hearing on proposed budget because it would expose president as 'fraud that he is'
2020/02/13 President's tariffs intensified a farm crisis. His latest plan would make it even worse
2020/02/13 Playing on Kansas City radio: Russian propaganda
2020/02/13 North Dakota tribes score key voting rights victory
2020/02/13 No. 1 sponsor of terrorism? U.S. media name Iran, but overlook a stronger candidate closer to home
2020/02/13 New elections app 'is so riddled with security issues that no one should be using it' - MIT
2020/02/13 Nasty Android malware reinfects its targets, and no one knows how
2020/02/13 Mnuchin admits budget cuts Social Security while president lies about 'not touching' the program
2020/02/13 Michael Bloomberg's polite authoritarianism
2020/02/13 Many Americans don't know the president inherited most of his money from his father - and squandered it
2020/02/13 John Kelly on Alexander Vindman, North Korea, and the president
2020/02/13 How pundits manipulate math to dismiss Sanders
2020/02/13 Former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch warns of 'amoral' U.S. foreign policy
2020/02/13 Esper defends stripping Stars and Stripes of all funding
2020/02/13 End the GOP: In order to save our democracy, we must not merely defeat the Republican party
2020/02/13 California police have been illegally sharing license plate reader data
2020/02/13 Bd: the cascading consequences of the worst disease ever
2020/02/13 As household debt hits record $14T, Fed solution is to dig a deeper hole
2020/02/13 Antarctica broke two temperature records in a week
2020/02/13 America and Israel against the world
2020/02/13 Accusing U.S. of crimes against humanity, Venezuela calls on ICC to investigate sanctions
2020/02/13 500 Chrome extensions secretly uploaded private data from millions of users
2020/02/13 Amazon's disposable tech is waste even as it leaves the factory
2020/02/13 Want unlimited clean energy? Just drill the world's hottest well
2020/02/13 John Kelly on Alexander Vindman, North Korea, and the president
2020/02/13 Details pour in from New Horizons' visit to a Kuiper Belt object
2020/02/13 Annually, Medicare For All would save 68K lives and $450B - Yale study
2020/02/12 What Wall Street really means when it talks about 'climate risk'
2020/02/12 More veterans killed themselves in last decade than died in Vietnam
2020/02/12 Bernie Sanders has an MSNBC problem
2020/02/12 The Sanders Doctrine
2020/02/12 The media's lousy election analysis is damaging political discourse
2020/02/12 Is the CIA's director going full MAGA?
2020/02/12 If re-elected in 2020, the president could trigger an international climate catastrophe
2020/02/12 Global financial giants swear off funding an especially dirty fuel
2020/02/12 Mac computers now outpace Windows in malware
2020/02/12 Warren says AG William Barr must 'resign or face impeachment' for intervening in Roger Stone case
2020/02/12 War on autopilot will be harder than the Pentagon thinks
2020/02/12 Wall St. giant says Sanders would 'ruin' the Economy. Translation: the rich would have less pocket-change
2020/02/12 U.N. publishes list of companies with ties to Israeli settlements
2020/02/12 This app automatically cancels and sues robo-callers
2020/02/12 The media's lousy election analysis is damaging political discourse
2020/02/12 The administration's attempt to kill one of America's strongest climate policies has been a complete debacle
2020/02/12 Scientists find evidence of 'ghost population' of ancient humans
2020/02/12 Progressives rip media attempts to downplay Bernie Sanders win in NH primary
2020/02/12 President quietly slashed pay raise for federal workers a day before claiming U.S. economy is best 'in history'
2020/02/12 New report says air pollution from fossil fuel combustion causing 4.5M deaths each year
2020/02/12 New conservative climate plans are neither conservative nor climate plans. They're designed to protect fossil fuels
2020/02/12 Mozilla issues final warning to websites using TLS 1.0
2020/02/12 Juul bought ads appearing on Cartoon Network and other youth sites, suit claims
2020/02/12 Ilhan Omar unveils bold proposal for U.S. foreign policy 'deeply rooted in justice'
2020/02/12 DoorDash's anti-worker tactics backfired spectacularly in ruling on forced arbitration
2020/02/12 'Do your job': Tribes slam administration on sovereignty and homelands
2020/02/12 Deepwater Horizon oil spread much farther than previously known
2020/02/12 Cost cutting algorithms are making your job search a living hell
2020/02/12 Billions of acres of cropland lie within a new frontier. So do 100 years' worth of carbon emissions
2020/02/12 Autocratic purge
2020/02/12 Arab leaders have many colorful names for Kushner's monstrous apartheid plan
2020/02/12 American justice isn't impartial anymore
2020/02/12 America's hopelessly anemic response to one of the largest personal-data breaches ever
2020/02/11 The U.S. administration's attacks on science are putting kids in harm's way
2020/02/11 The president is drafting on Obama's economy
2020/02/11 President to Payday lenders: let's rip America off again
2020/02/11 Mystery woman targets Sanders campaign in suspected sting operation
2020/02/11 Amid coronavirus outbreak, president proposes slashing CDC budget
2020/02/11 The U.S. military is not ready for a Constitutional crisis
2020/02/11 Meet the guy selling wireless tech to steal luxury cars in seconds
2020/02/11 In wildfire's wake, another threat: drinking water contamination
2020/02/11 Thugs R Us: Roger Stone prosecutors all quit after DoJ meddles in sentencing to appease mad king
2020/02/11 Sugary drink consumption plunges in Chile after new food labeling law
2020/02/11 Mathematicians are studying planet-sized quantum computers with god-like powers
2020/02/10 Psychopath nation: Why our foreign policymakers can't quit interventionism
2020/02/10 DoD's 2021 budget would trim arsenal, shift funds to arms development
2020/02/10 The billion-dollar disinformation campaign to reelect the president
2020/02/10 How 4 Chinese hackers allegedly took down Equifax
2020/02/09 Why is the healthcare industry still so bad at cybersecurity?
2020/02/09 What happens when 'QAnon' seeps from the web to the offline world?
2020/02/09 West Virginia legislation would make civil disobedience against gas pipelines a felony
2020/02/09 The universal law of turbulence isn't so unruly after all
2020/02/09 The president is about to wreck safety-net programs, just like he promised not to do
2020/02/09 President's allies plan to keep investigating the Bidens, officially and unofficially
2020/02/09 Overspending on the Pentagon won't make us safer
2020/02/09 If work dominated your every moment, would life be worth living?
2020/02/09 How to share files securely online: Dropbox, Firefox Send, and more
2020/02/09 How China is working to quarantine the truth about the coronavirus
2020/02/09 DoJ reviewing information from Giuliani on the Bidens, Graham says
2020/02/09 Climate justice and Indigenous rights advocates rally in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en People as RCMP continue raids
2020/02/09 Buttigieg confirms status as austerity candidate calling to 'reduce deficit'
2020/02/08 Ranchers feel blindsided by border wall
2020/02/08 Twin deaths expose threat to monarch butterflies and their defenders
2020/02/08 To survive, Venezuela's leader gives up decades of control over oil
2020/02/08 The vengeful, lawless, corporate toady president explodes
2020/02/08 Republicans are increasingly smitten with Vladimir Putin
2020/02/08 India's data protection bill threatens global cybersecurity
2020/02/08 Impunity is triumphing over integrity; attacks on public servants will do lasting damage to American diplomacy
2020/02/08 How to get your Yahoo breach settlement money
2020/02/08 President's new budget diverts $800B, from safety-net programs he said he 'wouldn't touch', to fat cats, war, and his vanity wall
2020/02/08 Doing the right thing was Vindman's only 'crime'
2020/02/08 Area sacred to Indigenous nations is being destroyed for border wall
2020/02/08 America's twofold original sin
2020/02/08 Alexander Vindman lawyer attacks president for lies
2020/02/08 Acronym, Shadow, and the app at the center of the Iowa Caucus meltdown, explained
2020/02/07 Windows trust in abandoned code lets ransomware burrow deep into targeted machines
2020/02/07 Why you can't bank on backups to fight ransomware anymore
2020/02/07 Why would a billionaire charge the Secret Service $650 a night?
