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"we" is mostly me, Greg Lauver.  My wife may answer the phone sometimes (don't be scared); and if I ever make any money at this enterprise, there might even be more of me / us.

Many years in corporations, numerous individual and collaborative efforts to compose policy, reporting, and training documents, and gracious guidance from American Indian Elders, left me ingrained with the sense of "team", and of "we."  Coincidentally, a beneficial result of a lifelong pursuit of the foundations of awareness has been to relieve the excessive focus on "ME."

The upshot is that I find it easy to write a lot of material from a group perspective, and that's just what I needed for this site.  Now you know that "we" aren't some den of corporate devils waiting to eat your lunch.

Quite to the contrary.

I've never been wealthy, therefore I've learned about technology from plenty of reading and plenty of trial and error - the "white hat" hacker's approach - not from classwork.

Along the way I discovered that technology had sufficiently advanced so the user side of it was no longer exquisitely difficult, yet I repeatedly met struggling users.  Some were ordinary folks, others made 6 figure salaries; but computers had become omnipresent, and people were feeling the pressure to "get on board," with varying success.

When I finally reached a saturation point with mean bosses and the big city - with it's eye-stinging pollution, deafening traffic, daylit nights, and helicopters 24/7 - my inner country boy steered me to the outskirts of Durango, Colorado, with the idea that I could help people engage computing technology effectively, easily, and inexpensively.

I work to incorporate those 3 aspects into everything I write for this site, often into the wee hours of the morning, inspired, of course to attract work, but also by the possibility that readers may freely benefit.  As time permits, I've written about issues with which I and others have struggled.  Can you learn more elsewhere?  Definitely.  I hope to inspire you to learn.

I have.  At a major corporation I taught myself, from scratch (learning how to log on), to be a mainframe computer systems analyst.  That box was the size of 8 full size refrigerators, densely packed with chips, disk drives the size of washing machines, and supported up to 10,000 users.  One day I bought a little toy called a "PC" (no wonder they call 'em microcomputers), and it's been the same ever since.

To all of you coders out there ...

When you look at my code you'll know it's done by hand, with (gasp) Frames!  But no ordinary frames:  if JavaScript is enabled, loading an inner frame page will assemble the entire window.  I like frames because swapping one panel is less overhead than replacing the whole window, and because it's more convenient to scroll just what I'm looking at, rather than climbing back up a long page to get to the menu, or (yecch!) stuffing the page with "back to top" links.

Some people just plug any HTML DTD into their pages, and even display W3C icons as if their code is compliant when it isn't.  Feel free to check my pages, starting with the W3C validation links below.  Note that, since the introduction of HTML5, the W3C began beta-testing new validation apps that do not yet entirely embrace the specs.

There are several goodies I wrote of necessity and some just for fun.  If you're tempted to appropriate my code for yourself, I'd like to suggest a different approach:  study it and understand the concept behind it, then improve it and write your own code!  If you follow this suggestion, I ask only that you include an acknowledgement citing as the source of the concept.


After many years in Colorado, I moved to Michigan in the late summer of 2010.  This means SEO all over again, and you can bet it will be streamlined this time; but it's worth it.  My blog, Prismatica, explains why.

Best wishes and safe computing!  Feel free to contact me for help.

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