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2020 Democratic Debates: The New York Times
2019 Vox Guide to the Impeachment Saga
2020/01/21 President's 'national security' impeachment defense is a red herring straight from Richard Nixon's playbook
2020/01/16 Ukraine opens investigations into Ukrainegate
2020/01/16 These candidates were accused of sexual misconduct. They're running again in 2020
2020/01/16 The stealth plan to preserve white electoral power
2020/01/16 Senate urged to convict president after GAO says White House broke law by freezing Ukraine aid
2020/01/16 Rain brings joy to Australian farmers, flooding in Melbourne, and dampens some bushfires as others burn
2020/01/16 Puerto Rico was invisible. The president made things worse
2020/01/16 Lev Parnas's Maddow interview and new POTUS-Ukraine claims, explained
2020/01/16 Key player in Ukraine shakedown says POTUS 'knew exactly what was going on'
2020/01/16 Johns Hopkins scientists give psychedelics the serious treatment
2020/01/16 ICE violates medical ethics by force-feeding hunger strikers
2020/01/16 Harvard Law School students protest Exxon Mobil's law firm for defending fossil fuel interests
2020/01/16 Free Press advocates decry 'unprecedented' and 'unjustified' restrictions on reporter access to impeachment trial
2020/01/16 Bill Barr does not get to decide what's in the Constitution
2020/01/15 World's first 'living machine' created using frog cells and AI
2020/01/15 What the Equal Rights Amendment means
2020/01/15 Want to stop Australia's fires? Listen to Aboriginal people
2020/01/15 The U.S. Space Force is not a joke
2020/01/15 The stunning new texts, documents, and impeachment evidence released by the House, explained
2020/01/15 The Russian government's dramatic shake-up, briefly explained
2020/01/15 States must accept refugees, judge rules, blocking president's order
2020/01/15 President's tax break 'for low-income areas', that benefited the rich, is being investigated
2020/01/15 President refutes his whole Supreme Court case against Obamacare in 1 tweet
2020/01/15 New revelations show there is much more to learn about the Ukraine scandal
2020/01/15 New Figure in the Ukraine scandal worked for president's mysterious Chinese donor
2020/01/15 New documents appear to link president's Biden probe with Ukrainian oligarch fighting U.S. bribery charges
2020/01/15 Mysterious, dusty objects are swarming the Milky Way's core
2020/01/15 'Muslim' is not an insult
2020/01/15 Man accused of making 'swatting' threats with white supremacists to foment panic
2020/01/15 Hundreds of Hondurans set out for U.S. border: 'Little difference if you die here or there'
2020/01/15 Human Trafficking Prevention Month is a dangerous joke
2020/01/15 Equifax settles class-action breach lawsuit for $380.5M
2020/01/15 Dead birds washing up by the thousands send a warning about climate change
2020/01/15 CNN unleashes another exercise in manufactured consent
2020/01/15 Bricks alive! Scientists create living concrete
2020/01/14 Windows 10 has a security flaw so severe the NSA disclosed it
2020/01/14 Visiting Puerto Rico, Cuomo attacks president's lack of response to earthquakes
2020/01/14 U.N. proposes protecting 30% of Earth to slow extinctions and climate change
2020/01/14 Taal volcano could explosively erupt
2020/01/14 Senate has votes to pass limits on president's Iran war power, likely drawing a veto
2020/01/14 Seattle bans foreign-influenced corporations from spending in local elections
2020/01/14 POTUS: Saudi Arabia paid us $1B for U.S. mercenary troops. Pentagon: Nope
2020/01/14 Police said they wouldn't be 'confrontational.' Then they came in riot gear to arrest homeless moms
2020/01/14 Now it's really, truly time to give up Windows 7
2020/01/14 New figure in Ukraine scandal was taken into police custody at president's resort last year
