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Quite apart from commercial security companies, often unnoticed and unappreciated, are many thousands of web warriors who donate countless hours to keep you safe by exposing weak security, code exploits, malware, fraud, spam, and sleaze on the Internet.  Use the following free services to get reports on any website.

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URLVoid draws from multiple trusted sources to report a variety of issues which may be found on a given website.  The initial URLVoid summary report provides links to detailed reports from each source, plus additional scanning engines and tools you can use.  Be patient, it takes a few extra seconds to create this report.

In addition to trusted sources, Web of Trust scores websites based on how much live users trust them.  Notably, WOT is a meritocracy:  it weights ratings according to the reliability of the contributors themselves to prevent rating fraud.

Notice the little colored symbols next to the above links.  This page uses a WOT widget to make links self-reporting.  You can customize a WOT widget for your own website, or download and install the WOT toolbar in your browser to provide immediate feedback on search results and websites you visit.

Briefly, green means trusted, yellow means caution, red means dangerous, and gray means unrated.  Optionally, the toolbar can automatically block your browser from loading a poorly rated site unless you manually override the block.

There is no special mojo in the above form.  To manually accomplish the same tasks, modify and enter one of the following in your browser's address bar, then click Go> or press the Enter key on your keyboard:

Enormous effort has been put into these services and the results are quite reliable, but no rating system is infallible.  Occasionally, a good or bad site can be misrated.  If so, corrective procedures are available.

Note that a site may be rated poorly on WOT - even though it has no malware, spyware, browser exploits, or adult content - if for example its purpose is to sell fake or dangerous products or financial scams.  Programs used by most rating sites can detect malicious software, but not corrupt business.  WOT's advantage is the addition of trust ratings by humans.

Contrary to occasional specious rants by owners of poorly rated websites:  you cannot buy good ratings.  Third-party micro-workers claim they can "fix" ratings on WOT; save your money, it doesn't work.

If you're interested in digging deeper into the safety and trustworthiness of website domains, IP addresses, pages, and even downloadable files - remotely, so you're not at risk - we've made a list of Trusted Security Services and tools we use to audit them.

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