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Having been in the "print on demand" business for a few years, we've learned much about paper stocks, copy quality, layouts, methods, and cost.  There are two kinds of copy shops.

One will sell you bad to mediocre copies of whatever you brought in, without the least suggestion that a few minor (and usually free) tweaks could improve the output.

Others will recommend as many expensive add ons and upgrades as you'll buy.  Who knows?  Maybe you do need gold plated yard sale flyers - regardless of the misspelled words.

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling ...

Patience, and being a "detail oriented" technician, may not be your thing.  Many people just never got a "round tu-it":  modern life is hectic and distractions abound.

... Proofing, Layout & Paste-Ups, Photos, Scans

Once in a while, you just need a letter typed nicely, or your own literary effort proof-read, or a layout and color scheme which best survives the copy process at the best price.

We'll help you add impact to your ad, bring important features to the fore, and include photos.  We also scan paper documents to digital files for storage or E-mail.

Graphics & Web:

We offer support for graphics and DHTML (CSS, HTML, and JavaScript).  While we aren't master graphic or web designers, we can improve your existing HTML based pages:

Don't have a website?  We'll build a DHTML site for you inexpensively.

Don't want a website?  We can add your small business to our BusinessDirect listings, or create and host your own separate page. is hand built (without automagical coding software), and represents our current state of these arts.  It's compatible with the Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari browsers.

We do not handle hard-copy mastering, large format, or offset printing.


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