2020/01/14 Nearly all Americans want to get off fossil fuels
2020/01/14 Major investment firm to prioritize sustainability, back off coal
2020/01/14 Lev Parnas adds new details on push to oust U.S. ambassador to Ukraine
2020/01/14 James Murdoch criticises father's news outlets (News Corp, Fox) for climate crisis denial
2020/01/14 How to - carefully - surmount the Electoral College
2020/01/14 FEMA spent a ton fighting California's fires. Now it wants victims to pay it back
2020/01/14 Chemical industry influence within Agriculture Department
2020/01/14 Accelerated ocean warming is equivalent to adding 'five to six Hiroshima bombs of heat each second,' study shows
2020/01/14 32-hour workweek: research shows U.S. workers suffer from overwork
2020/01/13 Citing betrayal of oath, watchdog group files formal ethics complaint against McConnell over impeachment
2020/01/13 The president claims he's improving health care. The opposite is true
2020/01/13 The Indian Child Welfare Act is still under attack
2020/01/13 Taal volcano eruption: Philippines alert level raised as thousands flee ash clouds
2020/01/13 Russians hacked Ukrainian gas company at center of impeachment
2020/01/13 Rural Venezuela crumbles as president shores up the capital and his power
2020/01/13 Protests in Iran: rage over downed jet, as lawmakers demand accountability
2020/01/13 Progressives applaud Sanders for releasing list of possible judicial nominees before election
2020/01/13 Meet Xenobot, an eerie new kind of programmable organism
2020/01/13 Exploit that gives remote access affects ~200M cable modems
2020/01/13 Ex-judge reveals how Cuba suppresses dissent
2020/01/13 Emails reveal DOJ working closely with oil industry to oppose climate lawsuits
2020/01/13 Droning the world: how the U.S. presidency became a killing machine
2020/01/13 Cryptic rumblings ahead of first 2020 Patch Tuesday
2020/01/13 Consumer safety groups sue USDA over president's effort to privatize inspections for pork industry
2020/01/13 Citing dark money fears, coalition raises alarm over 'zombie' FEC during pivotal 2020 elections
2020/01/13 China's swift ID of a new virus is a win for public health
2020/01/13 Be prepared to fight a dangerous new wave of disinformation during the Senate trial
2020/01/13 8 things everyone should know about Australia's wildfire disaster
2020/01/12 What Democrats gained by holding onto the articles of impeachment
2020/01/12 The war on the War on Cancer
2020/01/12 President fumes as Pelosi prepares to send impeachment articles to the Senate
2020/01/12 How the Electoral College can nullify the popular vote
2020/01/12 How bad can the climate crisis get if POTUS remains in office?
2020/01/12 Defense Secretary Mike Esper contradicts claim that Iran planned attacks on four U.S. embassies
2020/01/11 U.S. administration's lies about the Soleimani strike are a big deal
2020/01/11 Administration wants Supreme Court to wait on Obamacare ruling until after 2020 election
2020/01/11 Rick Wilson on running against The Devil
2020/01/11 John Bolton impeachment testimony will be blocked, president says
2020/01/11 Iran apologizes for mistakenly shooting down Ukrainian airplane during U.S. threat
2020/01/11 Iran admits unintentionally shooting down Ukrainian airliner
2020/01/11 In blow to Beijing, Taiwan re-elects Tsai Ing-wen as president
2020/01/11 Giant, mysterious blobs are lurking at the edge of Earth's core
2020/01/11 Fellow Republicans thrash Matt Gaetz for his sensible efforts to limit rogue president's war powers
2020/01/11 Canada, the RCMP, and human rights obligations to the Wet'suwet'en Nation
2020/01/11 All the times the U.S. allied with Soleimani against common enemies, giving him air support at Tikrit
2020/01/11 The U.S. president-and-Savior 'King Cyrus' confers unparalleled privilege upon evangelicals in exchange for loyalty at the ballot box
