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2014/07/22 Researcher identifies hidden data-acquisition services in iOS
2014/07/20 Gaza neighborhood ravaged on deadliest day for both sides
2014/07/14 Middle-school cheating scandal raises questions about 'No Child Left Behind'
2014/07/14 Obama administration says the world's servers are ours
2014/07/14 Oregon may limit $84,000 hepatitis C drug as Senate investigation begins
2014/07/14 Carbon nanotubes efficiently produce hydrogen fuel
2014/07/11 Waiting for Dark - two crypto-anarchists' ultimate quest
2014/07/10 Germany expels CIA envoy amid spying allegations
2014/07/10 Earth's magnetic field may be ready to flip
2014/07/08 Pesticides put global food production at grave risk
2014/07/08 Gravity variations foretell flood risk months earlier
2014/07/08 The national-security state persecutes conscientious objectors
2014/07/08 Feds charge carding kingpin in retail hacks
2014/07/08 Weaponized Flash exploit can steal sensitive user data on eBay, Tumblr, et al
2014/07/06 Giant 'Tesla tower' in abandoned woods near Moscow
2014/07/05 90% of NSA spy data from ordinary web users, not legal targets
2014/07/03 Chimp and bonobo gestures resemble human language
2014/07/03 Critical vulnerability in MailPoet Wordpress plugin
2014/07/02 Quantum state may be a real thing
2014/07/02 Scientist creates new flu virus that can kill all of humanity
2014/06/30 Speed of hypocrisy - how America got hooked on legal meth
2014/06/29 Shedding light on Blackwater
2014/06/29 Light-sensitive protein improves optogenetic brain control
2014/06/27 The rise of DIY abortion in Texas
2014/06/27 Stand Against Spying flies protest blimp over giant NSA facility
2014/06/26 Why not even exercise will undo the harm of sitting all day - and what you can do about it
2014/06/26 Flaw lets attackers bypass PayPal two-factor authentication
2014/06/25 How the sweetener industry sugar-coats science
2014/06/24 The predictions are wrong, aging Baby-Boomers will not destroy the economy
2014/06/23 Risky drone encounters on the rise
2014/06/23 What everyone gets wrong in the debate over net neutrality
2014/06/22 Average wages of 820 US occupations in one chart
2014/06/20 Rep. Paul Ryan blasts IRS hypocracy Networks notice IRS's black eye
2014/06/20 House votes to defund key NSA surveillance abuses
2014/06/19 Feds told Florida cops to deceive judges
2014/06/19 Flying RoboCop is a 'riot control' octocopter with guns and lasers
2014/06/19 At least 32,000 servers broadcast admin passwords in the clear
2014/06/18 Gravity's strength still an open question after latest measurement
2014/06/15 Put down the smart drugs - cognitive enhancement poses many risks
2014/06/13 B.C. starfish are dissolving into goo
2014/06/12 Massive 'ocean' discovered towards Earth's core
2014/06/12 It's official: the Internet is full
2014/06/10 NASA developing warp drive for real life Enterprise
2014/06/05 New Android malware demands ransom for data
2014/06/03 The end of fish
2014/06/02 'Operation Tovar' targets 'Gameover ZeuS' botnet, CryptoLocker scourge
2014/05/28 TrueCrypt is not secure
2014/05/22 Artificial food dyes cause behavior problems
2014/05/20 Fluoride officially classified as a neurotoxin
2014/05/19 What it means to be 'working poor' in America
2014/05/18 In letter to Obama, Cisco CEO complains about NSA tampering
2014/05/18 U.S. charges China with cyber-spying on American firms
2014/05/14 Do you deserve to know if your food is genetically modified?
2014/05/12 Your food is poisoning you
2014/05/09 Food industry giants wage war against Vermont's landmark GMO labeling law
2014/05/09 What hospitals don't want you to know about C-sections
2014/05/07 Psychiatry's scientific reboot gets under way
2014/05/03 Nearly 1,200 missing, murdered aboriginal women in Canada: RCMP
2014/05/03 Nuclear experts concerned over 'ice wall' at Fukushima
2014/05/02 OAuth, OpenID security flaw endangers sign-in via social media accounts
2014/05/02 Scrapping breast cancer screening is the right move
2014/05/01 Microsoft issues IE zero-day fix, includes XP users
2014/04/30 WHO: Stop abusing antibiotics!