2020/02/07 U.S. Army wants to see through walls - and ID people on the other side
2020/02/07 There is no sustainable way to fly
2020/02/07 The radical possibilities of not paying your student loans
2020/02/07 The EU's green deal is a colossal exercise in greenwashing
2020/02/07 The Empire Strikes Back: Post impeachment, the president dives deeper into the Dark Side
2020/02/07 Fossil fuel industry's climate destruction exacerbates human rights abuses - report
2020/02/07 New documents reveal Koch money has been corrupting America for over four decades
2020/02/07 Mike Bloomberg will pay you $150 to say nice things about him
2020/02/07 Law enforcement is now buying cellphone location data from marketers
2020/02/07 Keystone XL is back. The anti-pipeline movement is ready
2020/02/07 Iraqi officials say ISIS, not Iran, likely behind rocket attack that POTUS used to justify killing Soleimani
2020/02/07 In Syria, 'We are left to face death alone'
2020/02/07 How Louisiana lawmakers stop residents' efforts to fight Big Oil and Gas
2020/02/07 How the new coronavirus compares with influenza
2020/02/07 From the latest recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Rush Limbaugh in his own words
2020/02/07 Facebook's bug bounty caught a data-stealing spree
2020/02/07 Facebook, Google, YouTube order Clearview to stop scraping faceprints
2020/02/07 Despite criticism, the GOP continues to send out political mailers disguised as official Census documents
2020/02/07 Cybercrooks busted for multimillion-dollar identity fraud
2020/02/07 Clearview's facial recognition app is identifying child victims of abuse
2020/02/07 'Blatant lie': Seema Verma claims president not cutting Medicaid as he pushes plan doing just that
2020/02/07 7 takeaways from the Democratic debate in New Hampshire
2020/02/06 With impeachment, America's epistemic crisis has arrived
2020/02/06 U.S. broadband gaps are twice as bad as the government claims
2020/02/06 The most important thing every parent needs to know about car seat safety
2020/02/06 The FBI just put White nationalists and neo-nazis on the same threat level as ISIS
2020/02/06 The cultural distances between us
2020/02/06 Abuses of objectivity
2020/02/06 Senate report criticizes response to Russian meddling and blames partisanship
2020/02/06 President's final plan to open treasured public lands in Utah called 'sellout to Big Oil'
2020/02/06 President's fans flooded hotline to obstruct Iowa caucus, Democrats say
2020/02/06 President opens his bizarre victory speech by admitting he obstructed justice
2020/02/06 Opinion: Changes to the Census could make small towns disappear
2020/02/06 Ocean currents are speeding up, driven by faster winds
2020/02/06 Neo-nazi terror group 'The Base' linked to war in Ukraine
2020/02/06 Man dubbed 'largest facilitator' of child abuse images pleads guilty
2020/02/06 Largest maker of pesticide chlorpyrifos linked to brain damage in kids to stop producing it
2020/02/06 In heartfelt monologue, Colbert thanks Romney for political courage
2020/02/06 How Mitch McConnell delivered acquittal for the president
2020/02/06 Google Play apps with 470K installs can log in to your Facebook and Google accounts
2020/02/06 Fossil fuels aren't even a very good investment
2020/02/06 Evenflo tells parents its 'Big Kid' booster seats are 'side-impact tested'
2020/02/06 DoJ says it will investigate deadly conditions at four Mississippi prisons
2020/02/06 Colonialism: Violent police raid on camp blocking pipeline construction on Indian land
2020/02/06 China's lavish funds lured U.S. scientists. What did it get in return?
2020/02/06 Bumblebees' decline points to mass extinction - study
2020/02/06 Brazil: Judge dismisses cybercrimes accusations against Glenn Greenwald
2020/02/06 As coronavirus spreads, China's military is largely MIA
2020/02/06 An algorithm that grants freedom, or takes it away
2020/02/06 America's immigration courts are now designed to fail
2020/02/05 Will an ex-missionary shield Brazil's Tribes from outsiders, or destroy their cultures?
2020/02/05 Why House Democrats passed bills reining in the president's war machine
2020/02/05 When it comes to climate hypocrisy, Canada's leaders have reached a new low
2020/02/05 WhatsApp bug allows malicious code-injection, One-Click RCE
2020/02/05 Welcome to the era of supercharged lithium-silicon batteries
2020/02/05 'We will continue to fight,' protesters vow after Canadian court dismisses Indigenous challenge to Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion
2020/02/05 U.S. threatens Venezuela with 'crippling' measures as POTUS meets Guaidó
2020/02/05 Twitter admits to raid on users' phone numbers
2020/02/05 TurboTax and others charged 14M Americans $1B for tax prep that should have been free, audit finds
2020/02/05 Toxic soup of malicious warez hosted on Bitbucket get more than 500K downloads
2020/02/05 This renewable energy device powers 100 LEDs with a single drop of water
2020/02/05 The terrifying science behind the locust plagues of Africa
2020/02/05 The story of the Ukraine scandal begins with documents dumped in a river
2020/02/05 The Senate has convicted itself
2020/02/05 The president has never looked more comfortable as a demagogue
2020/02/05 The impeachment trial: witness to a farce
2020/02/05 SotU 2020- The president just gave Americans a lesson in White history
2020/02/05 One of America's most prominent racists just received the Presidential Medal of Freedom
2020/02/05 Senate acquits president
2020/02/05 Sanders rips president for bragging about oil boom
2020/02/05 Opinion: In private, Republicans admit they acquitted out of fear
2020/02/05 Netanyahu backtracks on plan for swift Palestinian land grab. Israeli settlers are furious
2020/02/05 My surreal afternoon with the president's favorite Black supporter
2020/02/05 Mitch McConnell can't bury the truth forever
2020/02/05 In Iowa, Sanders and Buttigieg approached climate from different angles - and scored
2020/02/05 Hundreds of Salvadorans deported by U.S. were killed or violently abused - report
2020/02/05 How Mitt Romney decided the president is guilty
2020/02/05 'Full exoneration': Nope. 'Impeached forever': Yep
2020/02/05 Former Mississippi welfare director charged with embezzling millions
2020/02/05 FCC accuses carriers of being 'gateways' for foreign robo-callers
2020/02/05 DoJ reviews allegation that Erik Prince misled Congress in Russia probe
2020/02/05 Critical Cisco 'CDPwn' flaws affect millions of devices
2020/02/05 Beyond the partisan fight, a wealth of evidence about POTUS and Ukraine
2020/02/05 America is in denial about the level of poverty in this country
2020/02/05 AOC message for Democrats: Vote for the Democratic nominee 'no matter who it is'
2020/02/05 23 dangerous propositions the Senate just ratified
2020/02/04 Brotherhood of the Buffalo: new partnership promotes food soveriegnty, helping tribal farmers and ranchers
2020/02/04 What the president has done to the courts, explained
2020/02/04 Variant of photovoltaic power could generate 24 hours a day
2020/02/04 Twitter is finally fighting back against deepfakes and other deceptive media
2020/02/04 Twitter API abused to uncover user identities
2020/02/04 This cloth destroys deadly nerve agents in minutes
2020/02/04 The Washington Post has gotten off easy for too long
2020/02/04 The Senate has given away Congress's power over the president
2020/02/04 The Iowa caucus was a media debacle, too
2020/02/04 The Iowa caucus meltdown is a warning against untested tech
2020/02/04 Should kids drink 'toddler milk'?
2020/02/04 Serious flaw that lurked in sudo for 9 years hands over root privileges
2020/02/04 Satellite imagery service used by human rights investigators abruptly shuts down
2020/02/04 Russia's 'firehose of falsehood' propaganda model
2020/02/04 Reporting recipe: how to identify suspicious campaign finance records
2020/02/04 The money behind the president's money
2020/02/04 President reportedly compiling Nixonian 'enemies list' as he seeks revenge for impeachment
2020/02/04 One step closer to a batsuit for soldiers
2020/02/04 Montana Republican refuses to quit over call for socialists to be 'jailed or shot'
2020/02/04 Michigan Republican bill would force doctors to suggest dangerous, unproven 'abortion reversal'
2020/02/04 Jeffrey Epstein's mystery bank came alive after his death
2020/02/04 Jared Kushner's peace plan is now hated by everyone
2020/02/04 Iraq war has cost the U.S. nearly $2T
2020/02/04 Here's the Shadow Inc. app that failed in Iowa last night
2020/02/04 Government agency warns global oil industry is on the brink of a meltdown
2020/02/04 Global Witness accuses Exxon of 'exploitative' contract that robs people of Guyana of $55B in lost oil revenue
2020/02/04 Eating animals will be the death of us
2020/02/04 Can the world's strangest mammal survive?
2020/02/04 'Breaking' news from corporate media: billionaires do not like socialism
2020/02/04 Act now to protect the National Environmental Policy Act
2020/02/04 A fake pharmacist, 745K prescriptions and a $7.5M settlement
2020/02/04 #TomPerezResign: DNC chair under fire for Iowa disaster, favoritism for billionaire Bloomberg
2020/02/03 'You basically are nothing': the Americans shut out of the Iowa caucuses
2020/02/03 Why Iowa and New Hampshire shouldn't go first in the primaries anymore
2020/02/03 TrickBot switches to a new Windows 10 UAC bypass to evade detection
2020/02/03 SCOTUS may no longer have the legitimacy to resolve a disputed election
2020/02/03 The Iowa caucuses have a big accessibility problem
2020/02/03 Sault Ste. Marie Tribe hails end to nuclear waste storage facility on Lake Huron
2020/02/03 Russian media outlets are blaming the coronavirus on the U.S.
2020/02/03 Researchers find 'anonymized' data is even less anonymous than we thought
2020/02/03 Republicans are spreading voter fraud disinformation in an election they're not even running in
2020/02/03 Ready, set, vote: here's everything you need to know for the 2020 primaries
2020/02/03 Permafrost is thawing so fast, it's gouging holes in the Arctic
2020/02/03 New ransomware doesn't just encrypt data. It also meddles with critical infrastructure
2020/02/03 Japan races to build new coal-burning power plants despite climate risks
2020/02/03 EPA restricts scientific advisory committee from weighing-in on potentially dangerous chemicals
2020/02/03 BLM's illegal director William Perry Pendley could obliterate public lands
2020/02/03 We must demand a healthy Puget Sound
2020/02/03 AZORult campaign adopts novel triple-encryption technique
2020/02/03 And now, back to ignoring Indian Country
2020/02/03 Adam Schiff summons the damnation of history
2020/02/03 A seven-mile gas pipeline outside Albany has activists up in arms
2020/02/03 'Spectre of poverty' hangs over tribes and Indigenous groups - U.N. labour agency
2020/02/03 'Forever chemicals' fuel a public health crisis in drinking water
2020/02/02 What do wolf-dogs want?
