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2015/12/29 Brave New War - how it changed in 2015
2015/12/23 The cancer of domestic violence
2015/12/22 When the KKK was a pyramid scheme
2015/12/21 Hello Kitty sites spill details of 3.3 million users
2015/12/18 The man who talks to sperm whales
2015/12/18 Worst version of CISA will pass by stealth
2015/12/17 One man's quest to photograph 12,000 species before they disappear
2015/12/17 Red Deer Cave People - a new species of human
2015/12/15 OpenAI to prevent EvilAI
2015/12/15 Microsoft to Internet Explorer users: Upgrade to v11 by January 12
2015/12/14 Piercing the secrecy of shell companies
2015/12/13 Islamophobia compromises U.S. security
2015/12/09 Cyber warfare may be on par with nukes
2015/12/08 The air that makes you fat
2015/12/07 Tiny dark matter stars would harbour particles that act as one
2015/12/06 What's a species, anyways?
2015/11/30 The attack that broke the Dark Web - and how Tor plans to fix it
2015/11/26 Even if terrorists do use strong encryption, we still need it
2015/11/25 Malicious adware disables antivirus software
2015/11/24 Li-Fi is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi
2015/11/24 The serial swatter
2015/11/18 Senators voting to block EPA rules received 17 times as much money from the coal mining industry
2015/11/17 Anonymous just took down thousands of ISIS Twitter accounts
2015/11/17 Can we rewire our own brains?
2015/11/16 Antibiotics can change the gut microbiome for up to a year
2015/11/16 After Paris attacks, here's what the CIA Director gets wrong about encryption
2015/11/09 Judge blocks NSA spying and sets an important precedent
2015/11/09 Comcast resets passwords for 200,000 email customers after possible account leak
2015/11/09 Ransomware now gunning for your web sites
2015/11/09 Google just open sourced TensorFlow, its artificial intelligence engine
2015/11/04 Cheating in online classes is now big business
2015/11/04 Middle-aged White Americans are dying of despair
2015/11/02 How police are keeping Craigslist users safe IRL
2015/10/28 Real-life tractor beam levitates objects using sound waves
2015/10/26 The science behind lightning's electric shows
2015/10/26 Extinct cave lion cubs preserved in Siberian ice
2015/10/25 Medication errors happen in half of all surgeries
2015/10/23 Law school scam continues
2015/10/20 U.S. States buy illegal execution drugs from this rogue chemist in India
2015/10/15 Theranos' scandal exposes the problem with tech's hype cycle
2015/10/15 Leaked chapter shows TPP trade agreement could have big effects on drug prices, privacy
2015/10/15 A second 'Snowden' has leaked a mother-lode of drone docs
2015/10/15 Your relative's DNA could turn you into a suspect
2015/10/14 Research suggests warmer ocean may be releasing methane
2015/10/14 Inside corporate America's push to ditch workers' comp
2015/10/14 Phones with Google Now or Siri can be hacked from 16 feet away
2015/10/13 The most mysterious star in our galaxy
2015/10/11 30 years on death row
2015/10/10 Obama won't seek access to encrypted user data
2015/10/09 Deception and excess in applying the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
2015/10/08 5 lessons from the summer of epic car hacks
2015/10/07 The fake traffic schemes that are rotting the Internet
2015/10/06 Meet Moments, Twitter's most important new feature ever
2015/10/02 More than half of EU countries ask for GMO opt-out
2015/10/02 Experian data breach exposes personal info of 15M T-Mobile customers
2015/10/01 How drug companies use 'product hopping' to fight off affordable generics
2015/10/01 The cost of mobile ads
2015/10/01 IBM scientists find a new way to shrink transistors
2015/10/01 Car hack technique uses dealerships to spread malware
2015/09/30 Nature defeats superbugs
2015/09/30 That big security fix for credit cards won't stop fraud
2015/09/29 Mealworms could solve Styrofoam pollution
2015/09/28 NASA discovers evidence for liquid water on Mars
2015/09/25 New reports describe more mass surveillance and schemes to undermine encryption
2015/09/24 North America just ran out of old-school Internet addresses
2015/09/24 'Unbranded' spotlights the plight of wild horses
2015/09/24 Google's three tips for sabotaging the cybercrime economy
2015/09/22 No man's land: The last tribes of the Plains
2015/09/21 Indigenous organizations reject calls to forcibly contact uncontacted tribes
2015/09/18 Volkswagen's dirty scheme to evade pollution laws
2015/09/18 Landmark $940M settlement with tribes
2015/09/17 Ransomware is on the rise
2015/09/16 Historical records prove Fr Junipero Serra was no saint
2015/09/15 I created a fake business and bought it an amazing online reputation
2015/09/15 Interior Department is preparing for possible government shutdown
2015/09/14 Loss of bats will devastate crops and farmers
2015/09/10 Homo naledi changes the human story. But how?