2014/04/29 'Dark Wallet' simplifies Bitcoin money laundering
2014/04/27 New vulnerability found in all versions of Internet Explorer
2014/04/24 Chastened by Heartbleed, tech giants finally agree to fund OpenSSL
2014/04/24 Veterans languish and die on a VA hospital's secret wait list
2014/04/22 Odd laws destroy family farms in favor of factory farms
2014/04/22 WarkaWater clean drinking water
2014/04/21 Obama ordered to divulge legal basis for killing Americans with drones
2014/04/21 NOAA's new Space Weather Prediction Center beta site
2014/04/21 How content goes viral - and why spam marketing is pathetically ineffective
2014/04/20 Friends and influence for sale online
2014/04/17 Treat wage theft as a criminal offense
2014/04/16 Critical Java update plugs 37 security holes
2014/04/15 All sent and received e-mails in Gmail will be analyzed, says Google
2014/04/14 IRS misses XP deadline, pays Microsoft millions for custom support
2014/04/14 FBI to have 52 million photos in its NGI face recognition database by next year
2014/04/13 The coming graphene Gold Rush
2014/04/09 'Heartbleed' security flaw is the worst
2014/04/08 Scramble to fix huge 'heartbleed' security bug Web of Trust discussion
2014/04/03 Northern Chile's tsunami swept the entire Pacific Ocean in 30 hours
2014/03/31 New architecture for economical orphanage housing
2014/03/30 The legality of virtual currency
2014/03/28 How Fandango and Credit Karma exposed millions of smartphone users' data
2014/03/28 Semiconductor magnetized with light
2014/03/27 Android malware mines digital cryptocurrency
2014/03/26 New dwarf planet hints at giant world far beyond Pluto
2014/03/25 America's workers: stressed out, overwhelmed, totally exhausted
2014/03/25 ZIP codes show extent of Sally Beauty breach
2014/03/24 Microsoft advisory warns of Word 'zero-day' attacks
2014/03/24 Science compared every diet, and the winner is real food
2014/03/24 Taxpayers fund creationism in the classroom
2014/03/24 We are all mutants
2014/03/20 Recognizing and healing moral injury
2014/03/19 New heroin boom caused by doctors, not dealers
2014/03/18 Campaign finance routinely concealed using shell nonprofits
2014/03/17 Career huckster Kevin Trudeau gets 10 years
2014/03/17 Finnish schools are based on equality
2014/03/14 Not your average phishing page hosted on Google
2014/03/13 A close look at the NSA's most powerful Internet attack tool
2014/03/12 NSA's automated hacking engine for pwning the world
2014/03/12 Yellow star is 1,300 times bigger than sun
2014/03/12 Evidence of 'oceans' beneath the Earth
2014/03/12 House backs bill to sue president over laws
2014/03/11 My life as a retail worker - nasty, brutish, and poor
2014/03/11 Microsoft patches IE Zero Day - Final XP update in April
2014/03/10 Experian lapse allowed ID theft service to access 200M consumer records
2014/03/09 Study: Four new man-made gases in the atmosphere Related: ChloroFluoroCarbons (not CO2) cause global warming
2014/03/09 The old world medicine of leeches survives
2014/03/07 Magnetism explains mystery of planet-forming disks
2014/03/07 Android cam & mic Remote Access Trojan found in Google Play
2014/03/05 Sally Beauty hit by credit card breach
2014/03/02 Our 1,000-year-old math curriculum cheats America's kids
2014/02/28 Top Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox in financial debacle
2014/02/26 What's behind the violence in Venezuela
2014/02/25 Caphaw trojan found in Youtube ads
2014/02/24 and others charge up to $300 to fix Windows PCs using 'borrowed' free software
2014/02/21 Researchers find SSL problems with WhatsApp
2014/02/20 Adobe releases emergency Flash update amid new zero-day drive-by attacks
2014/02/19 Fermented Wheat Germ Extract anti-cancer properties
2014/02/19 Healthcare IT security practices poor, systems compromised
2014/02/19 The dark power of fraternities
2014/02/14 Is the universe a simulation?
2014/02/13 Finding people's locations based on their cyberspace activities
2014/02/12 Could RHIC's strangelets destroy Earth?
2014/02/11 Aspirin and resveratrol could prevent cancer by killing tetraploid cells
2014/02/11 How Obama officials cried 'terrorism' to cover up a paperwork error
2014/02/10 Sophisticated spy tool 'The Mask' undetected for 7 years
2014/02/04 Government passwords are incredibly easy to hack
2014/02/02 8,000 miles, 16 months adrift in the Pacific
2014/01/28 Caffeine use disorder a widespread health problem
2014/01/27 Bitcoin dealers charged in US with money laundering
2014/01/27 Spy agencies scour mobile apps for personal data
2014/01/26 Prolonged cold worsens propane shortage across Midwest
2014/01/25 Black holes may not have event-horizons
2014/01/24 Feds bust counterfeit card shop
2014/01/22 Fake Android 'security' steals SMS messages, intercepts calls
2014/01/22 New physics theory: Entropy requires life
2014/01/22 Chinese oligarchs have parked up to $4T off-shore
2014/01/20 The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO
2014/01/18 Our toxicity experiment in West Virginia
2014/01/17 Rating Obama's NSA reform plan
2014/01/16 America's secret war in 134 countries
2014/01/16 Why another financial crash is inevitable
2014/01/15 Blackphone could be the first NSA-proof phone
2014/01/14 Net neutrality is half-dead
2014/01/14 NSA devises radio pathway into computers
2014/01/14 The valley-fever menace
2014/01/13 Benefit of NSA spying is 'overblown'
2014/01/13 It's official, take a nap
2014/01/10 Small business under attack - Firm bankrupted by cyberheist sues bank
2014/01/08 Supervolcanoes can explode without warning due to sheer size
2014/01/07 How the NSA almost killed the Internet
2014/01/02 GPS satellites suggest Earth is heavy with dark matter

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