2020/02/02 U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar: 'I always stand up to bullies'
2020/02/02 Trapped and voiceless: the Palestinians depicted in the POTUS plan
2020/02/02 The real story of the 49ers
2020/02/02 The downfall of the Republican party
2020/02/02 New U.S. travel ban shuts door on Africa's biggest economy, Nigeria
2020/02/02 Is it time to shut down the zoos?
2020/02/02 Americans demand a rethinking of the 'forever war'
2020/02/01 Worst-case climate scenario might be slightly less dire than thought
2020/02/01 We are entering the golden age of studying our Sun
2020/02/01 U.S. administration reveals it's blocking dozens of emails about Ukraine aid freeze, including president's role
2020/02/01 Shipping lines turn to LNG-powered vessels, but they're worse for the climate
2020/02/01 Republican Senate impeachment trial 'coverup' prompts backlash
2020/02/01 Outspoken Recep Tayyip Erdoğan challenges both Washington and Moscow
2020/02/01 Our instructions for AI will never be specific enough
2020/02/01 No one can explain why planes stay in the air
2020/02/01 Kansas City Chiefs' racist 'arrowhead chop' has flown under the radar. Not anymore
2020/02/01 'It was like a movie': the high school students who uncovered a toxic waste scandal
2020/02/01 It should be easy to defeat the president, but corporate Democrats could blow it
2020/02/01 Evangelicals see president as path to policy victories after decades of defeat
2020/02/01 Email release reveals chaos sowed by president's hurricane tweets
2020/02/01 Critics say expansion of Muslim ban continues 'inhumane bigoted' policies
2020/02/01 A trial without witnesses is no trial at all
2020/01/31 In 2018, the U.S. administration fired the government's entire pandemic response chain of command
2020/01/31 With wildfires on the rise, Indigenous fire management is poised to make a comeback
2020/01/31 With the impeachment trial, Republicans have convicted themselves
2020/01/31 What the Green New Deal could mean for Iowa
2020/01/31 Top 3 ways America has been deeply wounded by supporting Israel lobbyists like Jared Kushner
2020/01/31 U.S. Senate embraces presidential nihilism
2020/01/31 Senate officially votes to not hear new witness or consider new evidence in impeachment trial
2020/01/31 The president's war whisperer
2020/01/31 The most radical Democratic plan yet to fix the Supreme Court
2020/01/31 Stop the 'blood coal' that funds Russia's occupation of Ukraine
2020/01/31 Some things we could have done with the billions wasted on a broken F-35
2020/01/31 President's impeachment defense is incoherent by design
2020/01/31 Phone hacks can happen to anyone. Here's how to protect yourself
2020/01/31 One year later, FCC confirms some carrier(s) broke the law selling location data
2020/01/31 Low-carbon options for heavy industry like steel and cement are scarce and expensive
2020/01/31 In 'legacy-defining' moment, Chief Justice Roberts forced to read Warren's question about his legitimacy at impeachment trial
2020/01/31 Impeachment trial: Senate Republicans were never going to vote for witnesses
2020/01/31 Chaos at chain pharmacies is putting patients at risk
2020/01/31 Government debts as class swindles
2020/01/31 DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention
2020/01/31 Charities steered $65M to president's defense lawyer Sekulow and family
2020/01/31 Britain has officially left the European Union. What happens next?
2020/01/31 Bolton drops a new bomb on Republican attempts to block his testimony
2020/01/31 Animals need digital privacy too
2020/01/31 Admitting president's actions are worthy of impeachment, Rubio opposes removing him from office
2020/01/31 A rigged 'trial' without witnesses, prejudged by the defendant, is not a trial nor an acquittal. It's a cover-up
2020/01/31 200+ lawyers march on U.S. Capitol to demand witnesses as Senate GOP barrels toward acquittal
2020/01/31 9 questions about the impeachment trial
2020/01/31 DNC changes debate rules to benefit billionaire latecomer Mike Bloomberg
2020/01/30 Inside Skinwalker Ranch, a paranormal hotbed of UFO research
2020/01/30 When politicians turn immigration into a 'crisis', entire societies suffer
2020/01/30 WhatsApp cyberattacks show growing mobile sophistication
2020/01/30 What's actually on the dark web
2020/01/30 What we learned from the House vote to limit the president's power to fight Iran
2020/01/30 Wars are acts of slaughter, blood, and psychological hell. Stop treating them as games
2020/01/30 Under the Thwaites Glacier: one of the most critical places on Earth
2020/01/30 Trello exposed: search turns up huge trove of private data
2020/01/30 This president 'is the greatest threat to election integrity'
2020/01/30 'Things are getting worse': POTUS plan met with disgust across Jordan
2020/01/30 There is no Christian case for this president
2020/01/30 The worst climate scenarios may no longer be the most likely
2020/01/30 The U.S. government claims I'm a 'domestic terrorist'. Am I?
2020/01/30 The lies we tell about soldiers' traumatic brain injuries
2020/01/30 The god president
2020/01/30 The extraordinarily high stakes of the Bezos hack
2020/01/30 The Electoral College, the Senate, and other ways our democracy is rigged
2020/01/30 The case against impeachment has nothing to do with impeachment
2020/01/30 Senator Kyrsten Sinema: 'Why was the hold on aid for Ukraine done in secret?'
2020/01/30 Scientists witnessed a dead star 'dragging' the fabric of reality
2020/01/30 Republicans aim to block witnesses as key impeachment vote approaches
2020/01/30 President to send Betsy DeVos, Rick Perry, and scores of others to distract Iowa caucus
2020/01/30 President to reverse restrictions on landmine use, State Department cable says
2020/01/30 President just got sued by six states over restrictive abortion policy
2020/01/30 New neo-colonial proposal cements Palestinian subjugation
2020/01/30 Montana's original sin
2020/01/30 Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe stands alone in battle for homelands
2020/01/30 Mark Warner takes on Big Tech and Russian spies
2020/01/30 Justice Department lawyer says House can impeach over defied subpoenas
2020/01/30 Isis starting to reassert itself in Middle East heartlands, U.N. warns
2020/01/30 Impeachment trial: Democrats call out president's lies, sexual misconduct
2020/01/30 Harvey Weinstein hired Black Cube to block New York Times article, jury hears
2020/01/30 Florida hunters capture more than 80 giant snakes in Python Bowl
2020/01/30 Facebook seems to be bending over backward to keep the GOP happy
2020/01/30 Facebook pays $550M settlement for breaking Illinois data protection law
2020/01/30 EPA's formal assertion glyphosate poses no health risks indicates 'troubling allegiance' with Bayer-Monsanto
2020/01/30 Employers can't force you to get microchipped, Indiana reps say
2020/01/30 Edging world closer to nuclear war, president deploys 'low yield', more 'usable', atomic warhead on U.S. submarine
2020/01/30 East African locust crisis shows how climate change threatens food security
2020/01/30 DOD tester's report: F-35 is still a lemon
2020/01/30 Dell, HP memory-access bugs open attacker path to kernel privileges
2020/01/30 Defense lawyer argues anything the president does to get reelected is 'in national interest'
2020/01/30 Day in impeachment: 'Democrats proved their case, but it's not impeachable'
2020/01/30 Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross sees the coronavirus outbreak as a moneymaking opportunity
2020/01/30 Climate change is making it much harder to be a young farmer
2020/01/30 Business booms at Iran factory making U.S., Israeli, and British flags for burning
2020/01/30 Between now and the presidential election, a tiny handful of companies have god-like control over online political discourse
2020/01/30 Avast Antivirus is shutting down its data collection arm, effective immediately
2020/01/30 AT&T lied about everything it promised to do if it got a tax cut
2020/01/30 Administration takes axe to Medicaid while claiming to save it
2020/01/30 200K WordPress sites vulnerable to Code Snippets plugin flaw
2020/01/30 10 questions to help decide which Democratic presidential candidate you agree with most
2020/01/30 Richard Nixon's revenge
2020/01/29 President's allies hand out cash to Black voters
2020/01/29 Yes in my backyard: a radical approach to improving homeless encampments
2020/01/29 We should deescalate the war on the coronavirus
2020/01/29 Top 5 ways POTUS plan for Palestinians is a crime against humanity
2020/01/29 Three of the most viral claims about the coronavirus are fake
2020/01/29 The U.S. west coast is now so acidic that it's dissolving baby crab shells
2020/01/29 The impeachment trial isn't a legal process. It's a proxy war
2020/01/29 The day I realized I would never find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
2020/01/29 Telescope captures most detailed pictures yet of the Sun
2020/01/29 Strength from perpetual grief: how Aboriginal people experience the Australian bushfire crisis
2020/01/29 SpinLaunch is building a massive centrifuge to accelerate rockets and send them screaming into space
2020/01/29 Sanders takes aim at corporate polluters with bill to clean up toxic 'forever chemicals' in drinking water
2020/01/29 Rep. Eliot Engel: John Bolton urged me to look into president's ouster of Yovanovitch
2020/01/29 Purell's unproven disease-fighting claims get sanitized after FDA warning
2020/01/29 President's impeachment 'defense' would make him a king
2020/01/29 Nxivm 'sex cult' was also a huge pyramid scheme, lawsuit says
2020/01/29 New study details overlooked link between climate breakdown and violence against women
2020/01/29 New 'Off-Facebook Activity' portal lets you know where you're being followed
2020/01/29 Mitt Romney has some interesting impeachment questions
2020/01/29 Lungs damaged by smoking can heal - study
2020/01/29 Indiana bill would make it harder to close coal plants, keeping energy costs high
2020/01/29 Impeachment trial: House managers and defense in first direct clash
2020/01/29 How Medicare For All could help fight pandemics
2020/01/29 'Erase all doubt': Democrats explain why John Bolton's testimony is so necessary
2020/01/29 Dozens of companies have data dumped online by ransomware ring seeking leverage
2020/01/29 DoJ sues U.S. telecom providers for connecting Indian robocall scammers
2020/01/29 DoD is punishing whistleblowers more often and with impunity, IG says
2020/01/29 Despite calm in Afghan Cities, war in villages kills dozens daily
2020/01/29 Coronavirus outbreak tests world's dependence on China
2020/01/29 Buried in POTUS-Netanyahu deal is effort to 'torpedo' ICC war crimes probe
2020/01/29 57 climate scientists object after Biden falsely claims 'not a single solitary scientist' thinks Sanders' Green New Deal can work
2020/01/28 Voting will be easier in Arizona for the presidential race
2020/01/28 U.S. Army sleuths seek social-media search services
2020/01/28 The eternally 'unvetted' Bernie Sanders
2020/01/28 Russia exerts growing influence in Africa, worrying many in the West
2020/01/28 Pentagon seeks a way to shoot down Putin's 'invincible' hypersonic missiles
2020/01/28 Netanyahu withdraws immunity bid, shifting election battleground
2020/01/28 Mueller's top lieutenant says the White House is 'bluffing' on Bolton testimony
2020/01/28 McConnell doesn't have enough votes to block impeachment witnesses
2020/01/28 Lawsuits seeking damages for climate change face critical legal challenges
2020/01/28 Kenya's new digital IDs may exclude millions of minorities
2020/01/28 It's hard to know how bad the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak will be. For now, the flu looks worse
2020/01/28 Indigenous, protected lands in Amazon emit far less carbon than areas outside
2020/01/28 How do bats live with so many viruses?