2015/09/07 Asylum's dark side: the deadly business of human smuggling
2015/09/07 Enbridge Pipeline 5 threatens Great Lakes
2015/08/31 A killer lurks beneath Parkersburg, West Virginia
2015/08/31 The shady money behind America's sports stadiums
2015/08/31 Malware infecting jailbroken iPhones stole 225,000 Apple account logins
2015/08/28 Judges give NSA more time to suck up your data
2015/08/26 Five lifestyle keys to prevent and reverse disease
2015/08/24 FTC can make hacked companies pay
2015/08/20 How DuPont's Teflon slipped past the EPA
2015/08/19 After Roundup's failure, scientists urge caution on Monsanto's new RNAi genetic insecticide
2015/08/18 Mysterious new genes arise from 'junk' DNA
2015/08/18 Microsoft issues emergency patch for critical IE bug under active exploit
2015/08/17 Virginia finally drops America's 'worst voting machines'
2015/08/17 UN appeals to Brazil as gunmen threaten Guarani
2015/08/17 Police training lacks modern behavioral science
2015/08/17 Who do we blame when AI goes wrong?
2015/08/14 What presidential hopefuls need to know about cybersecurity
2015/08/11 Toxic spill flowing through Navajo Nation is 3 million gallons, not '1'
2015/08/11 DuPont and the chemistry of deception
2015/08/11 Cars hacked via insurance company tracking devices
2015/08/10 A small, modular, efficient fusion plant
2015/08/10 Big Industry's Cancer Alley in the American South
2015/08/08 The EPA accidentally turned this river toxic - and orange
2015/08/08 Windows 10's privacy policy is the new normal
2015/08/04 Why the Iran deal's critics will probably lose
2015/08/02 Conventional heart disease advice usually makes matters worse
2015/08/01 Do NOT install 'Windows 10' ransomware attached to fake Microsoft email!
2015/07/29 Aging pipes are poisoning America's tap water
2015/07/27 EMDR eye movement therapy for victims of trauma and PTSD
2015/07/27 Musk, Hawking, and Chomsky warn of impending AI robot wars
2015/07/27 Radical method to stop city violence may be working
2015/07/22 Anonymous affiliate GhostSec thwarts Isis terror plots against New York and Tunisia
2015/07/22 Easy DNA editing could eliminate hunger, disease, and life as we know it
2015/07/22 Apache Stronghold protests loss of homeland to Resolution Copper
2015/07/21 The quest for climate-proof farms
2015/07/20 Omaha physicist still working on warp drive in his garage
2015/07/19 $50B plan to save Louisiana's wetlands
2015/07/16 You need to speak up for Internet security. Right now.
2015/07/15 Stop labeling unemployment as a psychological disorder
2015/07/15 Flash. Must. Die. Here's how to kill it.
2015/07/14 How complex networks explode with growth
2015/07/14 One in five prescriptions are written for unapproved uses
2015/07/13 GMOs are another 'too big to fail' system
2015/07/13 An earthquake will destroy the coastal Northwest - The question is when
2015/07/12 Paradoxical crystal baffles physicists
2015/07/11 The death of bees explained in a nutshell (video)
2015/07/10 Seniors: Beware of fake debt collectors
2015/07/10 More letters for the genetic alphabet
2015/07/09 Bacterial weapons tested on unsuspecting San Francisco residents
2015/07/07 SAFE Justice Act supported by ACLU and Koch Industries
2015/07/06 Hacking team breach shows a global spying firm run amok
2015/07/06 One man's desperate quest to cure his son's epilepsy - with weed
2015/06/30 How social networks create the illusion of majority
2015/06/27 Unfair: Can science fix the justice system?
