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Following are polices for this website.  Our services are additionally covered by a boring Service Agreements page (you'll need a snack).  Generally ...

We pledge to do our best for you in improving your computing experience while keeping your costs down; however, you assume the entire risk of using any product or service we provide.  We will not cause additional problems, but it isn't possible to completely account for the effects of pre-existing problems.

Our intellectual works are copyrighted - all rights reserved.  You and your agents are forbidden to take possession of it, or create derivative works, without our prior written authorization.

We encourage you to post hyperlinks to our site as long as you do not portray us or our products or services in a false, misleading, derogatory, or offensive manner.

You must not incorporate a display or derivative use of any portion of our site in another website, such as within frames, nor include hidden references to our domain name or Trade Name for the purpose of inflating that site's credibility to search engines.

You assume all responsibility for pursuing recourse with third party vendors whose products and/or services we may make available.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, with or without reason.

Your use of any of our products, services, and/or website constitutes your agreement to the respective terms, regardless if you have read them.


  "Your privacy is important to us ..."
Sounds nice, but it's usually followed by a litany of sham concern and a grocery list of ill-defined third parties who have "rights" to your information, and who may covertly share it with yet others.
Often seen, always cringeworthy:

"shared with ... and others"
"not shared ... except as permitted by law"

mean exactly what?
And that's on a good day, in the absence of massive hacking events.

Our policy is simple:

Under electronic, physical, and procedural security, we retain the minimum information which we feel is needed to effectively conduct business with you, none of it is acquired or stored on this website, and we do not share any of it except by mutual agreement or court order.  Contact us any time to update or destroy it.

In the words of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003:  we will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer addresses, maintained by us, to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages.

When you visit our site or send us e-mail, we do not "enroll" you to receive an endless supply of spam e-mail, and we don't plant adware, spyware, or malware on your computer.  We work to eliminate this stuff, not spread it around; so the only way we'll get to know you is if you contact us!

We use Google Analytics to help us improve our web visibility.  If you click them, our affiliate links may create cookies which identify this website as the referrer if you buy a product.  We provide you with Twitter, Google+, and Digg buttons for social bookmarking and conversation about our content.  As with most websites, ours creates daily logs which record non-personal data such as IP address, browser type, and pages visited.  We use temporary cookies, which expire in one day, solely to improve presentation.

None of these features stores data by which we, or a third party accessing this site, can identify you personally.  If you are uncomfortable about the security of your personal information despite these assurances, you have the option of leaving this site; we keep no record of your visits.

In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we do not intend to collect any personal information from anyone under 13 years of age.  If you are under 13 and want to contact us, please have an adult contact us on your behalf.  If we think you are under 13, any information you send us will be immediately vaporized by a laser cannon.  Sorry.


This entire site is family friendly and safe for your kids and your computer.  We create and control all of our content, and we review external sites for quality and safety before we post links to them.

We use JavaScript only for functionality and some enhancements.  If your browser presents a security message about "active content" in our pages, you can safely allow it.

To really put under the security microscope, view current comprehensive safety analyses at Bitdefender, Google, hpHosts, McAfee, PhishTank, Spamhaus, Sucuri, Trend Micro, URLVoid, VirusTotal, and Web of Trust.  These are some of the ways we test other websites before we recommend them to you.

99% valid
This DHTML site is built with care from W3C compliant HTML5 and XHTML1 code, and CSS3 with vendor extensions.
W3C Compliance
The World Wide Web Consortium allows us to display their HTML5 or XHTML1 validation icons on all of our pages.
Our CSS3 would validate if it did not include Microsoft and WebKit CSS extensions for consistent appearance in browsers that use those extensions.
Example: Internet Explorer can't make the right-hand icon semi-transparent without its own "filter" extension.

Why no eye-popping graphics or exotic animation?  Rest your eyes and work your brain.  We'd rather teach than entertain.

All of our pages and graphics are hand coded and drawn, and we use minimal animation.  This lowers our maintenance and server overhead, ensures our code is safe and error free, and allows your computer to display our site without stress.

External Sites

Our page addresses all begin with (or - verify this in your browser's address bar.

In addition to the analytic and social sites described above under Privacy, we provide links to other third-party sites we hope you will find useful.  By clicking such links, you navigate away from and connect to those sites.  They have their own terms of use and policies on privacy, cookies, and tracking.  We have no access to any personally identifying data which you may provide to external sites.

Although we use and post links only to sites which we believe are trustworthy and socially responsible, Lauver Systems is not responsible for the content or behavior of external websites.

to Advertisers

We recommend what we know has value, as a matter of site visitor trust.

If we have actually tried your product or service, or if it is highly recommended on an authoritative site and not otherwise refuted, and we think it has value and addresses a real need, then we may advertise it at our discretion.  If we do, and it is promoted via trustworthy affiliate marketers, we may use their links to your product, service, or company so that we may earn commissions for referrals.

While we do understand your urgency to announce sales promotions, this website is not an advertising circus.  To ensure that our visitors get safe content, we will not install automated rotators.  We will not allocate resources, for example, to posting a daily rotation of sale item links (which arrive at 5 pm on the date of expiration), or to filter out items or prices which should not have been sent, or to regularly recode links which are not W3C compliant.  The fact that we promote one of your products does not mean we will promote all of them.


Likewise respecting our visitors, we will review your content and check your website and its main external channels using trusted security services before we agree to advertise you.  We will not directly scan or probe your site; several of those services already do that on a regular basis.  So do criminals.  Your advertising request constitutes your acceptance of our security audit.

We appreciate your understanding.

to Robots and their Masters

Spidering (robotic) software accessing automatically is permitted only:

1.  for legitimate, Robots Exclusion Protocol compliant search engines to index this site for public use;

2.  for legitimate security vendors to examine the safety of this site;

3.  for services, to which we voluntarily subscribed, to verify that this site conforms to the subscriptions' terms.

Robots are forbidden to access this site for any other purpose, especially to scrape content or game anyone's search rank such as by referrer spam.


  1. In a word:  Enjoy!
  2. Spread the word.

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