2020/01/28 Great powers must talk to each other about AI
2020/01/28 Catholic leaders promised transparency about child abuse. They haven't delivered
2020/01/28 Bingeing on cop propaganda
2020/01/28 A battle to protect forests unfolds in central Africa
2020/01/27 'We can't live like this': residents say a corrupt pipeline project is making them sick
2020/01/27 This is a trial of the Constitution itself
2020/01/27 The utter ridiculousness of the U.S. Senate
2020/01/27 The survivor of Auschwitz who painted a forgotten genocide
2020/01/27 Tears for the magnificent and shrinking Everglades, a 'river of grass'
2020/01/27 Snowden warns targeting of Greenwald and Assange shows governments 'ready to stop the presses if they can'
2020/01/27 SCOTUS allows president's public charge rule to reject low-income immigrants
2020/01/27 'Satanic wombs': the outlandish world of the president's spiritual adviser
2020/01/27 Ring doorbell app packed with third-party trackers
2020/01/27 Republicans are very, very bad for the deficit
2020/01/27 Putting AI to its broadest use in national defense will mean hardening it against attack
2020/01/27 President's EPA is a huge cancer risk
2020/01/27 President's defense claims he didn't break the law. The GAO disagrees
2020/01/27 President denies telling Bolton that Ukraine's aid depended on Biden investigations
2020/01/27 Planned nuclear storage material could decay faster than expected
2020/01/27 Pick which GOP explanation for why Bolton shouldn't testify is the craziest
2020/01/27 Palestinians see POTUS-Netanyahu apartheid plan as end of Oslo Peace Process and 'steal of the century'
2020/01/27 Opinion: What's wrong with physics
2020/01/27 Medicare For All 'is what patients need': new Harvard study shows even those with private insurance can't afford care
2020/01/27 Leaked documents expose the secretive market for your web browsing data
2020/01/27 'Kleptocracy': how GOP lawmakers cashed in on president's tax cuts
2020/01/27 Irony: old anti-socialists already live in a wonderland of government generosity that resembles the socialism they dread
2020/01/27 Intel is patching the patch for the patch for its 'Zombieload' flaw
2020/01/27 How corporate lawyers made it harder to punish companies that destroy electronic evidence
2020/01/27 Harvard alumni are turning up the heat on fossil fuel divestment
2020/01/27 Google, Mozilla ban hundreds of browser extensions in Chrome, Firefox
2020/01/27 GM making Detroit plant a hub of electric and AV efforts
2020/01/27 Dwindling Arctic sea ice may affect tropical weather patterns
2020/01/27 DNC chair Tom Perez stacks 2020 convention committees with nominations from 'the swamp'
2020/01/27 Day in impeachment: Bolton's account corroborates now-public information on Ukraine aid freeze
2020/01/27 Building high-rises out of wood can help save the planet
2020/01/27 Bolton was concerned that POTUS did favors for autocratic leaders, book says
2020/01/27 Bolton revelations anger Republicans, fueling push for impeachment witnesses
2020/01/27 Big Oil wants to dump more wastewater into rivers. What could possibly go wrong?
2020/01/27 Beyond the growth gospel
2020/01/27 Arizona Republicans discriminated against minority voters, court rules
2020/01/27 A guide to the case for and against removing the president
2020/01/26 New safety gizmos make car insurance more expensive
2020/01/26 Why does the U.S. spend so much on defense?
2020/01/26 The responsibility to counter China's ambitions falls to U.S.
2020/01/26 Ten years after Howard Zinn's death, lessons from The People's Historian
2020/01/26 Site that ran anti-semitic remarks got press passes for president's Davos trip
2020/01/26 POTUS tied Ukraine aid to inquiries he sought, Bolton book says
2020/01/26 Mohammed bin Salman tests America's ability to forgive
2020/01/26 As sea levels rise, little of the United States will be unaffected
2020/01/25 The sneaky simple malware that hits millions of Macs
2020/01/25 The McConnell effect
2020/01/25 The case for repealing, and not replacing, the Iraq War Authorization
2020/01/25 Scraping the web is a powerful tool. Clearview AI abused it
2020/01/25 Republicans livid after Schiff cites supposed threat to GOP senators
2020/01/25 Rep. Jerry Nadler: President is a 'dictator' whose behavior 'has no analog' in U.S. history
2020/01/25 Pushing race war: documents reveal inner workings of neo-nazi group 'The Base'
2020/01/25 President's legal team opened its impeachment defense with a blizzard of lies
2020/01/25 Joe Biden's confounding candidacy
2020/01/25 How TV crime shows erase racism and normalize police misconduct
2020/01/25 Hillary Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg has 'authoritarian' views on misinformation
2020/01/25 Highlights of Saturday's impeachment trial
2020/01/25 Head of ICE says he will deport DREAMers if the Supreme Court ends DACA
2020/01/25 Has physicist's gravity theory solved 'impossible' dark energy riddle?
2020/01/25 Day in impeachment: Democrats rebut White House case, point by point
2020/01/25 Bombs and blood feuds: the wave of explosions rocking Sweden's cities
2020/01/25 A rewilding triumph: wolves help to reverse Yellowstone degradation
2020/01/25 A rare species of tree was saved from Australia's wildfires. And then something amazing happened
2020/01/25 9 highlights from the impeachment trial this week
2020/01/24 The top super-PAC for the president is covering up its own role in the impeachment scandal
2020/01/24 USDA chief Sonny Perdue thinks farm workers are overpaid
2020/01/24 U.N. court's order on Rohingya is cheered, but will Myanmar comply?