2015/06/25 GMO labels make good sense
2015/06/25 Instead of fixing flaws, Samsung disables Windows Update on PCs
2015/06/25 California Assembly passes SB277 outlawing personal exemptions from vaccination Opposed: California Coalition For Vaccine Choice
2015/06/25 5 Big Myths About Antibiotics (video)
2015/06/24 Hundreds of .Gov credentials found in public hacker dumps
2015/06/23 Small cheap spy device can steal crypto keys from your CPU's radio leaks
2015/06/23 Government removed Vaccine Injury Court statistics from website
2015/06/22 America's CEOs now make 303 times more than their workers
2015/06/22 US and British spies targeted antivirus companies
2015/06/22 GCHQ has legal immunity to infect your antivirus and other security
2015/06/21 EPIC fail: How OPM hackers tapped the mother lode of espionage data
2015/06/18 Pope's climate change memo is stunning
2015/06/18 The 'dark web' as you know it is a fantasy
2015/06/17 'Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015' would override GMO labeling everywhere Infographic
2015/06/16 The power plant fueling America's drought
2015/06/15 Border Patrol absolves itself in dozens of cases of lethal force
2015/06/14 A private view of quantum reality
2015/06/11 The OPM breach is worse than we thought - much, much worse
2015/06/11 Could Neurons Have Evolved Twice?
2015/06/10 It's official: everyone has the same plan for tech's future ... a 'Technological Singularity'?
2015/06/10 Google made its secret blueprint public to boost its cloud
2015/06/10 Kaspersky finds new nation-state attack in its own network
2015/06/09 The 'right' to waste water is parching the West
2015/06/09 Secretive self-policing 'regulator' is mute on food flavor additives, safety
2015/06/09 Yelp begins exposing review fraud
2015/06/08 In the sharing economy, worker protections aren't part of the package
2015/06/08 You are one wrong keystroke away from Nightmare of the Living Dead
2015/06/08 Hacker can send fatal dose to hospital drug pumps
2015/06/08 According to the government, clearing your browser history is a felony
2015/06/04 China suspected in massive breach of federal personnel data
2015/06/03 The Red Cross raised $500M for Haiti, built 6 homes, and won't say where the rest of the money went
2015/06/02 Feature and value trade-offs in Windows 10 upgrades
2015/06/02 The 'Water Witch' of the West
2015/06/02 Antibiotics misuse breeds superbugs that kill thousands of people and sicken millions yearly
2015/06/02 The TSA doesn't work, and never has
2015/06/02 Contact lenses increase likelihood of eye infections
2015/06/02 FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities
2015/06/01 Macs over 1 year old vulnerable to permanent backdooring
2015/05/28 Inside a giant dark-web scheme to sell counterfeit coupons
2015/05/28 Newest strategy to save bats from extinction: bacteria
2015/05/27 Federal dollars double the West's water crisis
2015/05/27 Chimpanzee rights get a day in court
2015/05/27 mSpy apathetic over breach
2015/05/26 How 'dark money' influences elections
2015/05/26 Hackers steal 100K taxpayers' files from IRS Followup — Krebs on Security
2015/05/26 Good case for animal rights
2015/05/24 The secret to vacationing in the world's 'most dangerous' places
2015/05/23 Senate fails to reform NSA spying, votes against USA Freedom Act
2015/05/23 Senate blocks extension of Patriot Act provisions
2015/05/22 What the oil spill off Santa Barbara is going to kill
2015/05/21 The new 'War on Encryption' is based on a lie
2015/05/20 HTTPS-crippling 'LogJam' hack threatens 84K servers worldwide thanks to U.S. cryptography export restriction
2015/05/20 Why it pays to be a jerk
2015/05/19 DEA, Amtrak, and Civil-Asset Forfeiture
2015/05/18 New bionic lens may give anyone 3x 20/20 vision for life
2015/05/15 The media's reaction to Seymour Hersh's bin Laden scoop has been disgraceful
2015/05/14 Welcome to the age of the modular gadget
2015/05/13 Critical VM bug threatens cloud providers everywhere
2015/05/12 Adobe, Microsoft push critical security fixes
2015/05/12 Obama just called out Fox News for portraying the poor as 'leeches'
