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We provide on-site* mobile services near Edwardsburg, MI, and offer help by phone within the U.S.:

Phone:   269 635-0721 
Monday - Saturday
9 am - 7 pm Eastern
See Operations Status for exceptions.
 All Private.  No Spam. 

*   We have no store-front or public parking.  Ignore the lazy data-miners who say we do.

We aim to prevent problems - "If it ain't broke," let's keep it that way! - but if your computer is ailing, we can help.

You can help us to help you by reviewing the following items.  Don't let this list scare you, just do the best you can.

Summarize what happened and when (date & time).

Before the problem occurred:  What hardware or software was added or removed?  What changes were made to system settings or your procedures?

What steps will reproduce the problem?

What steps have you taken to resolve or work around the problem?

Computer make and model (examples: HP Pavilion, Toshiba Satellite) 1

Operating system (Windows 7, 8, 10) and version (Home, Professional) 2

Size of memory (RAM) 2

Size of system hard disk (normally drive "C:") and free space 3

Vendor and product names of security software (anti-virus, firewall, etc) 4



If you would like us to help you manage and tune your computer for optimal fit with your working style, first make a list of the features you use most, features you tend to combine for certain tasks, features you would like to have, stuff that annoys you or seems to take too long, and the like.

Then call us for an appointment to streamline the process and put you in the driver's seat!

We also assist with desktop publishing needs, such as writing letters, proofing, project layouts, setting up copy and print orders for lowest cost, and graphics, photography, and web design.

Last, but certainly not least, we welcome your feedback, ideas, and expertise.

1 Look for identification on the computer chassis, not the monitor.
2 Right-click This PC (or My Computer) and select Properties.
3 Open This PC (or My Computer), click View, and select Details.
4 Start the program, open it's Help menu, and select About.

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