2020/01/24 The most dishonest president in U.S. history spins a rosy economic fantasy
2020/01/24 New free trade deal is a triumph for fossil fuels and a climate failure
2020/01/24 The brain cells that guide animals
2020/01/24 'Take her out': recording reveals POTUS demanding ouster of Yovanovitch directly to Parnas, a man he claims not to know
2020/01/24 Senate races to finish impeachment trial before new evidence of wrongdoing can emerge
2020/01/24 Renewable energy is the climate-change solution that Republicans can get behind
2020/01/24 Outrage as GOP pushes president to intensify attacks on women with broadened global gag rule
2020/01/24 Opinion: You are now remotely controlled
2020/01/24 New court documents reveal that corruption at president's inaugural fund went to the very top
2020/01/24 Neo-nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running U.S. militant group 'The Base' from Russia
2020/01/24 Mitch McConnell doesn't care what you think. He just wants to win
2020/01/24 Hundreds of thousands flood Baghdad streets to demand U.S. military leave country
2020/01/24 Highlights of Friday's impeachment trial
2020/01/24 GOP senator contradicts himself on new evidence of president's misconduct
2020/01/24 EPA is letting cities dump more raw sewage into rivers for years to come
2020/01/24 'Dictator, danger to the nation': Democrats cap case for president's removal
2020/01/24 Day in impeachment: Managers piece together a story of an extensive cover-up
2020/01/24 Booming plastics industry faces backlash as data about environmental harm grows
2020/01/24 Bolsonaro says 'Indians are evolving, becoming increasingly more human'
2020/01/24 America's climate refugees are pleading for help. The government has no answer
2020/01/24 9th Methbot suspect arrested in massive click-fraud ring
2020/01/24 Administration manipulated wildfire science to promote logging
2020/01/23 Evangelicals love the president for many reasons. One reason is especially terrifying New White House staffer: Faith Adviser to the President -video
2020/01/23 Who's afraid of the IRS? Not Facebook
2020/01/23 Tribes defend sovereignty amid attack on Indian Child Welfare Act
2020/01/23 Torture, rape, and kidnapping at the border: new report exposes the horror of the U.S. 'asylum' plan
2020/01/23 Neocons strike back: how a discredited foreign policy ideology continues to wreak global havoc
2020/01/23 The case for proportional representation and multiparty democracy
2020/01/23 Schiff says president tried to 'cheat' his way to re-election - as it happened
2020/01/23 Operation Encore and the Saudi connection: a secret history of the 9-11 investigation
2020/01/23 Now testifying for the prosecution: the defendant
2020/01/23 Navajos, Apaches working to enroll Arizona voters
2020/01/23 Microsoft's sneaky plan to switch Chrome searches from Google to Bing
2020/01/23 It may be the biggest tax heist ever. And Europe wants justice
2020/01/23 Investing in humanity: the BMJ's fossile fuels divestment campaign
2020/01/23 Doomsday Clock moves to 100 seconds to midnight
2020/01/23 Critical, unpatched 'MDhex' bugs threaten hospital devices
2020/01/23 At high-stakes Pwn2Own contest, industrial control systems are easily hacked
2020/01/23 Impeachment smoking gun: the damning letter the president can't cover up
2020/01/23 Administration finalizes idiotic fuel economy and vehicle emissions rule
2020/01/23 Adam Schiff and the end of implausible deniability
2020/01/22 President admits he will seek to cut Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare - even though he said he wouldn't
2020/01/22 When it's migratory birds vs. the U.S. administration, the birds die
2020/01/22 War on Muslims: Islamophobia is a global crisis
2020/01/22 President pushed for sweetheart tax deal on his first hotel. It's cost New York City $410,068,399 and counting
2020/01/22 The New York Times' 1619 Project: a matter of facts
2020/01/22 IRS decided to get tough against Microsoft. Microsoft got tougher
2020/01/22 Glaring error in president's legal argument against impeachment
2020/01/22 A cyclical crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women
2020/01/22 The commons and the danger of misplaced outrage
2020/01/22 Surveillance states are flexing their muscle
2020/01/22 Starving lions in Sudan spur campaign to save them
2020/01/22 SCOTUS weighs making the Electoral College even worse in 'faithless electors' cases
2020/01/22 Saudi prince MBS was behind Bezos phone hack, report says
2020/01/22 Sarcos offers fully mobile, insanely strong industrial exoskeletons
2020/01/22 Retreating U.S. gives Israel more military funding: $142B and counting
2020/01/22 President removes pollution controls on streams and wetlands
2020/01/22 President and Ivanka were involved in inauguration's inflated payments to family business, new suit says
2020/01/22 Mothers against vampire real estate
2020/01/22 Millions may go uncounted: U.S. Census imperiled by president's rhetoric and growing distrust
2020/01/22 Microsoft leaves 250M customer service records open to the web
2020/01/22 Impeachment trial: Democrats' bids for new evidence dashed in marathon first day
2020/01/22 Immigrant kids were restrained to chairs with bags over their heads at a juvenile hall in Virginia
2020/01/22 How Maryland's unique global hospital budget system works
2020/01/22 Has conservative Utah turned a corner on climate change?
2020/01/22 GOP Senators representing a minority of Americans are preventing a fair impeachment trial
2020/01/22 One class of immune cells appears to be primed specifically to attack any type of cancer
2020/01/22 China, India emissions pledges may not be reducing potent pollutants, study shows
2020/01/22 Bank of England governor backs Greta Thunberg against POTUS on climate
2020/01/22 Average body temperature appears to be dropping. Researchers aren't sure why
2020/01/22 As Australia burns, a climate-change denier rallies the troops
2020/01/22 After GOP rejects measures to subpoena witnesses and evidence, Democrats decry rigged trial
2020/01/21 Watch Chuck Schumer make the case for impeachment in 90 seconds
2020/01/21 Voter fraud is not the biggest threat to democracy. Voter suppression is
2020/01/21 USDA and administration seek rollback of NEPA and decades of environmental progress
2020/01/21 U.N. climate refugee ruling sets 'global precedent'
2020/01/21 Two key architects of CIA torture program testify under oath in Guantanamo Bay
2020/01/21 The windbag of war
2020/01/21 The tiny brain cells that connect our mental and physical health
2020/01/21 The Senate itself is on trial
2020/01/21 The nihilism of Mitch McConnell
2020/01/21 The fight over the Senate impeachment trial rules and witnesses, briefly explained
2020/01/21 Schiff says intelligence agencies are withholding evidence on Ukraine 'on the instruction of others'
2020/01/21 Russian government bank deposited $500M into Deutsche Bank subsidiary as it lent to POTUS
2020/01/21 Resistance is illegitimate: the U.S.'s inalienable right to violence
2020/01/21 Republicans' climate change plan is big oil's climate change plan
2020/01/21 President's lawyers began the impeachment trial with a blizzard of lies
2020/01/21 Opinion: Hillary Clinton should not disrupt party unity
2020/01/21 Mitch McConnell's Potemkin trial
2020/01/21 Mitch McConnell pretends to hold a fair impeachment trial
2020/01/21 Internet routers running Tomato are under attack by notorious crime gang
2020/01/21 Impeachment trial: events of the day
2020/01/21 Earth's oldest asteroid impact found in Australia
2020/01/21 Day in Impeachment: Senate adopts trial rules
2020/01/21 Businessman who challenged AOC to debate union law agrees to settle with Labor Board for violations
2020/01/21 Brazil prosecutes Glenn Greenwald in 'attack on press freedom'
2020/01/21 Automated solar arrays could power manufacturing processes that now gorge on fossil fuels
2020/01/21 Australian bushfire smoke is traveling around the globe, distributing aerosols and altering weather
2020/01/21 Assault on nature must stop - human survival depends on it
2020/01/21 AI can help find illegal opioid sellers, wildlife traffickers, and counterfeiters
2020/01/21 Against nominating a candidate with a checkered past
2020/01/21 Administration's defense of its school lunch overhaul is a big nothingburger
2020/01/21 Adam Schiff: 'Trifecta of constitutional misconduct justifying impeachment'
2020/01/21 'Fact-free sham trial perpetrated in the dead of night': McConnell's cover-up in Senate begins
2020/01/21 16Shop phishing gang goes after PayPal users
2020/01/21 Late push to find wildfire victims doubles PG&E claims
2020/01/21 President's 'national security' impeachment defense is a red herring straight from Richard Nixon's playbook
2020/01/20 Tim Giago: How many clowns can one fit into the Senate car?
2020/01/20 How the president's 'secret science' rule would put patients' privacy at risk
2020/01/20 Death on Mars: radiation is a problem that cannot be overstated
2020/01/19 Ukraine's president said he'd fight corruption. Resistance is fierce
2020/01/19 The Netherlands is sinking and here's why
2020/01/19 Targeted killings via drone becoming 'normalised' - report
2020/01/19 Senators know they don't know the whole story
2020/01/19 Senate limits media coverage of trial
2020/01/19 Republican Senators try out their impeachment defenses
2020/01/19 President's lawyers shouldn't be allowed to use bogus legal arguments on impeachment
2020/01/19 'Naked, unapologetic and insidious' corruption: Democrats respond to president's official statement on impeachment charges
2020/01/19 Mother Nature is the key to reforestation the Earth desperately needs
2020/01/19 Is the president's abuse of power an impeachable offense?
2020/01/19 Iran's leaders have a problem they can't fix
2020/01/19 Impeachment trial managers: the president is an 'immediate threat to the nation and the rule of law'
2020/01/19 Huge dust storms in Australia hit central New South Wales
2020/01/19 How U.S. firms helped Africa's richest woman exploit her country's wealth
2020/01/19 From depression to dementia, inflammation is medicine's new frontier
2020/01/19 Fact check: president reverts to his usual dishonesty, makes 81 false claims last week
2020/01/19 Don't ignore Chrome's new Password Checkup feature
2020/01/19 Despite president's vows, coal industry falling as wind power surges in U.S. and worldwide
2020/01/19 China moves to phase out single-use plastics
2020/01/19 As protests in South America surged, so did Russian trolls on Twitter, U.S. finds
2020/01/18 Why we ended legacy admissions at Johns Hopkins
2020/01/18 The secretive company that might end privacy as we know it
2020/01/18 The migration driven by developed countries
2020/01/18 The Kremlin inches closer to the Biden plot
2020/01/18 Rod Rosenstein says he made call to release Strzok-Page texts
2020/01/18 President regails GOP donors at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser with alternate details of Soleimani's killing
2020/01/18 New evidence shows a Nunes aide in close conversation with Lev Parnas
2020/01/18 National Archives denounced for airbrushing Women's March photos
2020/01/18 Impeachment rivals stake their claims
2020/01/18 How stressed is Iran post-Soleimani?
