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2018/03/07 North Korea indicates it could give up nuclear weapons as historic border summit with South announced
2018/03/05 Insulator or superconductor? Physicists find graphene is both
2018/03/04 Scotland's floating wind farm shows how powerful offshore wind can be
2018/03/02 EPA Chief Scott Pruitt doesn't do science
2018/02/26 North Pole surges above freezing in the dead of winter, stunning scientists
2018/02/26 More psychiatry means more shootings
2018/02/23 Rick Gates pleads guilty in Mueller investigation
2018/02/19 Tech dealers now trying to save the tech 'addicts' they've created
2018/02/19 Ancient Nubia: cradle of humanity
2018/02/18 White-nose syndrome is ravaging America's bats. The consequences could be disastrous
2018/02/16 HyTech Power may have solved hydrogen, one of the hardest problems in clean energy
2018/02/16 New Mueller indictment targets 13 Russians for election interference <updates> More: What Mueller's indictment reveals
2018/02/15 Inside the mind of Amanda Feilding, countess of psychedelic science
2018/02/14 CIA, FBI, NSA: Don't use Huawei or ZTE phones
2018/02/14 Google's Chrome ad blocking arrives tomorrow. This is how it works
2018/02/13 Confirmed- Las Vegas shooter on benzos
2018/02/09 Technically, Earth's inner core shouldn't be solid
2018/02/08 Americans are still fighting for religious freedom
2018/02/08 Meet the pirate queen making academic papers free online
2018/02/07 Classic scam finds new life stealing Bitcoin on Twitter
2018/02/06 China plans AI assist for its nuclear submarine crews
2018/02/06 "Let's have a shutdown, we'll do a shutdown. I'd love to see a shutdown"
2018/02/06 GOP lawmakers threaten WHO for saying Roundup is probably carcinogenic
2018/02/06 Over-the-counter pain meds alter emotions and thoughts
2018/02/05 Bob Mueller's investigation is larger, and further along, than you think
2018/02/05 Massive Pentagon agency lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars
2018/02/04 The era of quantum computing is here. Outlook: cloudy
2018/02/02 Windows 10's antivirus will start removing fake PC 'optimizer' scare-ware next month
2018/02/02 They #ReleasedTheMemo. It was never intended to make sense
2018/02/01 The many failed vindications of the president
2018/01/31 Big Bounce models reignite Big Bang debate
2018/01/31 Twitter followers vanish amid inquiries into fake accounts
2018/01/31 Stone tool finds continue pushing back human origins
2018/01/30 South Korea uncovers $600 million in illegal cryptocurrency trades
2018/01/27 The Follower Factory: inside social media's black market
2018/01/27 First 'jackpotting' attacks hit U.S. ATMs
2018/01/27 Surprising new password guidelines from NIST
2018/01/26 Earth's magnetic field is shifting. The poles may flip. This could get bad
2018/01/26 Registered at SSA.GOV? Good for you, but keep your guard up
2018/01/25 Amid looming threats of nuclear war and climate change, it is now 2 minutes until 'midnight'
2018/01/25 You can't trust Facebook's search for trusted news
2018/01/25 Human history gets longer: oldest fossils outside of Africa found
2018/01/24 The cynical misdirection behind #ReleaseTheMemo
2018/01/24 The U.S. can no longer hide from its deep poverty problem
2018/01/24 What science is like in North Korea
2018/01/23 New technology changes the lives of people who cannot speak
2018/01/23 Air pollution kills millions around the globe each year
2018/01/22 New propulsion system uses no fuel. It converts electricity into thrust and vice versa
2018/01/20 The potential pitfalls of electric cars, in 5 charts
2018/01/19 Unprecedented oil spill in the East China Sea
2018/01/18 What if H.R. McMaster is right about North Korea?
2018/01/17 Crime-predicting algorithms may perform no better than untrained humans
2018/01/17 Why did two-thirds of saiga suddenly drop dead?
2018/01/14 The doublespeak of 'responsible encryption'
2018/01/13 Some Intel Broadwell and Haswell CPUs have reboot trouble after Meltdown-Spectre patches
2018/01/12 The hidden toll of fixing Meltdown and Spectre
2018/01/11 Six more years of FISA warrantless surveillance - now more intrusive and we can't know how or IF it works
2018/01/11 How the robocall industry outwitted the government and wrecked the Do Not Call list
2018/01/11 Administration may allow states to impose work requirements for Medicaid recipients
2018/01/11 Clean water ice discovered just below Mars' surface
2018/01/10 WhatsApp security flaws could allow snoops into group chats
2018/01/09 'Parallel construction' ruse hides surveillance secrets
2018/01/09 Americans cannot afford to grow used to this
2018/01/09 Microsoft halts AMD Meltdown and Spectre patches after reports of unbootable PCs
2018/01/09 The coal bailout is dead
2018/01/08 World's largest ID system repeatedly hacked
2018/01/08 The hellish e-waste graveyards where computers are mined for metal
2018/01/08 Seagulls are eating our garbage: glass, metal, plastic and more
2018/01/08 Pop-up mobile ads surge as sites scramble to stop them
2018/01/07 How far should life's genetic alphabet be stretched?
2018/01/05 Check if your AV blocks Microsoft patch for 'Meltdown-Spectre' flaws
2018/01/05 Tech giants to join legal battle for net neutrality
2018/01/05 Pro-Russia Twitter trolls take aim at Special Counsel Robert Mueller
2018/01/05 Feds actively investigating Clinton Foundation
2018/01/04 India's national ID database breached
2018/01/03 White House bans staff from using personal mobile phones at work
2018/01/03 Ad-tech companies are pulling info from browser auto-fill fields
2018/01/03 How to protect your PC against the 'Meltdown' CPU security flaw
2018/01/03 'Bomb cyclone' explained
2018/01/03 How dangerous is the incoming 'bomb cyclone' winter storm?
2018/01/03 All Intel processors made in the last decade might have a massive security flaw

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