We fix sick computers, but it isn't fun.  For you, it's a cycle of frustration, security risks, and expense.  For your regular computer tech, it's uninspiring routine.  You can break that cycle through proactive support and training.


Most computer problems are the results of a few basic causes which you can learn to correct before they become problems, even if you're "Computer Illiterate."  Learn just what you need - no rocket science required.


Lauver Systems offers a variety of tech and not-so-tech information, services, and products with your best interests at heart - because we know that what goes around comes around.

Dive in and Enjoy!
See What We Do for basic services.  Help yourself with Trade Secrets.  Check News & Alerts for recent discoveries, economics, security, and threats.

Browse the Business Directory for freeware, information, locally owned independent small businesses, and superior products and services from companies who have earned our respect - each vetted for safety and value.

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