2020/01/18 How misinformation overwhelmed our democracy
2020/01/18 House Democrats present their argument for removing the president
2020/01/18 Beetles and fire kill dozens of 'indestructible' giant sequoia trees
2020/01/18 A Georgia election server was vulnerable to Shellshock and may have been hacked
2020/01/17 The new U.S. trade deal is climate sabotage, but it's great for fossil fuel companies
2020/01/17 SD town okays water for Keystone XL. Tribes hold out
2020/01/17 Watchdog group files formal DoJ complaint against AG William Barr for abuse of office and covering for the president
2020/01/17 Walking death: 'entitled locals' hiking New Zealand's kauri trees into extinction
2020/01/17 Three reasons why POTUS ordered Soleimani's killing
2020/01/17 The president's habit of shooting the messenger is going to prove costly
2020/01/17 The new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal is climate sabotage
2020/01/17 The latest Green New Deal for farmers would pay them for more than just production
2020/01/17 The coming Supreme Court showdown over birth control
2020/01/17 The colonizer always comes out
2020/01/17 Supreme Court to hear timely case on Electoral College voters
2020/01/17 Researchers find serious flaws in WordPress plugins used on 400K sites
2020/01/17 Protests target a 'carbon bomb' linking two major pipelines outside Boston
2020/01/17 Pro-gun activists threaten to kill state lawmaker over bill they misunderstood
2020/01/17 Private documents reveal what Wall Street really thinks about Elizabeth Warren
2020/01/17 President's economy is an absolute disaster for people and the planet
2020/01/17 Pompeo says he 'never heard' that Ambassador Yovanovitch was under surveillance, and he 'never met' Lev Parnas
2020/01/17 Opinion: The president's evil is contagious
2020/01/17 Opinion: POTUS has savaged the environment. Earth cannot afford a second term
2020/01/17 LEDs used in tests to replace invasive medical procedures
2020/01/17 IMF head gives 'stark message' of looming inequality-fueled global financial disaster
2020/01/17 Illinois Gov. Pritzker signed legislation Friday that ends the practice of suspending driver's licenses over unpaid parking tickets
2020/01/17 House Oversight Committee finds widespread ethics issues at EPA
2020/01/17 GOP ex-rep. Chris Collins gets 26-month prison sentence in insider trading case
2020/01/17 Federal regulators: Newark Beth Israel hospital put patients in 'immediate jeopardy'
2020/01/17 FBI plans to inform states of election breaches
2020/01/17 Facial recognition is 'real-life Black Mirror stuff', Ocasio-Cortez says
2020/01/17 Every U.S. resident now has a unique Universal Patient Identifier, and it's none of your business
2020/01/17 Disney drops Fox name from 20th Century film studios and Searchlight
2020/01/17 'Cruel to its core': 15 state attorneys general sue president over stripping food assistance from nation's poor
2020/01/17 Court throws hurdle in front of Washington State's drive to reduce carbon emissions
2020/01/17 Contractors and the hidden costs of U.S. wars
2020/01/17 Canada's top court rejects BC bid to halt Trans Mountain tar sands project
2020/01/17 Busted: WeLeakInfo aggregated 12B usernames and passwords from over 10K breaches
2020/01/17 Bernie Sanders teaches Demagoguery and Fascism 101 to a very skeptical New York Times editorial board
2020/01/17 'You're a bunch of dopes and babies': inside the president's stunning tirade against generals
2020/01/16 USMCA: Indigenous peoples call for public hearing on free, prior, and informed consent
2020/01/16 Ukraine investigates reports of surveillance of Marie Yovanovitch
2020/01/16 U.S. agents aid in Guatemalan crackdown on hundreds of migrants headed north
2020/01/16 The Equal Rights Amendment may have found its moment
2020/01/16 The administration is being sued over new food stamps rule
2020/01/16 Taliban offer to stand down fighters to restart peace talks with U.S.
2020/01/16 Rudy Giuliani's bagman Lev Parnas blows up president's Ukraine defense
2020/01/16 Panama Christian fanatics kill seven in bizarre ritual
2020/01/16 DoJ investigates years-old leaks and appears focused on Comey
2020/01/16 'I made a lot of bankers look very good,' brags president as Wall Street titans enjoy $32B tax bonanza
2020/01/16 GOP donor funded travel by Lev Parnas
2020/01/16 Getting renewables to the consumer - PJM and FERC aren't helping
2020/01/16 Germany confirms POTUS made trade threat to Europe over Iran policy
2020/01/16 Fossil fuel lobbyists spent nearly $30M for rights to despoil public lands
2020/01/16 For the Senators who will judge the president, an incomplete story to consider
2020/01/16 Death threats will force Virginia lawmaker to a safe house during pro-gun rally
2020/01/16 Ukraine opens investigations into Ukrainegate
2020/01/16 These candidates were accused of sexual misconduct. They're running again in 2020
2020/01/16 The stealth plan to preserve white electoral power
2020/01/16 Senate urged to convict president after GAO says White House broke law by freezing Ukraine aid
2020/01/16 Rain brings joy to Australian farmers, flooding in Melbourne, and dampens some bushfires as others burn
2020/01/16 Puerto Rico was invisible. The president made things worse
2020/01/16 Lev Parnas's Maddow interview and new POTUS-Ukraine claims, explained
2020/01/16 Key player in Ukraine shakedown says POTUS 'knew exactly what was going on'
2020/01/16 Johns Hopkins scientists give psychedelics the serious treatment
2020/01/16 ICE violates medical ethics by force-feeding hunger strikers
2020/01/16 Harvard Law School students protest Exxon Mobil's law firm for defending fossil fuel interests
2020/01/16 Free Press advocates decry 'unprecedented' and 'unjustified' restrictions on reporter access to impeachment trial
2020/01/16 Bill Barr does not get to decide what's in the Constitution
2020/01/15 The hottest new material in sustainable building is, uh, wood
2020/01/15 The fog of Rudy
2020/01/15 The curious Mr Hyde, a new impeachment figure
2020/01/15 New research shows what AI can teach us about the human brain
2020/01/15 Its reputation tattered, polarized Senate faces a steep impeachment test
2020/01/15 Illinois lawmakers call for a nationwide ban on isolated timeouts of students
2020/01/15 Giuliani reached out to associate of Russian mob boss to bolster POTUS
2020/01/15 Esper is attempting the biggest defense reform in a generation
2020/01/15 Demings calls for McConnell recusal from impeachment trial
2020/01/15 World's first 'living machine' created using frog cells and AI
2020/01/15 What the Equal Rights Amendment means
2020/01/15 Want to stop Australia's fires? Listen to Aboriginal people
2020/01/15 The U.S. Space Force is not a joke
2020/01/15 The stunning new texts, documents, and impeachment evidence released by the House, explained
2020/01/15 The Russian government's dramatic shake-up, briefly explained
2020/01/15 States must accept refugees, judge rules, blocking president's order
2020/01/15 President's tax break 'for low-income areas', that benefited the rich, is being investigated
2020/01/15 President refutes his whole Supreme Court case against Obamacare in 1 tweet
2020/01/15 New revelations show there is much more to learn about the Ukraine scandal
2020/01/15 New Figure in the Ukraine scandal worked for president's mysterious Chinese donor
2020/01/15 New documents appear to link president's Biden probe with Ukrainian oligarch fighting U.S. bribery charges
2020/01/15 Mysterious, dusty objects are swarming the Milky Way's core
2020/01/15 'Muslim' is not an insult
2020/01/15 Man accused of making 'swatting' threats with white supremacists to foment panic
2020/01/15 Hundreds of Hondurans set out for U.S. border: 'Little difference if you die here or there'
2020/01/15 Human Trafficking Prevention Month is a dangerous joke
2020/01/15 Equifax settles class-action breach lawsuit for $380.5M
2020/01/15 Dead birds washing up by the thousands send a warning about climate change
2020/01/15 CNN unleashes another exercise in manufactured consent
2020/01/15 Bricks alive! Scientists create living concrete
2020/01/14 Pete Buttigieg's health plan could stick people with a huge bill at the end of the year
2020/01/14 Does consciousness pervade the universe?
2020/01/14 William Pendley should not be acting administrator of the BLM
2020/01/14 A Harvard journal's wild plan to save democracy by adding 127 states
2020/01/14 Windows 10 has a security flaw so severe the NSA disclosed it
2020/01/14 Visiting Puerto Rico, Cuomo attacks president's lack of response to earthquakes
2020/01/14 U.N. proposes protecting 30% of Earth to slow extinctions and climate change
2020/01/14 Taal volcano could explosively erupt
2020/01/14 Senate has votes to pass limits on president's Iran war power, likely drawing a veto
2020/01/14 Seattle bans foreign-influenced corporations from spending in local elections
2020/01/14 POTUS: Saudi Arabia paid us $1B for U.S. mercenary troops. Pentagon: Nope
2020/01/14 Police said they wouldn't be 'confrontational.' Then they came in riot gear to arrest homeless moms
2020/01/14 Now it's really, truly time to give up Windows 7
2020/01/14 New figure in Ukraine scandal was taken into police custody at president's resort last year
2020/01/14 Nearly all Americans want to get off fossil fuels
2020/01/14 Major investment firm to prioritize sustainability, back off coal
2020/01/14 Lev Parnas adds new details on push to oust U.S. ambassador to Ukraine
2020/01/14 James Murdoch criticises father's news outlets (News Corp, Fox) for climate crisis denial
2020/01/14 How to - carefully - surmount the Electoral College
2020/01/14 FEMA spent a ton fighting California's fires. Now it wants victims to pay it back
2020/01/14 Chemical industry influence within Agriculture Department
2020/01/14 Accelerated ocean warming is equivalent to adding 'five to six Hiroshima bombs of heat each second,' study shows
2020/01/14 32-hour workweek: research shows U.S. workers suffer from overwork
2020/01/13 Companies use 'dark patterns' to mislead users about privacy law, study shows
2020/01/13 Feds waived environment, other regs on 90 miles of Arizona state border in 2019
2020/01/13 The billionaire grifter's threat to democracy
2020/01/13 Air pollution, evolution, and the fate of billions of humans
2020/01/13 Citing betrayal of oath, watchdog group files formal ethics complaint against McConnell over impeachment
2020/01/13 The president claims he's improving health care. The opposite is true
2020/01/13 The Indian Child Welfare Act is still under attack
2020/01/13 Taal volcano eruption: Philippines alert level raised as thousands flee ash clouds
2020/01/13 Russians hacked Ukrainian gas company at center of impeachment
2020/01/13 Rural Venezuela crumbles as president shores up the capital and his power
2020/01/13 Protests in Iran: rage over downed jet, as lawmakers demand accountability
2020/01/13 Progressives applaud Sanders for releasing list of possible judicial nominees before election
2020/01/13 Meet Xenobot, an eerie new kind of programmable organism
2020/01/13 Exploit that gives remote access affects ~200M cable modems
2020/01/13 Ex-judge reveals how Cuba suppresses dissent
2020/01/13 Emails reveal DOJ working closely with oil industry to oppose climate lawsuits
2020/01/13 Droning the world: how the U.S. presidency became a killing machine
2020/01/13 Cryptic rumblings ahead of first 2020 Patch Tuesday
2020/01/13 Consumer safety groups sue USDA over president's effort to privatize inspections for pork industry
2020/01/13 Citing dark money fears, coalition raises alarm over 'zombie' FEC during pivotal 2020 elections
2020/01/13 China's swift ID of a new virus is a win for public health
2020/01/13 Be prepared to fight a dangerous new wave of disinformation during the Senate trial
2020/01/13 8 things everyone should know about Australia's wildfire disaster
2020/01/12 What Democrats gained by holding onto the articles of impeachment
2020/01/12 The war on the War on Cancer
2020/01/12 President fumes as Pelosi prepares to send impeachment articles to the Senate
2020/01/12 How the Electoral College can nullify the popular vote
2020/01/12 How bad can the climate crisis get if POTUS remains in office?