2020/01/10 Virginia Democrats won an election. Gun owners are talking civil war
2020/01/10 The most popular crook in America
2020/01/10 The great dismantling of America's national parks is under way
2020/01/10 The FDA announces two more antacid recalls due to cancer risk
2020/01/10 Texas becomes the first state to shut the door on refugees
2020/01/10 Senator Collins working to allow witnesses at impeachment trial
2020/01/10 'See? Not radical': new poll shows nearly two-thirds of Americans support a wealth tax to fund universal programs
2020/01/10 Scientists made a nearly invincible lithium-ion battery
2020/01/10 Pompeo has 'no doubt' and 'no intel' that Soleimani was planning imminent attacks
2020/01/10 Pompeo has sealed his spot as 'president's whisperer' with his obsession to beat Iran
2020/01/10 Pelosi: House will send impeachment articles to the Senate next week
2020/01/10 Pain, cancer, death: Michigan families devastated by toxic chemicals in their water
2020/01/10 New report: EPA is promoting 'worst of the worst pesticides'
2020/01/10 McConnell backs resolution to change Senate rules and dismiss impeachment articles before they are even sent
2020/01/10 Indian Supreme Court finds 150-day internet blackout in Kashmir illegal
2020/01/10 In Poland, a stubborn defender of judicial independence
2020/01/10 How the U.S. helped create El Salvador's bloody gang war
2020/01/10 FCC will pay ISPs to deploy broadband with 250GB monthly data cap
2020/01/10 'Every piece of computerized voting equipment in use today can be easily compromised': voting machine makers face tough questions from Congress
2020/01/10 Controversy over Rep. Ilhan Omar's PTSD comments reveals how the disorder is misunderstood
2020/01/10 'Completely lawless president' reportedly tried to kill another top Iranian commander on same day as Soleimani
2020/01/10 Buckle up for another Facebook election
2020/01/10 Before the U.S. bombed Soleimani's terrorists, it bribed them
2020/01/10 AI makes bad medicine even worse
2020/01/10 America's dangerous Iran obsession
2020/01/10 'Chaos is the point': Russian hackers and trolls grow stealthier in 2020
2020/01/10 Reports: President ordered Iran strike only to garner support of GOP Senators against impeachment
2020/01/09 Waiting for Betelgeuse to explode
2020/01/09 U.S. State Department funded propaganda war on Iran long before Soleimani's killing
2020/01/09 U.S. government-funded Android phones for low-income people come preinstalled with unremovable malware
2020/01/09 Trove of new bird species found on remote Indonesian islands
2020/01/09 Trials are for evidence, and the Senate needs to call key witnesses who never testified before the House
2020/01/09 The evangelicals who pray for war
2020/01/09 The administration doesn't want taxpayers to know how much they've spent on president's travel
2020/01/09 ProPublica Guide to Section 8 Housing: everything you need to know
2020/01/09 Mohammed bin Zayed's dark vision of the Middle East's future
2020/01/09 Lawmakers prod FCC to act on SIM-swapping
2020/01/09 Iranian hackers have been 'password-spraying' the U.S. grid
2020/01/09 In unprecedented move, NYC Bar Association calls for Congress to probe Attorney General for partisan bias
2020/01/09 How Congress can stop a war
2020/01/09 House passes resolution to limit president's war powers against Iran
2020/01/09 Honduran asylum seekers will be deported to face violence and death in Honduras
2020/01/09 Fresh calls to #RaiseTheWage after study shows $1 increase could prevent thousands of suicides
2020/01/09 Democrats need to rip off the mask of timidity and impeach the president on all counts
2020/01/09 Deadly fungus became resistant to all existing drugs in 3 unlinked U.S. patients
2020/01/09 Climate movement takes aim at Wall Street, because money is the fossil fuel industry's only language
2020/01/09 Browser zero day: update your Firefox right now!
