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Please read carefully.


The abbreviation "TOS" refers to this document and to all terms and agreements contained within.

Various first person words, such as "I", "me", and "my", and my service mark, Lauver SystemsSM (effective 2005/01/10), refer to Gregory L. Lauver.

The word "any" means "none", "one", "some", "all", or "indefinite", regardless of kind, quality, quantity, number, or value.

The word "may" means only a possibility, not a certainty or requirement.

My "work", and "works", includes without limitation any of my original art including audio and visual art, code including program code, color schemes, dimensions, designs, forms, functionality, layouts, logic, methods, properties, and structures, and any services which I perform.

Various forms of the word "entity" mean any class which is understood, commonly, legally, or otherwise, to have the abilities, authority, rights, and/or status of a person or persons, and/or to have any other qualities which refer to a person or persons.

Various second person words, such as "you", "your", and "yours", refer to any person or entity in possession of, using, or viewing my works, and to any other person or entity acting on your behalf.

The section titles in this document are arbitrary and do not necessarily define the section content.


My works are provided according to this TOS.  Your use of my works establishes your acceptance of these terms.  If you cannot agree to, accept, and act in accordance with these terms, you must not use my works, and you must either return or destroy any copies of these works, and any derivative works thereof, which are in your possession.  I reserve all rights not expressly granted herein.

This TOS is original and complete, and shall not be altered, superceded, or revoked by any means, whether verbal, written, expressed, or implied, except by my written approval.  In the event that any part of this TOS is found to be invalid, the remainder and its intended meaning shall remain in force.  The governing locale of this TOS is the State of Michigan, USA, and the governing language is American English.  I will not be held responsible for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, or syntax.

You are forbidden to use my works in any manner which violates the law, or provides assistance in doing so.


The works accompanied by this TOS are Copyright © by me, and must always be accompanied by this TOS in the same relative storage location in which I have placed it; however, the specific location where it is placed does not imply any limits upon this TOS.

In addition to this TOS, my works may also separately contain my Copyright notifications.  These Copyright notifications shall not be altered, moved, or removed unless by my direction.  When any such Copyright notification includes a specific year, month, and/or date, this merely indicates the time period in which I considered the works to be substantially complete, and does not imply any reduction of the lifespan of the Copyright.


My works are licensed, not sold.  This TOS gives you the right to use my works, but not to own them.  You are forbidden to distribute, transfer, give away, lease, rent, sublet, sell, or receive any compensation for, and/or to make any claim of ownership of, my works, in whole or in part, or any derivative works thereof.  Under no circumstance is my work to be attributed to another person or entity.

You are forbidden to use, copy, emulate, clone, modify, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise reverse engineer any of my works, except as permitted by this TOS.

The above notwithstanding, if I have created a body of work specifically for your use, I may transfer to you the ownership of the overall appearance of that body of work after I have received your payment for additional license to that aspect.  Although you may acquire ownership of the overall appearance, I retain the perpetual right to use the underlying components as I see fit.  You will not hold me liable in the event that any of my works bear a resemblance in appearance to any other works.


Do not export my works.


My works are provided "as is" - you use them at your own risk.  I do not guarantee that my works are or will be free from defects, that they do or will perform as intended in any circumstances, or that they are or will be fit for any purpose.  You will not hold me liable for any problems, damages, or loss of profit, including without limitation special, incidental, or consequential damages, real or imaginary, which may result from the use of, or inability to use, my works, regardless of any legal theory, and regardless if I have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Upon your request, I may at my discretion attempt to amend my works for your benefit.  Any such amendments are subject this TOS.  Your ultimate recourse is to stop using any of my works which you believe are problematic.

This TOS is not intended to modify or abolish the policies of third party vendors whose products and/or services I may provide or make available; however, I disclaim any responsibility expressed or implied by the policies of those vendors, and you assume all responsibility for pursuing recourse with them.  I accept no responsibility for other people's works.

 Lauver Systems Terms of Service 
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