2020/01/12 Defense Secretary Mike Esper contradicts claim that Iran planned attacks on four U.S. embassies
2020/01/11 U.S. administration's lies about the Soleimani strike are a big deal
2020/01/11 Administration wants Supreme Court to wait on Obamacare ruling until after 2020 election
2020/01/11 Rick Wilson on running against The Devil
2020/01/11 John Bolton impeachment testimony will be blocked, president says
2020/01/11 Iran apologizes for mistakenly shooting down Ukrainian airplane during U.S. threat
2020/01/11 Iran admits unintentionally shooting down Ukrainian airliner
2020/01/11 In blow to Beijing, Taiwan re-elects Tsai Ing-wen as president
2020/01/11 Giant, mysterious blobs are lurking at the edge of Earth's core
2020/01/11 Fellow Republicans thrash Matt Gaetz for his sensible efforts to limit rogue president's war powers
2020/01/11 Canada, the RCMP, and human rights obligations to the Wet'suwet'en Nation
2020/01/11 All the times the U.S. allied with Soleimani against common enemies, giving him air support at Tikrit
2020/01/11 The U.S. president-and-Savior 'King Cyrus' confers unparalleled privilege upon evangelicals in exchange for loyalty at the ballot box
2020/01/10 Hackers are breaking directly into AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint to take over customer phone numbers
2020/01/10 Are we morally obligated to meditate?
2020/01/10 Cash bail was never about safety
2020/01/10 Virginia Democrats won an election. Gun owners are talking civil war
2020/01/10 The most popular crook in America
2020/01/10 The great dismantling of America's national parks is under way
2020/01/10 The FDA announces two more antacid recalls due to cancer risk
2020/01/10 Texas becomes the first state to shut the door on refugees
2020/01/10 Senator Collins working to allow witnesses at impeachment trial
2020/01/10 'See? Not radical': new poll shows nearly two-thirds of Americans support a wealth tax to fund universal programs
2020/01/10 Scientists made a nearly invincible lithium-ion battery
2020/01/10 Pompeo has 'no doubt' and 'no intel' that Soleimani was planning imminent attacks
2020/01/10 Pompeo has sealed his spot as 'president's whisperer' with his obsession to beat Iran
2020/01/10 Pelosi: House will send impeachment articles to the Senate next week
2020/01/10 Pain, cancer, death: Michigan families devastated by toxic chemicals in their water
2020/01/10 New report: EPA is promoting 'worst of the worst pesticides'
2020/01/10 McConnell backs resolution to change Senate rules and dismiss impeachment articles before they are even sent
2020/01/10 Indian Supreme Court finds 150-day internet blackout in Kashmir illegal
2020/01/10 In Poland, a stubborn defender of judicial independence
2020/01/10 How the U.S. helped create El Salvador's bloody gang war
2020/01/10 FCC will pay ISPs to deploy broadband with 250GB monthly data cap
2020/01/10 'Every piece of computerized voting equipment in use today can be easily compromised': voting machine makers face tough questions from Congress
2020/01/10 Controversy over Rep. Ilhan Omar's PTSD comments reveals how the disorder is misunderstood
2020/01/10 'Completely lawless president' reportedly tried to kill another top Iranian commander on same day as Soleimani
2020/01/10 Buckle up for another Facebook election
2020/01/10 Before the U.S. bombed Soleimani's terrorists, it bribed them
2020/01/10 AI makes bad medicine even worse
2020/01/10 America's dangerous Iran obsession
2020/01/10 'Chaos is the point': Russian hackers and trolls grow stealthier in 2020
2020/01/10 Reports: President ordered Iran strike only to garner support of GOP Senators against impeachment
2020/01/09 The U.S., Iran, and the consequences of breaking international law
2020/01/09 Waiting for Betelgeuse to explode
2020/01/09 U.S. State Department funded propaganda war on Iran long before Soleimani's killing
2020/01/09 U.S. government-funded Android phones for low-income people come preinstalled with unremovable malware
2020/01/09 Trove of new bird species found on remote Indonesian islands
2020/01/09 Trials are for evidence, and the Senate needs to call key witnesses who never testified before the House
2020/01/09 The evangelicals who pray for war
2020/01/09 The administration doesn't want taxpayers to know how much they've spent on president's travel
2020/01/09 ProPublica Guide to Section 8 Housing: everything you need to know
2020/01/09 Mohammed bin Zayed's dark vision of the Middle East's future
2020/01/09 Lawmakers prod FCC to act on SIM-swapping
2020/01/09 Iranian hackers have been 'password-spraying' the U.S. grid
2020/01/09 In unprecedented move, NYC Bar Association calls for Congress to probe Attorney General for partisan bias
2020/01/09 How Congress can stop a war
2020/01/09 House passes resolution to limit president's war powers against Iran
2020/01/09 Honduran asylum seekers will be deported to face violence and death in Honduras
2020/01/09 Fresh calls to #RaiseTheWage after study shows $1 increase could prevent thousands of suicides
2020/01/09 Democrats need to rip off the mask of timidity and impeach the president on all counts
2020/01/09 Deadly fungus became resistant to all existing drugs in 3 unlinked U.S. patients
2020/01/09 Climate movement takes aim at Wall Street, because money is the fossil fuel industry's only language
2020/01/09 Browser zero day: update your Firefox right now!
2020/01/09 Australia echoes western leaders in alleging Iran accidentally downed Ukraine plane
2020/01/09 As the world burns, president moves to limit environmental reviews, erase climate change from NEPA considerations
2020/01/09 After years of NATO-bashing, POTUS asks allies for help with Iran
2020/01/09 3 Arctic wilderness areas to watch as president tries to expand oil & gas drilling
2020/01/08 Michael Bloomberg on climate change: where the candidate stands
2020/01/08 TikTok riddled with security flaws
2020/01/08 The latest generation of climate models is running hotter - here's why
2020/01/08 Sanders vows to reverse president's attack on Social Security
2020/01/08 POTUS has conducted a war on Iran for 19 months. Iran finally hit back
2020/01/08 POTUS backs away from further military confrontation with Iran
2020/01/08 Pawnee Nation reclaims agricultural traditions
2020/01/08 Our frightening moment was years in the making
2020/01/08 More than 180 events planned across U.S. to protest president's march to war with Iran
2020/01/08 Millions flood streets across India as general strike takes aim at Modi government
2020/01/08 Louisiana greenlights huge pollution-causing plastics facility in 'Cancer Alley'
2020/01/08 Lawmakers refused to increase an infamous prison's funding. Then chaos erupted
2020/01/08 How forced labor in Eritrea is linked to E.U.-funded projects
2020/01/08 Fast radio bursts from a spiral galaxy challenge theorists
2020/01/08 Climate watchdog warns U.S. fracking boom leading to 30% rise in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025
2020/01/08 America has never cared about sacred sites
2020/01/08 A new voting system promises reliable paper records. Security experts warn it can't be trusted
2020/01/07 Facebook is banning AI-generated deepfakes. Other fakes are OK
2020/01/07 Addressing inequality requires more than learning the jargon
2020/01/07 Yemen heads list of countries facing worst humanitarian disasters in 2020
2020/01/07 Why is Pelosi waiting to send articles of impeachment to the Senate?