2020/01/09 Australia echoes western leaders in alleging Iran accidentally downed Ukraine plane
2020/01/09 As the world burns, president moves to limit environmental reviews, erase climate change from NEPA considerations
2020/01/09 After years of NATO-bashing, POTUS asks allies for help with Iran
2020/01/09 3 Arctic wilderness areas to watch as president tries to expand oil & gas drilling
2020/01/08 TikTok riddled with security flaws
2020/01/08 The latest generation of climate models is running hotter - here's why
2020/01/08 Sanders vows to reverse president's attack on Social Security
2020/01/08 POTUS has conducted a war on Iran for 19 months. Iran finally hit back
2020/01/08 POTUS backs away from further military confrontation with Iran
2020/01/08 Pawnee Nation reclaims agricultural traditions
2020/01/08 Our frightening moment was years in the making
2020/01/08 More than 180 events planned across U.S. to protest president's march to war with Iran
2020/01/08 Millions flood streets across India as general strike takes aim at Modi government
2020/01/08 Louisiana greenlights huge pollution-causing plastics facility in 'Cancer Alley'
2020/01/08 Lawmakers refused to increase an infamous prison's funding. Then chaos erupted
2020/01/08 How forced labor in Eritrea is linked to E.U.-funded projects
2020/01/08 Fast radio bursts from a spiral galaxy challenge theorists
2020/01/08 Climate watchdog warns U.S. fracking boom leading to 30% rise in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025
2020/01/08 America has never cared about sacred sites
2020/01/08 A new voting system promises reliable paper records. Security experts warn it can't be trusted
2020/01/07 Yemen heads list of countries facing worst humanitarian disasters in 2020
2020/01/07 Why is Pelosi waiting to send articles of impeachment to the Senate?
2020/01/07 What the media is getting wrong about Soleimani's killing
2020/01/07 Tricky phish angles for persistence, not passwords
2020/01/07 There is zero actual evidence Iran is responsible for killing hundreds of Americans
2020/01/07 The world paid attention to the wrong Iraqi protests
2020/01/07 The superpowers of super-thin materials
2020/01/07 The military views poor kids as fodder for its forever wars
2020/01/07 The Iraq war hawks are back
2020/01/07 The Americans dying because they can't afford medical care
2020/01/07 Study shows Medicare for All could save U.S. $600B annually on paperwork and other 'useless bureaucracy'
2020/01/07 Special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions demands official U.N. probe of Soleimani assassination
2020/01/07 Report detailing U.S. threats ignores climate change
2020/01/07 Puerto Rico in state of emergency after most powerful quake in over 100 years
2020/01/07 President's fixation on the 1979 hostage crisis is driving his Iran policy
2020/01/07 POTUS should know about Iran's Revolutionary Guard. His own business had close ties to it
2020/01/07 PGP keys, software security, and much more threatened by new SHA-1 exploit
2020/01/07 Offering no evidence, Esper says Soleimani attack on U.S. was days away
2020/01/07 Mike Pompeo's shifty reasons for killing Soleimani
2020/01/07 Michael Flynn's legal strategy was based on conspiracy theories. It just backfired
2020/01/07 Mercedes-Benz creates Avatar-inspired EV concept, uses no unobtainium
2020/01/07 McConnell says he will proceed on impeachment trial without witness deal
2020/01/07 London and NYC mayors call on every major city in the world to divest from climate-destroying fossil fuels
2020/01/07 Iran's parliament designates Pentagon an official terrorist organization
2020/01/07 Iran has not abandoned the nuclear deal
2020/01/07 Iran attacks two U.S. bases in Iraq, concludes attacks, does not seek escalation
2020/01/07 How a misleading Biden video spread
2020/01/07 Economists 'surprised Americans aren't revolting' over $8,000 tax they pay each year due to for-profit healthcare system
2020/01/07 Disinfo: bots are destroying political discourse as we know it
2020/01/07 China's lander releases data, high-resolution images of the Moon's far side
2020/01/07 California Republican Duncan Hunter officially resigns after pleading guilty to corruption
2020/01/07 Australian fires underscore the need to act Native
2020/01/07 Australia's infernal denial
2020/01/07 Astronomers discover huge gaseous wave holding Milky Way's newest stars
2020/01/07 An animal's-eye view of mass extinction in progress
2020/01/07 Americans still paying 100% of president's tariffs
2020/01/07 Advocates argue 'it is ludicrous and offensive' to let impeached president continue right-wing takeover of courts
2020/01/07 A look at South Africa's planned land allocation system - and who does not qualify
2020/01/07 'We were all told to do this': U.S. border officer uses Nuremberg defense to explain involvement in separating families
2020/01/06 The U.S.-Saudi alliance, a key driver of Iran conflict, is deeply unpopular with the American people
2020/01/06 The trade war is making lobbyists rich and slamming small businesses
2020/01/06 The next impeachable offense of a rogue president bent on committing atrocities
2020/01/06 The hidden cost of ransomware: wholesale password theft
2020/01/06 Shutdown of U.S. coal power facilities saved over 26,000 lives, study finds
2020/01/06 Scientists figured out the Indian cobra's genome
2020/01/06 President accused of 'disgraceful abdication' of duty to protect Earth for proposal to neuter landmark environmental law
2020/01/06 POTUS threatens Iraq with crushing sanctions if it expels U.S.