2015/05/12 Like weather, DNA changes with seasons
2015/05/12 The Science of Scarcity
2015/05/11 Scores of scientists raise alarm about long-term health effects of cellphones
2015/05/11 Americans spent $70 billion on lotto games in 2014
2015/05/09 Reclaiming agriculture: 10 things to grow in 'food deserts'
2015/05/08 Open source maps aid rescues in Nepal
2015/05/07 Vaccines might not stop the Midwest bird apocalypse
2015/05/07 Court rules NSA bulk data collection was never authorized by Congress
2015/05/07 Federal judges: PATRIOT Act does not allow NSA bulk surveillance
2015/05/05 Elephants under siege throughout Africa
2015/05/05 America's epidemic of unnecessary medical care
2015/05/02 Central Valley's growing concern: crops irrigated with oil field wastewater Perspective: Oil and water don't mix with California agriculture
2015/05/02 Broken F.E.C. can't curb 2016 election abuse
2015/05/01 Officers charged in death of Freddie Gray
2015/05/01 DARPA's new toy - a self-steering bullet
2015/04/29 Evaluating NASA's futuristic EM drive
2015/04/27 Satellites work great for mapping earthquakes
2015/04/27 Origins of Christian America
2015/04/25 Researchers map the connection between mantle and Yellowstone caldera
2015/04/24 Arsenic-based drugs discontinued for poultry
2015/04/24 Hostages killed by U.S. drones are casualties of inhumane policy
2015/04/23 Invisible atheists: the spread of disbelief in the Arab world
2015/04/23 The hellscape where computers go to die
2015/04/23 Google is about to make your wireless carrier a lot less relevant
2015/04/22 Time-lapse beautifully captures eruption of Chile's Calbuco volcano
2015/04/22 The biggest threat on Earth Day
2015/04/21 A Danger on Rails
2015/04/20 You don't want to know what Jell-O is made of
2015/04/20 How click farms have inflated social media currency
2015/04/18 Congress cannot be taken seriously on cybersecurity
2015/04/17 Active DoS exploits for MS15-034 under way
2015/04/17 How Syrians saved an ancient seedbank from civil war
2015/04/14 Microsoft patches critical HTTP.SYS vulnerability
2015/04/10 China is said to use powerful new weapon to censor Internet
2015/04/09 Top ten ways Islamic law forbids terrorism
2015/04/08 280K customers exposed in AT&T data breach
2015/04/08 EFF, Human Rights Watch sue DEA over bulk collection of Americans' telephone records
2015/04/07 Dangerous plans to 'develop' the Grand Canyon
2015/04/07 Here's Google's secret to hiring the best people
2015/04/05 Incisive history of network Anchormen
2015/04/03 There's no such thing as a 'sex drive'
2015/04/02 The American West dries up
2015/04/02 Brain compass implant gives blind rats psychic GPS
2015/04/02 Obama announces provisional nuclear agreement with Iran
2015/04/01 Prosecutor who put innocent man on death row: 'Whole system is fatally flawed'
2015/03/31 Facebook tracks all visitors, even if you're not a user or you opted out
2015/03/30 Anglo-Saxon folk remedy kills hospital superbug MRSA
2015/03/30 New York State's tax break for millionaire yacht owners
2015/03/30 Payday lenders claim they're not sharks
2015/03/29 'We know everything about you'
2015/03/29 The FBI would like us all to unencrypt our phones
2015/03/25 RadioShack puts customer personal data up for sale in bankruptcy auction
2015/03/25 NSA doesn't need to spy on your calls to learn your secrets
2015/03/24 Safe ultrasound fully restores memory lost to Alzheimer's - at least in mice
2015/03/24 One-third of top websites vulnerable or hacked
2015/03/24 Why mass surveillance can't, won't, and never has stopped a terrorist
2015/03/23 American doctors are killing themselves and no one is talking about it
2015/03/21 Roundup weedkiller 'probably' causes cancer - WHO study
2015/03/21 Judge orders U.S. government to stop suppressing evidence of torture and abuse
2015/03/20 Hacking BIOS chips isn't just the NSA's domain anymore
2015/03/20 Spectacular aurora over Turtle Island
2015/03/19 The next cybersecurity target: medical data
2015/03/19 As farmers fade, who will care for the American landscape?
