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Lauver Systems is a local independent small business offering mobile computer help and training to private individuals and small businesses since 2007.

Whether you are a novice who just needs a little help, or your computer has become an enigma, we can get you back on track at minimal cost.  Our goal is to equip you and your computer to be self-sufficient.

269 635-0721
Mon-Sat — 9a-7p Eastern
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Edwardsburg, MI
Maintenance > Clean & defragment hard drives • Fix system errors • Restore speed & stability • Remove viruses • Slay dragons
Tuning > Install & remove software & hardware • Establish backups & security • Customize performance & usability
Training > 'Computer illiterates' cured • Trade Secrets revealed • New skills for you
Automation > Teach your computer to handle its own maintenance tasks
Mobile Scribe > Business Arts • Letters & Proofing • Flyers & Pamphlets • Photos, Graphics & Scans • Spreadsheets • DHTML Support
Live Help > Charge your cell phone • Turn on your computer • Summarize your issues • Call 269 635-0721 • Solutions within 20 minutes are FREE
$30 per hour for all services except our free 20-minute Live Help offer.  Workshop Groups: Add up to three people in the same session for $6/hour each.  Add four or more for $5/hour each!
$15 per hour for excessive travel.
Payment is due when services are rendered.  U.S. Dollars only.  Pay with cash or check.
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