2020/01/06 Pentagon rules out illegally striking Iranian cultural sites, contradicting rogue president
2020/01/06 More than 60,000 people are missing amid Mexico's drug war, officials say
2020/01/06 Mike Pompeo is the most dangerous man in the world right now
2020/01/06 Media leaders agonize over amplifying president's lies as 2020 election year begins
2020/01/06 Lawmakers and experts inform the president that he can't declare war via tweet
2020/01/06 First quantum entanglement between computer chips
2020/01/06 'Because insects are key to our own survival,' 73 scientists unveil global roadmap to battle bugpocalypse
2020/01/06 Awash in disinformation before vote, Taiwan points finger at China
2020/01/06 As tensions with Iran worsen, hypervigilance against vague threats is more useless than ever
2020/01/06 A quiet Christmas gift to the kleptocrats
2020/01/05 U.S.-led forces fighting ISIS just backed off to protect against a potential attack from Iran
2020/01/05 This robot's journey to an icy alien moon starts beneath Antarctica
2020/01/05 Stephanie Hofeller shares father's redistricting files that Republicans wanted hidden
2020/01/05 Russia takes a big step toward internet isolation
2020/01/05 Putin's Big Lie
2020/01/05 President's lawless thuggery is corrupting justice in America
2020/01/05 POTUS and his team are lying their way to war with Iran
2020/01/05 Ocasio-Cortez says POTUS is a 'monster' for 'threatening to kill innocent families, women, and children' in Iran
2020/01/05 New satellites add a wealth of detail to climate science
2020/01/05 Killing of Soleimani follows long push from Pompeo for aggressive action against Iran
2020/01/05 Iranians flood Twitter with photos of favorite cultural sites as POTUS threatens them with destruction
2020/01/05 Iran announces it will no longer adhere to 2015 nuclear deal limits, but won't scrap the deal for now
2020/01/04 U.S. government agency website hacked by group claiming to be from Iran
2020/01/04 The Soleimani strike defied the U.S. Constitution
2020/01/04 The other reason Republicans won't cross the president
2020/01/04 Propaganda U.: right-wing views for Generation Z, five minutes at a time
2020/01/04 Openly threatening a war crime, POTUS says U.S. prepared to strike 52 Iranian sites
2020/01/04 Nuclear power is 'clean', if you ignore all the waste
2020/01/04 New particle accelerator fits on a silicon chip
2020/01/04 It wasn't the law that stopped other presidents from killing Soleimani
2020/01/04 In era of perpetual conflict, a capricious president grabs expanded powers to make war
2020/01/04 How to secure your Wi-Fi router and protect your home network
2020/01/04 Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak shows global manipulation of voters on an industrial scale. And it's not over
2020/01/04 Australian heatwave: Canberra and Penrith smash temperature records that stood for 80 years
2020/01/04 At church rally, evangelicals worship president and God
2020/01/04 'It's an atomic bomb': Australia deploys military as fires spread
2020/01/03 With Suleimani assassination, POTUS is doing the bidding of Washington's most vile cabal
2020/01/03 Who's next? President crossed a line with Soleimani assassination
2020/01/03 White House withholds 20 emails between two of president's aides on Ukraine aid
2020/01/03 The pinnacle of the president's foreign policy stupidity
2020/01/03 The killing of Gen. Qassim Suleimani: what we know since the U.S. airstrike