2015/03/18 Disrupting natural sleep cycle poses serious health risks
2015/03/18 Dark web's top drug market, Evolution, just vanished
2015/03/17 US Government is pushing Europe to weaken pesticide rules
2015/03/17 Court rules police can't hide key docs on cell phone trackers
2015/03/16 Conservatives start to take the Ferguson DOJ Report seriously
2015/03/12 Road salt is polluting our rivers
2015/03/11 The extinction of fruits & vegetables - 93% of seed varieties were lost in the last 80 years
2015/03/11 How to not get swatted
2015/03/10 Sugar lobbying influenced U.S. government-funded research
2015/03/05 The gangsters of Ferguson
2015/02/26 Net neutrality rules passed by U.S. regulator
2015/02/24 Anatomy of a fake viral story
2015/02/19 Spies can track you by profiling your phone's power use
2015/02/19 Lenovo PCs shipped with man-in-the-middle adware that breaks HTTPS connections How to remove Superfish adware
2015/02/18 HTTP-2 finished, coming to browsers within weeks
2015/02/16 Researchers expose U.S. spy code in hard drives' firmware Perspective: 'Omnipotent' hackers tied to NSA hid for 14 years
2015/02/16 Mysterious plumes erupt from Mars
2015/02/16 What ISIS really wants
2015/02/13 Roger Goodell makes $35 million running a non-profit
2015/02/12 Proof that the FDA isn't protecting Americans' health Detail: FDA hides evidence of fraud, fabrication, and scientific misconduct from doctors and the public
2015/02/12 Oceans swallowed 13 million tons of plastic in 2010
2015/02/12 Boxer, Blumenthal, DeFazio introduce bill to require labeling of genetically engineered foods
2015/02/11 Crypto trick makes software nearly impossible to reverse-engineer
2015/02/10 America is headed full speed back to the 19th century
2015/02/10 After months of silence from feds on flying phone surveillance, EFF sues
2015/02/10 FBI really doesn't want anyone to know about 'stingray' use by local cops
2015/02/06 We can now build autonomous killing machines, and that's a very, very bad idea
2015/02/05 Wikipedia chews up and spits out bad facts, and its own policies let it happen
2015/02/04 New measurements show the unrealest part of quantum physics is very real
2015/02/04 Zero-day vulnerability in Fancybox-for-WordPress plugin
2015/02/04 Why we remember so many things wrong
2015/02/01 The island where people forget to die
2015/01/28 Robin Hood in reverse
2015/01/28 The coming food disaster
2015/01/27 Rise of dark money and the Koch Party
2015/01/26 How factory farms destroy drinking water worldwide
2015/01/26 Genetic testing and tribal identity
2015/01/25 Dying better - the fallacy of 'giving up'
2015/01/25 The Crime Bill @ 20
2015/01/25 Updated ice sheet model matches wild swings in past sea levels
2015/01/21 Limited time Windows 10 free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users ... except on Surface RT tablets
2015/01/21 Prosecutors in Silk Road trial present damning evidence from Ross Ulbricht's computer
2015/01/20 Mike Huckabee's PAC paid his family almost $400,000
2015/01/20 Wolf! The fight over the most polarizing animal in the West
2015/01/19 Italian researchers find Bergamot regulates cholesterol, blood sugar, liver deposits
2015/01/19 The Supreme Court's Billion-Dollar Mistake
2015/01/19 America's middle class is unlucky
2015/01/19 New police radar can 'see' inside homes
2015/01/16 AI has arrived, and that really worries the world's brightest minds
2015/01/15 Prominent scientists sign letter of warning about AI risks
2015/01/15 Slavery in Mexican agri-business
2015/01/14 Government UFO files now available online
2015/01/14 'Charlie Hebdo' murderers real motive was not anger at cartoons
2015/01/09 Hacktivists 'Anonymous' vow to shut down jihadist websites to avenge Charlie Hebdo attack
2015/01/09 DDoS bonet 'Lizard Stresser' runs on hacked home routers
2015/01/08 Windows 10 an OS revival
2015/01/08 Quantum hard drive breakthrough a major step towards secure encryption worldwide
2015/01/06 Atlantis' legendary metal found in shipwreck
2015/01/06 Intel allocates $300M for workplace diversity
2015/01/02 Cyber security professionals' biggest concerns for 2015
2015/01/01 The Tragedy of the American Military

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