2020/01/07 What the media is getting wrong about Soleimani's killing
2020/01/07 Tricky phish angles for persistence, not passwords
2020/01/07 There is zero actual evidence Iran is responsible for killing hundreds of Americans
2020/01/07 The world paid attention to the wrong Iraqi protests
2020/01/07 The superpowers of super-thin materials
2020/01/07 The military views poor kids as fodder for its forever wars
2020/01/07 The Iraq war hawks are back
2020/01/07 The Americans dying because they can't afford medical care
2020/01/07 Study shows Medicare For All could save U.S. $600B annually on paperwork and other 'useless bureaucracy'
2020/01/07 Special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions demands official U.N. probe of Soleimani assassination
2020/01/07 Report detailing U.S. threats ignores climate change
2020/01/07 Puerto Rico in state of emergency after most powerful quake in over 100 years
2020/01/07 President's fixation on the 1979 hostage crisis is driving his Iran policy
2020/01/07 POTUS should know about Iran's Revolutionary Guard. His own business had close ties to it
2020/01/07 PGP keys, software security, and much more threatened by new SHA-1 exploit
2020/01/07 Offering no evidence, Esper says Soleimani attack on U.S. was days away
2020/01/07 Mike Pompeo's shifty reasons for killing Soleimani
2020/01/07 Michael Flynn's legal strategy was based on conspiracy theories. It just backfired
2020/01/07 Mercedes-Benz creates Avatar-inspired EV concept, uses no unobtainium
2020/01/07 McConnell says he will proceed on impeachment trial without witness deal
2020/01/07 London and NYC mayors call on every major city in the world to divest from climate-destroying fossil fuels
2020/01/07 Iran's parliament designates Pentagon an official terrorist organization
2020/01/07 Iran has not abandoned the nuclear deal
2020/01/07 Iran attacks two U.S. bases in Iraq, concludes attacks, does not seek escalation
2020/01/07 How a misleading Biden video spread
2020/01/07 Economists 'surprised Americans aren't revolting' over $8,000 tax they pay each year due to for-profit healthcare system
2020/01/07 Disinfo: bots are destroying political discourse as we know it
2020/01/07 China's lander releases data, high-resolution images of the Moon's far side
2020/01/07 California Republican Duncan Hunter officially resigns after pleading guilty to corruption
2020/01/07 Australian fires underscore the need to act Native
2020/01/07 Australia's infernal denial
2020/01/07 Astronomers discover huge gaseous wave holding Milky Way's newest stars
2020/01/07 An animal's-eye view of mass extinction in progress
2020/01/07 Americans still paying 100% of president's tariffs
2020/01/07 Advocates argue 'it is ludicrous and offensive' to let impeached president continue right-wing takeover of courts
2020/01/07 A look at South Africa's planned land allocation system - and who does not qualify
2020/01/07 'We were all told to do this': U.S. border officer uses Nuremberg defense to explain involvement in separating families
2020/01/06 The U.S.-Saudi alliance, a key driver of Iran conflict, is deeply unpopular with the American people
2020/01/06 The trade war is making lobbyists rich and slamming small businesses
2020/01/06 The next impeachable offense of a rogue president bent on committing atrocities
2020/01/06 The hidden cost of ransomware: wholesale password theft
2020/01/06 Shutdown of U.S. coal power facilities saved over 26,000 lives, study finds
2020/01/06 Scientists figured out the Indian cobra's genome
2020/01/06 President accused of 'disgraceful abdication' of duty to protect Earth for proposal to neuter landmark environmental law
2020/01/06 POTUS threatens Iraq with crushing sanctions if it expels U.S.
2020/01/06 Pentagon rules out illegally striking Iranian cultural sites, contradicting rogue president
2020/01/06 More than 60,000 people are missing amid Mexico's drug war, officials say
2020/01/06 Mike Pompeo is the most dangerous man in the world right now
2020/01/06 Media leaders agonize over amplifying president's lies as 2020 election year begins
2020/01/06 Lawmakers and experts inform the president that he can't declare war via tweet
2020/01/06 First quantum entanglement between computer chips
2020/01/06 'Because insects are key to our own survival,' 73 scientists unveil global roadmap to battle bugpocalypse
2020/01/06 Awash in disinformation before vote, Taiwan points finger at China
2020/01/06 As tensions with Iran worsen, hypervigilance against vague threats is more useless than ever
2020/01/06 A quiet Christmas gift to the kleptocrats
2020/01/05 U.S.-led forces fighting ISIS just backed off to protect against a potential attack from Iran
2020/01/05 This robot's journey to an icy alien moon starts beneath Antarctica
2020/01/05 Stephanie Hofeller shares father's redistricting files that Republicans wanted hidden
2020/01/05 Russia takes a big step toward internet isolation
2020/01/05 Putin's Big Lie
2020/01/05 President's lawless thuggery is corrupting justice in America
2020/01/05 POTUS and his team are lying their way to war with Iran
2020/01/05 Ocasio-Cortez says POTUS is a 'monster' for 'threatening to kill innocent families, women, and children' in Iran
2020/01/05 New satellites add a wealth of detail to climate science
2020/01/05 Killing of Soleimani follows long push from Pompeo for aggressive action against Iran
2020/01/05 Iranians flood Twitter with photos of favorite cultural sites as POTUS threatens them with destruction
2020/01/05 Iran announces it will no longer adhere to 2015 nuclear deal limits, but won't scrap the deal for now
2020/01/04 U.S. government agency website hacked by group claiming to be from Iran
2020/01/04 The Soleimani strike defied the U.S. Constitution
2020/01/04 The other reason Republicans won't cross the president
2020/01/04 Propaganda U.: right-wing views for Generation Z, five minutes at a time
2020/01/04 Openly threatening a war crime, POTUS says U.S. prepared to strike 52 Iranian sites
2020/01/04 Nuclear power is 'clean', if you ignore all the waste
2020/01/04 New particle accelerator fits on a silicon chip
2020/01/04 It wasn't the law that stopped other presidents from killing Soleimani
2020/01/04 In era of perpetual conflict, a capricious president grabs expanded powers to make war
2020/01/04 How to secure your Wi-Fi router and protect your home network
2020/01/04 Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak shows global manipulation of voters on an industrial scale. And it's not over
2020/01/04 Australian heatwave: Canberra and Penrith smash temperature records that stood for 80 years
2020/01/04 At church rally, evangelicals worship president and God
2020/01/04 'It's an atomic bomb': Australia deploys military as fires spread
2020/01/03 With Suleimani assassination, POTUS is doing the bidding of Washington's most vile cabal
2020/01/03 Who's next? President crossed a line with Soleimani assassination
2020/01/03 White House withholds 20 emails between two of president's aides on Ukraine aid
2020/01/03 The pinnacle of the president's foreign policy stupidity
2020/01/03 The killing of Gen. Qassim Suleimani: what we know since the U.S. airstrike
2020/01/03 The IRS tried to crack down on rich people who use an 'abusive' tax deduction. It hasn't gone so well
2020/01/03 Sen. Tim Kaine files war powers resolution to stop POTUS from 'stumbling into a war with Iran'
2020/01/03 SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts worries about the state of our democracy even as his decisions have weakened it
2020/01/03 Qassim Suleimani, master of Iran's intrigue, built a Shiite axis of power in Mideast
2020/01/03 Qassem Soleimani haunted the Arab world
2020/01/03 President's Deutsche Bank loans underwritten by Russian state-owned bank, whistle-blower told FBI
2020/01/03 Moscow enjoys stock exchange all-time record after Soleimani assassination
2020/01/03 Meet the Iran hawks inside the president's administration
2020/01/03 Killing Qassem Soleimani was a blunder
2020/01/03 Johnson & Johnson sued over baby powder by New Mexico
2020/01/03 In Appalachia, crafting a road to recovery with dulcimer strings
2020/01/03 Have Democrats found their ALEC?
2020/01/03 Emails reveal DoD warned White House that withholding Ukraine aid was illegal, but POTUS did it anyway
2020/01/03 Controversial BLM chief Pendley's tenure extended again without nomination, despite protests
2020/01/03 Chevron made $4.5B in 2018. So why did the IRS give them a refund?
2020/01/03 Bernie Sanders condemns president for putting U.S. on path to 'another disastrous war in the Middle East'
2020/01/03 2020- A year of pipeline court fights, with one lawsuit headed to the Supreme Court
2020/01/02 What we found in three years of documenting hate: A letter to our partners
2020/01/02 Unredacted Ukraine documents reveal extent of Pentagon's legal concerns over blocked aid
2020/01/02 Social Security Administration now wants people with disabilities to repeatedly prove it
2020/01/02 Processed foods have been linked to disease and overeating. Our microbiome could explain why
2020/01/02 Naming the threat: the scourge of police violence targeting Black women
2020/01/02 EPA science advisors tear into agency's 'transparency' proposal
2020/01/02 Denmark sources record 47% of power from wind in 2019
2020/01/02 Data breach affects 63 Landry's restaurants
2020/01/02 Big Pharma celebrates new year by raising prices on over 250 drugs
2020/01/02 U.S. kills senior Iranian military official Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad drone strike without Congressional approval
2020/01/01 Unexplained drones are swarming by night over Colorado
2020/01/01 Embassy attack reveals president's weakness
2020/01/01 The administration is misdirecting family-planning funds
2020/01/01 Northern India cold wave breaks records, shuts schools and makes bad air worse
2020/01/01 Netanyahu seeks immunity from Israeli corruption charges
2020/01/01 Nancy Pelosi's leverage over Mitch McConnell
2020/01/01 Independent advisory board says EPA is ignoring scientific evidence as it shreds regulations
2020/01/01 Google says it will no longer use 'double Irish, Dutch sandwich' tax loophole
2020/01/01 Federal judge blocks NC's voter id law, citing state's 'sordid history' of racist voter suppression
2020/01/01 Everything you need to know about the California Consumer Privacy Act
2020/01/01 Democratic lawmakers decry president's proposal to hike immigration fees
2020/01/01 Alone in a crowded Milky Way - despite the Fermi Paradox
2020/01/01 A voice from the forest in the corporate boardroom
2020/01/01 A grim new definition of Generation X

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