2020/01/03 The IRS tried to crack down on rich people who use an 'abusive' tax deduction. It hasn't gone so well
2020/01/03 Sen. Tim Kaine files war powers resolution to stop POTUS from 'stumbling into a war with Iran'
2020/01/03 SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts worries about the state of our democracy even as his decisions have weakened it
2020/01/03 Qassim Suleimani, master of Iran's intrigue, built a Shiite axis of power in Mideast
2020/01/03 Qassem Soleimani haunted the Arab world
2020/01/03 President's Deutsche Bank loans underwritten by Russian state-owned bank, whistle-blower told FBI
2020/01/03 Moscow enjoys stock exchange all-time record after Soleimani assassination
2020/01/03 Meet the Iran hawks inside the president's administration
2020/01/03 Killing Qassem Soleimani was a blunder
2020/01/03 Johnson & Johnson sued over baby powder by New Mexico
2020/01/03 In Appalachia, crafting a road to recovery with dulcimer strings
2020/01/03 Have Democrats found their ALEC?
2020/01/03 Emails reveal DoD warned White House that withholding Ukraine aid was illegal, but POTUS did it anyway
2020/01/03 Controversial BLM chief Pendley's tenure extended again without nomination, despite protests
2020/01/03 Chevron made $4.5B in 2018. So why did the IRS give them a refund?
2020/01/03 Bernie Sanders condemns president for putting U.S. on path to 'another disastrous war in the Middle East'
2020/01/03 2020- A year of pipeline court fights, with one lawsuit headed to the Supreme Court
2020/01/02 What we found in three years of documenting hate: A letter to our partners
2020/01/02 Unredacted Ukraine documents reveal extent of Pentagon's legal concerns over blocked aid
2020/01/02 Social Security Administration now wants people with disabilities to repeatedly prove it
2020/01/02 Processed foods have been linked to disease and overeating. Our microbiome could explain why
2020/01/02 Naming the threat: the scourge of police violence targeting Black women
2020/01/02 EPA science advisors tear into agency's 'transparency' proposal
2020/01/02 Denmark sources record 47% of power from wind in 2019
2020/01/02 Data breach affects 63 Landry's restaurants
2020/01/02 Big Pharma celebrates new year by raising prices on over 250 drugs
2020/01/02 U.S. kills senior Iranian military official Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad drone strike without Congressional approval
2020/01/01 Unexplained drones are swarming by night over Colorado
2020/01/01 Embassy attack reveals president's weakness
2020/01/01 The administration is misdirecting family-planning funds
2020/01/01 Northern India cold wave breaks records, shuts schools and makes bad air worse
2020/01/01 Netanyahu seeks immunity from Israeli corruption charges
2020/01/01 Nancy Pelosi's leverage over Mitch McConnell
2020/01/01 Independent advisory board says EPA is ignoring scientific evidence as it shreds regulations
2020/01/01 Google says it will no longer use 'double Irish, Dutch sandwich' tax loophole
2020/01/01 Federal judge blocks NC's voter id law, citing state's 'sordid history' of racist voter suppression
2020/01/01 Everything you need to know about the California Consumer Privacy Act
2020/01/01 Democratic lawmakers decry president's proposal to hike immigration fees
2020/01/01 Alone in a crowded Milky Way - despite the Fermi Paradox
2020/01/01 A voice from the forest in the corporate boardroom
2020/01/01 A grim new definition of Generation X

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